Season 1 Episode 6

The Man in the Wall

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2005 on FOX
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When Brennan and Angela get caught in a fight in a dance club, Brennan kicks someone into a wall, which causes the wall to break open and reveal a mummified corpse and a meth stash.

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  • Bones and Angela get high ...... although its not their fault!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. Angela and Bones (Brennan) go out to a club together and get into a fight with people and when Bones kicks a guy in to a wall, it collapses and reveals a dead body.

    Booth arrives there with Tessa, where we learn that Meth was in the wall and that both Angela and Bones are high because they breathed it in. Back in the lab, we learn that he died approx 6 weeks ago, and when he got stuck behind the wall, and breathed in the meth which then led to his death. Soon the victim is IDed as a local DJ, DJ Mount. We soon learn that the meth was pushed into his face and that led to his death. It was no accident, it was murder. We also learn that his girlfriend, Eve is missing and no one has seen her since the night that Mount went missing. Soon her body is found and we learn that the murderer is the manger of the record label that Mount was under. We also learn in this episode that Tessa and Booth have ended their relationship, which seems to have happened, because Angela spooked her out about her relationship with Booth becoming more serious.moreless
  • No where near as good as the previous 5 episodes.

    I've been really enjoying watching Bones and after 5 episodes I found out that this is a really great show. Unfortunately, this episode is below average, and I didn't like its storyline at all.

    I don't quite know what happened here, the case didn't seem to interest me. Perhaps it is because it isn't as interesting as the previous ones and there are no great big plot twists.

    The characters seemed to be a bit 1 dimensional (which Bones will gladely point out is "non existant, and exists only as a scientific quantatity"!) and uninteresting to me.

    However, I must admit that seeing Brenman getting high at the beginning was entertaining! Also, the fact she likes rap music has taken her down in my book!!!

    This is definetly not the best episode of Bones by a long shot, I'm sure the show'll get back on track as every series has a dodgy episode here and there.moreless
  • The team investigates the murder of a DJ, and Bones gets high. The writers must have been on drugs themselves to produce this dud, though.

    The dialogue in this one was even worse than usual. Brennan's "anthropological" babble was far overdone, and NO actual anthropologist talks that way. I constantly wonder why the series' writers fail to realize that people who spend their lives researching cultural interactions are never as out-of-touch with how to blend in as Brennan seems to be. At any rate, the evening opens at a hip-hop club, as Angela tries to get Bones to have fun. Emily Deschanel is painful to watch in the scene, and the writing is atrocious. Micheala Conlin (Angela) tries and tries to add life to the scene, but can't overcome Deschanel's woodenness.

    After Bones beats a guy into the wall (and really, one of these days she's going to get sued for assault, and I will be happy), they discover a body and get dosed with meth. Angela high is funny, but it's Boreanaz and Eric Milligan (Zach) that really save the scene. It really bothers me that they care even less about procedure in this episode than they usually do. No good FBI agent would allow an investigator to work on a scene while high, much less actually touch the body. What were the writers thinking?

    A cut scene with Bones finding footprints is once more enlivened by Zach. The scene that follows, however, is once again heavily-written. The writers apparently don't trust the audience to pick up on 'the victim is a good person' from contextual evidence, so they toss in a scene of the victim's father lecturing Booth that his son was third in his high school class and would have been first except he had a full-time job, medalled in track and field and baseball (Which, BTW, no one has enough time to medal in two sports and hold down a full-time job. It just doesn't happen.), never drank or did drugs, and had a "personal relationship with Jesus". Apparently a palm reader told him that his son would be a good man. Boo-freaking-hoo. This information could have been given much more elegantly through just the use of props and throwaway lines in other scenes. This was just painfully clumsy. Painfully, painfully clumsy.

    After the horribly overwrought father, the scene of Bones, Zach and Random FBI Guy climbing through a wall is a relief. They find some evidence: footprints, a blood smear, a belly-button ring. Back in the lab, Jack delivers science-babble with the most flair of any of these actors. The other characters do the exposition thing, and the team starts looking for someone who murdered him, probably connected to the ring.

