Season 2 Episode 12

The Man in the Cell

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2007 on FOX

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  • An episode to be loved by fans of the series for many different reasons. Spoiler alert.

    What happens when Howard Epps escapes prison? If that question frightens you, then you're in for a mouthful of freaky. This episode will certainly shock you if you aren't completely desensitized by this point, and though that isn't saying much when considering the many times the show has tested the stomachs of its audience, the gruesome levels associated with the images in this episode are amplified when considering that it is Howard Epps who is behind it all. It's a thrilling episode that also manages to get a few chuckles here and there.

    The only thing that I will complain about is the way that the episode ends. Mr. epps dies, which means that he show no longer benefits from having a consistent nemesis. Not all hope is lost, however: There's still the Grave Digger, for those of us who remember Aliens in a Spaceship. Nobody knows who the Grave Digger is, and all of this time outside of the Bones universe could mean that he is perfecting his method. Lastly, the way in which epps dies is sort of lackluster. He doesn't leave an emotional body count behind, though he tried with Camille. Such a magnificent villain deserved a better, if not later, termination. All complaints aside, it's still a very good episode, but next time the show decides to terminate a key villain, one that at least shares epps' haunting record, I think the writers should vote on a continuous storyline within consecutive episodes, in turn within a season, not between seasons (because that would piss the hell out of everyone).
  • Epps escapes

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a fire breaks out in a prison, and a dead body is found, Bones and Booth are called in to investigate. They believe that the body is that of serial killer Epps. When Bones looks at the body, she says it does not belong to Epps. We soon learn that the body is in a burnt out fire outfit and that Epps has escaped in plain sight, dressed as a fire-fighter.
    They track down his wife, to learn that they have since divorced, and she turns down protection. After she leaves, Booth tells Bones that she also needs protection. Soon Booth sees that bones has a gun (and a huge one at that) and isn't happy about it. Then Epps phones Bones and Booth tries to trace the call. They trace it and get a location, but by the time they get there, he has already gone. But he leaves them a present, which turns out to be shaved bone. Then, back in the lab, Angela screams and the team see that she has received a human heart through the mail. Angela freaks out. Soon the clue point back to Epps's now ex-wife and when they go to see her, they find her head (and only her head) inside of a refrigerator. We soon learn that she was alive when her head was cut off. Bones soon learns that Booth has assigned 2 agents to follow her/them at all times. Then Cam finds something inside of the victim's ear, which is from where Parker (Booth's son) plays every day after school. And so Booth and Bones head straight there. They find the Nanny and Booth rushes onto the ride to find his son. But he isn't there. They soon see him going to get ice cream by himself. He then says that the man bought him an ice cream, who said he was his father's friend. When Cam and Zach start to open up the head, a powder disperses into the air, which Cam breathes in. She falls to the floor and starts to have a fit. They get her to the hospital, only to learn that she doesn't have much time to live. Epps rings Bones and offers her the cure for Cam, but changes his mind when he learns that they have his mother in custody. They soon track down where the body which belongs to the head his, and when Zach takes a bag off of her stomach, he actives a press switch, and so has to keep his hand on the body to stop it from going off. As Booth stays with him and when the bomb goes off, they are both still in close range. We then see a news report saying that Zach is dead and Booth is in critical condition. But we quickly learn that this is not true, as we see both of them sitting, alive and well in Bones's office. They soon learn what is the poison is and so they start Cam on the right drugs to cure her. When she comes round, Booth is there waiting for her. So Bones goes home and the FBI are keeping an eye on her, but is it really that safe? Of course not. As she is in the shower, we see someone climbing out of a wall, and we see that it is Epps. As he goes to kill her, she is waiting for him, with her big gun, and so is Booth. He throws the crow bar in his hand, and Epps jumps over the balcony. Booth manages to grab him, but can't hold him. Epps soon slips and fall to his death. As the episode ends we see Booth with Parker at the play ground, and Bones goes there to see Booth. We learn that Cam is being released from the hospital, and we learn that she and Booth are no longer a couple, as he blames himself for what happened to her.
  • Tension all round.

