Season 1 Episode 2

The Man in the S.U.V.

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 20, 2005 on FOX

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  • A car explosion, leads to the team being called in.

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open this episode with a car exploding. Booth is on scene and Bones and Angela are called in, we learn that 4 people are dead and that 15 are injured. Booth knows who the victim is behind the wheel of the car, but they are hoping that they are wrong, and so are hoping that Bones can ID the man as quickly as possible. If the Bones match that of the person they think it is, then they have a huge national security problem, because of who he worked for. And so they set about IDing the body, at least what's left of it. After they confirm the ID, Bones goes round to hand deliver the results to Booth and he bumps in Tessa, his girlfriend, and neither of them are fully dressed. And when both Bones and Booth head to the office, we learn that it was not a terrorist attack, but the driver was in fact murdered. After learning about Booth's girlfriend Tessa, Angela goes and checks her out in person. Bones soon learns that the victim and his brother had both been poisoned. But soon evidence points to his own brother, who made and planted the bomb. And when they search his apartment, they learn that he has made another bomb, and has it on him. They learn where he is going and so they head there. They soon spot him, and as he goes to detonate the bomb, Booth shots him. The shot is fatal and when they open his bag, they find the bomb inside of it.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of bones she gets called to the scene when a suv exploeds and she reconizes the driver and they think they got a terriorist situation on there hands and she hurrys to get the bones examined and they question the brother but they later he planted the bomb there and they go to his apartment and they think were he is going to plant the next bomb so they rush to find him and he gets shot fataly and they go pick up his bag and it hada bomb in it . it was a very good ep and i enjoyed it.
  • Adoro los episodios de bones todos y cada uno de ellos ya que la serie es increible ya que es mui entretenida

    Esta es una de las series que mas me gusta para empezar por q me encanta el misterio de la serie y aparte por la historia de cada personaje y por q sus historias tienen mucho que ver con la forma de ser de cada uno. Aparte me encantan los romances que se an desatado entre los integrantes de este equipo y la forma de comollevan cada relacion. Tambien me encantan todos los personajes q salen en esta serie desde los mas viejos hasta los ultimos en aparecer en esta serie. Y lo mejor es que Booth esun hombre guapisimo
  • Interesting and well-plotted with good performances all-round.

    A well-honed plot with a few canny twists and quirks along the way made for a nicely crafted second episode. The Booth/Brennan dynamic was a little jarring at time, which was hardly surprising, seeing as the series was still in its earliest days. Booth is clearly intolerant of the Squints and Brennan in particular, but then this paves the way, I guess, for his gradual thawing as the series progresses. Brennan is typically cold and brittle and often taxes Booth's patience to the hilt, but despite all of this, the twosome make tremendous headway in their investigation and show themselves to be a strong, compatible team, despite their misgivings about each other. Angela's blatant machinations to engineer a romance between Booth and Brennan is amusing and excrutiating all at the same time. But in truth the one false note sounded in this episode is Brennan's fascination with Tess. However, on a recent re-watch of this and other S1 episodes, I concluded that at this early point in her relationship with Booth, there was a 'moment' maybe when Brennan almost believed Angela was right - that there was the possibility of a relationship with Booth here. But the existence of Tess, (and Booth's initial distaste for Brennan's personality), put paid to that. And by the time Tess was off the scene, the chance of a sexual relationship with Booth, in Brennan's mind, had well and truly passed, as Booth and herself had established a cordial, professional working relationship - and growing friendship.

    As for the plot itself, it was a fairly reactionary premise truth be told, but in being so, it was almost bold. The easy and all too often erroneous assumption that someone of arabic origin should be suspected of terrorist sympathies seemed set to be subverted, but was then cleverly folded back on itself.
  • Good but the political stuff never interests me much.

    Not a big fan of political storylines and there's enough terrorism in the news without having to watch it in a fictional series too.

    Brennan's behaviour toward the wife seems cold to Booth until she explains it. When dealing with non-American cultures, Brennan is far more qualified about how to behave toward people than Booth is. Ironically, it wasn't the victim who was the bomber but was killed because he found out his brother was.

