Season 2 Episode 14

The Man in the Mansion

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2007 on FOX
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Booth and Brennan investigate the death of Terence Bancroft, one of the Jeffersonian's major donors, found dead at home. Hodgins compromises the case and the reputation of the lab when he removes some evidence that would link him to the Bancroft family and the case itself. Due to this, Brennan must make an important decision about her team. Booth, although cleared by Dr. Wyatt to use his gun, must continue to meet with him.moreless

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  • Is this our first court scene?

    The guilty party is identified quite early on but can we get a guilty verdict? Hodgins has compromised the enquiry by not revealing his relationship with a suspect - something that Booth, who reads people really well, soon finds out. This makes him very angry with Hodgins though they do make up over pie after Hodgins has resigned.

    Dr Wyatt has ascertained in his therapy sessions with Booth (who feels embarassed about them) that the agent likes to be in control of events and his environment. This is probably why he and Brennan clash so much as she also is a control freak.

    Once again an appearance by Caroline the Justice Department attorney. She really is great and her bawling out of all the members of the team before the verdict comes in is great. She lists all the mistakes they have made over the past few episodes. She gives them her official justice department verdict 'We win the case he (Hodgins) gets his job back, we lose. . . Booth shoots him'.

    Booth has gone back to his jazzy socks, ties and suggestive belt buckle which Dr Wyatt (the excellent Stephen Fry) says is a modern cod piece bringing attention to the groin!

    Only sour note is Brennan's infatuation with Sully who personally I think is a creep. And telling Booth that she slept with him is really a glaring example of her lack of people skills.Can't she see that Booth is hurt?

  • Nothing really happened...

    Sad to say this episode didnt get my attention. However, I just cant understand how Hodgins was able to do that when he´s so intelligent and has obviously nothing to fear for.

    Booth is still in "therapy". He was sweating and he was very uncomfortable when Sullivan asked him about Brennan. Poor Booth, damn Sullivan.

    I didnt like at all the fact that Brennan told Booth she had slept with Sullivan. Even when they´re partners those things are private. It wasnt ok when Booth didnt tell her about Cam and he would´ve told her they were seeing each other. But Brennan telling him everything was way too much.

    Favorite moment: Caroline telling everyone to live a little. She´s right, work and our worries take all of our attention and time, we all should learn from that.

  • Hodgins endangers a murder case.

    The team investigates the death of a donor to the Jeffersonian Institute, Terrence Bancroft. What they don't know is that Dr.Hodgins once was friends with the victim and even engaged to the victim's wife.

    Needless to say that Booth is pissed once he finds out about that, especially since the case is in jeopardy now.

    The worst comes true as it is almost dismissed in court unless Bones and the Squints come up with new evidence without Hodgins' involvement.

    Meanwhile Booth is still seeing his therapist Dr.Wyatt who makes him wear bland socks and ties and does not aprrove of his "ostentatious" belt buckles. Booth is not amused as Bones and Cam make fun of this.

    Bones herself is busy dating Sully, the Agnet who was introduced in "The Girl in the Gator". Their relationship is progressing quickly but unfortunately I still can't detect any chemistry between these two.

    I see Sully primarily as a plot device to further a relationship with Bones and Booth in future episodes.

    Overall this is still a great episode as it has a solid plot and brings back some outstanding guest stars such as Stephen Fry and Patricia Belcher.moreless
  • Very good episode for Hodgins, Frustrating episode for Brennan.

    I don't know what it is about the relationships in 'Bones' episodes that just make me frustrated. I actually like Hodgins and Angela's relationship, but anytime Booth or Brennan go into a relationship, I just kick the ground under my feet, and I am firmly stuck on the fact that whoever they date has no chemistry.

    Brennan dating Sully? What is that? Brennan and Booth are obviously meant to be together, so why keep teasing us, and making them date bland characters that we grow tired of? Just have them date each other already.

    Anyways, this episode dug deeper into Hodgin's history, which is a plus for me. Other than that, I guess I have nothing to say. Overall, I hope sincerely that this "relationship" Bones and Sully have will end fast, cause I feel like I'm going to throw up a little in my mouth, whenever I see them together.moreless
  • Sully has got to go ... and we need to see more of the US attorney ... she's priceless!

