Season 1 Episode 18

The Man with the Bone

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on FOX
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Booth and Brennan investigate a case involving a 300-year-old finger bone and a site where there might be pirate treasure. Hodgins is excited when he's able to leave the lab and help with the case, but his life is put in danger and it's up to Booth and Brennan to save him.moreless

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  • Ahh Pirates!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. Bones is called into a case when a man is found dead, clutching a finger bone in his hand. When she runs set of it, we learn that the finger is in fact over 300 years old. Hodgins is excited when he's able to leave the lab and help with the case, and manages to help Booth find a skeleton deep under the water. Soon the bones disappear, and with only the finger left, Bones does her best. Soon she finds out that the bones were in fact planted in the shaft. Soon Goodman believes that the security guards are in fact the ones who took the bones. When they are questioned one of them soon confesses and we learn that he sold them for $10,000. When Bones and Booth go back to where the bones were discovered, they see that their main suspect has been killed.

    We soon learn who the killer is and when Booth and Bones realise this they race to the shaft to see that the killer is lowering Hodgins down. As they go to arrest him, he threatens to cut Hodgins air supply. By doing this Hodgins will die. As Hodgins finds gold coins at the bottom of the shaft, he is unaware that his life may end at any moment. But of course they manage to save him.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of bones . they discover a figure bone pecice in a dead guys hand they bring it back to the lab and realize its over 300 years old. and they investgate some more and realzie it could be a pirate and hogens wants to comealong and he does and they go to were people think his tresured is hidden black baird. hoggens goes down and brings up the resto of the bones strucker and they do more info. and they have already started to question people the mayors wife and his partner.but the partner turs up dead and he was killed the same way . they also realzie the bones have been stoneln more then once from the jefferson and then realzie that they are a fake and there not real at all. and they find the person that stole them and they question him and he points out the people and it was the first guy who they found dead in the lab. and it was hocus the whole time meanhwile they go to the shaft to arest the man that let hoggens go down there and they realize hoggens is down there and the guy holds his life in hand thing is hoggens happens to find a real gold coin and the guy brings him up thing was the guy was just mad it was hocus and it cause hims brother life. this was a good ep i thoughtmoreless
  • Pirates and treasure!

    Yes, this episode deals with a pirate treasure, and then you know it's always fun to watch. This episode was great, though not my favorite on. I really like the scene where Booth and Hodgins are all excited about pirates, that was just super cute and funny. We also learn that both Brennan and Hodgins dive sometimes, and I always like it when we get to learn more about the characters.

    I didn't found it funny however when Hodgins was almost killed, luckily Bones and Booth came in time to safe him. And that's a good thing as well, otherwise I would not have been happy.moreless

    This is a good show!! It was intense and very exciting it is just like reading a book when it is ve4ry interesting and like u just want to know what happens so u read very fast but since thsi is a show well u know it is kind of different because you know books and tvs are very different. i cannot wait for the next episode!!!!! i just love these shows David Boreanaz is hott!!!

    IN the show Buffy the vampire slayer since he is a vampire in that show he gets to be extra hott well anyways like i said i cant wait for the next show!!moreless
  • Pirates and mystery.

    I just loved this episode.It was great. It was so funny. It was an unusual episode. All the mystery about this pirate treasure thing. Hodgins and Booth excited about pirates. This episode showed a new side of Hodgins. He can be so much more than a squint. I loved all the jokes. Brennan was so worried about the way the examiner destroyed the finger bone. Then, she was worried about the missing skeleton. At least, Zack had saved the finger bone. So they could go on on their investigation. Brennan found out about a hole in that bone and it was made recently. Poor Hodgins, after some beers he was almost killed. Brilliant episode!moreless
David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz

Special Agent Seeley Booth

Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel

Dr. Temperance Brennan

T.J. Thyne

T.J. Thyne

Dr. Jack Hodgins

Eric Millegan

Eric Millegan

Zack Addy

Michaela Conlin

Michaela Conlin

Angela Montenegro

Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams

Dr. Daniel Goodman

Cullen Douglas

Cullen Douglas

Harry Tepper

Guest Star

Robert Foxworth

Robert Foxworth

Branson Rose

Guest Star

Rodney Rowland

Rodney Rowland

Dane McGinnis

Guest Star

John M. Jackson

John M. Jackson

Dep. Dir. Sam Cullen

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • The entirety of Assateague Island is a national park - there are no towns on the island as depicted in the show. Assateague is most famous for its wild horses. The herd on the Virginia side of the island is rounded up every year and swum to Chincoteague Island, where many of the foals are sold as population control. One of these foals was the inspiration for the children's book Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry.

    • The Money Pit: There is a legendary "Money Pit" where people have been searching for hundreds of years for buried treasure, but it is not on Assateague Island. It is actually on Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada.

