Season 1 Episode 14

The Man on the Fairway

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2006 on FOX
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Brennan and Zack investigate a small jet crash that was carrying some Chinese diplomats and a woman. At the crash site, Brennan finds some bone fragments that do not belong to any of the passengers, but might belong to a man who has been missing for five years. Dr. Goodman orders the team to work solely on the Chinese diplomat case, but Brennan decides to go behind his back to investigate the bone fragments.


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  • Several threads

    There is more than one thing going on here. The team are working without Booth for the fourth time it seems until Brennan manages to involve him.

    First they have to identify the cadavers from a plane crash and find that an unaccounted for passenger was on the flight.

    Then there are unrelated bone fragments.These introduce the theme of missing parents and the search for them which links in with Brennan's family problems. This theme seems to take precedence although the search for the identity of the fragments eliminates one possibility and introduces a murder which is ultimately solved.

    Another theme is that of the team working behind Dr Goodman's back. Loved the scene between Goodman and Hodgins where the boss comes down real heavy then walks away grinning.

    The inner child comes out again in both Hodgins and Zack with their woodchipper experiment. Mind you it was Booth who identified the machine - think he has an inner child too.

    Excellent interplay between Brennan and Booth and also between Booth and Zack.

  • Zack gets out of the lab....and into the field

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open with Zack and Bones going to a crime scene, and we learn that it is the 3rd time in a row; she has gone to a crime scene without Booth. At the site they, investigate a small jet crash that was carrying some Chinese diplomats and a woman. Goodman orders the team that their first call is to find out who the 6th person was on the plane, and not the bone parts found around the plane. And then Bones calls Booth in to help her out. Soon a young man comes into the office, and claims that the piece of bones which Bones, which are not from the plane, are in fact his fathers. But when they get more pieces, they learn that the bone parts do not belong to his father. Their main suspect now is Sparks, and they believe that the victim was his brother. They believe that he locked his own brother, whilst he was still alive, inside of a freezer, and once he was dead, he fee his body through a wood chipper. The reason for his crime, in order to keep the house to himself, which his mother left to both him and his brother.

    As the episode ends Bones asks Booth for a favour, she asks him to look over her parents file and he agrees. As she leaves the bar, we see him looking at a photo of her when she was younger and he smiles.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of bones . bones goes to the scene without booth with zack and they are going through the debree of a plane crash that had 6 people on it but bones is not really atracted to that she is atracted to the bones that were not apart of the plane crash small tiny fragments of them. but the boss calls a meeting and tells them this is there priorty is to focus on the plane bones wont let it go and still continues to do both. and the others help her out. and they figure the 6 person was the entertainment on the flight. thing with the fragments a man comes to bones saying he thinks its his dad bones and booth go investgate and they learn things but later on prove its not his dad and they learn who really did it. this was a good ep i thought.moreless
  • A great episode.

    This episode is so good. The flirting between Bones and Booth in the beginning and throughout the episode was adorable. The storyline is interesting -- the gang conspires to solve a murder behind their boss' back. And Bones asks Booth for help and hes proud of her -- and if I'm not mistaken, it's the first time he calls her Temperance. If I had watched this episode when it first came out I'd be screaming about how they should get together, but I already know it won't be for years. But this episode was really well done -- totally didn't know what the answer to the murder was going to be at the end!moreless
  • A very good episode.

    I enjoyed watching this episode, and can honestly say that no matter how many times I watch this episode I can never get enough of it. I'm not sure what it is, but this episode just got something. I love the bickering between Booth and Bones, I mean I always like watching it, but the scene where Booth tell Brennan that she only called him, because she misses him and she continues to deny it is just super cute. And I have to agree with Booth on this one, she so missed him, but to be fare I think he missed her too. Also the scene where Zack and Hodgins throw a frozen pig through a wooed chipper, is awesome and funny.moreless
David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz

Special Agent Seeley Booth

Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel

Dr. Temperance Brennan

Eric Millegan

Eric Millegan

Zack Addy

Michaela Conlin

Michaela Conlin

Angela Montenegro

T.J. Thyne

T.J. Thyne

Dr. Jack Hodgins

Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams

Dr. Daniel Goodman

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Booth has a tattoo on both of his wrists.