    I love that we're learning more about Booth ... and the reasoning behind his selection of clothing accessories. We've learned a lot about Brennan so it's about time we get to him develop.

    I would have liked to have seen more time investigating and less in the court room ... but the prosecuter was great! she should be on more episodes! We got to see Zack "taken seriously" in court as an expert witness - can he stop wearing ties to work now please?

    I enjoyed watching the team as a whole being scolded for the hair-brained actions over the past few episodes ... and the prosecutor given Booth permission to shoot Hodgins if they lost the case.

    Loved Angela as substitute bug lady ... "Just how must time do you spend with Hodgins?"

    The whole storyline with Sully was probably the worst part of the episode ... the basketball and penis size discussions were absolutely not necessary. The only good part was where we get a hint of Booth's feelings about Brennan.

    Hopefully the show will have some great episodes before they go back on hiatus due to 2-hour American Idol episodes so they don't loose the audience.moreless
David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz

Special Agent Seeley Booth

Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel

Dr. Temperance Brennan

Eric Millegan

Eric Millegan

Zack Addy

Michaela Conlin

Michaela Conlin

Angela Montenegro

T.J. Thyne

T.J. Thyne

Dr. Jack Hodgins

Tamara Taylor

Tamara Taylor

Dr. Camille Saroyan

Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry

Dr. Gordon Wyatt

Guest Star

Eddie McClintock

Eddie McClintock

FBI Agent Tim Sullivan

Guest Star

Ernie Hudson

Ernie Hudson

David Barron

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Goof: At the beginning of the episode, when Dr. Saroyan is examining the victim she says, "Multiple stab wounds ... we need pictures of these spatter patterns." It is later determined that the victim was stabbed several hours after his throat was cut, so there almost surely wouldn't be any spatter from stabbing due to a lack of blood flow and all the blood loss that occurred after his jugular was punctured.

    • Goof: About two minutes into the first scene, when the front of the victim's shirt is shown in a close-up, the blood on the shirt looks like it's still wet. But Cam says that there's "three weeks decomp," so the blood should not have still been wet.

    • Goof: At 21:24 Booth shoves Hodgins, and the folded photograph in his hand skims over Hodgins' shoulder down to the ground. Booth then gets in his car without ever picking up the photo of Hodgins and his friend, which is evidence from the crime scene (albeit tainted).

    • Caroline, the prosecuting attorney, makes references to various events from previous episodes to illustrate mistakes the team has made when handling investigations.

      Caroline: (referring to Booth) Dropping serial killers off of balconies.
      In episode 2x12, "The Man in the Cell," Howard Epps died after he jumped from Brennan's balcony. Booth initially caught him but his grip slipped and Epps fell to his death.

      Caroline: (referring to Angela) Blabbing suspects' names to vengeful fathers.
      In episode 2x13, "The Girl in the Gator," the father of a young female college student who was found dead visited Angela asking about the case. Angela mentioned the name of a male suspect. The father later killed the man, who turned out to be innocent.

      Caroline: (referring to Cam) Cuttin' into heads before their times, gettin' poisoned.
      In episode 2x12, "The Man in the Cell," Cam was examining the severed head of Howard Epps' ex-wife. Under pressure from Booth to speed up the examination, she neglected to take precautions and cut into the head prior to getting a full set of x-rays. Inside the head was a fragile vessel filled with poison. The vessel broke and released the poison, nearly killing Cam.

      Caroline: (referring to Zack) Gettin' blown up because you go grabbin' things you shouldn't have.
      In episode 2x12, "The Man in the Cell," Zack and Booth discovered a body with a bag of plaster dust on its abdomen that was another of Howard Epps' victims and a clue in his game. Zack grabbed the bag, just as Booth realized the body was booby trapped. Booth pulled Zack away as the bomb exploded, leaving them with only minor injuries.

      Caroline: (referring to Hodgins) Taking photographs from frames.
      In episode 2x14, "The Man in the Mansion," Hodgins removed a picture of him and the victim from a frame that was brought to the lab as evidence. Hodgins wanted to be able to be a part of the murder investigation and knew he would not be able to if his connection to the victim and the victim's wife (Hodgins' former fiancé) was discovered.

