Season 1 Episode 18

The Man with the Bone

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on FOX

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  • Ahh Pirates!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. Bones is called into a case when a man is found dead, clutching a finger bone in his hand. When she runs set of it, we learn that the finger is in fact over 300 years old. Hodgins is excited when he's able to leave the lab and help with the case, and manages to help Booth find a skeleton deep under the water. Soon the bones disappear, and with only the finger left, Bones does her best. Soon she finds out that the bones were in fact planted in the shaft. Soon Goodman believes that the security guards are in fact the ones who took the bones. When they are questioned one of them soon confesses and we learn that he sold them for $10,000. When Bones and Booth go back to where the bones were discovered, they see that their main suspect has been killed.
    We soon learn who the killer is and when Booth and Bones realise this they race to the shaft to see that the killer is lowering Hodgins down. As they go to arrest him, he threatens to cut Hodgins air supply. By doing this Hodgins will die. As Hodgins finds gold coins at the bottom of the shaft, he is unaware that his life may end at any moment. But of course they manage to save him.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of bones . they discover a figure bone pecice in a dead guys hand they bring it back to the lab and realize its over 300 years old. and they investgate some more and realzie it could be a pirate and hogens wants to comealong and he does and they go to were people think his tresured is hidden black baird. hoggens goes down and brings up the resto of the bones strucker and they do more info. and they have already started to question people the mayors wife and his partner.but the partner turs up dead and he was killed the same way . they also realzie the bones have been stoneln more then once from the jefferson and then realzie that they are a fake and there not real at all. and they find the person that stole them and they question him and he points out the people and it was the first guy who they found dead in the lab. and it was hocus the whole time meanhwile they go to the shaft to arest the man that let hoggens go down there and they realize hoggens is down there and the guy holds his life in hand thing is hoggens happens to find a real gold coin and the guy brings him up thing was the guy was just mad it was hocus and it cause hims brother life. this was a good ep i thought
  • Pirates and treasure!

    Yes, this episode deals with a pirate treasure, and then you know it's always fun to watch. This episode was great, though not my favorite on. I really like the scene where Booth and Hodgins are all excited about pirates, that was just super cute and funny. We also learn that both Brennan and Hodgins dive sometimes, and I always like it when we get to learn more about the characters.
    I didn't found it funny however when Hodgins was almost killed, luckily Bones and Booth came in time to safe him. And that's a good thing as well, otherwise I would not have been happy.

    This is a good show!! It was intense and very exciting it is just like reading a book when it is ve4ry interesting and like u just want to know what happens so u read very fast but since thsi is a show well u know it is kind of different because you know books and tvs are very different. i cannot wait for the next episode!!!!! i just love these shows David Boreanaz is hott!!!
    IN the show Buffy the vampire slayer since he is a vampire in that show he gets to be extra hott well anyways like i said i cant wait for the next show!!
  • Pirates and mystery.

    I just loved this episode.It was great. It was so funny. It was an unusual episode. All the mystery about this pirate treasure thing. Hodgins and Booth excited about pirates. This episode showed a new side of Hodgins. He can be so much more than a squint. I loved all the jokes. Brennan was so worried about the way the examiner destroyed the finger bone. Then, she was worried about the missing skeleton. At least, Zack had saved the finger bone. So they could go on on their investigation. Brennan found out about a hole in that bone and it was made recently. Poor Hodgins, after some beers he was almost killed. Brilliant episode!
  • Review

    I really liked the way the charcters took a very hands on funny approach to the whole case. Booth and Jack were making pirates joke back and forth, which made this hour of the show seem more like a comedy rather then an Action-Adventure Drama. I thought the plotline was done very well. The story had a lot of characters introduced in the short time frame of the episode, but in the end everything sort of came together once we got down to the guy who was killing off his partners to get a bigger piece of the pie. The scene with Booth and Bones talking to the guy as he held a knife to the airline of Jack was pretty intesne, yet comical at the same time. Bones's personality tends to make a lot of very serious moments into very comical ones, which I think takes away from the real life aspect of crime drama shows, but really gives us something that we arent used to seeing from standard shows like this.
  • sweet but irritating

    I like to see old faces in new shows, like the Saint Patrics guy from Veronia Mars that showed up here. And I'm surprised to see that I don't like to see old costumes in new shows, somehow for me they violated the costume the majors wife had when it belong to Willow and was used so differently. OK I guess it is nice to see what you can make or something but still, for me that should hae stayed whereever the Buffy stuff stays now. I know, no real review to the show right now, but I liked it. Jack should do more feeld work and that al got so ecited over pirates was so cute ^^


    I loved this episode!
    Angela: "it's a guy thing, sweety"

    Pirates! Me... likes!

