Season 1 Episode 9

The Man in the Fallout Shelter

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 13, 2005 on FOX

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  • My favorite episode of all time!

    This one put me in the Christmas spirit. I keep looking for it now, but it's not on. I'll keep on looking. If someone knows where I can get it on DVD, let me know. (Besides Netflix!) I give it a 10.
  • A sweet little Christmas episde that will have you smiling any time of the year.

    I just watched a rerun of this episode( no idea why it was on--it's march) but it was my first time seeing it. And I can tell you that it was the best christmas episode aired by Bones so far.
    So many well formed character bonding moments, put to those traditional sappy holiday tunes, made me tear up, and then smile. The murder story was a particularly sweet fairytale based happening that didn't come off as cheesy or overused, just touching and somehow not even horrific or bloody-- it was especially sad, how you learned about his dreams and ambitions, then realizing he was murdered for cash. Some suprises here too. Booth has a kid! We had NO idea. That kind of changes things(for those B&B shippers, maybe at the time). I especially loved the sad little montage with everyone meeting their family members-- Booth and his kid, Angela and her famous father, Zack's 40 family members (so sweet! My favorite)! Hodgins and... soneone he loves, not really sure. It was so sad, everyone touching hands on the glass, talking, smiling, through their headsets, so happy. And Brennan, alone and standing off to the side watching everyone meeting their family members, made me tear up as well.
    I enjoyed this episode, the story of what would happen when colleagues(friends)? are forced to solve a murder while cooped up in their lab--and over the holidays.
  • a stoned FBI agent? high-larious

    This is probably one of my favorite episodes of this show, or any show for that matter. I personally love David Boreanaz's Seeley Booth but having him get high as a reaction to valley fever spores and medication was hilarious. I love this show's take on humor in a not so humorous situation and this was definitely one of their hole in ones.
    Also this show amazes me how this entire episode took place in the lab in a biohazard quarantine. Not to mention, Booth casually mentioning he has a 4 year old? Add in Christmas spirit and this a great episode hands down.
  • Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

    Spoilers possible. This is such a charming, tender, sentimental episode, just what you want at Christmas. No matter how often I watch it I always feel myself filling with tears.

    It is gently funny at times. Booth being stoned on the cocktail of drugs. And those socks and boxers of his!
    Hodgins having showered with Zack!

    The sadness of only seeing their families through the doors on Christmas Day. The sadness of the story of Careful Lionel and Ivy.

    The revelations - first of Booth having a child and then of Brennan's reasons for hating Christmas.
    Zack's family, Angela's dad, Goodman's little girls.

    Loved the secret Santa and their presents to each other, especially Zack's wonderful robot. Booth's origami isn't bad either.

    Of course it all comes right in the end as it should at Christmas
  • Christmas in the lab..........Brilliant!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open on this episode on December 23rd at 6.00pm. We see that there is a Christmas party and Angela, manages to get Bones to agree to go to it with her. But as she is about to leaves, Booth comes in with a present for Bones, a skeleton. And so Booth has to go with Angela to the Christmas party, to make sure she doesn't make a fool of herself. Soon Booth is back with the body and Bones, and Angela demands that they all head back to the party. When Zack does a quick procedure before going to the party, he accidentally releases a deadly fungus, which causes the team to be quarantined in the lab. We soon learn that it is "Valley Fever" which is in the air. We soon learn that all of them will be there over Christmas and they all have to be injected to try and cure them, if any of them do in fact have the fever.
    We also learn in this episode that Booth has a son named Parker, who is 4 years old. Son Bones sneezes and so they believe that she may have Valley Fever. As it is Christmas Eve, visiting is arranged for everyone, but of course it is through glass doors. And of course it is an emotional occasion for everyone, especially Bones as she has no one to visit her. We also have confirmed the fact that Bones has a brother named Russ, who is older than her. We also see Bones opening up about her past, and we see her crying when discussing her parents and their disappearance. Soon Christmas Eve, becomes Christmas day. Everyone is tested and since everyone is clear they are all free to go. Everyone runs to the door to get out of there, except for Bones. Booth invites her to spend Christmas with him and Parker, but she doesn't answer him. Soon, after IDing the man, they learn that he planned on leaving the country to live with his African American girlfriend, who was pregnant with his child. After much tracking down, Bones manages to find her and she comes to the lab, to learn what happened to her true love. Soon Booth and Parker are reunited and Bones is there to watch it. As the episode ends, we see Bones back in the lab and e see that the present form the year her parents went missing are still unopened, until now. As she opens them she has tears in her eyes, and then she smiles.
  • The best of the show's Christmas specials. The top, or at least one of the top episodes in the series.

