Season 1 Episode 14

The Man on the Fairway

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2006 on FOX

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    There is more than one thing going on here. The team are working without Booth for the fourth time it seems until Brennan manages to involve him.

    First they have to identify the cadavers from a plane crash and find that an unaccounted for passenger was on the flight.

    Then there are unrelated bone fragments.These introduce the theme of missing parents and the search for them which links in with Brennan's family problems. This theme seems to take precedence although the search for the identity of the fragments eliminates one possibility and introduces a murder which is ultimately solved.

    Another theme is that of the team working behind Dr Goodman's back. Loved the scene between Goodman and Hodgins where the boss comes down real heavy then walks away grinning.

    The inner child comes out again in both Hodgins and Zack with their woodchipper experiment. Mind you it was Booth who identified the machine - think he has an inner child too.

    Excellent interplay between Brennan and Booth and also between Booth and Zack.

  • Zack gets out of the lab....and into the field

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open with Zack and Bones going to a crime scene, and we learn that it is the 3rd time in a row; she has gone to a crime scene without Booth. At the site they, investigate a small jet crash that was carrying some Chinese diplomats and a woman. Goodman orders the team that their first call is to find out who the 6th person was on the plane, and not the bone parts found around the plane. And then Bones calls Booth in to help her out. Soon a young man comes into the office, and claims that the piece of bones which Bones, which are not from the plane, are in fact his fathers. But when they get more pieces, they learn that the bone parts do not belong to his father. Their main suspect now is Sparks, and they believe that the victim was his brother. They believe that he locked his own brother, whilst he was still alive, inside of a freezer, and once he was dead, he fee his body through a wood chipper. The reason for his crime, in order to keep the house to himself, which his mother left to both him and his brother.
    As the episode ends Bones asks Booth for a favour, she asks him to look over her parents file and he agrees. As she leaves the bar, we see him looking at a photo of her when she was younger and he smiles.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of bones . bones goes to the scene without booth with zack and they are going through the debree of a plane crash that had 6 people on it but bones is not really atracted to that she is atracted to the bones that were not apart of the plane crash small tiny fragments of them. but the boss calls a meeting and tells them this is there priorty is to focus on the plane bones wont let it go and still continues to do both. and the others help her out. and they figure the 6 person was the entertainment on the flight. thing with the fragments a man comes to bones saying he thinks its his dad bones and booth go investgate and they learn things but later on prove its not his dad and they learn who really did it. this was a good ep i thought.
  • A great episode.

    This episode is so good. The flirting between Bones and Booth in the beginning and throughout the episode was adorable. The storyline is interesting -- the gang conspires to solve a murder behind their boss' back. And Bones asks Booth for help and hes proud of her -- and if I'm not mistaken, it's the first time he calls her Temperance. If I had watched this episode when it first came out I'd be screaming about how they should get together, but I already know it won't be for years. But this episode was really well done -- totally didn't know what the answer to the murder was going to be at the end!
  • A very good episode.

    I enjoyed watching this episode, and can honestly say that no matter how many times I watch this episode I can never get enough of it. I'm not sure what it is, but this episode just got something. I love the bickering between Booth and Bones, I mean I always like watching it, but the scene where Booth tell Brennan that she only called him, because she misses him and she continues to deny it is just super cute. And I have to agree with Booth on this one, she so missed him, but to be fare I think he missed her too. Also the scene where Zack and Hodgins throw a frozen pig through a wooed chipper, is awesome and funny.
  • The one where a frozen pig gets tossed into a wood shipper.

    The episode opens with Zack and Brennan going to a crime scene without Booth, something Zack notes to his dismay.
    Bones is supposed to find out about a mysterious additional passenger on a crashed diplomatic plane but is more interested in finding out what happened to the person whose bones she also found at the crash site.
    Unfortunately Dr.Goodman prohibits any further investigation in this matter, so Bones gets her team to do so in secret, something especially enjoyed by conspiracist Hodgins.
    She also asks Booth for help and denies doing so because she misses him ( ha! ).
    Bones gets to know a young man, Jesse Kane, who suspects the bone fragments might vome from his missing father, something he uses to connect with Brennan on a personal level as her prents are missing, too. She even gives him the file to help her out.