    Booth is every inch the sniper his reputation claimed, that was an incredible shot.

    Liked Hodgins paranoia about the Homeland Security guy, very funny. Becoming very fond of Zack.

    An interesting episode.
  • This truly was a very exciting episode.

    This episode just had it all. Booth and Bones have to find a terrorist before it's too late. I loved how Brennan kicked some ass in this episode, that was defiantly one of my favorite moments of this episode.

    We get to see a whole new side to our FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth. I really felt for him, at the end of this episode, where he had to shoot the terrorist in order of saving peoples' lives. And when he said, " No pleasure in taking someone's life. Nothing to celebrate.'' That really got to me, cause it's true. And the way that Brennan showed that she's a good friend was also very nice to look at. Angela was also great in this episode, and I have to say that she really is a good friend for Brennan.
  • Bones is called on to identify the body of a suspected suicide car bomber.

    Personally I did not care for this episode too much. But it still has some great character information for the viewer.

    Terrorism is a very delicate issue nowadays but I feel "Bones" did a good job with this episode and managed the theme with enough sensibility.

    Deschanel is still trying to find the best approach for Brennan, yet she did a fairly good job.

    Everyone has their own traits and values: Booth is a military man, has a high value of honor and principles. Brennan is a real work-o-holic and that, lacks social skills, but at the same time is a sensitive person, and that she loves what she does. We will learn more about Angela, Hodgins and Zack in the future.

    Other than that it is a fine example of character development. Not a classic, but a very good base to keep the series growing up.
  • a sickly middle eastern man is wiling to take his own life and many other people's in a busy area to commit an act of terrorism..were introduced to booth's girlfriend

    this was an awesome ep 2...this sickly middle eastern man killed his brother and is trying to commit terrorism also...he doesnt get away w/ it luckily..i love how he pts them in the wrong direction like so many criminals do but of course hes dealing w/ bones so he wont get away...ok bb moment...brennan wants 2 tell booth what she uncovered in the case but she gets an unexpected surprise when tessa answers the door...she is so jealous at this pt and what made it better booth comes out w/ his shirt off (woo)...and then brennan puts her arm on booth 2 comfort him after shooting that guy 2 save lives...then u can hear the jealousy in her voice when she says shouldnt u get back 2 tessa? i think this is also the ep where angela just keeps going..shes like if were u i would tap that...and my fav quote (well 1 of them) u actually have a knight in shining fbi standard issue body armor
  • Booth and Bones have to find a possible terrorist.

    Th second installment of BONES tackles serious political issues. Personally I didn't like this too much and think it is one of their weaker cases, especially from a retrospective point of view. But it still has some great character information for the viewer.
    Booth's girlfriend Tessa is introduced, effectively setting this show apart from other procedural dramas where we never really learn anything about the main characters.
    Interestingly enough, Brennan somehow shows jealousy even this early on, egged on very much by her friend Angela, who is hilarious investigating Tessa and subsequently embarrasing Bones in front of her team.
    All in all, a mediocre case, but lots of, sometimes inappropriate, humor. That saves this episode for me.
  • The characters start to reveal themselves

    I'd say this was a risky thematic for a new series; terrorism is a very delicate issue nowadays and it could even be told that it has been overexploited by the media, but I feel "Bones" did a good job with this episode and managed the theme with enough sensibility.

    The plot was better managed than in "pilot" and the episode in general felt more at ease; it seemed that the actors were feeling more connected to their characters and it showed in the flow of their interactions, though I think Deschanel was still trying to find the best approach of Brennan, yet she did a wonderful job.

    We could see more of all the characters, we discovered more of the traits that make them unique and interesting; We saw that Booth respects his job, its rules and has an own code of honor. We saw that Brennan is a real workoholic and that, even if she is unable to demonstrate it due to her lack of social skills, is a sensitive person and that she loves what she does, also we see that her co-workers respect her and admire her.