    This was a beautiful episode. The quarantine concept is not original, but it worked extremely well here. This episode is the base where a lot of information was given about the characters, which has been used since then. You learn about Brennan's parents and the reasons she doesn't like Christmas, about Booth and that he has a son (Parker), and about everyone's families. No character was left in the background for this episode, and the dialogue was excellent. I loved the funny moments, like when Hodgins and Zack got the alcohol to spike the eggnog, and Brennan stopped them, when Angela was trying to get Brennan to go to the party, and when Booth got stoned on the drugs. I liked the Christmas songs they played, and how Angela used the Angelator to make a tree. It was overall a very sweet episode, and it's my favorite to date!
  • this was a sad ep

    in this ep bones and ther others including booth get trapped in the office for christmas and christmas eve and they cant spend time with there love ones but its a sad time of year becasue its the time where bones parents disspeard around so bones hates christmas. and they must solve the murder of man that was found in a fallout shelter and it turns out he was murderd for his coins and he grew up in olklahomia and he had a wife who was pregnat who was black and it was in the 50s so he was going to take her to paris and but he was killed and at the end eveyon one is cleared and she gets in oncat with wife and tells hers the news what happen ahd she was crying and gave her the coin that was worth 100,000 and they each gave presents to each other while they were waiting to be cleared it was a good ep.
  • One of my favourite episodes of any show of all time.

    I simply love this episode - everything about it, every single moment, every line of dialogue, everybody's perfectly pitched acting performance. It was a triumph.

    It was also one of the most moving hours of television I have ever watched. The scene where Ivy Gillespie and her grand-daughter turn up at The Jeffersonian and Ivy learns that the man she thought had once forsaken herself and her unborn child, had instead planned to elope with her to Paris to start a new life together - yet was cruelly murdered before he could do so, is frankly mesmerising.

    Similarly moving, is the montage of loved ones visiting the Squints and Booth, forced to wish each other Xmas tidings and words of love with a pane of reinforced glass between them, due to the Squints/Booth being quarantined in the Lab.

    This is the episode where we learn about Booth's young son Parker, and is certainly the moment in S1 where Booth finally integrates with the Squints. They become 'his' Squints who he works alongside, rather that annoyances he is forced to deal with professionally. We also learn about Brennan's heartbreak at the loss of her parents when only 15 - just before Christmas. The closing scene depicts a tearful Brennan, finally facing her demons, as she unwraps one of the presents her parents had left her before they absconded. It's a telling moment, gorgeously portrayed, with a backdrop of snow falling thickly behind her.
  • Christmas in the lab with the Bones crew.

    I think this was good emotionally charged episode of Bones. This episode there are a few key reveals most involving Bones & Booth's past. The hilarious banter between characters is still intact & the emotions fly wildly. We get to see a colder side of Bones in this episode and her character goes through a small evolution. It's a christmas episode so there is some "sappyness" in there but if you're in the christmas spirit or just a feel good mood then it won't bother you. I also like the light hearted and somewhat comical start this episode takes. This episode really proves that this show is much different than Cold Case or any of the CSI. It's a character driven scientific comedy drama. I'm digging it alot.
  • Not quite home for the holidays!