      Caroline: (referring to Booth) Getting a perfectly good car smashed to bits for no good reason.
      In episode 2x11, "Judas on a Pole," Bones' brother Russ, on the run with their father, smashed the car Booth borrowed from Caroline.

    • Goof: At the very end when Brennan and Sully come into the Jeffersonian and begin to kiss, a blond girl in the background walks off the screen. Then it cuts to a shot of Angela and when it comes back to Sully and Brennan the blond girl is still walking off screen, and not completely gone like she was at the end of the last shot.

    • Goof: The writing on the back of the photo doesn't match between shots. When Hodgins opens the back of the frame, the description on the photo states the names in one line, plus an extra second sentence before the date. On the close-up shot the names are over two lines and only the date.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Sully: You know how to hurt a guy. It's not a bad thing, I like it! The sauce, the ... zing.

    • Sully: Ready to go?
      Brennan: Don't you want to take a shower?
      Sully: Nah, I don't sweat that much.
      Brennan: Won't you be uncomfortable at the restaurant?
      Sully: It's a scuzzy bar. I'll be one of the best smellin' things there.

    • (Dr. Wyatt and Booth are in Booth's office eating.)
      Booth: Hey Doc, what we're doing here, would that be considered therapy?
      Dr. Wyatt: Oh, absolutely. Especially since I'm about to inquire whether you have experienced any outbursts of temper since I requested you alter your dress code.
      Booth: Yeah, one of the squints, Hodgins, decided the rules, they didn't apply to him, he felt entitled, jeopardized my murder case.
      Dr. Wyatt: Ah, and you confronted him physically?
      Booth: Physical confrontation, that's my main skill.
      Dr. Wyatt: Entitled you said. Is he a wealthy man?
      Booth: Yeah, like the guy who got killed.
      Dr. Wyatt: The murder victim, who tried to help a child and then died for it? And your ... squint?
      Booth: Yes, squint.
      Dr. Wyatt: Extraordinary. Your squint, tried to help a friend, so they both endeavored to do good.
      Booth: With no clue the way things are.
      Dr. Wyatt: The way things are as defined by a working class lad from Pittsburgh.
      Booth: That's right, Pittsburgh. Where I'm from, alright? From the streets where you get a sense of how the world really is.

    • Dr. Wyatt: In point of fact it is therapy.
      Booth: What? No! No, it's not. It's an evaluation.
      Dr. Wyatt: I've already certified you as fit to carry a gun and go back to work.
      Booth: Ok, then why are we meeting?
      Dr. Wyatt: Well, because you discharged your weapon at an ice cream truck. My provisional certification of your mental health only holds as long as you continue to meet with me.
      Booth: Great. For how long?
      Dr. Wyatt: Till I'm satisfied that you won't start firing at confectioneries again. What's your objection to therapy?
      Booth: You know what, Doc? I am not the kinda guy who has anything to hide.
      Dr. Wyatt: Do you know? I often find that when people declare what they are not, it almost invariably turns out that's exactly what they are.
      Booth: Great, then, you know what? No more declarations from me.

    • Booth: You now what? I did the belt buckle, I did the tie, I did the socks. What else do you want from me?
      (Dr. Wyatt gives Booth a meaningful look)
      Dr. Wyatt: What would you say if I told you that my name actually is Gordon Gordon Wyatt, that my first and middle names are the same?

    • Brennan: Why you call your psychiatrist "Gordon Gordon"?
      Booth: That's how he introduces himself, y'know, "Hi, I'm Gordon, Gordon Wyatt".
      Brennan: Like "James, James Bond"
      Booth: "Bond. James Bond". Not James... Ja... Jam... whatever.

    • Caroline: Turns out Hodgins here had motive to kill the man himself!
      Hodgins: Eight years ago, maybe. But not now. I've got Angela.

    • Hodgins: (handing Brennan an envelope) It's my letter of resignation.
      Brennan: Your science was dead-on perfect. That's all I care about. I don't need your resignation.
      (Hodgins hands letter to Cam. She accepts it.)
      Brennan: He didn't actually tamper with evidence!
      Cam: Dr. Hodgins endangered a case by hiding his relationship with a suspect.
      Hodgins: I'm saving Dr. Saroyan the trouble of firing me.
      Brennan: Well how much trouble is it? 'You're fired.' That's no trouble at all. A child could do it.
      Cam: (to Hodgins) I appreciate it.