    You knew if Epps was involved we were going to get some nastiness and that was what we got. Not only did he destroy people physically but delighted in torturing people psychologically. Playing with their minds and feelings.
    This episode had everything. OK there were some procedural errors committed in the lab but they were brought about by the overwhelming urgency to catch the monster. Although Brennan was the catalyst for all that Epps was doing it was really Booth who made things happen. It was Booth who involved Epps's mother; it was Booth who pressured Cam into opening the skull (and he admitted remorse and felt guilty about the result). Booth was angry and driven throughout the episode even going so far as to frighten his son with his hard questioning although it was driven by his fear for Parker.
    In the end, Epps was the winner in this game of torturing souls, especially Booth's. He was left feeling that he didn't know how to make things right with his son and that he shouldn't become romantically invovled with any partner in this high risk job - much to Brennan's apparent disappointment. It won't last though, he cares too much about people, even Zack.
  • epps escapes from jail and now brennan and booth have their hands full trying to keep him from hurting their friends and family

    oh my the time this ep came out it was like the best ep everything..the case and the relationship..the case was so mind-boggling..the clues and everything kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time and the horrible things going on like the thing w/ cam (no offense but i never liked her and i never will so if her character was gone i wouldnt be sad for long lol..i know im cold)..but anyways..epps is horrible and i was like so horrified when i thought zack was going to get blown up but booth saved him..yay booth..and everything even w/ parker im like oh my gosh..epps is so cold...anyways back to relationships..great bb moments..trying to impress her w/ being a hero..and then the whole saying hes getting security for brennan and stressing that..oh yeah..but then the thing at the end that killed me..two ppl who work together in the job we do shouldnt date b/c we put each other in danger..come on..that killed me..i put a pillow 2 my mouth to cover my scream and then started hitting the pillow and my stepmom is like whats wrong w/ now im doing the same thing in the privacy of my own room
  • Serial killer Epps escapes, targeting Brennan's friends.

    Good to see Epps again, his creepy obsession with Brennan is quite fun.

    It's a relief to see that Epps' wife has come to her senses and divorced Epps, got a new boyfriend. Stubbornly refusing to believe Epps would come after her. Boy, was she wrong.

    Epps is on a rampage, aimed at Brennan. Angela, Parker, Cam. Though Cam's injuries were her own fault, Zach was asking her to x-ray the head and instead she just went in blind and broke the glass vial. For all her preaching on protocol, she ignored it. Brennan is no better, Epps was going to tell her what poison it was and she taunts him about his mother, making him hang up! It's the problem with poisons, why they could only find the cure once they had the actual poison - once poisons enter the body, the body breaks it down and it becomes near impossible to identify.

    A good episode but wasn't perfect because people we know are very good at their jobs start making incredibly stupid mistakes. Epps showing up in Brennan's apartment was also pretty predictable.
  • this was a good ep

    this was a good ep i thought. in this ep of bones there was a fire at the jail and a lockdown they think its howard eps but it was not it was fire fighter and howard excaped thing was howard went out and killed his wife by cutting off her head and planting something in sided so cam would get poines and almost die until hogens figured out the posin and zack figured out were the body was at and it had the posion on it and it exploded and howard even went after booths son . this was a really good ep howard ended up dieing at the end from a 50 foot drop this was a good ep
  • Howard Epps (The blonde in the game) has escaped from prison and is coming after Brennan. In order to get to her he is going through all of her friends.

    This episode was fantastic! It kept you guessing what exactly was going to happen next. It was a worthy thriller that saw the demise of one of the most disgusting serial killers we have seen on the show. The plot was fantastic with all of its twists and turns. This episode was aslo very interesting as we got to see Booth 'The Father' not just Booth 'The FBI Agent'. Also I have to admit that I was a little glad that Booth broke it off with Camille, I just never really saw that working out at all. A truly fantastic, gruesome and twisted episode. One not to be missed.
  • I love this show!!!:) It kicks up relationships, danger, murder, mystery, and a Texas twister to mix it all up. This episode is a sure 10, the only reason I didn't rate it that way was because it scared the crap out of me when I first saw it.