    They interview a suspect DJ, who tells them he gave the ring to a former girlfriend. Bones is impressed by his scars, in a little exchange that is unintentionally funnier than it should be. Booth and Brennan return to Booth's car. Banter banter banter. Booth is going on vacation, Brennan has wierd ideas about vacationing. She also is apparently hung up on hip-hop music now. I'm not sure how that's in character, but whatever. The writers don't care about realism.

    Back in the lab, Zach is laying out the now-clean bones, and finds a chip in the victim's skull. There's a nice little character development moment for Zach, who goes to see his family when he vacations, even though they think he's a freak for his job. Why? "They're my family; because they 'love me'." The scare quotes are obvious from his tone, but he's also being truthful. They do love him, just not in the way he wants to be loved. Well played, Eric Milligan.

    Booth and Brennan visit a dance studio run by a guy who tries to use dance to keep kids off the streets. The mysterious former girlfriend, Eve, is his sister. She's been disappeared for a while, leaving behind a daughter that the dance-studio-guy cares for like his own. The scene between Booth and the protective father-figure is nicely done, not overwritten like the former scene with the victim's father. Hodgins and Booth have an exchange that's odd, because it's fun to watch the actors, but the dialogue they're trying to sell is rotten. Pure exposition. Blah blah blah.

    The next scene has Angela expositing (more exposition!) that the blood smear came from after Eve ripped out her belly-button ring, following the vic into the wall. Eve couldn't have killed him, though, because of their respective positions. Brennan is grossed out by the idea of ripping out a belly-button ring. What the **** She doesn't care about child murders, is okay with making a glove out of someone's mummified skin, and deals with corpses on a regular basis, but this grosses her out? Yeah right, writers. I'll buy that ocean front property in Arizona, too. There's no way that this scene was in character for her. Booth finds out that one of the suspects was an undercover cop. On his tip, Booth and Brennan go to talk to the club owner. Apparently, he's also 100% clean (way to be PC, show. We haven't yet seen a thug-type that wasn't surprisingly clean. *rolls eyes*). The following exchange of dialogue occurs:

    Club owner: This is my life now, this and my record label, not crystal meth, not gang banging.

    Brennan (with Deschanel's best spaced out look): Yet much of the iconic quality of urban music lies in the percieved or actual rivalry between the principle artists.

    Club owner: Where'd you find out that?

    Booth (smirking): Museum.

    **No one talks this way.**. Not even Aaron Sorkin characters talk this way. Please shut up, Bones, just shut up. Also? Please shoot your writers and hire new ones. Or maybe you can use your magical kung-foo on them. You'd get away with it, because you never get arrested when you assault someone with kung-foo. They bring in a cadaver dog to find Eve, who they figure is dead. Booth complains about the dog's appearance, and doubts its abilities. The dog finds a corpse under Suspect Other DJ's studio, which turns out to be Eve, and who died around the same time as the first victim.

    Booth and Tessa are going on vacation. Angela makes it awkward for them. Tessa looks at Booth oddly, then runs away from the wierd people. The Angelator tells them that Eve wasn't killed by the suspect other DJ. Bones ****s up Booth's interrogation of Suspect Other DJ. Booth promises noteriety to Suspect Other DJ, who tells them that Victim DJ was going to jump labels, and that the studio exec built a new studio (under which they found a body) the day after Victim DJ disappeared. Bones does her usual stupid-not-a-people-person thing, and when Booth makes good progress, whines that Booth's extrapolation from motive is "mushy psychological guesswork". Bones keeps whining about Booth's ideas for the case as Zach matches the dent in both victim's skulls. They confront the studio exec and his undercover-cop bodyguard. The exec assaults an FBI officer, so both the exec and the cop/bodyguard get arrested. Bones happily confiscates the exec's cane. It's nice to see an action scene in which Bones manages not to violate any federal laws. I think it's a first for this show.

    Zach (wearing a tac vest) and Jack test out the cane as an assault weapon, leading to the following funny little exchange (I think this might be the best dialoge of the episode):

    Jack: How many times do you want me to poke Zach?

    Brennan: Just once, but as hard as you can.

    Zach: As hard as he can? Why can't I hit him as hard as I can?

    Jack: Because you have arms like noodles, whereas I am vigorous and burly. Zach: Oof!