    The most hilarious thing must have been Hodgins and Zack tossing a frozen pig into a woodshipper and getting caught by Dr.Goodman, picking up pieces of pig from his suit.

    Great episode, good character development.
  • One of the nicest Bones episode so far, let's hope for more.

    I absolutely loved how Bones' team tried to work two cases simultaniously and not to get caught by Goodman but the wood chipper? What, were they really thinking he wouldn't find out? Especially with all the audience standing in front of the building! Hodgins seems to be less careless and fearless now but Zack is just Zack. He'll always be this way. I agree with what Temperance told about him that he want to adjust more than anything else.

    I see a big character development in here. I'm talking about Bones. She asked Booth to look at her parents' file, that's good. Though I'm spoiler free and didn't see following episodes I know there is something going on about her parents and I can't wait to see it!

    And I think she DID miss Booth those few cases. I would! ;)
  • Review

    I both really liked this episode and I really hated it at the same time. The character devolopment in this episode is fantastic, with Bones's team working against Goodman to try and solve this secret case that he doesn't want to have him work on. The scenes between Jack and Goodman are very well done and I think both of the actors did a very good job there. Bones and Booth were also extremly good in this episode - They have the strongest on screen connection in the show and I really feel that this episode is going to be one of the more memorable ones for there devolopment as a team working together. I hated the fact that the case we spent so much time on (the focus of the episode) turned out to be someone different then who we thought. We got to know the son who was looking for his father, but in the end it turned out to be nothing. I guess the writers figured they would write it that was so he could have the scenes with Bones relating to her parents, but it wasn't my favorite storyline / twist that the series has come up with in its short history.
  • all i have to say, is 14!

    zach misses booth. aawww i would too. 3 cases is alot to go without our sext fbi guy. heh heh.

    brennan does miss booth. how could she not? i love that arguement haha.

    hodgins really likes defying goodman. and keeping secrets, haha. he's like "amen, amen". and brennan actually asked the squints to keep a secret. is that a first? i think thats a first...

    zach. is a bad liar, though. first he freezes, then he talks too much . typical zach.

    how couls someone put a frozen human being through a wood chipper> this is just beyond me. eew. the pig expiriment was priceless, though.

    then the guy tried to kiss her. and she backed away. go brennan. save it for booth, baby.

    booth igores zach so much. but zach still doesnt seem to be fased. (sp?) brennen was like "umm... yes way?'' that was amusing.

  • A plane crash. A missing father. Brennan missing parents.

    When a plane crashes over a golf court Dr. Brennan and his team are ask to identify the passengers. There is an extra body and the government wants to know who it was but also they found some bones fragments that don’t were on the plane.

    The initial scenes when Zack is trying to interact with the "normal" people where very funny for me. He misses Booth and he is not scared of saying it.

    Brennan can't help also get Booth into the case. She needs or want his help for the investigation of the fragments that weren't on the plain so she calls him. They arguing about if she misses him or not, I just couldn't stop laughing. So they started a little apart (they haven’t had a case in a while) but at the end the case brought them together as she realized that he was the only one that, at the end, she trusted to see her parents missing file. It was a new step in their friendship; he realized that and was happy about it.

    I enjoy it and think is one of the best Bones' episodes.
  • Not bad.

    The chemistry between Booth and Brennan just gets better every week. The childish \"You miss me.\" \"No I don\'t\" argument was really funny. The whole scene with Hodgins tossing the pig in the woodchipper was also amusing. How typical of guys to just drop whatever they\'re doing to watch something like that. Dr. Adams's smile after intimidating Hodgins was priceless! However, this week's mystery (or mysteries) were pretty boring. The character development was much better. I thought Jesse's character was really unlikable, and I had trouble understanding why Brennan found him attractive. The moment at the end between Booth and Brennan was adorable!
  • An episode that develops the relationship between the members of the team and Dr Goodman.

    This was an enjoyable episode, although Booth does not appear quite as much as he usually does.

    The team relationship is developed when Brennan works on the bone shards found, instead of concentrating on the plane victims as ordered.

    Some amusing scenes, especially the notorious frozen pig in the shredder. Apparently that aspect of the storyline was based upon a real case. It was fascinating to see the case built up on such little evidence.