    Angela, Hodgins and Zack also exhibit basic characteristics that will be more developed in the future.

    there is a small problem of continuity; in this episode, Booth already possesses an access card to the lab platform, but we didn't see when it was given to him.

    Other than that it is a fine example of character development. Not a classic, but a very good base to keep the series growing up.
  • this episode kinda shows what the characters opinions about their partners personal lives are like.

    This episode was cleverly plotted in the since that it goes into seely booth's private life. also temperance's reaction when she finds out whats in his life. It is appeared to doctor brennan that booth is the type to have a girlfriend. Brennan is shocked to find tessa at his apartment. therefore in my opinion making her confused where she stands with booth. Since angela is always saying those 2 should hook up. booth thinks she's either jealous of tessa or making fun of either him or her. Even angela finds tessa a little suspisous and decides to find out about her. temprance comes to the fact that booth's private life is none of her business and sticks to the case.
  • Interesting plot line... *spoilers*

    *warning spoilers in this review, do not read if you haven't seen this episode*
    I find it highly interesting when a show attempts a storyline involving terrorism, with terrorism being such a threat in today's society. In this second episode of Bones a body burned in a car is found, suspected to have a link to terrorism. The episode then finds itself in a tangled web of lies, affairs, and bomb threats, which eventually leads to our dynamic duo, Booth and Brennan, to an airport with a bomb holder. Booth shoots the bomber before it can be set off, and kills him, saving hundreds.
  • Good storyline trying to determine a terrorist. More relationship building between Booth & Brennan. More on the squint squad...especially Angela.

    I liked the story in this episode and of course enjoyed the continuing character development. From the pilot its pretty clear that Booth realizes professionally how important Bones is to solving cases. For Bones she is more slow to appreciate how Booth's instincts add value. This was clearly illustrated in the argument regarding the dead man's wife being involved in an affair. Angela joining in and siding with Booth was a hoot. One thing Bones makes clear though is she trusts him..I think when he stood up for her with Cullen in the pilot that was significant to her. She has decided he's her man and is not interested in sharing her findings with any other official.

    They began to introduce personal lives into the professional relationship with the story line of Booth's relationship with Tessa. It was funny how Bones barged in on it and even funnier how Angela was so fascinated by it.
    My sense is that Booth is just beginning to realize the possibility of personal feelings. He was troubled that he was responsible for another man's death under any circumstance. It seemed to me that he was touched and comforted in Brennan's words of comfort and support. He didn't seem to be able to do that with Tessa.
  • Review

    I really liked how they continued on the personal story from the last episode in this one. Often with Crime Shows you will experience the episodes on a case by case basis, so some of the things that ay have happened in previous episodes arent brought up again. The energy between Booth and Bones was as strong here as it was in the first episode and I think its really helping the show devolop into something great. I like the fact that Booth and Bones are not together, as it adds to the energy and the smooth conversations between the two of them. I hope the situation stays the way it has been for a little while longer, all though at the end of this episode it looks like Booth was thinking hard about what to do with the situation. This episode gradually introduced us to Angela, who seems to be Bones's right hand girl. I like how they just didnt throw all the main characters at us at once, instead allowing Booth and Bones to have a significant amount of on screen time during the first two episodes and giving Angela some scenes in this one. About the case in this episode - I thought it was good. I was able to follow along with most of what Bones and her team was saying happened to the body and I liked the connection that they made at the end connecting it to the victims brother. Overall I thought it was a very solid episode from Bones.
  • This episode helps to keep the bar high for the show.

    This was another great episode from the first season. Story revolves around a terrorist plot to blowup a dirty bomb at public event. Starts out with a SUV being blown up in front of a café. This was the only part of the episode I didn’t like, only because it was way too obvious that it was going to explode. As for the rest of it. Liked how the Jack and Zach decide to rebuild the bomb even though they knew the Feds were doing it. As part of Jack’s ongoing Government cover-up issues. Love his ongoing issues.

    The team is able to discover who the bomber is with no time to spare. They track down where he is going to attach. And Booth is forced to kill the man, as he was going for the triger of the bomb.