    This is one of the first episodes where we see the writer start to really flesh out the different characters. We find out more about what gives Bones the drive to find the answers and just enough background about her to start asking questions. Booth lets it slip that he has a son to everyone's surprise. The one thing that they do catch you off guard with is the cameo from a member of ZZ Top as Angelia's father. To tell you the truth it explains volumes about her in one seen. Zac is shown to be the one in the middle of a huge family but you never know if that is a good thing or bad thing.
  • A Bones Christmas episode.

    I don't even know what to say, this episode is one of my favorites for so many reasons. It's just a brilliant episode. While working on a case they team gets 'trapped' into the Jeffersonian, and will be stuck there for Christmas. We get to see the team in a totally different way, and I have to say I really like it.

    We learn that Booth has a son; Parker, who we got the see later in this episode and who is just simply adorable. And I'm not kidding. We also learn a bit more about Brennan and her family, and the reason why she doesn't really like Christmas.

    So much more awesome stuff happened in this episode, that it just has got to be a very special episode.
  • Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant and brilliant! 'Nuff said!

    Before I begin let me say that I watched this episode in the middle of June: a month you would normally assossiate with sun and ice cream! Well, on a day that is puring down with rain and the wind is "blowing a gail" (am I the only one that uses that expression?), there's nothing better than seeing a Christmas episode!

    This episode is just brilliant, definetly the best one I've seen so far. The main plot involving Lionel was really intriguing and I was genuiningly interested in seeing where it was going.

    The episode has a usually high dose of funny moments, most prominently Booth getting high from his medication at the beginning!

    "What are those little coloured things on the ceiling?": great line!

    There's some great character development with us learning something about almost all of the team outside of the lab (ironically, almost all of this episode takes place within the lab), most notably Brennan's childhood and her prickly demeanour. I was touched at the end by the emotion of her opening her (old childhood?) Christmas presents.

    This is a brilliant, festive episode that I've got a feeling will become a holiday tradition for me!
  • It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in DC

    Leave it to Bones to do a wonderful first season Christmas episode, and not make it hokey. First off, wow, we are treated to the amazingness that is Zack and Hodgins fresh out of the shower. I'm happy already. Then we get everyone cooped up for the holiday, you know that's gonna be tons of fun. And yes, I squealed when Zack mentioned Firefly. I had to as my fan duty.

    Then Booth in his boxers, and high as well. He just cracked me up this entire episode. I admit, though, I was somewhat disappointed, the first time I saw this one, to find out he had a son. Made me think of Angel, and it didn't feel like something Booth would, you know, have. But Parker's grown on me I guess, or at least the idea of him. I'm not much for kids. Booth's a great dad, very protective and it shows. The robot was just a bonus.

    Finding out about Angela's dad was funny too. Who'd guess she'd have such a famous father. And Zack such a big family. Wow. He's well loved, as he should be.

    The fireplace scene made me laugh, because for some reason I like when TV people talk about religion. Especially Bones, who is so altruistic. Learning more about her childhood is also of the good.

    The actual plot, I have to say, didn't really engage me much. But that's not to say it was bad, that's just my opinion. I do recommend this to anyone in need of a good time.
  • A Christmas episode with all the right sentiments but very sad as well. Ladies, tissues ready pls.

    The lab is working on an old skeleton. Angela is full of the festive spirit, dressed up as an elf. Agent Booth is looking forward to christmas with his little boy (the debut of cute little Parker) and the rest planning to celebrate it with their family. While Zack is sewing off on the skeleton, Jack with his usual disregard of working protocol, sips on his eggnock (forgot the spelling, sorry). This trigger off the alarm and the consequent lock down due to biological contamination. The victim is believed to carry the valley fever and everyone in the lab gotta be quaratined.

    This dampened their spirits but in the end they plan to do and exchange their own unique gift. Angela drew a picture of Zack's family, while Zack gave Booth the robot which would made a great gift to little Parker.

