Season 1 Episode 19

The Man in the Morgue

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 19, 2006 on FOX

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  • A great episode

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open with Brennan in New Orleans as she helps to identify the remains of people who were killed during Hurricane Katrina. When she is working, a man named Graham offers Bones a bite to eat, we then see Bones waking up in a bathroom covered in blood and with no memory of what has happened to her. We quickly see that she is injured and is in fact in her own hotel room.
    The phone is ringing and it tells her that her airport pick up is there and she soon realises that it is Thursday and the last day she remembers is Tuesday, so ,a s she says, what happened to Wednesday?
    We then see Bones in a doctor's office and we see that the local police officer is there. And then as if by magic her knight in shining armour shows up in the form of...... Booth. Soon pieces start to come together of the missing day and soon Graham is found dead and hanging from the wall in his house. Evidence is found in the house of Bones being there, but Booth quickly removes it before anyone else can spot it. But soon everything goes wrong and Bones is arrested to the murder. Booth calls in a favour and manages to get Bones released. Soon the body of the Voodoo shop owner is found dead and we soon learn that he in fact murdered her, believing that using voodoo he could bring her back to life. We also learn that the shop owner also killed Graham. As the episode ends we see Booth handing Bones back her missing earring which he found at the crime scene.
  • This is a typical Bones episode.

    Another one of my favorite Bones episode, though I love all of them. In the beginning I was kind of confused, but further into the episode I was staring to understand what is happening. And now when I watch it again, I luckily can say that I understand if from the beginning.

    There were so many great scenes, why this is such an amazing episode, and I will mention a few of them.
    One of them being, when Brennan is at the doctors' office, and Booth barges in is one of those fabulous scenes, and this one shows how much he really cares about Bones.

    The whole Jesus is a zombie scene is just hilarious, just as the scene where Brennan pokes a murderer in his eye.

    All in all, defiantly one of the best episodes out there.
  • Voodoo in New Orleans

    Intense. This episode kept me on the edge of my seat. It's one of the best written episode I've seen in this series, with one of the most exciting premises. When Dr. Brennan gets involved personally, things always heat up. Delightfully. I like seeing her out of her traditional blue lab coat and interacting with the real world in a capacity larger than scientist. There's also great development between Booth and Brennan--Booth coming to bail Brennan out when she gets in a little over her head with both the New Orleans law enforcement and . . . someone else. I also greatly enjoyed the back and forth between Hodgins and Zach in this episode. 10 out of 10.
  • an interesting mix on bones with voodoo

    this episode was great and very interesting. i love how booth gets so protective of brennan like in two bodies in the lab. the voodoo stuff was really weird but added an interesting twist to the episode. when brennan pokes the voodoo sorceror in the eye i cracked up so hard! it was hilarious! and it was very brave of booth to take brennan's earring from the crime scene, he wouldve lost his job. it just shows how much he cares about her. it also funny how brennan wouldnt tell the squint squad what happened to her and they kept making assumptions of why booth was there. this was a great episode!
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of bones bones is down in new orleans due to the hurricane and the people down there belive in vudo. thing is bones wakes up with bruises and blood all over her and she cant remember a thing that happened . and the police down there thinks she is faking it and is involved in the murders that have been happing down there.bones remembers that she was on a date and it went to the house and then she does not remember after that but with help from some people they peice it all togeather and realize it was the guy that owned the shop who was using dark sworsy to take revenge on the people he even kills his daughter and try to bring her back to life this was great ep i thought.
  • "Jesus was not a Zombie!"

    Great episode! Once again it is shown that Boothe is totally in love with Bones. He rushes down to New Orleans when he finds out she is in trouble, just like to rushed over to NM when she called him. In this episode he puts her before the law which is HUGE for him. They experience some weird voodoo happenings which are never fully debunked. Bones refers to Jesus as a "zombie" since he rose from the dead to which Boothe in shock replies, "Jesus was not a zombie!" The episode is wonderful and amazing, and shows every reason that I love this show!
  • voodoo .

    this episode is so cool. bones wakes up all bloody and is acccused of murder. booth and bones have so many cute little moments they have. like when the ladys like shes more than just a partner. i had to agree with that. he really cares about her so much and it showed in this episode. it was cool to see bones on a new level, the accused not the accusee. it was so cute at the end when booth gave bones her mothers earing. Definately one of the best episodes yet .
  • Brennan and voodoo is a strange connection but Booth and voodoo give an even better effect...! ;)

    The episode was very good though the teaser gave me creeps! Seeing Bones in a situation like this -- smeared with somebody's blood and a broken wrist. That just HAD TO be good. We see Bones has no vacation as people usually understand the word "vacation", even Booth says that.

