Season 1 Episode 19

The Man in the Morgue

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 19, 2006 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • (Brennan's on the phone with the Lab back in D.C.)
      Brennan: Did you get Angela to reconstruct the pattern?
      Angela: Yes sweetie, I'm here, I tried to do a digital positive, but it didn't work.
      Brennan: Why?
      Booth: Voodoo probably.
      Angela: The extrapolation protocols can't resolve the gradient fluxes in the bone shadings.
      Embry: What's that?
      Booth: Mumbo jumbo, scientific voodoo.
      Brennan: Can you do it manually?
      Angela: From an X-ray? No, not really.
      Zack: Can you send the actual remains?
      Brennan: They don't exist.
      Zack: That makes no sense.
      Booth: Voodoo, it's probably voodoo.
      Angela: Voodoo?
      Brennan: Okay, quit saying voodoo.
      Booth: Yeah, you know because it's not a factor.