Season 9 Episode 14

The Master in the Slop

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 24, 2014 on FOX

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  • Rolling down the hill... picking up speed..

    Not even sure where to begin because all my gripes are pretty much equal. As others have mentioned there's several issues that simply shouldn't be issues at this point in the show. The completely ridiculous stereotypes aren't funny. It's a failed gag that makes the actors and writers look downright stupid. This is true for the Canadian, Dutch, and various American type stereotypes. It is as if the writers don't know where they're going and are just looking to put bits of what they think are funny jokes. It's not funny.

    How in the world is Sweets suddenly able to beat all the Chess Masters (without even taking potty breaks) and become an ace detective. While I do enjoy the crime of the week - the storylines are becoming completely ridiculous. The characters continue to devolve into giant piles of jello.

    Finally, I'm seriously thinking that Brennan has some type of massive brain tumor that prevents her from using common sense in dealing with people. She comes across as a whiney bratty immature unprofessional person.

    Someone needs to introduce these characters to the writers and review their tv-lives with them.