    • Goof: In the first scene, the x-ray nearest the corpse is upside-down.

    • Around 2:49, during the scene when they are all talking about how old the bone is, the second hand on the wall clock never moves.

    • Goof: When they are talking about the age of the bone and guessing when it's from, the squints keep saying it's from the 17th century. The 17th century is the actually the 1600's, but Hogdins guesses the bone may be from the period of American Revolutionary War, which took place in the 1700's.

    • Goof: At 8:53 a reflection of the camera crew is visible in the car door when Hodgins walks by with the air hose.

    • Goof: When Dane McGinnis is holding a knife to Hodgins' air hose, he has the back of the knife to the hose, not the blade.

    • Goof: When Dr. Brennan and Booth arrive at the dive site parking lot, a camera boom is visible in the reflection of their car. In the next shot, the crew and camera are again visible in reflection, when Dr. Brennan opens the door.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Booth: (to Branson Rose) At least let us know if your reputation is for real, sir. Hey, we'll just contact the SAS, they'll tell us.
      Rose: Don't expect a speedy response.
      (Brennan approaches Rose and slaps him really hard)
      Booth: Woah, Bones!
      Brennan: Would a special forces guy have been able to stop that?
      Booth: I don't know, you kinda got the jump on him there.
      Brennan: Well, this one won't be a surprise. (turns to Rose) You ready?
      Rose: What? (before he knows it Brennan has slapped him a second time)
      Booth: No way he's special ops. It's just a bunch of PR crap.
      Brennan: Alright, no more questions.

    • Booth: At this point it appears as if the stolen 300-year-old bones were being used to, you know, salt the shaft.
      Brennan: Salt the shaft?
      Booth: Yeah, you know, an investor spends a million bucks, he gets antsy when nothing happens and voilà, pirate bones appear and the golden goose keeps, you know, pr-pr-pr, laying those eggs.
      Brennan: Ok, that is a convoluted metaphor, Booth.
      Goodman: It's a hoax, Dr. Brennan. Like the Piltdown Man?
      Brennan: Oh, got it. (to Booth) Why can't you be clear like that?

    • (Brennan and Booth have nailed down the suspect)
      Booth: The guy was a Navy Seal.
      Brennan: So? You were a Guide.
      Booth: Ranger, I was Ranger Bones, okay? I was not a guide, guides they show you waterfalls, they sell you cookies, I was a Ranger.
      (Brennan wants to rush in on the suspect, Booth holds her back)
      Brennan: Are Rangers afraid of Seals?
      Booth: What? No, come on Bones, Rangers aren't afraid of anybody, okay?... Though Seals are pretty good though.

    • Harry: A crushed larynx is fatal, therefore it results in death.

    • Zack: Scurvy, syphilis... pirate.

    • Brennan: Who's Branson Rose?
      Booth: You know, the billionaire adventurer, he made his fortune making aircraft for the military, owns like half the world, it was the guy on that reality show were he goes all over the world...(Brennan gives Booth a puzzled look) Still no TV? Why do I even bother?

    • Brennan: I worked on a case once, were a woman was killed, dismembered and burned, because she thought her friend had taken her favorite pair of slippers.
      Angela: Cheery!

    • Cullen: You got a security problem, Dr. Goodman.
      Goodman: When I find out who did this, you may have a murder problem.

    • Angela: So you believe there's a treasure?
      Bones: I believe there's greed, that's a real curse.

    • Booth: So the victim finds evidence the treasure exists, someone else wants it all for themselves, well that's certainly a good motive for murder.
      Hodgins: We've got to get out to that dig site, see what else we can find. I'll be happy to help.
      Booth: That's okay, we can handle it.
      Hodgins: Come on man, share the wealth.
      Brennan: We are looking for answers Jack, not treasure.
      Booth: (to Hodgins) You really think that treasure exists?
      Hodgins: What do you think?
      (Booth and Hodgins both smile with a grin)
      Brennan: Why are you guys smiling?
      Hodgins & Booth: Pirates!
      (Brennan looks puzzled)
      Angela: It's a guy thing sweety.

    • Angela: Native American.
      Zack: British Colonial.
      Hodgins: American Revolutionary.
      (Booth walks into the room)
      Booth: Hey what are we playing?
      Zack: Dr. Brennan, the Destroyer of Evidence is here.
      Booth: I assume that's a joke so no one gets hurt.

    • Brennan: Where the hell are my bones?!

    • Booth: You dive too?
      Bones: Yeah, I have the time because I don't own a TV.
      Dr. Harry: You wear a rubber suit then?
      (Booth holds up a finger to him and Brennan looks back)

    • Brennan: Ever dive Na Haron?
      Hodgins: Once.
      Brennan: I named Na Haron.