    At any rate, the strange skull dents on the victims match one made by the cane on Zach's test material. The exec looks guilty.

    Booth and Brennan have a conversation in which he's sad that Tessa won't come to Jamaica with him, and Brennan once more reveals that she's an obsessive compulsive workaholic with psychological problems of a magnitude that prevent her from even impersonating a normal person successfully.moreless
  • this ep was really good

    in this ep bones goes to have a good time at a night club but gets into troulbe and finds a body in the wall. and bones and the fbi agent must investigate the crime and what really happen and how that body was in the wall for so long . it involves a man that wanted to have a good life live the to a diffrent record deal and a girlfriend that wantes to live her bad life of having to deal with a kid. this ep was really good and i thought they did a good job with this ep.moreless
  • Very random episode !

    I did not enjoy this one. It was a bit boring. The mummy of a man is found behind a wall in a nightclub. Boothe and Brennan need to find out what happened to him. The murderer is either D.J Rulz or the manager of the club. After days of research into the whole situation it is clear that the manager of the club has commited the murder. The episode was very random. The whole Brennan not knowing what to do in night clubs and how she liked the hip hop dancing and her being high and all. It was just weird. It didn't fit. It deffinately grabbed my attention but I didn't like it.moreless
David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz

Special Agent Seeley Booth

Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel

Dr. Temperance Brennan

Eric Millegan

Eric Millegan

Zack Addy

Michaela Conlin

Michaela Conlin

Angela Montenegro

T.J. Thyne

T.J. Thyne

Dr. Jack Hodgins

Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams

Dr. Daniel Goodman

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Brennan: You did not murder Eve Warren.
      Rulz: This is a weird kind of interrogation, huh? Cops telling me what I didn't do.

    • Booth: I don't like parrots. No, people should really, really do all the talking.

    • Angela: Get this. I called Tessa to tell her a couple of places she should check out in Jamaica; she's not going.
      Brennan: What happened?
      Angela: Well, she said something came up at work, but I know the truth.
      Brennan: What truth?
      Angela: They got freaked out by stage six.
      Brennan: Which, what stage six?
      Angela: 1. Spend the night. 2. Spend the weekend. 3. Exchange keys. 4. Sexy weekend getaway. 5. Extended vacation, inevitably followed by 6. Move in together.
      Brennan: I'm an anthropologist, I know the stages of everything. You just made those up.

    • (Brennan has inhaled methamphetamine at the crime scene.)
      : Crystal meth is made from cold medicine, lye, and the strike pads from matchbooks. The body was not designed to deal with that kind of assault.
      Brennan: So I'm finding out.
      Hodgins: Chamomile tea? It's very soothing.
      Brennan: No, I just need your results.
      Hodgins: How about a stick to pry the monkey off your back?

    • Mr. Taylor: I have some information you need.
      Booth: About your son's death?
      Mr. Taylor: No, sir. About his life.

    • Brennan: Angela said rap artists sometimes kill each other over the music—Jam Master Jay, Tupac, Biggie.
      Booth: Do you even know who you're talking about?
      Brennan: Yeah, I've done my Googling.

    • (Booth walks into Brennan's office while she's listening to hip-hop music.)
      Booth: Never knew this side of you, Bones.
      Brennan: It's DJ Mount.
      Booth: And you're hung over. Doesn't this make your head explode?
      Brennan: I grabbed a couple hours of sleep on my couch and showered in the lab's decontamination room.
      Booth: You really know how to live.

    • (Brennan puts her hand into the mummy's removed skin)
      Booth: Oh, God. What are you doing?
      Brennan: The Aztecs would flay people and then wear their skin as a body suit.
      Booth: I guess you won't be needing mittens for Christmas, eh?

    • (Angela reviews the crime scene.)
      Angela: Eve ripped out her belly button ring here and then left a smear of blood until the corridor widened here.
      (Brennan exhales.)
      Angela: What?
      Brennan: That just makes me a little sick.
      Angela: You pick dead bodies out of mass graves and yanking out a belly button ring makes you sick?

