Season 6 Episode 1

The Mastodon in the Room

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 2010 on FOX

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  • Booth doesn't use a seatbelt?

    Ok, it's the smallest of throw away lines in a show - but it so irritated me. What an idiot. He's got a kid and he doesn't think it's important enough to wear a seatbelt? He claims it's so he can "get out faster" (get out of what, the windshield you went through?) And *FOR ONCE* Bones doesn't even correct him. That was lame. And it makes me like the character less.

    Clearly Bones lacks the capability to be in a relationship so I wish they would stop focusing on her & Booth. It's great that they've become professional partners, sad that he likes her more than she likes him -- so I'm glad he moved on.
  • Disappointing.

    I kinda lost interest in this show over the summer. I didn't like the 5th season finale and I didn't like the sound of some of the spoilers I've heard about the 6th season. I do still like the show but I don't love it as much as I did before. It used to be my no1 favourite show. I was hoping this episode would revive my interest in the show but it failed to dramatically. I thought the case about the child and Cam losing her job was way too unbelievable for me. Hart should have done a much better job with the plot. It didn't make sense. How could Cam not know the race of the child? I thought that was one of the basic things forensic pathologist learn in their first year of school? And how was Caroline able to get Booth back like that?? I thought Caroline was just an ADA? Isn't the American army really strict about their rules? If you sign on for a years duty, you've got to do the full year unless you get medical discharge.

    I was expecting more in this episode in terms of character development. After 7 months apart, the characters haven't changed all that much. I was expecting more of a change from Brennan. I figured, even with her lack of social skills, she would be missing Booth like crazy and thinking about him constantly and by the end of those 7 months, she would KNOW she loves Booth. But Brennan still seemed to be the same person as when she left. And that whole Booth and his 'serious girlfriend' thing just turns my stomach. I don't think I'd be able to put up with 5 or more weeks of that!
  • Bones continues to degenerate.

    Come on, what had we said about not getting in over our heads with political stuff, Bones? We'd said don't do it again.

    Oh, well, let's get the easy part of the argument out of the way quickly. This is old timey TV back to status quo stuff, ok? Nothing more, nothing less. The gang reunites for a rather superfluous case and even more superfluous reasons, everybody has a superfluous change in looks or personality that I'm sure they'll all get rid of mid-season and so on and so forth.

    Seriously, there is nothing new here, not just in Bones' lore, if such a thing exists, but in TV tropes in general, period. At this point, NCIS is edgier and more playfully meta than Bones by a mile, and that's saying something.

    So why the anger? Well, besides Deschanel and Boreanaz running out of steam ages ago for the show not to move on from the URST marshes into originality land (hint: Chuck and House already did it. RST is the new URST), there's the politics.

    And hey, last time I wailed on Bones because of the politics it at least was for some overt statements. This time it's just plain old assumptions that the world works in some ways that it just... well, doesn't.

    I mean, let's count the ways in which Bones reached almost The Unit-esque levels of being dumb about what the world outside the US is like in this episode:

    Booth is on a rather unclear mission in Afghanistan to seemingly rescue a child from some generic bad guys. I can't even begin to break this down. Booth doesn't shoot the guy. Another soldier doesn't shoot the guy. The kid's mom schizophrenically goes from thanking the soldiers to complaining that her husband is a soldier fighting for somebody else, although he's actually an Afghan soldier, so her statement makes no sense. Then somebody calls Booth on the phone and suddenly he's no longer in the military. Don't ask me how that works.

    Anyway, moving on, a North Korean family defects to South Korea, but then decides to emigrate to the US leaving half of their family behind again, despite theoretically having defected to reunite with them. For some reason. Then somebody claims that "The US is like heaven to them", which is not as much offensive to North Korea but to South Korea, which is the place they were living in before. Also, somebody states that they thought they were going to be executed or deported for a lethal accident with their child. I get the impression that the characters may be more self-aware than the writers in that one.

    But the one that I get to be directly offended for, me being Eurotrash? The one that is subtlest of all?

    Angela and Hodgins decide to stay in the US to have their baby. Hodgins asks Angela if she's doing it because of his aspirations to become a bad guy-hunter again and she says no.

