Season 2 Episode 14

The Man in the Mansion

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2007 on FOX

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  • Is this our first court scene?


    The guilty party is identified quite early on but can we get a guilty verdict? Hodgins has compromised the enquiry by not revealing his relationship with a suspect - something that Booth, who reads people really well, soon finds out. This makes him very angry with Hodgins though they do make up over pie after Hodgins has resigned.

    Dr Wyatt has ascertained in his therapy sessions with Booth (who feels embarassed about them) that the agent likes to be in control of events and his environment. This is probably why he and Brennan clash so much as she also is a control freak.

    Once again an appearance by Caroline the Justice Department attorney. She really is great and her bawling out of all the members of the team before the verdict comes in is great. She lists all the mistakes they have made over the past few episodes. She gives them her official justice department verdict 'We win the case he (Hodgins) gets his job back, we lose. . . Booth shoots him'.

    Booth has gone back to his jazzy socks, ties and suggestive belt buckle which Dr Wyatt (the excellent Stephen Fry) says is a modern cod piece bringing attention to the groin!

    Only sour note is Brennan's infatuation with Sully who personally I think is a creep. And telling Booth that she slept with him is really a glaring example of her lack of people skills.Can't she see that Booth is hurt?

  • Nothing really happened...

    Sad to say this episode didnt get my attention. However, I just cant understand how Hodgins was able to do that when he´s so intelligent and has obviously nothing to fear for.

    Booth is still in "therapy". He was sweating and he was very uncomfortable when Sullivan asked him about Brennan. Poor Booth, damn Sullivan.

    I didnt like at all the fact that Brennan told Booth she had slept with Sullivan. Even when they´re partners those things are private. It wasnt ok when Booth didnt tell her about Cam and he would´ve told her they were seeing each other. But Brennan telling him everything was way too much.

    Favorite moment: Caroline telling everyone to live a little. She´s right, work and our worries take all of our attention and time, we all should learn from that.

  • Hodgins endangers a murder case.

    The team investigates the death of a donor to the Jeffersonian Institute, Terrence Bancroft. What they don't know is that Dr.Hodgins once was friends with the victim and even engaged to the victim's wife.

    Needless to say that Booth is pissed once he finds out about that, especially since the case is in jeopardy now.
    The worst comes true as it is almost dismissed in court unless Bones and the Squints come up with new evidence without Hodgins' involvement.

    Meanwhile Booth is still seeing his therapist Dr.Wyatt who makes him wear bland socks and ties and does not aprrove of his "ostentatious" belt buckles. Booth is not amused as Bones and Cam make fun of this.

    Bones herself is busy dating Sully, the Agnet who was introduced in "The Girl in the Gator". Their relationship is progressing quickly but unfortunately I still can't detect any chemistry between these two.

    I see Sully primarily as a plot device to further a relationship with Bones and Booth in future episodes.

    Overall this is still a great episode as it has a solid plot and brings back some outstanding guest stars such as Stephen Fry and Patricia Belcher.
  • Very good episode for Hodgins, Frustrating episode for Brennan.

    I don't know what it is about the relationships in 'Bones' episodes that just make me frustrated. I actually like Hodgins and Angela's relationship, but anytime Booth or Brennan go into a relationship, I just kick the ground under my feet, and I am firmly stuck on the fact that whoever they date has no chemistry.

    Brennan dating Sully? What is that? Brennan and Booth are obviously meant to be together, so why keep teasing us, and making them date bland characters that we grow tired of? Just have them date each other already.

    Anyways, this episode dug deeper into Hodgin's history, which is a plus for me. Other than that, I guess I have nothing to say. Overall, I hope sincerely that this "relationship" Bones and Sully have will end fast, cause I feel like I'm going to throw up a little in my mouth, whenever I see them together.
  • Sully has got to go ... and we need to see more of the US attorney ... she's priceless!

    I love that we're learning more about Booth ... and the reasoning behind his selection of clothing accessories. We've learned a lot about Brennan so it's about time we get to him develop.

    I would have liked to have seen more time investigating and less in the court room ... but the prosecuter was great! she should be on more episodes! We got to see Zack "taken seriously" in court as an expert witness - can he stop wearing ties to work now please?

    I enjoyed watching the team as a whole being scolded for the hair-brained actions over the past few episodes ... and the prosecutor given Booth permission to shoot Hodgins if they lost the case.