    • Brennan's parents' names are Matt and Christine Brennan. It is on her parents' profile.

    • Nitpick: When Zack and Hodgins do their wood chipper experiment, they supposedly use a solidly frozen pig, but when the pieces start to fall on people, they make a very unfrozen splattering sound - and there's no way a piece of frozen meat would attach itself to Goodman's lapel and leave a bloodstain.

    • When Jesse Kane leaves the restaurant, the camera goes to Booth whistling. It can be seen that Bones has chopsticks and is eating something. But when the camera goes back to her face, she's not eating anything.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Zack: This is the third time in a row we've investigated without Booth. I don't like it.
      Brennan: Why? He mostly ignores you.
      Zack: Ignoring me is Booth's way of acknowledging my presence. It's a guy thing.

    • Booth: I say we go visit Miss Anderson and we'll know pretty fast if she's a suspect.
      Brennan: How?
      Booth: How? Subtle psychological indicators, Bones.
      Brennan: I looked those up on the internet, body language, sweat, tonal quality, shifty eyes.
      Booth: Hey you know what? I don't go poking around your bones stuff, okay? Just leave the human stuff to me.

    • Booth: (about Kane) Wow, pushy.
      Brennan: Well, maybe he discovered that being pushy is how you get cops to pay attention.
      Booth: What are you hawking at me for?
      Brennan: The Chinese, the plane crash, that's politics. This is murder. Will you help?
      Booth: Well, you know, I guess if you're uh, if you're really asking me, I guess I could uh, you know, fudge it with my boss to make it look like it was attached to the Chinese plane crash thing.
      (A tiny smile has crept on Booth's face while talking and Brennan, happy with his answer, smiles at him)

    • Brennan: You're back to ignoring Zack?
      Booth: Alright look, I know you don't approve but you know, it works for us. It worked for him so...
      Brennan: Yeah, I get it and it's kind of sweet.
      Booth: Hey, you know, your people are my people.
      Brennan: What, I have people? (smiles) Hey, I have people.

    • Brennan: No poking and prodding, do you think Jesse murdered his father?
      Booth: You know Bones, all I'm saying is, we get into these things, we look into murders and we can't let our heart strings get all plucked. Okay? We got to poke at peoples' wounds, we got to make them bleed a little, we got to make them tell us things that they normally wouldn't want to tell us. Alright? We got to be willing to be hard on them is what I'm trying to say, even when we know that we're no different than them.
      Brennan: You didn't answer my question.
      Booth: Well I have an opinion. You want to know? (she looks at him) If I had to bet, I'd say he didn't do it.
      Brennan: Me, too.
      Booth: I'm going off my gut. I mean what…what's persuading you?
      Brennan: The bone fragments at the golf course, they didn't come from Max Kane.
      Booth: That's great. You knew that when you asked me what I thought. You testing out my instincts, Bones?
      Brennan: Poking and prodding. I learned from the best. (She pinches his cheek and Booth laughs)

    • Booth: Next time, you know, you miss me, pick up the phone, call me. We'll do lunch.
      Brennan: I do not miss you.
      Booth: Yeah, you miss me. Come on, say it!
      Brennan: I do not miss you.
      Security Guy: Dr. Brennan, Agent Booth. You have a visitor.
      Brennan: No I don't.
      Booth: You miss me.

    • Brennan: Dismemberment, little bits; it's a murder.
      Booth: Well, the FBI doesn't have jurisdiction on a golf course.
      Brennan: Who does?
      Booth: I don't know. Try the PGA!

    • Jesse: So The bone fragments are the same sex and age of my father?
      Brennan: Yes.
      Jesse: Thank You.
      Brennan: It's a long way from conclusive.

    • Brennan: (To the team about the bone fragments) I'm gonna ask you guys to help me on this.
      Angela: You mean after the communist thing?