    The thing I've ben wondering is if Booth really thought the police wouldn't find any trace of Bones being in that dead guy's apartment once he picked up her ear ring from the floor and noone noticed him doing that. Well, they may have no CSI team with Mac Taylor as a head investigator but still -- it's the same country, how wouldn't they find any DNA sample? I am glad they forced to the hotel apartment and arrested her (even though I heart Temprance and want no harm for her) because if they didn't that would be just too much, wouldn't be believable at all.

    An interesting idea of a plot, I mean -- the voodoo thing. Booth just couldn't make it, he kept repeating "voodoo" this, "voodoo" that until everyone knew for sure he DID NOT believed it. I on the other hand thing he did a bit and he was worried about Temperance.

    The first episode when Hodgins tries to talk to Angela. Did anyone actually hear them talking to each other before? I didn't.

    Booth storming into the examine room where Bones was being examined -- just too sweet :]
  • My favourite of season one...

    This episode was fantastic to watch!
    It was so well written and cleverly plotted and thought through. It's also a little darker than the other episodes, for instance when Brennan wakes up covered in blood and we see the flashbacks. That is quite a sinister moment, which leaves you thinking 'What?!!'
    Booth is great in this episode also, by picking up and hiding her earring at a crime scene. Doing this took trendous faith and a huge risk to protect Brennan. It was actually an illegal thing to do: Hide evidence. But he truly believed she was innocent and set about to help her prove that. This was therefore a sweet action of unspoken feelings for Brennan, which of course, I loved!
    I enjoyed the 'Voodoo' theme of this episode intertwined with the more serious aftermath of Hurricane Katrina disaster, it was something a little different to the other episodes in season one and to me, stood out from the rest.
    Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz played their parts brilliantly in this episode and overall it was very pleasing to watch, with moments of shock, sadness, happyness and awe.
  • Best of the season.

    This is one good episode, let me tell you. Everything worked. It was exotic, mysterious, funny and sweet. I loved the ending, with the earring. I’m really enjoying the relationship between Booth and Bones, the way it slowly progresses, it’s really great writing. The voodoo plot was awesome. Weird and exciting. The beginning of the episode just sucks us in and never lets go. This is what an entertaining episode is all about. The show has been developing quite nicely, with a great cast, wonderful leads, and great plots. Really worth watching. This episode is the perfect example of just how good Bones has become.
  • Review

    There were some things that I liked about this episode and some things that I didnt like. I like the fact that Bones was the suspect right up until the very end, it made for some really good scenes with Booth - who was convinced that she was innocent until the very end. This episode did a lot to further enhance there relationship, though you would really have to look depe into the smiles over lunch and at the end of the episode to see what I am talking about. The amnesia plot was kind of random, but it was the only way to ever really make Bones a suspect in one of the episodes, so I thought the writers did a very good job writing a believable timeline of events while she cant remember anything. The "voodoo" thing was also kind of random, but in a funny way that Im used to seeing from the show. Overall, I think that season 1 is beginning to close very strong with some solid episodes the past couple of weeks.
  • Dr. Brennan is in trouble...

    It was very intriguing and a little bit disgusting to see Dr. Brennan hurt and covered in blood.

    The story was a little bit weird. Getting Brennan arrested for finding blood on her from someone who had been murdered and her having amnesia was way out of line, but maybe that was the story or the annoying detective who was in charge of the case and wasn´t very good at her job.

    At the end, the whole case turned out to be a voodoo thing, with a very nasty woman murdered by her own father.

    The episode is not bad. I like how Brennan relies on Booth and how he was the first person she calls (and the first and only person to be there for her) when she needs help. Their interaction is again, that of two people with amazing chemistry.

  • doctor temperance brennen goes to new orleans(i think) to identify victims of hurricane katrina(maybe) and gets attacted and loses her memory booth goes and helps her get her memory back and find out who attacted her and killed her friend.

    i love this episode as it shows the character developement between booth and brennen and shows how much booth cares for her and worries about her. i also love the poke in eye thing thats so at the end the bit with the earing and booth is very sentimental and shows how much bones appreciates (wrong spelling) booth and is acring side (p.s know this is very long winded got very bored) :)
  • haha, poked in the eyes mate, poked in the eyes :)

    ha, my favourite part would have to be the poking in the eyes LOL and also when they were in the morgue and after everything bones said booth would say something to relate it to 'voodoo'. this show is so great, with these two characters, her and him are just so perfect for each other. my other fav part (apart from all of it :)was when hodgins and angela had a heart to heart. that was so cute, maybe something will come of it, maybe not, but when he was done, the whole 'awkwardness' was cute. hodgins is such a great character, especially when people say 'dirt' "that doesn't help me people!!" haha, poor guy, he must have such a tough job. :P
  • oh wow. this episode was soo good you have no idea.