    She says "I'm doing it for the baby".

    Hey, you know what? Paris isn't the nicest town in the world, I get it. Good luck getting a drink in a bar without asking for a mortgage on it first, but... seriously? The US? Somebody hasn't been checking the rankings in health care and education lately, because if that work visa is still valid those two should get in a plane ASAP and fly right back.

    Again, NCIS comes to mind. I get it, it's American media. Americans like America, particularly the type of American that sits down to watch procedurals starring still handsome middle aged actors. It's fine. But you can do that showing some respect and a modicum of interest in the places and situations you choose to depict or not. Bones chooses not, which makes it not just a bland procedural and plodding, boring romance, but also brain poison.

    I say stay away and go check any of the more interesting shows based on identical premises out there. Let this one die in peace and its actually talented cast move on to better things.
  • I feel a bit disappointed.

    I don't know what to think. On one hand it is good that "Bones" is back but on the other, if the writers are going to continue it this way I am pretty sure the next season is going to be the last.

    What do we have here? Same old story - some might say. Team that fell apart (by the way, it could have been great finale for the whole show) is together again. Reasons why they're back are rather artificial and strictly American-ish. Patriotism against parenthood, career over justice, having a baby in Paris over having it in US (oh, bummer!). Oh, I've almost forgotten - the greatest coroner seems to be not able to figure out the cause of death. She needs five other people to determine what is available in the plain sight. And they did it in one night! She's been all alone for the last seven months and she couldn't deal with a simple case which brought her nearly to the end of her career. How naive...

    Booth met somebody in Iraq. Does it mean that Dr. Brennan will be competing with her for the whole season? Last time it was Booth who cared and finally managed to break the ice but she rejected him. And now the sides seem to have turn?

    I watch "Bones" mainly not for the cases they're solving but for these relations among main characters. But frankly speaking I am feeling a bit awkward. I am not sure if I want to see it that way. Brennan over Booth, Angela and Hodgins over baby, Daisy over Sweets.

    Of course I'll be watching "Bones" further expecting things to change.
  • bones has definitely run its course

    I was starting to suspect all the way through series 5, that the writers of bones were starting to run out of ideas for new material. booths new girlfriend and Angela's pregnancy are examples of this, they're just cheap and easy ways of stirring things up. also the reasons for Brennan and booth being apart are wearing thin, so the whole other side of the world from each other plot was really weak.

    mastodon in the room brings all the members of the team back together, in order to help cam solve a highly publicised case, which could result in her losing her job. the ease of which the case is solved once the team gets back together highlights how simple the case was, and makes cam look really incompetent. a coroner that can't actually tell the difference between a Caucasian and an oriental is unlikely. the case itself is unoriginal and the tension between booth and brennan is rightly awkward, but not in a good way, they could have made it funny and entertaining. instead its cringe worthy and lacks chemistry.
  • Nothing trascendental

    Except that everybody came back? Well I guess they had too. Booth's "move on" speech to Sweets was good and scary at the same time. He knows it, he knows that he doesn't have a chance with Brennan and he has to look for love somewhere else. I wonder what will make these two get together... If they ever do.

    Hodgins saying he was going to be a daddy was very sweet. I love him, he's not my type but I could easily date someone so sweet and caring. Angela doesn't deserve him but I'm sure she knows by now the kind of man he is.

    I've officially become a Daisy hater. Her character has got to be one of the most annoying on TV.

    The cases were interesting and entertaining. Rushed, but good.
  • With the seventh month break between seasons and each charater going their own way, have the writers squandered the opertunity to create some real character development?