    Then there's the sweet scene: everyone gets to meet their family (well beind glasses). Angela's dad looks very cute and bushy, Zack's family was big and sweet, Dr Goodman's sentimental with wife and twins, and Booth with Parker. All except Brennan who lost her parents at christmas eve and is still angry at her brother. She looked extremely lonely and vulnerable when eveyone left aft the quarantine ended.

    The episode ended with her finally changing her mind and opened the 7-years old christmas gift and then dropping by at wong-foo's.

    Oh i forgot to mention Angela created a 3-D animated xmas tree, it's utterly beautiful. This episode really gives you the spirit of christmas and how all of us would wish to simply be with our family.
  • A very touching episode.

    Its very rare for me to say this, but some of this episode was heart worming. Especially the whole ending..for old Bones has no one in the world...not even Booth it seems. Adn what a huge shock that was, that Booth has a son! I so did not see that one coming. Well i have to say that Bones has been steadily improving since the Pilot and it is becoming its own very unique show extremely quickly. This episode also marked a change for the normal episodes and it was nice to take an episode out and learn more about each character and watch them learn more about each other. So i am really looking forward to the next episode and lets hope it stays as good as this one. But defo the best episode so far!
  • It's beginning to look a lot like christmas

    I absolutley loved this episode. I wish I could give it higher than a 10 because a 10 is just the tip of the iceberg in comparison to what number out of 10 we should be able to give it. I know that it doesn't make sense but I know what I mean in my head and it is very difficult to explain. I loved the whole interaction of the characters and enjoyed seeing them bond. I really liked seeing their friends and family coming to visit. I thought it was really sad that Brennan didn't have anyone come to visit her. Booths son Parker is adorable.
  • One of my favorite holiday episodes ever

    I loved this episode because not only was there a case and the whole team being quarantined in the lab but this is the episode where the team, inlcuding Brennan, find out Booth has a son.

    The case was extremely interesting because they were able to involve everyone in it and it had an emotional impact on Brennan. I loved Angela trying to keep everyone's Christmas spirit up while they were being locked away from their families. The scenes were each person got to say Merry Christmas to their family with a glass door between was so touching and the way the show had everyone touch the glass with their hands was a great visual. I also like everyone's gift to each other. Even though this is the first season you can see how much the team knows about each other in order to give them great touching gifts. In the end a wonderfully touching holiday episode. A true classic.
  • Heartbreaking...

    No matter how many times I watch this episode, I still get all misty eyed when Brennan opens her presents- not to mention every other time I hear "Merry Little Christmas" during the holidays.

    We learn so much, and we really get to see practically every character interact with each other- the element that really makes the show tick.

    And as a bonus, we see Brennan in her rare human form... Booth always seems to bring that out in her ;)

    One of my favourite Christmas specials to watch, and in my opinion, one of the series's best.

    Not to mention Parker's first appearance. I love that kid :D
  • Have yourself a merry little Bones ....

    "The Man in the Fallout Shelter" is one of many highlights of the show.
    This is one of the best examples of what sets "Bones" apart from other procedural shows. In this episode the characters are more important than the case itself. What is really terrific as we learn lots of personal stuff about the entire Squints Team.
    Booth and Bones along with the rest of the gang are forced to spent Christmas quarantined in the Jeffersonian after Zack and Hodgkins accidentally released the deadly Valley Fever into the system.
    We learn that Booth gets high on medication and has a son, Bones hates Christmas because her parents vanished right before the holidays, Angelas Dad is a band member of ZZTop, Zack has a large family, even Dr.Goodman has a private life and Hodgins actually looks hot dressed up only with a towel, not to mention some other tidbits.
    This episode sets out to humanize the characters and succeeds in every way.
  • Ahhh, christmas... really lovely episode..

    i really really liked this episode. you get to see how everyone reacts to christmas and you get to learn more about the characters. i love the bit where angela makes the tree..thats just great!You get to see another side to brennan in this episode and i think its nice to see that kind of development. She seems a lot more real and human in this episode because we get to see how she feels about her past.i also think its noce for them to add christmas into a show thats dark and quite emotional. overall..this has to be one of my favourite episodes so far in the series
  • Brilliant!!! very effective character development. An amazing glance into Brennans background!!! she is Human after all!!!