    • Gordon: Why don't we talk about the case you're working on at the moment?
      Booth: Why?
      Gordon: Well, I am trained as a forensic psychologist. I might be able to help.
      Booth: Okay, fine, great. I have a dead rich guy, works with at-risk youth, gets brutally murdered after confiscating a couple pounds of heroin from one of his kids.
      Gordon: Interesting that the first word you used to describe him is "rich".
      Booth: Ah, second. The first description was dead.

    • Brennan: Wow, those socks! Those are amazing..
      Booth: That's right, the socks, the tie, the belt buckle, all escape valves for my socio-economic rage.
      Brennan: I hate psychology.
      Booth: Oh, you know, they help me deal with the day to day irritations of dealing with people that are more privileged.
      Brennan: (out of the blue) I slept with Sully last night.
      Booth: (taken aback) Oh, I though you already, uh...
      Brennan: No, last night.
      Booth: (uncomfortably) Yeah, it's really none of my business.
      Brennan: Except, we're partners...
      Booth: Yeah, there's that.
      Brennan: And you told me about your socks.
      Booth: Sex, socks, pretty much the same word.
      Brennan: Do we have a case, or are you just visiting?
      Booth: Yeah, I'll fill you in on the way. It's messy, you better get some protection.
      Brennan: Let me get my gum boots.(She leaves)
      Booth: (Sighs) Yeah, I'm gonna need a flashier tie.

    • Brennan: I discovered something very interesting about cops and nicknames.
      Angela: Anthropologically interesting?
      Brennan: Anatomically interesting. They call the bald guy "Curly" and the fat guy "Tiny", it's ironic.
      Angela: So when they call Sully "Peanut"...?
      Brennan: He doesn't like to shower with the other guys because he diverges from the quantifiable, morphological norm.
      (Brennan and Angela walk into the office where Booth is lounging)
      Booth: What? What does that mean?
      Brennan: (smiling) Stands out from a crowd.

    • Caroline: Listen up you people. The verdict is gonna come down any minute. Maybe we'll win. Maybe we'll lose. But this I do know, you people have got to get your sand together, you hear me? Booth and you scientist android brainiacs, you got somethin' very special, here. But you are losing it. (to Booth) Dropping serial killers off of balconies. And (to Angela) blabbing suspects' names to vengeful fathers. (to Cam) Cuttin' into heads before their times, gettin' poisoned. (to Zack) Gettin' blown up because you go grabbin' things you shouldn't have. (to Hodgins) Taking photographs from frames. (back to Booth) Getting a perfectly good car smashed to bits for NO good reason. (to all) Get it together! Start using your over-sized heads! This is the real world. Now, I know bug man here handed in his resignation. My official justice department recommendation is the following: we win the case, he gets his job back; we lose, Booth shoots him.

    • Brennan: Despite the fact that I have absolute faith in Dr. Hodgins' integrity and objectivity, in this instance, he was not involved.

    • Hodgins: I figure a guy like you, I resign, that puts things right between us. Do we need to discuss it past that?
      Booth: What are we, girls? (to the waiter) A piece of pie for my friend.

    • Dr. Wyatt: We, all of us, have to overcome our upbringings, rich and poor alike. You know what? I'm gonna ask you to go back to your bilious socks and your ostentatious ties and your provocative belt buckles.
      Booth: Oh, you're saying if I wear flashy socks I'm gonna forgive Hodgins?
      Dr. Wyatt: (laughs) Lord, I'm not sure I'm that good. Well, perhaps I am… hmm. (starts to walk away)
      Booth: Oh hey Doc, Doc, Doc. Why is it that the belt buckle is provocative?
      Dr. Wyatt: Oh, it's a modern day codpiece; forces the eye to the groin.

    • Angela: Wait, you still haven't slept together?
      Brennan: I know the problem.
      Angela: His religious upbringing?
      Brennan: His penis.
      Angela: What's wrong with it?
      Brennan: Apparently it's small.
      Angela: (laughing) Oh, well that maybe explains why he hasn't made any moves on you yet - he's insecure.
      Brennan: So I should make the first move, right?
      Angela: Yeah! Take Sully for a little test drive. Maybe he's got unlimited mileage. That'll make up for the fact he's a sub-compact.