    Season 5 ended with Booth sent to Afghanistan, Brennan - Malasia and with other cast members heading to Paris or to "re-examin" their life or just simply staying in D.C. by themself. Each character in their own place return and nothing has changed. So why? The writers had a chance for each character to grow and change in their own way from their varied experiences and it was wasted. (SPOLIER) Booth comes back from a war zone as if he never left, with a casual "something happened over there that changed my mind" with the way that was put im really not interested, in fact dont tell me. Brennan returns unemotional and disconnected as ever showing the same level of interest in Booth. So nothings changed there. Hodgins and Angela returnfrom paris as a three so some excitment there, if very little, for the Hod/Ang fans. Sweets returns and is still annoying, plain and back together with the girl that "broke his heart". Then theres Camille who stayed and worked in D.C. = Boring. To sum up, there was no hints at future plot lines or to anything that happened over the seven month period for each character. However Bones is back with a great cast and interesting plot lines although it could use a dose of emotional development. If this season shows to have the he saves her, she saves him but nothing changes theme then itll be my last season.
  • Mixed feelings.

    Honestly, I'm not sure what to make of the premiere, yet. Maybe 10 episodes in it'll all make more sense, I definitely hope it will. But right now? Not really. There were quite a few things in this episode that caused feelings of joy. Angela's pregnancy, solving a crime that doesn't involve a dead body and, like all of us, I was incredibly happy to see the team back together again...but that feeling of joy had a very distinctly bitter aftertaste. Let me explain why. Booth has managed to actually move on - at least he has convinced himself he has and I found myself believing him. After the 100th episode fiasco we knew that he would move on, that he had to give himself the chance to be happy without Brennan, and he actually did. What else could he have done since Brennan, though having made quite the progress, is still very dense on the romance-front. She didn't even keep in touch with him, which would have made it so much harder for him to find the already much-hated correspondent/girlfriend. And the ball was and still remains in her court. While Brennan definitely had her mind on Booth while they were apart she still hasn't learned to read her emotional responses correctly: as Angela put it very poignantly, Brennan will die loveless and alone, if that doesn't change soon. Of course we're hoping that her heart will catch up with her brain, sometime this season (!). The Booth and Brennan dynamic just felt a little off. He was just a little too convincing in the having-moved-on department, and she was still too detached and rational regarding the reasons she dreamed of Booth, thought of Booth, was irritated by the girlfriend news and ultimately, why she decided to stay home.

    What I loved most in this episode was the final scene...the mastodon (very fitting metaphor by the way) in the room that was and still remains between our favorite two.

    All in all, it was a good season opener that will hopefully pave the road to the good old magic, or, hopefully, to a much more magical new magic.
  • A safe, warm, and fuzzy reunion...

    Ironic, that a blanket metaphor was used in the case bringing our group back together, because the safety, warmth, and fuzziness of a blanket describes well the feelings of everyone upon return. This was a nice episode to watch, and the emotions of the Jeffersonians were the highlights. Booth and Brennan's reunion at the Mall was nice, but much too safely explored, and didn't have any serious, gut-wrenching moments, just nice. I used to love their interplay, when it was unsafe, and a slippery slope of tension, but their dysfunctional personal feelings have gone on much, much too long, and that's a major strike against this show!! How can we embrace or believe they have a great partnership, when they're so emotionally stunted together? Fans are demanding that they come together romantically, as they did for Chuck and Sarah on "Chuck", and as that show has risen in popularity with that reunion, it should remind the Bones creators of a big difference between the two shows, as Bones has been declining.

    The antithesis of this, is Angela and Hodgin's relationship, which is lately the best part of the show. They've been handled as Booth and Brennan should have been, and notice their love has not altered their effectiveness in their sciences, or their relationships to other team members. I love them both, and love that they have something together that all of us secretly want!! I also loved the growth of other characters like Caroline, the true lynchpin, and a binding force to our heroes! And Cam, who always shows her emotions and leadership as strengths, strongly supporting everyone and everything. I would like to see more development of Sweets, and see him used less as a clownish, childish figure, and more of a confident, wise, man; capable of confidence in himself, and helping to promote confidence in others. I've never seen a psychologist portrayed as such an insecure, meandering figure, and disagree with that. I'm not as anxious as others to cast out Daisy, especially in this new, less squeaky, more grounded version. She's also surprisingly nice to look at, and now, listen to. So now this show needs some grit, some great episodes/villains on par with the Gravedigger episodes, and a more sturdy foundation. Less camp, and more focus, on the cases, and on improving character development. Most of all, a plan to make loving partners of the stars of the show: after a brief stint of romantic happiness separate from Tempy, Booth remembers how much he wanted her romantically, while Brennan's jealousy and her improving emotional capabilities help her to see it's been "the Real Booth" for her all along, not fops like Booth's boss or computer dates.
  • The team comes back to D.C to supposedly only save Cam's job, after 7 months and works its magic to solve not only one, but two cases.