    In a local jail fire inmates scramble and are barred by guards, but in the midst of this chaos, there is a corpse that supposedly is Howard Epps the deranged serial killer, who's been encountered by the team numerous times. But when Brennan investigates, they soon find out that Howard Epps killed a fireman and took his clothes so he could go out unseen. Back at the lab, Booth is disgruntled and pissed, while Brennan thought and worked. Usual scenario. When Hodgins states that if Epps were to ever go near Angela he would kill him, well Touch'e! A scream from Angela rips through the facility, everyone rushes in to find her staring at a bloodsoaked package with a human heart inside is layed in front of the desk. This is only the beginning and I don't want to spoil it for anyone, so keep on watching Bones!
  • Wonderful!

    What an exciting episode. This is why I watch this show. It went from creepy to sad. The plot was excellent. Having Epps back was interesting. Is he going to get caught? Is he going to kill someone again? I was shocked to see what was inside the refrigerator. It was scary...

    I love Hodgins´ comments. They´re so funny and go with the moment.

    I thought Brennan was very sweet when she was trying to tell Booth she was sorry... in her very own way. Booth immediately responded with a "I know". Of course he knows. I also noticed the look on Brennan´s face when Booth kisses
    Cam on the forehead. And Booth, god, he is so protective of Brennan. He just doesnt say Bones let´s go, he grabs her and takes her away (sighs).

    Favorite moment: I got 2. When Booth is telling Brennan why Epps is after her and the last scene... It could´ve been sealed with a touch.

  • Bones is back and better than ever. This episode was by far the best yet. It was exciting, nerve wrecking, and a tear jerker all wrapped into one episode.

    Bones returns after the winter break with an excellent episode. Howard Epps has escaped for prison and is out for revenge. Epps decide to try to get to Brennan through her friends.

    First Cam is hit while doing an autopsy on the head of Epps’ ex-wife Caroline. While cutting into the skull a powder is shot into Cam face and she drops to the floor convulsing and foaming from the mouth. While Cam is performing the autopsy Booth and Brennan are rushing to the park to find Parker because a token from the park where Parker goes with his nanny everyday is found in Caroline’s ear. After a frantic search Parker is found but Epps has left a clue with him. Then while following Epps clues trying to figure out what has poisoned Cam Zach and Booth are in an explosion.

    After finding out what has poisoned Cam Brennan returns to her apartment to get some rest, but Epps was hiding in the walls waiting for her to get home both Booth and Brennan expected him to strike and where prepared. Though they weren’t prepared for Epps to try to jump off of Brennan’s balcony, Booth rushed to try and stop him but he can only grab his hand and hold on to him for as long as possible. Booth is unable to pull Epps back up and he loses grip letting Epps fall to his death.

    All of the gang is going to be okay Cam is expected to make a full recovery while Zach and Booth only had minor injuries. This episode was great and I can’t wait for next week’s episode.
  • Okay, okay we are all very sorry!!! All us BB fans ranted about not liking Cam and u did all this to punish us. We get it, She's one of the team and we will all be quiet now!!!

    Oooh, it's always good when Howard Epps is around!!! The guy is, or should I say was, plain creepy!!! That thing about him decapitating his wife while she was still alive, that was nasty. And it was so scary when he sent Angela the heart in the box!!! (Hodgela forever!!!)
    I admit taht despite my mixed feelings towards Cam I was actually a bit sad when it looked like she was gonna die. And it's big of me to admit that, as I really haven't liked her all that much so far! But I'm glad she didn't die, and besides, we all know that Booth loves Bones anyway.
    On to the end of the ep! I have to say, when Epps came through the wall of bones' closet, I nearly fell off my chair. He was EVIL. If I were Booth, I totally woulda let him fall off that balcony.
    Oh and did anyone else actually panic when the news reporter said ttat Zack was dead!!
  • The team is in danger after Howard Epps escapes jail

    Okay I have to say this I loved the gun conversation it was beautiful. The entire conversation was dripping with sexual innuendo I loved it. The entire case was just amazing. Howard Epps really was intelligent. He left some really difficult clues for Brennan.