    I liked this episode because it always kept you guessing - who is it, will they find him. But the only thing they didn't really answer is why, but he was a terrorist so there isn't really a why.
  • Yay! Eppie number two!

    Okay, let me just start by saying, yea, i know im a little bit late in reviewing this episode. when i watched the first one i was like whoa, everyone seems so different! but now its like BOOM eppie number two comes along, and everything seems more familiar to me. mannerisms, appearances, etc. this is a good thing, in case you were wondering :P

    Hahaha Brennan called Hodgins Jack. Thats a new thing. Or i guess old, in this case lol. Haha when he was talking about the FBI i just knew that my knight in shining FBI standard issue body armour was gonna walk in.

    You can definatley tell that b/b relationship is totally different. the way they talk to each other isnt as caring, and tension-ish. and i just have to say that those flesh eating beetles are nasty, man. Angela. haha. always talking about booth and his hotness. "buy a ticket to that ride" hahahaha. gotta love her. i wonder if brennan will go clubbing? (sorry, writing this as i watch it lol) Brennan, analyzing Booths need for a bangin' haha. not the first time she will, like, walk in on him haha.

    okay, this summary is getting long, and i need to focus whole-heartedly on the eppie to be satisfied, i think you get the picture by now: if you dont watch bones, you should, you are making a huge mistake, so shame on you *waggles forefinger*
  • A great second episode of a great show.

    It started off a little scary and when the team arrived at the scene it was a little gross. I loved the beginning scenes in the lab Zack freaking out and calling the guy Smoky and Hodgins going on about the FBI and Terrorism was just brilliant!

    Booth and Brennan arguing about Gibbson overseeing them in the lab and their terrorist comments were also very good.

    It was kinda obvious that it was his brother in the beginning by the looks he was giving in the interview. That made it kinda lame.

    I loved Angela and Brennan's conversation in the beginning too. And how Angela tried to tell Bren that Booth liked her that was so cute. But when Brennan found Booth and Tessa together at his house that was kinda sad.

    I also loved how Brennan forgave Zack for his mistakewith the reconstruction it was very cute.

    I loved Ange and Tessa too that was very good too.

    It was an interesting episode I really enjoyed watching it!
  • Homeland Security and the FBI enlist Bones to help them in the search for a terrorist.

    A SUV explodes with a guy on it and the search for a terrorist starts. Homeland Security is involved and Bones doesn't like it, she just works with Booth as she let everybody to know it clearly which gave us the perspective of how their relationship is growing up a little beat and will continue with every episode.

    The plot is very interesting, how the search for the goes from one to another until they finally realized who really was and they have to run after him to stop another attack.

    An excellent show, an amazing episode that can't pass without seen.

  • Blow urself up will ya

    After watching this episode I felt like nothing happened, at all.

    But that doesn’t make it a bad episode, it doesn’t come close to the pilot but it still was up there.

    The characters kept being interesting, Booth and Brennan definitely have a thing there and I wasn’t to keen with Booth’s lover. I just know that one way or another their relationship will end and Booth is gonna end up with Brennan.

    The other characters keep having their humour, but it was a little too random in this episode that it didn’t feel natural.

    I still love the line ‘I don’t know what that meant’. It doesn’t get old and keeps being funny.

    Anyway, this episode was about a terrorist attack or at least they thought so.
    A man is blown up while driving but it ends up being his brother that blew him up.

    The storyline didn’t have the depth it should and could have, eventually the brother gets shot in the head by Booth which did develop Booth’s character and made up for an awesome scene.

    Besides that, the episode was mostly filled with inappropriate humor, doesn’t mean it was bad. But it just didn’t really fit.

    What I do love is the obvious difference between Booth and Brennan, she is always wanting to tell the truth while he does everything tactful.

    All in all, this wasn’t the most exciting or memorable episode but it still managed to entertain me here and there and to continue this good show with a lot of potential.
  • I don't understand why people would be offended over the subject matter, but it just wasn't that great of an episode.

    I don't have much to say for this episode. It was entertaining enough, I guess, with nice comedy bits and interesting stuff as far as character growth and development, but the investigation bored me.