    On the whole, the episode was a classic Bones and everything that goes with it; however, it lacked an element of "wow, it's gonna be one heck of a season" and it would certainly not add any new fans to the show. Probably the most important aspects of this part were Angela getting pregnant (spoiler), and Hodgins going out of his mind from excitement, and the fact that Booth has a new girlfriend or so he likes to think by showing everyone her picture.

    I liked the part where the Afghan woman complains about her husband fighting someone else's war and I found it interesting that Brennan's interns had all changed their lives in 7 months. I must admit though, that I'm gonna miss them. Speaking of interns, I still have mixed feelings about Daisie and I think she doesn't care enough about Sweets.

    One more thing, in my opinion Brennan is the lynch pin.Hope to see a more exciting episode this week.
  • Everyone comes back to DC and well, let's just say things are gonna change...

    So Caroline calls them all back, but as foresaw they can't just go back to the beginning. Cam is loosing her job. Her replacements are horrible ( the etymologist being a good four weeks off), she's kicked out of the Jeffersonian and all the squinterns go away (finally). Booth has a new girlfriend. i don't like her already. And all Ive seen is a photo of her. Sweets and Daisy apperntly broke up. But that elevator scene... yikes. And Angela's pregnant. For real this time :). Hopefully. So by next week, they should be getting back into the old routine with the exception of one wholly mamoth.
  • The team is called back to DC to help out Cam, who's gotten herself in trouble with higher ups. Brennan, Booth, and the team solve the mystery of a missing child while slowly realizing that they are all already where they belong - together in DC.

    Note: Spoilers ahead.

    Bones may be my favorite show, but I found it necessary to suspend all sorts of beliefs in order to go along with this episode. I never knew that small Afghani towns and Indonesian jungles had such good cell phone reception. Never realized how easy it is to suddenly depart in the middle of a year-long commitment and decide not to return. Who would have thought that no one else in the country could have identified the remains of a 3 year old Asian boy? And that despite all the media attention, no one noticed Logan Bartlett and his father playing at a public park?

    Despite my imminent irritation at all the inconsistencies in the plot, the character interactions in this episode pretty much made up for it. I was worried that the purported chemistry would be gone between our characters, but thankfully, it's not. It just manifested itself in slightly different ways. Caroline was her usual glorious snarky yet honest self, and it's a testament to the power of her presence that even with such little screen time over the course of the seasons, she's still a driving force for our team. And she really seems to love Booth in a fun and eccentric auntie-like way, which I find completely believable and adorable.

    Cam's relief at having her team back together was palpable, but her anger at Brennan for leaving in the first place felt a little out of left field. At the end of last season, I felt like they shared a mutual and strong friendship, and Cam didn't hold leaving against Brennan. So when she blamed Brennan for causing everything to fall apart, I was taken aback. I can understand where she is coming from though. She's in a tough situation. I hope we see more of Cam's research into brain damage in war veterans.

    I really want to know why Sweets took a sabbatical, and why he decided on playing elevator music on a piano. Daisy seemed less crazy, which is a relief to me, and I almost felt sorry for her. I'm torn on whether I think Sweets should take her back, and I think he should take some time to adjust and figure out what he really wants out of that relationship. Sweets never got a chance to be a twenty-something year old, and I hope he lives it up a little. Did he know Caroline lied to him about Booth having PTSD? That never came up again, but I feel like Booth's got to be bringing some (non-girlfriend) related baggage with him back from the war zone, and I would like to see Sweets explore that further with him.