    • Hardwick: The FBI's involved now?
      Booth: Oh yeah, you know, murder on federal land. We'd like to...poke around a little.
      Rose: Murder?
      Brennan: Yeah! Murder.

    • Branson Rose: You think I want it all over the newspapers that I'm taking a woman to court for slapping me?

    • Harry: The larynx was crushed.
      Brennan: Is that going to be your cause of death ruling?
      Harry: (eagerly) Are we going to have another fight about it?
      Booth: You know, I'm a pretty open guy, Harry, but you keep pushing like that (shoves Harry in the shoulder) it's going to be me who smacks you around.
      Harry: How do you know that won't work for me just as well?
      (Booth backs away hurriedly)

    • Angela: Ohhhh... Wow, you must think I'm an idiot.
      Dr. Goodman: I was grandstanding. I can be like that.

    • Harry: It's really not necessary to lead me like a child.
      Brennan: I'd rather not have any more evidence compromised.
      Harry: You're squeezing my arm very tightly.
      Brennan: Sorry.
      Harry: No, no, it's okay...

    • Brennan: (looking at Booth) This is a corpse with skin.
      Harry: She is good.
      Brennan: Why am I here? You know I don't work with skin.

    • Booth: You know, you need a better screening process down at the museum.
      Goodman: Ironic, given we contract that out to the FBI.

    • Dane: This guy swims like a squid.
      Booth: You mean he swims like a squint.
      Dane: What?
      Booth: Never mind.

    • Brennan: I want my bones. Did you find my bones?
      Booth: Whoa, maybe you just want to, you know, chill a little.
      Brennan: Chill?
      Booth: Yeah. You know, take a pill.
      Brennan: Listen, dude, my lab was violated, my bones were stolen, so I think I'll remain warm for a little while longer.
      Angela: Honey maybe you should focus on your breathing.
      Booth: Breathing.
      Angela: Count to 10.
      Booth: 10.
      Angela: Have a shot of Jack.
      Booth: Shot of Jack. Look we're doing everything we can, I promise you we're going to find your bones, but you've got to allow us to do our job.
      Brennan: Guess I wasn't helping all that much, wasn't I? (Booth nods) I'm... I'm...
      Angela: Sorry.

    • Booth: (to Hodgins) We need you to do your dirt thing. You know, match the slime to the crime.

    • Zack: So you believe in pirates?
      Hodgins: Pirates aren't Santa, Zack. They did exist. They did have treasures, and they did bury it.
      Zack: You know, I had an eye patch when I was six.
      Hodgins: Who didn't, my friend? Who didn't?

    • Booth: Welcome to the dungeon.
      Brennan: Why do the FBI always stick their morgues in the most depressing basement they can find?
      Booth: Don't be such a snob, Bones. Okay, not everyone gets to play in a multi-million dollar lab, you know, with skylights…
      Brennan: It's because as a society, we feel the need to hide death away. The people who deal with the dead are viewed as freaks.
      Booth: I don't know if it's the basement thing, but this guy you're going to meet, Harry, he's a bit twisted.
      Brennan: You probably think I get some kind of rush when I work, that I'm somehow titillated.
      Booth: Uh, choice of words, Bones, choice of words.

    • Dep. Dir. Sam Cullen: What is that, squint humor? Because I'm not laughing.

    • Brennan: (trying to get people's attention) FBI! You're all under arrest!
      Booth: C'mon, Bones, you don't get to say that. I'm the one with the badge.

    • Brennan: The music. Shh. He's down there.
      Booth: That's not music, it's bagpipes.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Dr. Daniel Goodman: A hoax, like the Piltdown Man.

      The so-called Piltdown Man was fragments of a skull and jaw bone collected in the early years of the twentieth century from a gravel pit at Piltdown, a village near Uckfield, in the English county of Sussex. The fragments were claimed by experts of the day to be fossilized remains of a hitherto unknown form of early man. The Latin Name Eoanthropus dawsoni was given to the specimen.

      The significance of the specimen remained the subject of controversy until it was exposed in 1953 as a forgery, consisting of the lower jaw bone of an ape combined with the skull of a fully developed, modern man. It has been suggested that the forgery was the work of the person to be its finder, Charles Dawson, after who it was named. This view is strongly disputed and many other candidates have been proposed as the true creators of the forgery.

    • Booth: Sure, I mean, your attorney wants to go to court for the next 20 years, and buy himself a nice vacation home in Tuscany.

      This is a bit of an in-joke. Booth is talking to Rose, played by Robert Foxworth, who starred as Chase Gioberti, one of the main characters in Falcon Crest. Falcon Crest was set in the fictitious Tuscany Valley, part of the Napa Valley region of Northern California.