    The whole issues regarding discrimination over race and religion...yeah, whatever. Look, I'm not an insensitive guy but I hate when the media tries to shove intolerance issues on us. I have my own stuff to deal with, and there's worse stuff going in the world, everyone is discriminated against to a certain extent, it's just the way the world works. Political correctness is not a concern for me and I personally felt like that, to an extent, was a lot of what this episode was trying to be about.

    I did like the end when the guy with the bomb got shot.
  • ...

    Is terrorism a little too heavy a subject for such a young show to be dealing with? I'm afraid that I think yes, it is.

    Yet, it didn't go too badly, instead, it was just pretty average.

    And hey - what oh what is the point of cleaning away the flesh so close to the beginning? Was I the only one yelling "You'll regret that later!!!"

    Oh, and the sexy lawyer was certainly sexy. But hey, I'd rather Bones and 'Angel' get together, so she'll just have to go in a few episodes time.
  • Major social issues over simplified for mass consumer appeal.

    Because of the impact terrorism has on daily life in America -for me- this topic is just way too serious for such primetime treatment. I admire the efforts of the entertainment industry to bring important topics into our living rooms. Often times that leads to some thoughtful conversations and, better understanding. Unfortunately -this episode provided none of that -it was just plain silly.
  • It's nice to see David out in the sun for a change.

    David uses a Buffy-ism, "I'm a grown up. I'll Deal" (Driving in the SUV)I wonder how often this is going to happen?

    David seems not to be too comfortable as a Detective after playing ANGEL for so many years. Good story lines but the characters sure need some development. Overall, I like it.
  • I liked it better than the pilot. I could actually watch it for more than 5 minutes and managed to watch the whole episode.

    Sure, we're still learning about the characters and it was only the second episode but as of right now, I'm actually enjoying the series. I don't know if I will keep watching but this was a pretty good episode. I think we've got to learn more about the characters before we can give judgment on whether the show will stay or go. It starts before House, which is a good thing for the show. I could have done with the side story about who was dating who and stuff but overall, it was a good episode for this new series.
  • Oh, the horror of badly researched and written stories....

    The problems with this episode are so numerous it made it almost totally unenjoyable to watch. First of all, Afghans are not Arabs, and generally do not speak Arabic, so why would an Afghan be president of an Arab-American association, and why would he be speaking Arabic to his wife, who was also Afghani? Jumping to the conclusion that the driver of the car was a suicide bomber was a bit much - shouldn't they examine the facts before theorizing that he was the perpetrator of the crime? And the brother was okay as long as he was a Christian but when it turns out he's really a Muslim (but extremist!) he's evil? *shudder*

    Angela was completely unprofessional in taking off from work to go stalk Booth's girlfriend. The conclusions Angela comes to about the girlfriend were also a bit much, but of course she'll be right because apparently Booth and Bones are intended to be 'shipped and 'shipped hard. Blech.
  • "The Man in the SUV" perpetuates negative ethnic and religious stereotypes and misinformation and promotes restrictions of civil liberties.

    Bones, Episode #2. “The Man in the SUV”

    Originally aired: Tuesday September 20, 2005 on FOX

    Writer: Stephen Nathan
    Director: Allan Kroeker
    Guest Stars: Jose Zuniga (Mickey Santana) , Nicholas Massouh (Farid Masruk) , Anne Dudek (Tessa Jankow) , Bahar Soomekh (Sahar Masruk) , Federico Dordei (Ali Ladjavardi) , Said Faraj (Hamid Masruk) , Dave Roberson (Bennett Gibson) , Tracy Howe (Officer Javelona)

    Any time I see a dramatic piece concerning violence and Muslims in the U.S., I notice the attempt to appear fair, non-stereotyping and somewhat factual, but more often than not the dramatic piece fails on almost all of these fronts.