    Loved Angela as substitute bug lady ... "Just how must time do you spend with Hodgins?"

    The whole storyline with Sully was probably the worst part of the episode ... the basketball and penis size discussions were absolutely not necessary. The only good part was where we get a hint of Booth's feelings about Brennan.

    Hopefully the show will have some great episodes before they go back on hiatus due to 2-hour American Idol episodes so they don't loose the audience.
  • The preview made me think this was gonna be better than it was

    This was pretty disappointing. It was a good episode but not nearly as good as I thought it was going to be.

    The whole thing with Hodgins was great though because you would never expect Hodgins to tamper with evidence. I cannot believe that Hodgins did that because he actually used to be friends with the victim.

    Brennan having Sully and Booth both having the hots for her was not done to the best of its ability. It could have been done in much better ways. I did enjoy the scene where Sully was asking Booth for advise and Booth was like "I'm not gonna help you get my partner into bed." That was a great scene.

    Temperance asking Anglea for advise as to what to do with Sully was very amusing I loved it. And Ange and Sully were both right about Bren not acting like a girl.

    The Angela Hodgins relationship was tested a lot in this episode and it was good that they did that. When Angela found something that Hodgins normally would have to find and Brennan was like "How much time have you been spending with Hodgins?" That was cute.

    When they were in court they were amazing. Caroline rocks I loved it when she went off on the team and said that if they won Hodgins should get his job back and if they lost Booth should get to shoot him.

    It was a really good episode but not as good as it was made out to be.
  • I love this episode. I love how it showed Hodgins's past, that was such a sad experience for him! The Hodgela scenes were superb! And the Booth/Sully talk about Brennan could have gone further-but it was cut short. But all-around a well-written episode!

    Okay, so I still like Sully....I like his character, he's good for Brennan, he's a friend to Booth, maybe he will even get Booth to realize his feelings for Brennan, so, no, I'm not at all unhappy about the introduction of this character! I think everyone is being too harsh on him....HELLO! If the show put Booth and Brennan together, the show would be over! Is that really what everyone wants? I know I don't .... besides, their chemistry alone, as I've stated time and time again, is what keeps the show going!

    Cam had to take his resignation, because if she didn't, she would have had to fire him, and everyone in the building, and probably the press would have known about would have been this huge disaster. So, this way, Hodgins got to keep his dignity and go out his way. It doesn't make Cam a bad person, it makes her a good friend.

    Okay, so one part I loved was when Angela and Brennan were walking back to her office, after she had spent the night with Sully and Brennan was talking about how she understood the significance of their nicknames within the force.... then when they got to her office, Angela asked Booth if he had one....that was great!! And then, I think that Brennan only told Booth about her sleeping with Sully because they are partners, and they are in each other's lives, and she knows that he deserves to know, especially since Booth and Sully are friends. Besides, it would have come out one way or another....such as when Angela has a tendency to let things slip while in coversation with Booth, and that would put everyone else in an awkward, this way, it was reconciled, and shows how much she trusts Booth....I don't think it was meant to hurt him...I mean Brennan found out about Booth and Cam...and it wasn't this huge deal, so it works for the show.

    Another thing, when Booth and Cam were working together, it didn't seem like there was a lot of tension there, which I would have thought there'd have been since he broke up with her a week earlier....also, if I dare say it, I think I might have seen one of the old stares he used to give her when they were going out....but I could be wrong. But I kind of like how there isn't going to be this huge deal between them, it would kinda mess up the whole team the prosecutor lady reiterated! Man, I love her character! And did anyone else notice how she said something that everyone did wrong, except Brennan? That was weird.....
    [I also posted my thoughts on this on the forum topic of this episode...]
  • "Im Gonna Need A Flashier Tie..."