    hurricane katrina. ya know one of the reasons i love this show so much is that it deals with realt life crimes and real life situations (i.e. terrorists and real hurricanes)

    why do guys always have to think about sex? jeez there are dead bodies surrounding him, cant he contain himself?

    oh my god. when i first saw this episode i was totally freaking out when brennan was laying there all bloody. i swear, i screamed, and my mom ran in the room to see if <i>i</i> was okay. its so hard to see her suffer like that. emily is a good actress though. definatley beleivable. i would be soo freaked out if i lost a whole day like that.

    booth bursting in like that. knight in shining fbi standard issue body armour? h*ll yeah. he was so concerned for her i love him so much.

    did i just sense the first hodgela tension moment ever? me thinks i did, yes i do.

    voodoo. or is it vudu? creepy stuff. hahaha that whole "jesus is not a zombie" scene. priceless. that and the look on booth's face.

    haha when brennan was calling graham's name. booth was like "cracker" haha i didnt catch that before lmfao. then they found him nailed to a wall. narly.

    booth found brennan's earing. oooooh. not in a good way, either. and how care that b*tchy cop lady blame brennan of faking amnesia. ooh i wanted to punch her.

    haha zach noticed that hodgins tries to look taller around brennan and angela. i didnt notice that. im gonna have to make a point to try.

    i cant beleive brenna was arrested. just because his blood was on her jacket and hers was in his house doesnt mean she killes him. it could mean he was the one who attacked her first in his house, and then at her hotel. duh!

    nice little bonding moment between b and b. he explained why he nice to her, how sweet.

    I LOVE that reference to lord of the rings. go booth.

    how that eva girl died was gross. the dad is a good acotr tho. (not the actor who plsys the dad, the dad himself)

    hahahaha lmao. he was putting some creepy vudu/voodoo pell on her and she poked him in the eye. i have always loved that part.

    hodgins called brennan baby. hahahha. i loved this episode.

  • Dr. Brennan is at New Orleans helping in the identification of the Katrina’s victims when she gets in trouble and Booth flies from DC to help her.

    One of the best starts for an episode for Bones, when you see Brennan all covered in blood in the floor of a bathroom, "OMG!" I thought and instantly I was thinking where Booth is!

    When she picks up the phone I said, ‘well she is going to call him’ but that don’t happen. So I was kind of sad, asking myself why she didn’t call him and then he enters the doctor room all worried about her! It was nice to see them like that: two people that cares about each other, he trying to do all what he could to help her and if it means put his career in danger taking evidence out a crime scene he would do it and he also put his name and reputation out there for her to get a good lawyer, it cost him a big favor.

    The plot develops really nicely, off course is New Orleans so it has to be voo doo related and it’s a different thing for the show, so it’s nice.

    Hodgins been there for Angela and she realizing that after all he has a good heart was a great thing to see too, hopefully will get to see more of it in future episodes.

    The final scenes, seem all them gathered together at the lab, wao, how much has Booth changed since we met him! First he just couldn’t around the “squints” and now he is capable of been sit with them chatting and telling jokes, mocking of Bones… and I’m sure he does that just because of her. At the end he returns her mother’s earring and she discovers what he was talking about earlier about putting his job in danger. He sees him how he is, a man who cares about her and its capable of doing almost anything for her. Hopefully it makes their friendship stronger.
  • Bones goes down to New Orleans to identify the victims of hurricain katrina and gets more than she bargained for.

    Brennan waking up all bloodied with no memory was quite a surprising approach to an otherwise normal ep and teh writters were able to explore the growing affections between bones and booth. Very nice touch at the cafe with the 'why are u so nice to me" speech and you could clearly see that she was extremely thankful that Booth was so caring and so adament that she had nothing to do with the murder.

    The lady cop was very funny and how she thought that bones and booth were more than partners. Careless of Bones to be telling the cops everything but it was cute how Booth got all protective and told her not to tell them anything

    We also see a possible relationship between Hodgins and angela which im not so sure will be so good but it may be an interesing subplot.

    I loved Bones delivery of the line'I find people are less scary once they've been poked' hehe..very kool

    All in all a very touching and quietly amusing ep which i hope will be at least matched by next weeks ep, if not better.

  • A great episode with an excellent twist.