    The episode begins with Hamid Masruk emerging from a building in front of which is a sign engraved with the words “Arab-American Friendship Council.” He begins driving his SUV. He receives a call on his cell phone from Sahar (a female Arabic name), whom we later find out is his wife. He has an argument (the English speaker would know because of the agitation in the voice) with her in the actor’s accented Arabic, unsubtitled. Sweating profusely, he drives aggressively through Washington, D.C. He parks his car in front of a café, where an explosion from the car kills him and several bystanders.

    When the FBI arrives to investigate, we learn that Hamid, as head of the Friendship Council, has recently appeared with the President in an advisory capacity, and thus the FBI hopes that Hamid is innocent.

    In the FBI interrogation room, Agent Booth and Dr. Terrance Brennan, the forensic anthropologist “Bones”, question the widow Sahar Masruk and the deceased’s brother Farid Masruk. They both deny vehemently that Hamid is a terrorist and complain that the media and the FBI are assuming Hamid’s guilt. Sahar, in a cheesy foreign accent, cries, “We live just like you. We came to this country because we love it. We are Americans. It can’t be Hamid. It can’t. My husband was not a terrorist.”

    Sure enough, the FBI finds out that a bomb had been planted underneath the car and triggered through the odometer, thus indicating that Hamid Masruk was murdered.

    Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth go to Farid Masruk’s home to collect his medical records. There, he tells them how he converted to Christianity. He also reveals to them that Sahar was having an affair with Ali Ladjavardi, Hamid’s co-worker at the Friendship League. Because Ali and Sahar refused to end their affair, even when consulted, Farid had urged his brother to “repudiate” his wife. When Booth looks puzzled, Dr. Brennan interjects “In Muslim law, it’s a method of divorce, called talaaq.”

    So Agent Booth confronts Ali Ladjavardi in the interrogation room, trying to get him to admit that he killed Hamid. During the interrogation, Booth’s superior enters and tells Ali that he is free to leave. After Ali leaves, Booth’s superior tells him that Ali is a Homeland Security mole in the Arab-American Friendship League and Homeland Security does not want his cover blown.

    Through excellent lab work, they realize the bomb which killed Hamid was made in Farid’s apartment. When they search the apartment, Dr. Brennan finds a mushaf (a bound volume in which the Qur’an is written), a prayer rug and a tract entitled “Deceit in the Service of Allah is Holy.” Booth asks, “Qur’an?” Dr. Brennan knowingly responds, “No, an Imam’s twisted interpretation of the Qur’an so murderers don’t have to feel guilt.”

    Agent Booth, putting together several clues, races to a peace conference where Arab moderates and a congressman are scheduled to speak. He is able to kill Farid before Farid can detonate an even larger bomb.

    My complaints are divided into three areas. The first is misinformation:

    1. The plot is ethnically confusing. During the autopsy, we find out that Hamid and Farid are Afghani. Afghanistan does not have an Arab population.

    2. The dialogue conflates Muslims and Arabs. Muslims profess adherence to a religion, Islam. Arabs are an ethnic group. Most Arabs are Muslims, although significant minorities are Christian and Jewish. Most Muslims are not Arabs.

    3. Why does Booth believe that Muslims don’t allow divorce? Agent Booth, positing a possible motive for Sahar, says, “Suddenly Sahar is facing a devout Muslim and a fundamentalist Christian, and nobody allows a divorce, and she’s pushed to murder.” More precisely, how would a Muslim man in the United States prevent his wife from getting a divorce?

    4. I’ve never heard of a requirement to gather as many body parts as possible for burial. Dr. Brennan responds to Booth’s chastising her for detailing collection of body parts for Sahar. “If I can retrieve more remains of her husband, Muslim law requires that I do. I spent some time in Iraq identifying bodies. I’ll give you whatever I can so that he can be purified for burial.” As an FYI, if anyone can tell me about how the U.S. armed forces deal with dead Iraqis in Iraq, I’d love to hear about it.