    It's an unusual episode, but i liked it very much... it was now more focused on the work of Bones, sure there was a murder investigation, but the bones of a pirate, a team in search of a treasure... ... it was nice!

    The missing bones... that really was amazing, seeing Bones flip like that... falling out to Goodman, Booth and Angela trying to calm her down... great!

    And Hodgins who shares his interest in pirates with Booth..

    I loved Harry Tepper! What a great character, he was really getting on my nerves, the ultimate perv, thinking of sex... every step of the way.
    I couldn't help but laughing about him, and Booth who was really getting pissed about it at a certain point...

    Booths, pushing Harry away from Bones: "Keep pushing her like that, and i'll be the one smacking you around a bit"
    Harry, stepping forward again, smiling: "And who says i don't fancy it that way, too?"

    Oh my! That was too funny!

    It's also really cool that Sam Cullen was there again... i love John M. Jackson, the actor of Sam.
    I'm always happy to see him, it does make me wonder, though... if he went on making appearances in series... why the h3ll didn't he make one more appearance in J.A.G, for the final episode?! GOSH... hehe... sorry, off topic...

    So, The Man With The Bone, yeah, i really liked it...

  • Pirates!!

    LOL. this was a crack up, with the whole pirates and treasure thing. i had them all goo goo ga ga over this so called treasure that might be down there, when it turned out to be a hoax to keep up funding. my only regret is that it was the hot guy who was the bad guy, but all in all, this was such a funny episode, hodgins was so great in this episode. he really likes being the bad guy (well try to) and is so funny with all his 'conspiracies'
  • gotta love it.

    i thought of it even before brennan did. its a corpse with skin. its so weird that the guy was holding that bone in his hand. she got soo pissed at thay guy. compromising evidence. tsk tsk.

    hodgins and his conspiracy theories. gotta love the guy. buried treasure, haha. and booby traps. in the words of angela: "cool." and oh my goodness the fact that its a pirate> that definatley hits one of my weak spots. proving that pirates are not only a guy thing.

    that was so funny when brennan was like "FBI you're all under arrest". she denied booth his cool little shock-factor. i dont think i worded that right.

    we get to see a whole new side of hodgins. a very humorous one, in this case, hahahaha avast ye lubbers lmfao. it was cute how booth kida sorta said goodbye to hodgins with just a little shoulder pat. you can tell he really likes the guy. jeez im nervous for him.

    ...and then the bones dissapear. dun dun DUUHHHH. brennan totally freaked out. where are her bones? heh heh.

    hodgins like became friends with that diver dude. that was quick haha. havin' a beer together ay?

    i knew hodgin had doctorates, but i didnt know he had three! wow. how long do you reckon that took?

    that little timing expiriment that angela did with goodman was c;ever. i wouldnt have thought of it.

    ooh she slapped him. twice. that was fabulous.

    i cant beleive hodgins is so stupid. illegaly going down there in the middle of the night, after drinking. you would think he would be smarter than that. he found a real gold pirate coin. how cool is that?

  • Looking for Pirate tresure

    This was another brilliant episode of Bones. The whole pirate tresure thing was so funny and Hodgins and Booth getting excited about tresure was adorable. Zack not believing in pirates was so Zack. Brennan and Angela were almost laughing at the guys the entire case made the episode worth while. It was so different to see Dr. Brennan smiling the entire time they were investigating and I absolutely love when she tries to be all FBI and Booth tells her that, that's his job.

    All in all it was a very cute episode but the next one looks better!
  • Bones is involved in a vudu death, making her the first suspect, but with the help of Booth and a vudu follower (?) they solve the case

    Strange episode, really freaky, especially the part when the father stabs his own daughter, the vudu alone is something very strange and in a way powerful, but I do not believe can provocate a huracan...
    Booth really put his career in danger when he took the earing, always protecting Bones, even against herself.
    I loved the end, when Booth "demostrates" that he was right with the comment about how objec ts are important to the people who use it
    One of my favorite scenes was the conversation between Hodgins and Zack, I really love Zack, is one of the most interesting (and cute) caracter in the serie
  • pirate treasue

    such a cool ep. loved it how bones didnt get why the guys were all excited about pirates and the ones liners that seem to hav been more absent in the previous eps. we get to see more of hodgins and see how he is more of a normal guy and likes to do things outside of the lab.

    sooo funny when brennen gets annoyed that her bones are stollen and booth tells her to \"chill\" and repeats everything angela says to calm her down.

    all in all a good ep and i hope they continue using more of the funny one liners which is so unique to the show.