    Hmmmmm .. Where Do I Start? Well First Off, I Really Liked This Episode Because Of The Character Development! We Didn’t Only See One Character Grow, But THREE! Yes, Three: Hodgins, Bones, And Booth! .. Okai, Ill Start With Hodgins: Had An Affair With A Married Woman (Who Was Married To One Of His Friends (Who Was The Victim That Died In This Episode)) Eight Years Ago! Some Relationship That Must Have Been! And Not Only That, But They Were Also ENGANGED!! Evidently, He Was A Suspect And He Knew It, and Tried To Hide The Evidence That Proved That He Was Involved! Unfortunately, Booth Found Out! Hodgins Showed That He Was A Man By Resigning And Telling The Truth! However Since They Won The Case He Was Hired Again Or His Resignation Letter Has Been Ripped, The Point Is That He's Still On The Show (THANK GOD, I Love "Hodgy" And His BIG Blue Eyes ;p). Bones, Bones, Bones! Bones Made The First Move With Sully! She Took The First Step and it Worked! I Was A Bit Disappointing There Because I Really Want Her To Be With Booooooth ;( .. When Oh When Will That Happen!? .. As For Booth, We Find Out That He Really Has Something Going For Bones! He Likes Her Or "Got The Hotts" For Her!! Sadly, In The End He Finds Out That Bones Indeed Slept With Sully, And That She's Happy With Him .. Still, You Never Know If The Flashier Tie Is Going To Work ;) *Fingers Crossed*
  • Amazing! I laughed a lot and was very amuzed by the witty exchange between the characters.

    Its good to see the relationship between Sully and Brennen develop and blossom...I always wondered what happened to David from season 1. This ep was great, good guest actors and very funny and witty! Angela in particular was really funny in this episode. I found it particularly amusing when the lawyer pointed out that everyone on the team had some flaws and made mistakes. The only thing i didnt like too much is that it had a bit too much court drama, it felt like I was watching Law and Order. It was still an amazing episode and will keep me amused for some time.
  • An episode more in line with my preference for the series: character development.

    An avid Bones fan last season, I found myself getting bored with the writing this season and with a few exceptions, the storylines just didn't click with me. A result of preferring character driven over procedural driven stories... (sigh)

    Having already made up my mind that 2 more episodes and that was it for me for this series, I was VERY glad to see that the writers were at last attempting to make character interactions more of a focal point: i.e., some back-story on Hodgins (engaged at one time), those therapy scenes with Booth (I just love Stephen Fry!), Emily's attempts to be more "girly" (on the advice of her friends), and a new love interest in the form of Agent Sullivan to stir things up a bit. (uhh..."Peanut"!? Stay tuned for Booth's nickname!!)

    In addition, I found Asst US Attorney Caroline Julian (Patricia Belcher) just hilarious. I had so enjoyed her scenes in prior episodes, and she didn't disappoint in these! The Asst Attorney lets her "boots do the walking"...all over everyone!

    I fully understand that the Booth/Bones connection will have to be played out over a long time frame (ala House/Cuddy or House/Cameron) to continue to hold viewer interest; but the end of this episode I would have preferred Brennan not admit so casually that she had slept with Sully. The objection is not from any moralistic view, but rather that the comment seemed pretty significant and yet the writers had Booth react minimally ("I'm going to need a flashier tie...") And what did Brennan think Booth was to do with that personal piece of info anyway?

    Ok...whatever. Guess I'm committed to watch the next epi to see how all this plays out! Which is the ultimate goal of any series writer I suppose.
  • A very good episode and nearly the best of the season so far.

    The main story was having the team track down the killer of one of the Jeffersonians donors, when he’s found dead at home all evidence leads to a young teenager who had a run-in with him over some drugs, problem is Hodgins knows the dead man and knows his wife, in fact he was once best friends with the dead man and engaged to his now widow, naturally Hodgins doe’s not say anything knowing that by telling he rules the chances of being taken off the case but when it come’s to light he’s forced to take a step back and hand in his notice but all’s well that end’s well.

    We also have Booth getting more off the clock therapy with Dr. Gordon Gordon Wyatt ( joke ) and Bones and the new F.B.I agent FBI Agent Tim ’Scully’ Sullivan taking there relationship to the next level.

    All in all a very good episode but I can see the Scully haters coming out of the woodwork……… now after me.. Bones and Booth, Bones and Booth, Bones and Booth.
  • Not exactly what I expected, but still, a good episode.

    I was expecting a bit more BB interaction. Perhaps more tension or something. The trailer from last week gave the impression we'd see more than we did. Actually, even just some more BB talking or working together would have been better. Hopefully the writers won't keep up this line of writing for long. However, as I'm a HUGE BB fan I think that the writers created an excellent character in Sully and it's cute that Bones has found someone until she realizes how good Booth is for her *wink*. I like where the writers are taking the Angela & Jack relationship. It was a good move for the show. Over all a decent episode but not my favorite by far.
  • my opinion changed after watching it again

    I think it's great that Hodgins is becoming a more important character because TJ just plays him so well. I liked Booth's confrontation, and then reconciliation with Hodgins because it establishes a deeper connection between the two.
    Caroline Julian is one of my favorite guest starts, she is one of the reasons why this episode was as good as it was.
    I liked seeing the squints in the court room since we hardly ever get to see that, so this episode was kind of unique in that way.