    The second is justification for religious/ethnic profiling:

    1. Dr. Brennan responds to Sahar’s complaints of how the FBI conducted its investigation by saying “They searched your house because Muslim extremists have declared war on the United States. Preliminary findings made your husband a suspect. … I can’t [understand why Sahar is upset]. She’s been a part of a criminal investigation. That’s all. Her rights haven’t been violated. It’s unfortunate that her husband’s ethnicity’s a factor, but to say that it isn’t would be disingenuous.” I wish the people who think it’s so easy to be questioned by the FBI would go through the experience once. Especially when the FBI appears at the workplace and asks neighbors.

    2. Nobody is upset that Homeland Security planted a mole in an Arab-American civic organization. Maybe people should become familiar with Cointelpro, the FBI’s a series of FBI counterintelligence programs designed to neutralize political dissidents. A podcast on this topic is available at

    3. And, of course, the bad guy was in fact a Muslim religious fanatic, who lied so much that he even faked conversion to Christianity.

    Third, the white non-Muslim American, Dr. Brennan, knows Muslim practices and doctrines: divorce, burial and even fringe religious tracts. The Muslim can never speak for himself/herself without the white non-Muslim American filtering the information. Farid says “repudiation”, Dr. Brennan translates. Sahar needs more body parts, but she waits for Dr. Brennan to explain this to Booth. Farid picks up his radical doctrines from English-language pamphlets which Dr. Brennan can immediately understand.

    Is the white, non-Muslim American so intellectually superior that reading a few books makes him or her the Muslims' spokesperson?

    In fact, the episode has serious holes in it:

    1. Was the first bombing planned to kill the bystanders at the café? If so, how?

    2. If Farid’s motive for killing Hamid was Hamid’s discovery of Farid’s bomb-making, why didn’t Hamid turn in Farid? Does not that make Hamid guilty, also?

    One could argue that many features of this episode show a multicultural orientation. I disagree. Positive multicultural representations show cooperation and shared values.

    As an aside, I watched the show because of David Boreanaz’s past work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. I like many aspects of the show, so I hope it continues. I just wish it could think up some better crime scenarios to serve as a backdrop for the characters.
  • Better than the pilot.

    I found the plot in this episode far more interesting than the pilot's, even if it dragged at times, and was a bit too politically correct for my liking. David's character continue to develop and expand nicely, I enjoyed the insights into his spiritual side.

    However, I'm not enjoying the way they seem to be forcing a relationship between Bones and Booth, it seemed far to forced to me, and it distracted from the main plot of the episode.

    Still, this is episode was much more entertaining than the prior, mostly due to it's more intriguing plot, and faster pace.

  • Ok, they already made the X files reference on the show. They are certainly trying to put a will they/won't they spin on the two main characters. However, they need to spend more time on the storyline and less on the love story.

    I like a good romance as much as the next guy. However, that is not what I expect when I watch a show like this. Especially a show airing its second episode. This show seems to be trying to take advantage of the attractiveness of its two starts. Fine, they can go ahead and try.

    I would prefer better stories. They had an opportunity to show how Arab Amercian familes are treated post 9/11. Instead, they made the enemy an Islamic extremist. Somehow, that seems the easy way out. They brought up the fact the victum was tortured as a child. Why not make that a key plot point.

    The 3d skeleton is a pretty neat trick. How many times is this show going to use it to crack the case? I hope they are not training a one trick pony. Fox won't let them ride it very far if they do.
  • A bit too politically correct, but okay. It is 2006

    I like the characters in this series. Was an Angel watcher and wondered if a character that spends time away from graveyard would work. Interesting how again, he had a former 'career' killing people and is now making up for it. Typecasting anyone?

    All in all it was a decent episode. Not sure that a delay to 'see hi face' would have happened as they easily would have had agents surrounding him for positive ID, but I like E.D.'s character. Temperance - great name. And the catch phrase "I don't know what that means" hasn't been overused, so it's still funny.
  • Pretty good story line, everything else could use some work.

    Much better then the pilot. It was very well laid out and kept me interested in "who done it". I like the way that peoples relationships are already being purged.

    I sure didn't like the computer genius. She almost seems useless. She goes out on the job and finds the girlfriend and figures out a way to flirt with her. For a comic releif she isn't bad. But the new kid going through university is a much better comic releif.
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