Season 9 Episode 14

The Master in the Slop

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 24, 2014 on FOX

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  • Sweets enters the world of chess

    Sweets enters the world of chess to help catch the killer of a chess master.
  • On the fence

    After last week's maudlin episode, I decided if I didn't like the next episode, I would stop watching Bones altogether. At the end of this episode, I'm still on the fence; it was better than the last one (although the average reviewer would disagree), but I'm getting rather sick of the formula.

    Truthfully, there were two things that made me decide I would watch the next episode. I liked the bits with the Canadian guy, and I really liked the small but excellent performance of an aspbergian chess playing girl. That's not a lot, but it will keep me hooked - just barely - one more week.
  • Rolling down the hill... picking up speed..

    Not even sure where to begin because all my gripes are pretty much equal. As others have mentioned there's several issues that simply shouldn't be issues at this point in the show. The completely ridiculous stereotypes aren't funny. It's a failed gag that makes the actors and writers look downright stupid. This is true for the Canadian, Dutch, and various American type stereotypes. It is as if the writers don't know where they're going and are just looking to put bits of what they think are funny jokes. It's not funny.

    How in the world is Sweets suddenly able to beat all the Chess Masters (without even taking potty breaks) and become an ace detective. While I do enjoy the crime of the week - the storylines are becoming completely ridiculous. The characters continue to devolve into giant piles of jello.

    Finally, I'm seriously thinking that Brennan has some type of massive brain tumor that prevents her from using common sense in dealing with people. She comes across as a whiney bratty immature unprofessional person.

    Someone needs to introduce these characters to the writers and review their tv-lives with them.
  • a child learns social graces faster than this woman...

    i have been a fan of bones from the very beginning. but I am seriously getting tired of her lack of social grace. in the first few seasons it made for some interesting and sometimes funny scenes. it was refreshing to have her cut through all the political correctness and just state what everyone was thinking, but in this episode she came across as arrogant and self centered. she scowled every time dr. filmore wrote something in his notebook, unless it was negativity toward him (petty much?). heaven forbid he write something negative about the great temperance brennan. she is the best in her field, she is outstanding and sharing the limelight with anyone else, even her friends is just incomprehensible. needing angela, and even booth, as her moral compass after 9 years of being around her friends makes the character even more of a joke. if she is so smart, why is it taking her this long to pick up on something most children learn by the time they start school? it was made even more of a farce, when she was the first to support a bunch of smart, amazing women jumping around in bikini's to sell a publication.
  • Painful.

    Could there have been more stupid stereotypes crammed in this episode? Seriously! The Canadian intern so sickeningly humble he refuses credit for an idea he had, the uber-nerdy awkward Asian girl, the fat guy so obsessed with food the first thing he does upon seeing Booth is take a sandwich out of his pocket... Holy shit.

    I love Bones and I have to admit the case of the week was pretty interesting, but the nauseating writing this week ruined it.

    EDIT: I hadn't even noticed the Dutch thing other reviews are mentioning. That is beyond disgusting.
  • Aint no Dutch!!!

    Bones is one of my favourite series on tv but watching this episode was hard. The Dutch girl sure didn't have a Dutch accent, it sounded like a mix of German and Swedish. What ever word she was supposed to be saying in Dutch, wasn't one ( I'm a native speaker, so you would think I would be able to make it out) Dutch Reformed is a normal religion, not a sect and no, it's not my religion so I have no reason to say otherwise. I would have excepted a bit more research from a show about science......... But then this episode was one full of stereotypes, fat guy obsessed with food, Asian girl a total nerd. Not what I expect from the writers of this show, shame........
  • Pissing off the Dutch

    Talking about stereotypes, the religious Ex. I don`t know where she`s from, but not from the Netherlands.

    First up, Dutch Reformed is one of the normal mainstream protestant religions. It`s like saying that the Baptist or Catholic church is also a sect. Yes, there are more strict undergroups, but again just as with other religions. To call Dutch Reformed a sect is way to much.

    And what on earth is she saying in interregation? I`m Dutch and live in The Netherlands, but I couldn`t understand for the love of me what she said in supposedly Dutch. It was certainly not something remotely close to "wake-up call" (in this context translated as - openbaring) in Dutch.

    If you want to use a different countries culture, get your facts in order please.
  • liked it

    I really liked this episode. Usually Bones focuses on the science, but in this episode the psychology got a bit more attention.