    • Angela: (to Jesse) As far as I know, which is quite far, believe me, no one has tried to kiss Brennan in this office and lived to tell about it.

    • Angela: Either talk loud enough so I can hear all the way, or whisper so I can't.

    • Brennan: Ahh, I feel like kicking him.
      Booth: That's normal after a pursuit, but we try not to do that.

    • Angela: What's going on? Why is every guy from the Jeffersonian out here?
      Hodgins: They're scientists. This is a fascinating scientific inquiry.
      Angela: Oh my God! They're all out here because you're gonna feed something through this wood chipper.
      Hodgins: Not just something. Ta da! A frozen pig.
      Angela: Oh agh.
      Zack: The morphology of pig bones is almost identical to that of human bone.
      Hodgins: By feeding the pig through the wood chipper, we'll be able to determine a dispersal pattern of the fragments.
      Zack: By comparing the pulverized pig's remains to the fragments we found at the golf course, we'll be able to tell if this was the actual wood chipper the victim was fed through.
      Angela: Liars, you just wanna see what happens when you toss some frozen pig into a wood chipper.

    • Brennan: I want to ask you a favor.
      Booth: Geez, another favor.
      Brennan: I wonder if you wouldn't mind taking a look at this.
      Booth: The file on your parents? Yeah, ok.
      Brennan: You want to think about it? It's a pretty big favor.
      Booth: You'd do it for me.
      Brennan: Yeah, I would.
      Booth: I'm proud you asked, Temperance.

    • Jesse: Even if you don't believe it, I know your parents are somewhere proud of what you do.
      Brennan: It's not rational, but I love the thought of that.

    • Brennan: You ignore Zack and make him think you've got some special bond.
      Booth: Yeah, but it works, doesn't it? I'm happy, he's happy.
      Brennan: It's not the truth.
      Booth: But it works!
      Brennan: Zack wants to fit into the real world more than anything. You're not helping.

    • Brennan: I need you guys to run a dispersal pattern test in the chipper.
      Zack: Using what medium?
      Brennan: Assume the victim was frozen solid when he was fed into the chipper.
      Zack: No way!
      Booth: (whispering to Bones) The correct response would be "Yes way".
      Brennan: (to Zack) Oh, yes way.

    • Booth: You know, you've done a couple of cases without me and you miss me.
      Brennan: Zack misses you, not me.
      Booth: Zack and I don't even talk!
      Brennan: He seems to think it's some male bonding ritual.
      Booth: Maybe he's right.
      Brennan: No it's not.
      Booth: Could be.
      Brennan: You told him that so you wouldn't have to talk to him.
      Booth: Well, it was nicer than shooting him.

    • Goodman: Therefore, this is our only priority.
      Brennan: I disagree
      Goodman: For the love of god, why?

    • Zack: You want us to defy Dr. Goodman?
      Dr. Hodgins: I'm in.

    • Goodman: The information I'm about to tell you must not leave this room.
      Hodgins: I am philosophically opposed to institutional secrecy in all its forms.
      Goodman: Fine. Get out.
      Hodgins: Pfff.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Featured Music:
      "Nothing Left To Lose" by Mat Kearney (when Dr. Brennan and Jesse are talking at the restaurant)
      "Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking" by Snow Patrol
      "Look After You" by The Fray
      "How Do You Dream" by 9 Ball

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: May 9th, 2006 on TV3
      Norway: Thursday September 14th, 2006 on TV3


    • Booth: Did you ever hear of the Menendez Brothers?

      Booth is worried that Jesse Kane might have killed his father for the money. The allusion is to Erik and Lyle Menendez, who were convicted of the shotgun murders of their mother and father in 1989, in order to inherit their fortune.

    • When Bones is trying to get Booth into the murder case, he tries to get out of it saying that he (the FBI) doesn't have jurisdiction on a golf course. She asks, "Who does?" and he replies "I don't know, try the PGA!"

      He is talking about the Professional Golfers Association, which goes by PGA. This is the association responsible for the professional golf tournaments and all that have to do with it.