    • (Brennan has been exposed to a meth cloud.)
      Booth: What happened?
      Brennan: Well, the Egyptians would give the body a cedar oil enema and then rinse it with wine and cover it with salt, but I don't think that's what happened here.
      Booth: Bones, you are totally wasted.
      Brennan: Zack, Zack, Zack! Come here, come here. Isn't this a beautiful specimen of mummification?
      Zack: What's going on?
      Booth: Let's just say your boss inhaled.

    • Rulz: So you gonna put me in jail?
      Booth: It's the least we can do.

    • Booth: Ya know what? I'm going to turn you into an investigator yet.
      Hodgins: No, no, no. Bugs and slime, that's where I'm happy.

    • Booth: I think I need a vacation. I think you do, too.
      Brennan: I'm not the one who's snippy.
      Booth: Snippy? What are you, like, 70?
      Brennan: See what I mean? I think you should find a nice relaxing place to go on that vacation.
      (Booth exhales impatiently.)
      Brennan: Somewhere where you can get a massage, maybe do some yoga.
      Booth: I don't do yoga. Okay? Push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, that's what I do.

    • Brennan: After the Cartesian split in the 17th Century we separated our mind from our bodies. The numinous from the animalistic—
      Female Dancer #1: Are you calling me a [sic] animal, fool?
      Female Dancer #2: No, fool. She's using Descartes' philosophy to say she's down with the music.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Featured Music:
      "Gunpowder Language" by move.meant (during the opening scene)
      "Rize" by Flii Stylz (in the hip-hop dance classroom)
      "Soul Survivor" by Young Jeezy (featuring Akon) (in the hip hop studio)
      "Run It" by Chris Brown (when Bones and Angela are at the bar in the club)
      "Something" by Cary Brothers (during the final scene)

    • The idea for this episode came from the real-life story of disc jockey Eduardo Sanchez. Sanchez was reported missing fourteen months before his mummified body was found inside a wall of a popular night club in Winnipeg, Canada. The story, "DJ's Mummified Body Found Behind Wall in Club," was published by the National Post in December 2003.

    • Brennan and Angela discover the grave of a man in a wall. In Angel's "Rm w/a Vu", also starring David Boreanaz, the body of a young man is also discovered in a wall.

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: March 14th, 2006 on TV3
      Norway: Thursday July 20th, 2006 on TV3


    • Booth: Let's just say your boss inhaled.
      A funny reference to Bill Clinton's infamous 1992 presidential campaign admission that he had experimented with marijuana whilst in England, but that he had never inhaled.

    • Booth: Okay, so how is my man the Tut?
      King Tut, or Tutankhamen, was an Egyptian Pharaoh from the 18th Dynasty who ruled ancient Egypt for 10 years. Booth is being sarcastic as the man Brennan discovered behind the wall was mummified like most Pharaohs were.

    • Angela: Pepé Le Pew is more important than booze and boys.
      Pepé Le Pew is a Looney Tunes character in the Warner Bros. series of cartoons. Pepé is a French skunk who in the springtime starts to search for new love in Paris. This is a sarcastic reference on Angela's part, as it is her response to Brennan's desire to catalog a skull from the French Revolution rather than go out.

    • Brennan: Angela said rap artists sometimes kill each other over the music—Jam Master Jay, Tupac, Biggie.
      Brennan mentions the names of several American rap artists who were murdered in gang-related shootings. Jam Master Jay was a hip hop singer shot on October 30, 2002 in New York. Tupac was a rapper shot in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas who died a few days later on September 13, 1996. Biggie Smalls (The Notorious B.I.G.) was a rapper and hip hop singer killed in a drive-by shooting on March 9, 1997 in Los Angeles. Despite what Angela said, there is as yet no proof any of these men died as a result of music-related issues.

    • Rulz: What's the FBI recruiting from, America's Top Model now?
      Rulz is talking about the CW's America's Next Top Model created by Tyra Banks. The judges look for girls who want to pursue careers as supermodels and have what it takes to make it in the business, but only one girl can win during each season.

    • FBI Forensic Guy: Take it easy there, Willard.
      Willard was a film made in 1971 and remade in 2003 (starring Crispin Glover), about a man who controlled an army of rats to seek revenge on those who wronged him.