    Now, i was not entirely happy with this episode. The reason being is the whole Sully has a pornstar sized penis thing. That was overplayed too much and so was the valentine's day thing. I like Sully in the Girl in the Gator because he was funny, but in this episode he is so cocky and an ass for going after Brennan after sensing a connection between Booth and Bones.

    not my favorite episode. Hopefully we will get to see more episodes that will rank next to "Aliens in a Spaceship" or "Judas on a Pole" before the season is over.
  • A little silly, but still good

    Conversations about the male gential size don't really amuse me. Some people think it's funny, I don't think it's wrong or anything, it's just weird...
    That was a good word describe this episode... weird. The case was amusing and so was the whole story with Hodgins, I loved seeing more of him. But Brennan was just weird this episode. Everything she did was a bit different, understandable with the whole Sully thing but way weird...
    Booth and Gordon Gordon were great though. I loved Stephem Fry in all of his episodes. A genius with the wit and just downright funny! I loved him and Booth here!! :D
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep bones one of hogens old friends was murderd and he had connections with his wife. and it turns out that hogens sorta tampired with evidence. and that the wife was having a affair. and it also turns ou that after doing some more invesgating that he husband was helping kids in rought nieborhoods and took cocain off someone to give to the police. but one of the guys that runs the thing saw it and murderd the husband for the drugs but he attracted a fugas after the killing and that is how they had to prove he did it in court beacause of what hogens did . this was a good ep
  • Another strong episode

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. Bones and Booth are called in on a case, which seems strange as the victim still has skin. But apparently the family, the Bancroft's, have asked for them to work on the case and we also learn that they are a part of the lab. Back at the lab, on hearing who the victim is, Hodgins starts to act strange. We then see him removing a photo from a frame and on the back Hodgins's name is written. He then folds the picture and places it into his pocket.
    We then see Hodgins (Jack) going round to see the widow of the victim. It soon becomes obvious that they know each other. Soon Booth takes Hodgins with him to question the widow. Soon it becomes clear that Jack knows the widow and so has to confess. And when they get back to the lab, Booth tells Cam and Bones the truth about how he knows the widow and of curse Angela is there to hear it all. We son learn that the widow and Jack were once engaged. And so he is taken off of the case, although Booth wants him fired, but of course Booth cannot make that decision. At the trial, Jack is called upon to testify. Then the team have 24 hours to come up with new evidence, which Hodgins hasn't touched or seen, in order to save the case. Then Hodgins takes in his letter of resignation, which Bones won't accept, but Cam does. Soon they come up with new evidence which is presented to the court. We then have the verdict, which is guilty. We then see Cam tearing up Jack's resignation letter.
  • Another great episode

    Bones is rapidly becoming one of my must see shows of the week, it's that good.

    Ok, so a man is found dead in his house and Booth has issues because he has a problem with wealthy people. And Hodgins' tampers with evidence so he work on the case. And Brennan is wondering why Sully won't sleep with her. All in all a packed episode.

    I'm really loving Stephen Fry in his role as Booth's psychiatrist. He's great. Actually he sound slike he's in an episode of QI; which I think I mentioned in the last review.

    So the case is jeapordised by Hodgins' since he was engaged to the wife of the deceased and the team have to find some new evidence to get the guy sent down. Which they do, you know they will. But it still makes great viewing.

    It was great that Hodgins' got his job back after he resigned. How cute were he and Angela in this epsiode?

    ten out of ten.
  • Banter is flying, but it's not between Booth and Bones...Try Angela and Bones and whether size matters....

    I have to say, I found the case a bit silly as well as the timeline. I know that it is a tv show, but it went to trial very quickly, which I guess is good for Hodgins since his job depended on the outcome. I have to say I still think it is kind of odd that Caroline did not take a shot at Brennan when listing the crazy things people have been doing of late. I would think there was something from the New Orleans voodoo case that she could have gone with, or possibly going out the murder from the Headless Witch episode. There are any number examples. Anyhow, since the case and trial were just kind of there, I have to say it was great to see Angela and Brennan talking. For best friends, they don't do enough of that, especially when it ends up in discussions like the ones in this episode. Booth and Sully together was also funny. DB does so much with a look. As does Hodgins. He looks so sad when he and Angela are going through photos of his friend. I have to say that as usual what was going on with the characters more than the case they were trying to solve was more interesting. Plus great banter.
  • Brennan and Sully get together after his basketball game !!! and booth is obviously jealous of him!!!!