    I liked how Booth totally went insane after Epps went after Parker. I loved how Cam took so long to crack under the pressure of Booth telling her to just cut the head open and not follow protocol. I was freaked out when Cam started chocking and then when she was rushed out of the Jeffersonian. I liked that Zack kept his wits during that scene too.

    The scene where they went to find Caroline's body was beautiful. I loved the Booth/Zack line there. The two of them were great. And then the part where the guys on the news said that Zack was dead and Booth was in critical condition, I really thought they were dead for a minute.

    The end was so scary too. Epps sneaking into Brennan's apartment and then having her jump out at him with the gun was so unexpected. It was a good end to Howard Epps falling off of the balcony. I enjoyed watching Booth trying to save him.

    Great episode, finally Epps is gone.
  • Booth and Brennan are caught up in trying to catch a recurring, clever, and, malignant serial killer Howard Epps, after he escapes from his prison-killing a man along the way. Warning: This review contains spoilers...

    I said this episode was painful to watch, but I mean it in a good way. I love the drama that Howard Epps's character makes, because he really isn't like most villains before him on this show and several others. He's complicated, and it's hard to tell what he's thinking and why he's murdering these people. But I love it most when it shows the part where Booth and Brennan tell him that his mother's in custody. He looks so angry and worried, it really shows that even serial killers have a human side. I also liked-and disliked- the way that Caroline Epps's body looks so disgustingly real. It made me very nauseuos, but.....well, no, not in a good way, throwing up is never a nice experience. But I'd never been like that with any of the other bodies on the show, and they are really gruesome. (Maybe the body from "Two Bodies in the Lab" comes close to the nausea.) Another thing I loved about this episode was the incredible drama between the characters. Cam is put in a hospital after inhaling deadly spores, and it shows a softer side of Booth, along with the scene where he puts his son on the carousel. I love this episode, and I thought it was brutally truthful, in the sense that most of the time life is betting against you, and there's only so much you can do to fight it.
  • Epps escapes and goes after Bones. The entire team works to catch him. He tries to make Brennan feel guilty but ends up doing a number on Booth's head. Alot happens in 42 minutes, but, as usual, what is more important is how the characters deal with it.

    Just like in the The Blonde in the Game, Epps tries to get into Brennan's head by telling her that everything that happens is her fault. It seemed to be working, but at the end of the day it was Booth's psyche that took a hit because of Epps's actions. Cam and Parker are both put into danger during the episode and Booth feels responsible, which is in character. When Epps jumps off Brennan's balcony, Booth manages to grab his hand and stops him from falling. Epps taunts him about how he wants him dead. Booth tells him he is nothing like him, but Epps ends up falling to the ground. The next scene where Brennan and another agent are trying to reassure Booth that he did everything he could lays the foundation for future episodes, particularly when the agent says that he may need to see the department shrink. After Brennan tries again to tell him that he wasn't at full strength and his wrist was hurt from saving Zack, Booth says his wrist was fine and stomps out of the her apartment, hitting the door on the way out. They writers did a good job setting up Booth's internal conflict about whether he let Epps fall from the start. The last scene between Brennan and Booth also shows how much the case has affected Booth. He brings Parker back to the park to try and make amends. Brennan finds him there and they talk. Booth's inner turmoil is evident as he tries to explain that he doesn't know how to make things right.
  • Finally they got rid of Epps

    That guy got on my last nerve. And am I wrong or was the character played by a different actor? The ending in the apartment was predictable but still good. Bones with a big gun was funny. Booth arguing about the size of the gun and how to use it was great.
  • Wow! Wow! Wow! Don't know what to say? This is the best episode of season 2 so far! Wow!

    I love that serial killer stuff. Howard Epps is one of the most scary ones. I hope they will bring back the grave digger too.

    I'm both happy and sad that they solve that crime, because now Epps is dead, but they got him!