    This was a great episode. Brennan goes on 'vacation' to New Orleans but ends up helping out at the morgue. (I love how Brennan likes to view a 'vacation'.) The episode starts out with a shock as we get a flash of a normal day at the morgue, and then it jumps straight to a house where Brennan is covered in blood in an equally messy bathroom with no memory at all of where she is or what happened during the day between her morning at the morgue to now.

    Booth quickly jumps into the scene to help figure out what's going on (I also find it facinating how Booth just automatically jumped into the scene to help Brennan out.) Their investigation on what happened to give Brennan amnesia leads to a dark investigation into the art of voodoo magic. Apparently Brennan was carrying out her own invesigation during her forgotten day, and now Brennan is trying to figure out why. They meet a voodoo doctor along the way who explains to them the ancient ways of the voodoo.

    The episode gets really suspenceful, especially when Brennan gets suspected of the murder herself. Even Brennan herself thinks she may have done it. Agent Booth, however, is stubborn that Brennan definitly did not do it. I love the twists in this episode, and the voodoo stuff added a type of creepiness to it that made me shiver. A very good episode by all accounts!
  • Not a bad attempt

    They have had better episodes but on the whole not bad. The voodoo thing was hard to follow. A good incorporation with the hurricane clean up. Booth coming to her rescue was great. I hope they get together sooner rather than later. I think the show would survive if they got together.
  • Bones's trip to New Orleans turns out to be not so great.

    i loved this episode. it made you think it was fast paced, it was humorous. this show never ceases to amaze me. i find i cant stop watching it whenever it's on and this episode was no different. I love watching bones in her element and this was definately one of those episodes where she is completely in her element. which isn't surprising since she loses her memory the only thing she has left to cling to is her ability to be her analytical self, and booth's support and trust. i especially love the line she delivers at the end "i find people are not as scary once they've been poked in the eye" CLASSIC!!! Bravo Temperance!!!
  • Amnesia, it!

    You know what's funny? during the two-week hiatus I kept thinking that Angela and Hodgins had kind of a thing for each other. since I wasnt home for this episode and had to tape it, I went on this site and read some reviews and found the summary on the official site and was surprised to find that there had been some chemistry between them in this episode. Happily surprised. I'm glad I'm so intuitive.

    But this episode was pretty good. I thought the waking-up-all-bloody was very well acted by Emily Dechanel. And the protectiveness Booth showed toward Bones, that was pretty classic. It was interesting to see how many people noticed they seemed like "more than partners".

    The cafe scene was cute. "You should be nicer to me." I loved the look she gave him right then, then said, "I really should." Really nice. the lawyer was funny.

    Good episode, not my favorite, that would be Two Bodies in the Lab, but still good.
  • Brennan's trip to New Orleans turns nasty when she wakes up covered in blood and no memory.

    And we all thought that Two Bodies in the Lab was awesome! This has got to be the best episode yet.

    The development of Brennan was awesome as was the development of Zack and Hodgins.

    I adored Hodgins little speeches about dirt and his little speech to Angela about Temperance. This episode brought out the potential Hodgins and Angela have for a relationship.

    Tempe being a murder suspect can you say Cool and she's Innocent! I loved how Booth came to see how she was and how he got all protective, it was totally cute!

    Temperance was hilarious when she was in custody, telling them everything can you say where is your common sense Bones?

    The Booth Bones moment in that cafe was so adorable. It just makes ya wonder what'll happen next.

    Like I said Brilliant episode but I don't think it'll be topped by the next.
  • There you go Brennen!!

    This episode is soooo brilliant; differs from the others; new plot lines are seen; Vodooo hehe; the bondage between Temprance and Booth is going up each single episode. In this one she admits that she must be good with him and you can see the sparks.. well people, I think it's time for them now to become an item. Someone said in his review that Temperance is a one-dimensional character!!! I say he's 100% wrong, she's changing in each episode. Her literal thinking cracks me up, it's a kind of diguised humor along with Booth's. This show is proving to be soooo exciting and worth the watch. Keep up!
  • Brennan takes a working vacation to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina by identifying the remains of the people that didn't make it out. She and Booth must find answers when she wakes covered in blood with no memory of what happened.

    I liked this episode because it addressed a real situation that is happening as I type this. I like the realism that it built into the show.

    I think there was a lot of character developement, specifically between Booth and Brennan during this episode. Examples are that Booth flies down to New Orleans to find out what happened to Brennan, puts his job on the line by palming her missing earring out of the crime scene, and getting a lawyer, who is from the area (or atleast it's implied) and knows southern politics, once she's been arrested.

    I also liked how Brennan seemed relieved, seemed to relax once Booth showed up. But for someone facing a murder charge and having no memory of the past 30 hours, she seemed a little to passive for me. I understand her character is all about logic and such - but still, there's got to be a point to which you lose that calm exterior.