    This is an incredible episode that brings out both bones and Booth!!!! WE find out that Booth has a son and that Bones's life has really been a very though one. It is christmas and she just does not join in . Noone can figure out why until she makes a small but revealing coment to Ange! this prokovkes the sympathy of her colleges and Booth. who effectivly attmepts to help her during christmas while they are in quarantin. THis ruins christmas for a few people in teh group!!!
    They all havce visitor except for brennan this causes extreme sympathy for her
    SHE can cry
    Her brother
    so sad but so good
    brings them all togher
  • My favourite 'Bones' episode so far!

    And the Christmas episodes arrive. All the TV you watch is suddenly overloaded with tinsel, baubles and so many Christmas carols that you want to cut your ears off. However, in the midst of all the decorations, there is occasionally, a very good episode that's just waiting to be watched. 'The Man In The Fallout Shelter' is one of these such episodes. The heartwarming plot shows the viewer the importance of family at Christmastime, whilst also allowing us some laughs and the usual mystery-solving and crime-fighting that we love from Bones. There is a lot of charater development in this episode because we find out about each character's family and Brennan's tragic past. My advice: watch this episode because it's brilliant, but make sure you have tissues ready for the final scene; it's a real tearjearker!!
  • an early episode very chaicter developing :D

    after a mans remains are found in a fallout shelter booth brings in the "remains" for brennan to look at but after some mior idiocy they are locked in under quarentine for christmas, in this episode we find out that booth has a child who he only gets to see once or twice a year and brennans parents went missing when she was a child and she has never opend a christmas present since (sop storys or what) but in the end booth gets out in time to see his son and brennan finally opens her christmas presents from when she was a child (tears included off course) if your a bones fan dont watch this episode without some tissues handy.
  • Review

    According to - this is the highest rated Bones episode to date (First 9 episodes only). According to this is the third best episode of Season 1. The last five people to review this episode before me have all given it a 10. Perhaps because I knew all these pieces of information before I watched the episode I had my expectation level higher then ever. I, personally, was not that impressed with the episode and in fact this is the 2nd lowest rating I have given a Bones episode so far. We get to learn a little bit more about the characters, but the random case that Booth presents Bones had no effect on what so going on in real time and it seemed like a filler so that Bones could give the best gift that anyone could ever give, as Booth put it. I didnt feel the case really attributed to anything in present time, which I thought brought the episode down. For all the negitivity in the first part of the review, the episode did have a lot of shocking moments. We learned a little more about Bones's parents, we leanred that Booth has a son he hardly ever sees, and we got to see the other four main characters get more camera time then they are used to getting. The episode was comical throughout most of it, but in the end I didnt think this episode was nearly half as good as the ratings predicted. Just didnt do it for me.
  • Infected bones, Booth "Stoned", Hodgins wet and shirtless, family secrets, and the team locked in the lab. What more could you want.

    This was just one great episode. It starts out with Angela tring really hard to get Bones to go to the company Christmas party, but she won't, and we don't learn until later why she really has a dislike of the holiday. Booth brings Bones a little holiday spirit in the form of a body that was found in a fallout shelter - thus the name of the ep. While Zach takes a bone sample a toxin is released causing him and Hodgins to take a decontamination shower - wet shirtless Hodgins, and oh ya, the team is locked in the lab to keep a posible outbreak.

    Well, the anti-virals that they are given causes Booth to become stoned, to the dismay of the rest of the group who didn't get the fun side effects. Soon it is revealed that Goodman has twin girls, Bones' parents dissapeared at Christmas when she was a kid, and Booth has a young son.

    In the end Bones is able to tell the man's girlfriend what had happened to him all those years ago, the team is released from the lab with a clean bill of health, Angela was able to get the team minus Bones to have their own Christmas. And Bones is finally able to open the gifts her parents had gotten for her when she was a kid.