    All characters were involved and wasn't that a great scene when Brennan shows her new gun???

    Wow! I already watched this episode many, many times and can't really decide which is my favorite scene! I love them all!

    Poor Booth! He has to yell at his lovely son and have to see Cam in the hospital.

    Epps is such a crazy character.

    Wow again! I love Angela together with Jack and if she asks hin if he talk to evidence. Great quote!

    And have you seen Booth saving Zacks life in that explosion!!

    Ok guys, I don't know really what to say except I have to watch this episode again and again and again!
  • WOW!!!

    OK, we all knew there was no way any of the regular cast or Booth son was going to die but it was a sweet ride!

    Howard Epps came back again and I have to say: I'm gonna miss him! He always make the team work extra hard and the actor made a always a fantastic job portraying that crippy man.

    Booth is on a race to find him, worried about what can happen to his team and family, so he push and push until finally one gets hurt in the process.

    One of the best episodes of any TV Show, hands down. Definitely a must see.
  • This episode was SOOOOO good!!!!

    This is exactly why i watch Bones!!! I love it so much. I'm glad they got the serial killer that was going after Brennan...but then again that was making the episodes really exciting. It was sad when Cam was in the hospital but inside we all know that Brennan and Booth should be toghther not Booth and Cam. Maybe that's all that needed to happed to make it so Booth and Cam weren't togehter any longer. I can't wait to see the next episode when Booth has to see the shrink its going to be wickied funny. I wonder who their'll be fighting with now that Epps is gone!! I can't wait!!!!
  • They thought they'd never see Epps again.

    Archnemesis Howard Epps returns in this episode in a manner most malicious -- terrorizing Booth and Brennan through the people closest to them. Bones deduces immediately that the corpse found in Epps' cell isn't Epps, based on the first in a series of clues he leaves in an elaborate game that he has obviously had loads of time to work on while imprisoned. As we've come to expect in this show, there is a sprinkling of wry humor mixed in with the macabre -- Brennan's factual, if insensitive explanation of the moldy smell in the room where Epps' mother is held for questioning is priceless. Also, her complaint to Booth about not being allowed to shoot Epps was pure Bones. There's a good reason that Brennan didn't reach down through the bottom of the railing to help hold up Epps from falling -- she wanted him out of their lives for good. In her mind, he was already dead when he decided to jump the rail. That's why she had no guilt at the end. Booth, however, blamed himself for not being able to fix the impossible. I have to disagree with the postings about the supposed romantic attraction between Bones and Booth. I think we are seeing something on a higher level than the usual storylines that end up with the male and female leads gradually evolving from protagonists to lovers. I'm hoping that the writers have learned something from Sam and Diane or Maddie and David and will leave us with the intensely real friendship between Booth and Brennan and nothing more.
  • Do I really have to say it? SUPERB!!

    Bones has never and will never let me down as long as the stories keep coming like they did with this one. I am really glad that Howard Epps is finally out of the picture, but that ominous statement from Booth, "My wrist wasn't hurt Bones" made me cringe a little. I think especially after the closing scene, he does need therapy. He is trying to right all of the worlds wrongs by himself, and he is just one person. He is such a great character, a tortured soul aiming for redemption, and I am excited to see where his story is going. I am also excited to delve into his personal journey more. I think that all soldiers have a completely different load of problems to deal with, and I respect the journey that they all take. That is why I like Booth's character so much, he really is a modern day hero, not all clean and shiny, but flawed and working toward making himself better, and acceptable in his own eyes. The story was edge of your seat thriller material, I was waiting on pins and needles for what Howard had planned next. I did figure out the plaster thing earlier than they did, but I think the audience was meant to know, like in movies when you know the killer is right around the corner, and the victim walks right into the trap, but these two are no ordinary victims. Booth and Bones were ready for good old Howie. I thought that the character development was also great all around. Hodgins getting all protective of Angela, and the dangers of an inner-team relationship (Booth and Cam) in their "high-risk" job were discussed. As long as these characters continue to evolve and change, like real human beings do, and the shows have interesting stories and cases, there is no worry for Bones fans, they should have many seasons to come.
  • B/B are terrorized by Howard Epps. Epps gives the squints clues by almost kidnapping Booth's son, sending Cam into a seizure, and mailing an heart to Angela . Bones and Booth must struggle through obstacles in order to make sure Epps does not kill again.