    • Caroline: I already got no proof how the victim got hold of that heroin. Now you're saying I can't put Hodgins on the stand? Why?
      Booth: You don't wanna know the answer to that.
      Brennan: Why doesn't she wanna know?
      Caroline: As the prosecutor in this case, I'm obliged to share everything I know with the defense.
      Hodgins: Just because Clarissa Bancroft and I -
      Caroline: Whoa! Goodnight.

    • Brennan: There are quite a number of ways that men judge their relative maleness with respect to other men.
      Sully: Uh huh.
      Brennan: Muscles, income, cars, attractive mates, tolerance to alcohol, hair loss, and of course the size of sexual organs ...
      Sully: HO! Leave something for us to discuss at dinner.

    • Angela: Brennan! For once, can't you just pretend that you're the girl?
      Brennan: Why is everyone so anxious for me to be a girl?

    • Sully: I am a mad sagger. I ... I wear my, my shorts very, very low.
      Brennan: Okay ...
      Sully: (laughs) You suck hugely at being a girl. Okay, okay anthropology, anthropology ... oh okay! Uh, think of it as a social ritual in which I impress you with my manly prowess during a game of basketball.

    • Brennan: Do you have therapy today?
      Booth: It's not therapy.
      Brennan: Well, you're seeing a psychiatrist.
      Booth: Not for therapy. It's an official evaluation, okay?

    • Brennan: (Pointing to Booth's tie) What is that?
      Booth: What's what?
      Brennan: Your tie. It's staid.
      Booth: Staid?
      Brennan: Yeah like boring. It looks like J. Edgar Hoover picked it out.

    • Booth: Look, Gordon Gordon says that the, you know, the wild socks and fancy ties are just, you know, quiet rebellions helping me suppress other impulses.
      Brennan: Isn't that good?
      Booth: You'd think so but, you know, apparently all the other issues have to just rise to the top.

    • David Barron: Objection, assuming facts not in evidence.
      Caroline: What do you mean? The defendant has every needle disease in the book, except HIV.
      David Barron: Same objection. Plus Miss Julian seems to deeply desire to testify herself.
      Caroline: Yes, I would like to testify, because then I'd know what answers I was getting.
      Judge: Alright settle down. This is a murder trial, not a night at the Improv.

    • Booth: I bet this statue's worth more than my house.
      Bones: You know, you should ask your therapist about your issues with rich people.
      Camille: You're in therapy?
      Bones: You've seen the socks.

    • Camille: You might want to tuck you pants into your sock, the flies get in everywhere. (Booth sighs) What, no cartoon characters on the socks?
      Booth: Never had cartoon characters on the socks, they were just, um, never mind.

    • Booth: You just don't get it.
      Sully: What? I'm asking for guy advice. You are a guy. What's not to get?
      Booth: First of all, guys, they don't ask for advice. And secondly, I am not gonna help you get my partner into bed.
      Sully: Why not? It's not like you want her.
      (Booth doesn't answer and looks decidedly uncomfortable)
      Sully: Unless… do you want her?
      Booth: Nah, come on, Bones is, you know, she's my partner.
      Sully: Ohh, that is why you need psychiatric treatment, because you have the hots for your partner!

  • NOTES (4)

    • The German title for this episode is "Das Recht und die Befangenheit," which means "The Law And The Bias" - a title completely unlike the English title.

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: Tuesday April 10th, 2007 on TV3
      Spain: Friday May 11th, 2007
      Norway: Thursday August 30th, 2007
      Belgium: Friday November 23rd, 2007
      Germany: Thursday December 6th, 2007
      France: Friday March 14th, 2008 on M6
      Australia: Thursday May 22nd, 2008 on Seven
      Finland: Friday, August 8th, 2008 on Sub

    • Featured Music:
      "Tears and Laughter" by Jonathan Czerwik (during the montage at the end of the episode)

    • Stephen Fry was billed as Special Guest Star.


    • Brennan: Like "James, James Bond."
      Booth: "Bond. James Bond." Not "James ... Ja ... Jam ..." whatever.

      Brennan is referring to the way James Bond -- the famous secret agent character from the Ian Flemming books that have been made into dozens of feature films -- introduced himself to people, which has become a trademark of sorts for the character.