    I liked this episode because Booth finally told his true feeling about Brennan to al least someone but still Booth and Brenna are totally ment for eachother so it kind of sad that they dont know how the other one feels about them ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! and you could obviously tell that Booth was jealous when she told him that her and Sully slept together after he told him he had the "Hotts" for her so its still a little sad that they dont know that they are madly in love with eachother, but the will find out eventually so that will make me smile :)
  • It was a good episode in the series, tying in some loose ends from the previous episodes.

    This episode detailed more of Hodgin's and Booth's past. It explained more of the reasoning for their character and unique personality. Booth has a serious issue with rich peole overall, and maybe that was why he didn't like Hodgins at first. We also got to see how things were going with Brennan's relationship with Sullivan. And speaking of relationships, we learn that Angela is more closer to Hodgins, not just emotionally, but by she displaying that she pays attention to her mate's area of study. We also saw more of Caroline, and I think most of the humor in the episode came from her. Every time she is displayed, it seems episodes be more funnier.
  • A man is found in a mansion, and the murder is linked to heroin. Hodgens knew the victim and takes evidence from case.

    It was really good, but I wish that Booth and Bones were together. I just dont see how Bones could be with Agent Sullivan. The way how Booth is jealous is really good. Since this episode was on Valentines Day I thought that Booth and Bones would finally get together. As for the episode, I thought it was very good. The fact that Hodgins could not participate in the final round with the judges made me believe that they would not win the case. I felt like jumping up and down when they did. It was a nice suprise.
  • Bones and Booth personal and professional lives once again collide.

    When one of the wealthiest donors dies, the team must investigate the murders while dealing with personal issues. Hodges must make a sacrifice for the team and that he compromises evidence. But he did so with reason if you can tell to get justice done. Despite having his gun back, Booth must continue seeing Dr Wyatt who adds a bit of comic relief. Sully asks Bones out on a date. The federal prosecutor got on my nerves pretty fast as I wanted her to shut up.
  • Could have done without the sex talk

    The case itself was great. Hodgins getting into trouble because of his involvement was a nice twist. Angela looked so hurt when she found out. Caroline telling Booth to shoot Hodgins was hysterical. I loved the court room drama at the end. It was a nice change of pace. But seriously Angela is not an expert on mold and they would not have relied on her testimony.
  • Booth and Brennan have a case of a murdered man in a mansion which turns out to be a web of heroin inspired madness. Meanwhile Booth is still in his "pyschiatric evaluation" and Brennan's love life heats up.

    Well, this episode had its ups and downs.

    One of the big ups was Temperence's development in this particular episode. We see her smiling quite a lot, making jokes, and still maintaining her work ethic and getting the job done. Way to go Bones!

    A major down was the lack of BB interaction. The whole promo idea of the show was which FBI hottie will Brennan choose? They spent a total of three minutes on that idea all together. Booth and Brennan barely spoke except for the beginning of the ep, major disappointment.

    Another up was Stephen Fry and David Borenaz's meetings. The man is hilarious. His anaylsis of Booth seems to be pretty spot on. Another down was the whole "sully's penis thing". I mean sure, we all love a good penis joke, but really, a whole subplot? Good lord. Angela and Brennan did an excellent job of making it seem cute though....

    I thought the interactions between Booth and Hodgins at the scene was great. It gave a great backstory on Hodgins and helped along Booth's therapy sessions make sense too.

    All in all, certainly not Bones's finest. Let's hope for the better.
  • Booth's still in therapy, Sully asks Bones out, and Hodgins compromises the case.

    I think this series is turning out to be more of a character-driven show, focusing more on the team and their relationships, but I'm not complaining (as long as this doesn't turn into a soap opera or something). It's great that they allow us to delve into the lives of Brennan and the others, keeping the theme of the show serious (we are watching death, after all), but effectively peppering in the humor. I honestly think this show will go a long way.

    "The Man in the Mansion" is a perfect example of what I mentioned earlier about the show. The case itself was okay but it was sort of pushed in the background, like it's only there for Hodgins to sort of screw up. It's okay, though. Like I said, this episode is more about character development.