    This episode was amazing. It was a great way to return to the series. The plot, as always, was smart, funny and touching all at the same time. However, I feel that Bones and Booth are starting to form more of a friend-on-friend relationship and less of a romatic couple, which is depressing. I almost cried when Zack "died", and yes, I did scream at the tv. You could tell Booth really cares about his stability with his son and Cam. (AW! how sad was it when Bones saw Booth kiss Cam!) The ending was what made the episode though. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who has not seen it yet, but it was very good. I love that Bones is back now so I don't have to wait another seven weeks.I can't wait for more great episodes.
  • Exciting tale - teamwork results in the demise of arch villain of the entire team.

    Perhaps a few tech inaccuracies - I believe that the toxin in question is liquid (not a powder) at room temperature and a single exposure would not cause pneumonia - and that racemic epinephrine (the “antidote”) is inhaled, not given IV. But that doesn’t bother me.
    What does bother me is that they’ve ruined the B/B romance thing I was enjoying so much! Booth’s display of longtime tender feelings toward another coworker (with whom he’s been sleeping) and his becoming a bit mentally unstable - threatening to shoot the squints if they call him back once more - (and the trailer for the next episode!) are certainly reason enough for the sensible Bones to cross him off her list - too much baggage. Don’t writers see that we romantics don’t need elaborate plots to complicate and postpone the consummation? We’d make do with clever suggestive banter, snuggle situations like all night stakeouts or redeye flights , a kiss now and then - spontaneously in a joyous moment, tenderly as a parting gesture when either is embarking on a risky venture, or even (as in Dempsey & Makepeace) drunkenly when one or the other is feeling righteously bad enough to try to drown his sorrows. And then get on with the show.
  • This is BONES.

    After the episode of 'Aliens in a Spaceship', this is the one of the best episode of season 2 of Bones. And I have to say that this is the REAL BONES. It's incredibly exciting to watch Brennan and the Squints getting busy trying to catch the serial killer through its mind boggling games. Moreover, Brennan was placed in a situation on which she can't be the rock-hard scientist that we saw but her character evolved into a sensitive friend and colleague. Zach is still the most amazing character of Bones. He is always at the right time cracking and solving the 'word problem' from serial killers and thereby, saving the life of Cam, in this episode and Brennan/Hodgins in 'Aliens in a Spaceship' episode. I just hope Bones show more of this example. This is BONES.
  • Aewsome

    This episode was an amazing and aewsome episode that really freaked Angela out. This episode was an amazing gripper that almost had you thinking that Parker (Booths son) was going to die and that Cam was extremely close to dying as well, it was a little closer for her to die than him anyways but it was a really good episode as well as enertaining.
  • This episode took me from trepidation to panic to terror.

    This episode was a great way to come back from the break. This was the third episode in an arc that has spanned two seasons. The thing that makes Bones more then a procedural is that the characters are developed and developing. The character of Epps adds to that in a fantastic way by starting as an unrelated criminal and developing a relationship with Brennan. The way that Epps preys on those that Brennan cares about is intense. I could not believe the number of times my mind was saying "No, they can't kill off that character!" I felt the characters were completely true to what we know of them but we were still able to see them expand.

    Like at least one other reviewer I was a bit disappointed the Booth/Brennan connection was not as evident as it usually is. But the episode was so full of emotion I don't know if it would have felt appropriate either.
  • Brennan and Booth investigate the death of the serial killer Howard Epps in prison. The body they find in the cell is not Epps. Epps has escaped and is threatening to harm Booth's son. Epps leaves clues in the remaining body which places Cam in danger.