  • Booth and Brennan investigate a case in which burried tresure is envolved. Hoggins is called in to dive in the underwater hole where the tresure is supposed to be. He almost gets killed. I can't write that much so this is the best summary I can give. The

    This episode got Brennan out of the lab and into the field, I always like that! It had many funny lines and I liked how the freaky doctor was hitting on Brennan and Booth didn't like it, kind of like she was his girl! It also gave Hoggins, who is usually a background character a chance to shine. I couldn't exactly follow how they knew who did it, though, but besides that it was easy to understand, well, for an episode of Bones anyway. I mean, Booth doesn't even know what Brennan is talking about half of the time, and he works with her. I'm only in Jr. High, so I can't possibly be expected to know what all of those forensic terms mean. Aside from it not giving me the one thing I want from this series, a romantic relationship between Booth and Brennan, it was one of the best episodes of the series.
  • Although Bones seems to be getting steadily better, this episode disappoints

    There are far two many outstanding questions for me to rate this episode highly. Yes, there is increasing character development and Bones seems to be getting a more human side; however, how come when they'd been digging this site for 2 years, Bones' team goes down and finds something the first time around??? There was planted evidence but why didn't THEY question their success at first?

    To me the whole 'me male - likes pirates' was too cutsey. The team didn't have as much of their research thoroughness either - about the treasure or the setup.

    Don't get me wrong - I am a Bones fan, but this episode simply tried too hard.
  • Good, but Craig could have done better.

    For all of you I-man fans, you know what I mean. Craig Silverstein wrote some of the best I-man episodes (The Other Invisible Man, Diseased, Legends, Brother's Keeper, Enemy of My Enemy, The New Stuff...) so I kind of expected more from this episode of Bones. But all in all it was ok. Love how Booth gets annoyed with Bones when she's screaming "FBI, you're all under arrest!" and in the morgue. Although I don't understand why nobody but Hodgins could have gone down to the bottom of the pit. I mean, those guys are digging treasure for at least 10 years, you would think that one of them "swims like a squid"...
    I like how the show is developing.
  • Nice gag scenes and lines this episode. Just the right amount of them too.

    This was a really fun episode. There were lots of jokes. Most are delivered deadpan and sound off the cuff, so you really don't notice them.

    Agent Booth was noticeably creeped-out by the park police medical examiner. That doc said reasonable things most of the time. He had this habit of getting a thrill every time Bones bemoaned his mistakes of critiqued his procedures.

    I have to say, I have never met anyone took to professional criticism in that particular way. I mean, it wasn't like he was glad for the feedback so he could benefit from someone else's perspective. He just really got into it. I had this vague feeling it was an allusion to some syndrome I had never heard of before.

    It was totally hilarious when Bones was escorting the doctor to her lab. He was going like, why are you holding my arm so tightly? She responded with something like she wanted to protect her evidence. And he's like, it's okay, I don't mind it. Creeeepy...

    Meanwhile, the guys in the lab are yelping - it's the evidence-destroyer! like he was some kind of vampire or werewolf in their midst. It was pretty funny.

    I would say that the actor who played that role minted a whole new kind of character. It would be kind of funny to see him on again. If more murders are discovered on park property - which is not completely unlikely.

    Bones herself tends to be just great. She is so serious about her job but does not take herself quite as seriously as it. She seems like in matters of her scientific specialty she has unshakeable confidence.

    Oh, and she had a great one-up line when one of the guys that works for her bragged about a certain skill he had. She totally shut him down.

    I may be imagining it, but the episodes seem to be getting cleverer banter woven into them than they did at first. It makes the episodes extra enjoyable. It is like two treats in one: it's a mystery and a dry comedy.
  • Great episode again

    This was another great episode for Bones. It was suspenceful and gripping. I wasn't sure who was the good guy and who was the bad guy until the end. I kept changing my mind as I watched the episode. Bones did a great job again in playing the cold yet caring character. She shows us her hard side most of the time. All business and no joking but in this episode whe actually almost said she was sorry. A major accomplishment for her. She is the most unpredictable character on the show. Each week she keeps us hanging on what she will do next.
  • The man with the bones....

    I think this episode was really funny. Boreanaz's face when the morgue doctor made a move on him..sorta..priceless..LOL. The chemistry is good; much improved. I did see David as Angel be funny especially the episode he and Wesley danced..he can be really hilarious.I think the show is only getting better..not every episode can be riveting..sometimes alittle hilarity works as well.
  • Great chemistry

    Again great chemistry by Booth and Bones
    As they make the even not so good show
    Turn into even a great show
    Bones the straight man or I should say woman LOL
    And Booth is the comic relief in the show
    But also as well as the sidekick
    Which David Boranez never did in Angel
    Because he was always the straight man
    Loved it when it showed Bones dark side finally come out of her
    Great show and great chemistry!
  • Not the best but ok

    It was an ok episode but not the best. Hodges going down to look for more treasure was predictable. Bones screaming at the morgue doctor was funny. He seemed so thrilled by her. Booth was funny egging on the morgue guy. The guys grunting like pirates was completely out of character for the stuffy guys.
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