    This was just such a fun episode, they solved a crime, made a lady happy, and learned things about each other.
  • Learning more about the entire team while they are stuck in the lab

    This episode was full of character developement. We learned a lot more about Brennan's past and we learn that Booth has a son and the whole team got to learn new things about each other.

    I loved how Angela was trying to drag Brennan to the Christmas party at the beginning so she would be prevented from photo-copying her butt. Booth bringing in the body and Brennan telling him to escourt Angela to the Christmas party was enjoyable as well and Brennan being the grinch and trying to get Zack and Hodgins to work was also good. Hodgins trying to spike the egg nog was so something the Hodgins would do. Hodgins trying to run away from a girl was amusing as well.

    I love when Ange yelled at all of them and told Booth that he was going to kiss her under the mistle toe and saying that she might kiss Zack and Hodgins too and even Tempe in a non-lesbian way.

    Angela was great in trying to talk Brennan into the Christmas spirit and I loved how that just inspired Brennan to wanna solve the murder more.

    This was an awesome episode and I loved how Brennan contacted the family of Lionel to tell them what she had learned as no one had ever told her anything about her parents.

    Really amazing episode truly perfect.
  • You are stoned, Agent Booth!

    This is probably one of THE funniest episodes of Bones EVER! There are some really memorable lines, it's so funny!
    On December 23 a man is found in a fallout shelter and Brennan attempts to solve it over Christmas Eve, much to everyone else's protests. When Zach cuts open the bones fungus is realeased into the air and it gets contaminated. everyone is now at risk for Valley Fever. So the gang has to spend Christmas Eve at the lab.
    we learn more about everyone, including Brenn's parents and Booth's son. Brennan also solves the murder and helps a woman and her granddaughter get thier lives back. It was very touching and very funny.
  • Booth discovers the body of a man in a fallout shelter, whom he nicknames careful Lionel. A slightly drunk Hodgins neglects to wear a mask while Addy examines the bones, forcing everyone into quarantine over the holiday.

    I have to say my favorite line out of the whole episode was the one where Jack comments on Zach's robot, and makes the priceless Firefly reference. Seeing Angela in an elf costume was absolutely hillarious as was the revelation that she photocopied her butt at the holiday party the previous year.

    I loved the holographic Christmas tree, the secret Santa gifts and the idea that the crew had to deck the halls with lots of nothing. One of the the best parts of the episode was seeing the look on Ivy Gillespie's face when she say the tickets Lionel had purchased for them to go to Paris. And the part at the end where we see Booth with his son was just sweet. The crowning moment was when Brennan finally opens the gift from her parents and we see her smiling through tears. I was kind of disappointed that I didn't get to see what the gift was, but maybe it's better that way.
  • absolutely brilliant, a great episode for christmas and for the season

    This episode is a perfect episode for christmas, it shows the different side of people, mainly Booth and his son, and also shows how christmas can bring people back together, The script cleverly written and it does not include to much technical wordplay, and the in-depth wording is balanced by the christmas spirit in this episode, It is a feel good episode even if it isn't the holiday season, Bones is a great show and this only enhances the brilliance of the show, If there is a quality episode of bones that you see this christmas, then let it be this one...
  • Bones' Christmas special was a great romantic story as the crime (man killed for valuable coins on his way to pick up and run off with lover - coin eventually returned to her along with the truth that he didn't desert her) and great character development.

    This was my favorite episode of \"Bones\" so far despite the very close second of \"Aliens in a Space Craft\" that aired this past week. The Man in the Fallout Shelter did a fantastic job of galvanizing some of the characters of the show and it was vey touching because they were all quarrantined and had to visit with their families and loved ones through protective glass. There was a major shocker when TJ Thyne (Dr. Jack Hodgins) and Eric Milligan (Zach Addy) were topless after a decontamination shower -- yikes, is TJ built! And the writers did a fantastic job of incorporating humor into an othewise seriously difficult situation. I loved this episode and think it is the reason I kept watching Bones. I haven\'t missed one yet!
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