    This was an interesting story however having Cam autopsy the head without a hazmat suit or even a mask and goggles defies believability. That is some serious dramatic license. Also her recovery was a bit surprising. That said, I enjoy seeing Brennan and Booth work together so well. The romantic in me hopes they will somehow end up together but that would perhaps be a bit cliche. It was clever how Zack helped Epps find out he wasn't quite as smart as the thought he was. This show continues to entertain. I hope that they work hard to keep truth and accuracy in their story lines.
  • After it‘s Christmas and New Year break Bones is back with an edge of the seat episode.

    Serial killer Howard Epps is back and seeking vengeance.

    After an elaborate plan to escape jail nemesis Howard Epps takes revenge on Bones, Booth and the rest of the Jefferson team including Booths son Parker, setting a series of clues Epps manages to try and kill Cam plus set’s off a bomb nearly killing Booth and Zack, his cryptic clues lead Bones and Booth on a merry chase but eventually it all back fires.

    I thought that this episode was nearly as good as Aliens in a Spaceship ( ep 9 ) and had everything in the way of emotions, suspense, mystery, humour, heartache, sadness and joy.

    So glad to see Bones finally back after it’s hiatus.
  • The Epps continuity brought to an exciting, nerve-wrecking climax in one of the best Bones episodes ever.

    If somebody was to ask me, "What do you watch Bones for?", I'd probably answer, "The characters - not the crimes." Where the crimes are the bread of Bones, the bread just wouldn't taste like anything without the characters, and the relationships and communication between them, which we could name the butter or the jam or the marmalade, whatever you prefer to put on your bread to make a nice combo. In this episode, however, the crimes are suberb because they're all about the criminal behind them, and the relationship that this criminal has with Temperance Brennan. It's exciting to watch, and I was both terrified and sad during this episode, constantly on the edge of my seat. The episode was truly fantastically directed. One accident in particular managed to make me cry, even though the character involved was not by far a favourite.

    Now what the episode lacks is extensive romantic vibes between Booth and Brennan, but I personally didn't see this as a problem whatsoever, though I of course love the two. It was very fitting for the focus to be all on Brennan and how the crimes that hurt the people most close to her hurt her and also affect the whole team. I think it's fantastic that this episode relied on the things that Bones excels at but didn't count on the one thing that keeps people watching; Brennan/Booth hinting. They had their moments like always but it wasn't an episode that focused on them and yet it was still fantastic. I love that.
  • Creepy serial killer Howard Epps is finally defeated.

    After a seven week break in the season, this episode was much anticipated. and for good reason. The Man In The Cell is certainly one of the best episodes this season.

    Howard Epps has been in two previous episodes. He was what you could call Booth and the squints "arch enemy". the way he attacked Cam, Parker, and Zach, made us all hate him that much more. It was really clever, i gotta say, the way he escaped. using the fire to his advantage. i was oo mad when he called Brenann, and told her that everything that happened to everyone was going to be her fault. that you know what deserved to fall 50 feet to his death.

    I'm glad cam recover, happy parker was okay (the way Booth was worried about him was so touching), and very releived that all that ahppened to zach was a few minor scratches.

    no more Howard Epps, no more problem.
  • An episode that simply demands a review. It had all the great ingredients and mixed them up just right.

    I have been watching Bones since it's inception, but I never felt the need to write a review. This was because even though most of the episodes were good, they were not good enough for me to sit down and write about it. Well, that all changed with this one. And I'm probably the only person who was bored stiff with the last episode directed by David Duchovny, but that was all redeemed with this episode. It had action, true suspense, and great character development. It had me feeling strongly towards Cam and whether or not she'd make it. I had a terrible feeling they might've killed her off for shock value, but it all ties into Booth's anger and his demand for Cam to go further (in terms of opening the head) without further analysis on Cam's part (she probably would've detected the poison had not for Booth's interference.) Now, we are left with a Booth who's questioning his nature, a Cam who will probably never be the same, and good ol' Bones caught in the middle. If they play up these elements throughout the season, we can have something great to fall back on regardless of the main storylines for each individual episode. Overall, this episode re-affirmed my fate in this show. Excellent job on their part.
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