    However, with all of that said, I don't like how the episode jumped around. I don't like how we only got brief glances at what exactly happened or how Brennan got away. It just seemed to be...incomplete - for lack of a better word.

    All in all a good episode - just not my all time favorite.
  • A bit over the top, this episode could have been very interesting but the voodoo angle was heavy-handed and took away from good character involvement instead of adding to it.

    We saw some very revealing behavior by Booth - he not only set aside his own FBI morals by absconding with evidence (Bones' earring left at the scene of a murder) but attempted to foist his own intrinsic belief in Bones' upon a prosecutor whom he coerced into 'defending' Bones. Many of the characters lept to conclusions - not only the detective ( a waste of talent here) but also the prosecutor who seemed to judge by surface evidence.

    Bones herself stayed true to character by neither accepting nor rejecting the VooDoo religion but instead remaining an interested bystander. While Bones was accused of a crime and was inclined to look at the evidence wihtout emotion, a la Bones style (even though she was the accused), she ignored several key indicators and didn't actively engage as vehemently as usual in the solving of the murder even though she was the accused.

    All in all, I didn't consider this the best of the Bones' episodes. Character development has been interesting up to this episode. This was defintely - a filler episode....

  • DR. Brennan has come to New Orleans offering her talents to identify the bodies found in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

    This was a cool episode because it had that spooky magic feeling to it. It was a good episode becasue it had a new twist to it and it wasn't like other episodes were they just look at bones and stay in a lab the whole episode. The cop on tyhe show look really familiar though. I bet she plays a cop on other stuff? The only thing I didn't like about the episode is when Brennan's lawyer or whatever she was said N'orleans. They think thats how people say it they say NEW ORLEANS. I would know because I live in Louisiana and we don't rtalk like that and only crazy people believe in magic down there.

    this episode gets a 4/5(****/*****)it was a good episode except for that lawyer person.
  • Forensic anthropologist Temperest Brennan goes to New Orleans in order to identify some bodies, when she gets attacked and loses her memory of the incident and a full day. While attempting to regain her memory she gets accused of murder.

    Amazing! I have watched the episode at least four times, and still don\'t get tired of it! I didn\'t think the series could get any better, but I was wrong, this episode\'s rating, for me at least, is way above the rictor scale! The tension between Brennan and Booth was put into a new light when he came to the hospital after the attack. Then it was apparant throughout the whole episode from when he pulled his gun out at the cop, to when he gave Tempe her mothers earing back. Then their was the humor mixed in with Angela commenting about Booth being with Tempe, and Zach saying how it must be work related. And to make it better their was the action and adventure throughout the whole episode! To sum the episode up in one word is impossible because one word can\'t describe how perfect the episode was!
  • Great Show, Great episode!

    This was a good episode all around, at first i sort of lost the plot, but to be honest i wasnt really watching it properly, i liked the way the whole thing was set around the hurricane, and the fact that it keeps you guessing on who did this, at first you think its one person and then hey presto he turns up dead and it keeps you guessing right up to the end even when there leading you to thinking that somebody did it you find the true murderr, a great show deserves far more credit than it gets.
  • A good episode with some character development and relates to real events. The plot is interestign and gives you something to think about.

    When I saw the hurricane Catherina reference I really though it was going to be cheesy. The cool part about the show is that it is fiction and real events put it a little bit too close to home. But the episode has very little to do with the event. It is simply used as a background. The plot is interesting and deals with the Voodoo religion; a topic of one too many movies. I though the plot was well developed and that the character development was very well written as well. The Booth Temperance relationship deepens and is slowly leading to a romantic involvement ( often the case between attractive coworkers ). The other relationship between Angela and Jack was a little bit surprising for me. The guy had a girlfriend in the Christmas episode. Well it doesn't hurt the plot the slightest bit so it's fine.
    All in all the episode keeps up with the spirit of the show and is worth watching.
  • Brennan takes a vacation to help out in New Orlean after Hurricane Katrina, wakes up covered in blood, suffering with amnesia and is accussed of murder. Booth comes to her defense as they try to sort out what happen. Voodoo is involved.

    I am a fan of Kathy Reichs but this episode proves that the writers of this show are not. The story-line had possibilities but the writing was exceptionally poor, trite, and relied on unbelievable characterizations, artifice, and attempted sensationalization that did not work. Brennan continues to come up as a flat, one dimensional character. There is no magic between her and Booth although it is hinted at. The antagonism displayed within all of the relationships in the show is grating and if no one likes anyone, how can the viewer relate to or like the characters. I found this episode extremely poorly written and directed.
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