    As for Hodgins, I don't necessarily condone his actions, "tampering" with evidence and lying about his relationship with the victims, but I can understand it. If I were put in that situation, I'd probably do anything just to be able to help catch the perp who hurt my friends. I have to admit I was a little annoyed with Jack at the beginning of the series but I've grown to like him. And episodes like these make him more likeable.

    I think I'm starting to like the Jack/Angela thing.

    Speaking of likability, I'm starting to dislike Booth. I didn't quite like how he stereotypes rich people. Then again, I can see why he might feel resentment against the more privileged since some of these people do act like the rules don't apply to them. I just wish he didn't question Hodgins' integrity the way he did, just because Hodgins is rich.

    And now for the most annoying part - Sully. I do not like him. He's too cocky and he knows too many things. Mind you, I think knowing a lot is okay, but to show off that you know how to do anything and everything? That's a different story, and that's how I see Sully. He's not even as good-looking as Booth.

    Lastly, that last part where that woman lawyer "scolded" them. Boy, did I love that. Those shocked and sheepish looks on their faces as the prosecutor named a specific boo-boo made by each one of them (except for Bones, and I'm curious to see what mistake she'll make IF she makes one) was priceless.

    All in all, a great episode. I wonder what Booth meant by "I should get a flashier tie." *wink wink*
  • great episode

    no seriously if they ask me right now whats the perfect show I'd say bones ..hell right now it trumps both 24 and Grey's anatomy in my books ..i know its said a lot about the perfect show .. but this one is truly is ..there's comedy drama.action even a little mystery what more could a TV fan ask for..this episode in particular combined all of those aspects.. I'm in love all over again with this seriously should be nominated for awards..its really good i can watch it forever seriously! i can..i never get bored watching it thanks to the writers who keep coming up with more exciting scenes every time and the way the story lines and characters interact utter beauty :D:D:D
  • loved this episode. it had some good court action, and a little more about Hodgins' past.

    We hadnt know much about hodgins before this, toher than the fact that he was "rich to the power of ten squared" or however he describes it. im glad we got to know a little more about his history, and his perosnality when dealing with a case that is meaningful to him. on that note - i CANNOT beleive that Cam accepted that letter of resignation! and how dare he even write
  • The body of a rich man was found in his home. his wife used to be the girlfriend of hodgins. hodgins lied about it and took the picture out of the frame so he could work the case. brennan also goes with sully to one of his basketball games. boothwearsatie

    This episode was absolutely hillarious. with brennans new love life (gr by the way.) and booths new tie it couldnt be funnier. and finally they have brennan being completely unaware of pop culture with the james james bond thing. she thought she knew. but she didnt. i was on the floor laughing. i also LOVED that they showed angela and hodgins more. in episodes before this you knew they were together but they never actually SHOWED it. i was never really like INTO them being together. i was happy but they never showed it so i was just like whatever angela and hodgins but now im all for them. they are sooo cute. so i loved this ep. especially the showing of hodgins' past and i love when the prosecuter is on. she makes me laugh.
  • Bring back Booth's socks!!

    So I really am not into Bones’s new relationship. I mean I want her to be happy in her life (making her life more than her work), but like most I want that happiness to come from Booth. I liked that little look on his face when he was accused of having feelings for Bones, he knows that there are some hidden somewhere, but he isn’t ready to face that. I felt sorry for Hodges in this episode, but he did cross the line, at least Angela understood and was right there, by his side. My favorite part was with the Asst US Attorney (she is always great comic relief). I loved when she went off on the gang for being stupid (anyone notice that Bones had done nothing for her to mention) and then told them that if they win the case Hodges keeps his job and if they loose the case Booth gets to shoot him. I was laughing so hard I started choking and had to pause and rewind.
  • Start using your oversized heads... this is the real world!

    Not the best episode ever but really entertaining and funny as usual. I'm so glad Caroline Julian is back, she's so cool and loved how she went off on the team like she was their mother or something. They were really loosing a little of their focus. Angela and Brennan girl talks, so great: "How was it?".
    This was Hodgins turn to make a mistake, it's good to show that they are all humans and make mistakes. Loved Hodgins and Angela interaction, we could see that their relationship is evolving.
    Booth and Brennan, always good chemistry. The best scene for me was the last one when Booth says: "I'm gonna need a flashier tie." So meaningful... and now we have to wait, a lot, for the next episode. That's so unfair.
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