    The relationship between Booth and Brennan is developing nicely, which a few hands on shoulders in various places. Booth shows himself protective of Brennan when Kane tries to play on her emotions by playing the "we both lost parents" card.

    A very nice touch at the end where Brennan asks Booth to look into the file on her parents, and he calls her by her first name.

    I found Jesse Kane very irritating, and would have liked to have seen more of Booth, but all in all a satisfying episode both in terms of storyline and character development.
  • The gang refuses to follow orders when two cases are on their plate.

    Ok this episode had a lot more potential than substance. Bones seems to start acting like a human, amazingly. And the it was interesting to watch all heck break loose when orders are not followed.. oh wait it really didn't! Is it just me or did everyone get off easy?
    The frozen pig bit was uncessary in my opinion. They couldn't have used a fake animal of some sort? A bit too morbid for a show already dealing with death constantly.
    I really hope this show gains some momentum. It really does have such potential, and admittingly the episodes are getting better, but when will they get to good? And will anyone be watching by that time?
  • I think this episode was really all about Bones finnally having a human side, she can think for herself and defy her peers just like the rest of us.

    I loved this episode for the way it helped show a different side to the characters. Zach showed that he is not as confident as we think and he needs to know he is wanted. Bones showed that she wants to be her own person and think for herself. The boys ( whom are both my fav charecters without them the show just wouldnt flow as well) proved that they want to be cool to the outside world, not just good at there jobs.
  • bones comes out of her shell!

    im really glad to see bones coming out of her shell around booth. the whole time they\'re flirting im screaming at my televison, \"Just kiss already!\" im glad that the writers are putting emphasis on their growing relationship. i loved when booth was teasing her saying that she missed him. it was so cute! oh and have you seen the scenes from the next boes. ohh my gosh! bones gets kidnapped by the mob and booth has to rescue her! how romantic! but anyway, im just happy the writers are getting bones out of her shell with a man. i hope they get together soon!
  • on a plane they find bones from a person that were not burned. jesse kanes claims that the bones might be his father's. at one piont the guys put a frozen pig through a wood chopper. booth gets jealous of jesse. bones gives booth her parent's missing pers

    it was a good episode, but it lacked the witty banter we've become so used to. even though it was hilarious to see zach say that him and booth had a bond. it was equally enjoyable to see booth jealous of the jesse kane. i don\'t trust jesse kane. he may not have killed his dad but he\'s a creep. that poor frozen pig. that was very gross, i can\'t blame angela for being grossed out. i loved it when bones said \"i want to kick him\" that was classic. and before when zach said \"no way\" and booth said \"the response is yes way\" and i thought it was touching when bones let booth see her parents' missing persons file.
  • Not my favorite episode

    The two best parts of this episode was when Goodman threatened Hodges and when Bones gave Boothe her parents file. The rest of the story was boring and predictable. Seeing Goodman smile after he threatened Hodges was priceless. The missing persons guy was annoying to the point of making me want to change the channel.
  • Going behind Dr. Goodman's back to work on another case

    Like I've said before this show just keeps getting better and better. This episode had it all it was incredibly funny to watch Angela Hodgins and Zack all attempt to lie to Dr. Goodman about what they were really working on.

    Brennan missing Booth because they haven't worked a case together in a while kept the sexual tension between them brewing. Not only was there sexual tension between Booth and Brennan but it was also there between Brennan and Jesse.

    Jesse's father has been missing for 5 years and he thinks that the bone fragments that had been found in the plan crash remains could belong to him, which leads us to go deeper into the case of Dr. Brennan's missing parents.

    Finally at the conclusion Brennan asks Booth to look into the disappearance of her parents.

    Brennan became so much more open in this episode and that was one of the things that made it so amazing to watch.

    Can't wait till next weeks episode
  • nothing spectacular, but still good. (spoilers)

    Hopefully sometime in the future Zack will put everyone in their places, especially Bones and Booth. Overall the episode was good though, descent storyline, and character arcs, but nothing really stood out other than the new back stoy with Booth looking into what happened to Bones parents, hopefully that storyline will be interesting.
  • good story line

    fell asleep, need to know the end of story.watched up to last fifteen min. looked like the son of the dead man from the golf course was guilty. not too sure maybe the grounds keeper may be the guilty one.need to know how they determined that the bones were the fathers.