    I was initially unsure about Angela's pregnancy, as spoiled by promos, but after seeing her interactions with Brennan and Hodgins, I'm completely sold on the idea. Her scenes were the highlight of the episode for me, so joyous and natural. I was so ready to be angry at Brennan for brushing off Angela's urgency, but the look on her face and her talk of metaphorical sisterhood and her hugs for Angela redeemed her entirely. She is genuinely happy for Angela, and I love seeing their best friendship. And Hodgins. Oh Hodgins, he is going to be the most amazing father to that baby. His reaction to Angela's news was beautiful, so unbelievably believable, and heartwarming. Watching these two work together and love each other through the pregnancy will be a joy to watch.

    As for Brennan and Booth, I think I have to hold off on passing judgment on their relationship until I've seen more. Booth was certainly more closed off towards Brennan than we've ever seen him, and while I think it was an intentional decision, I don't see it as a malicious one. I see his upfront-ness and honesty about Hannah as a self-preservation mechanism. He's desperately trying to convince himself that he's moved on. He had 7 months to forge this new relationship, but having Brennan actively back in his life is bound to mess with his head all over again. He definitely looked both very happy and very confused upon seeing Brennan at the beginning, and that feeling lingered throughout the episode. Happiness at being with Bones again, but also pain at being reminded of what he lost.

    Brennan was a pleasure to watch, in all of her rational yet emotionally-charged outbursts. She seems to really be trying to express her emotions more readily, but she's an inherently awkward person. Yet she manages to come off totally endearing and only occasionally snotty. But the point is, she's trying, and that's a big step for her. Her and Booth's discussion of the linchpin was funny, reassuring, and so much like their previous car conversations. Her open reaction upon rushing to Logan in the park was surprising, and I really hope we see more of her grappling with the thought of motherhood. With Angela's pregnancy, we have to, right? And this time we saw Brennan throwing longing looks in Booth's direction without much reciprocation, and honestly I think it is about darn time. She, albeit unwittingly, put Booth on an emotional roller coaster, and I think she's got to realize the consequences of her beliefs and actions on others before she and Booth can be really happy together. In other words, time for some soul-searching and some angst on Brennan's part.

    Decent season opener with some potholes and plot holes along the way, but I think the next episode might change the way I viewed the premiere. Whatever happens, I'm glad Bones is finally back!
  • A pretty good season premiere:)

    I absolutely love Bones so needless to say I was extremely excited for the season premiere. All in all I thought it very good. I missed all of my squints and my cool FBI agent, lol. I think it's good that Booth has a girlfriend that he seems to genuinely like. Don't get me wrong, I am a total and complete fan of the B&B ship, but the only way I think for Brennan to truly come to terms with her feelings for Booth, I think she needs to see him with someone else and realize just how much she loves him. I am SO happy for Angela and Hodgins! They're having a baby!!!!! SOOO exciting, lol. Normally I don't like characters in books or TV shows getting pregnant but in this case I am totally pleased with it. They are just so sweet together.:)

    I feel bad that Sweets is having a hard time forgiving Daisy, but maybe this will be good for them. Plus, they definitely didn't seem very broken up to me;)

    I absolutely loved Caroline as I always do. She is definitely my favorite out of the strictly recurring characters.
  • Welcome back.

    The good bits were, for me, the little funny bits too, like:

    -Daisy in her "Monday" undies. Does that figure or what?!

    -The look on Caroline's face when Brennan went to hug her. I guess most lawyers don't know what a hug is like...

    -Sweets' beard, and his hat. Though I'm torn between which of those is the funniest.

    -Sweets and Daisy's passionate exchange outside the elevator. You can tell there is real depth in that relationship... ;o}

    -Wendall essentially extorting Brennan for the comeback fee! Or was his fee her agreement to stay?

    But there were some weird bits too, that did require that good-old TV suspension of disbelief, like:

    -Booth just taking a call in the midst of a war and saying okay I'll be right there. -Brennan abandoning what in the real world would have been a well funded anthropological expedition because she considered a call from Caroline one of the important ones she could pick up.

    -That the preeminent Federal Medical Examiner had trouble over the body of this child, regardless of who was or was not on her team. I can understand the powers that be wanting to shut her up and using a case against her, but even a half baked pathologist would recognize the physical signs that allowed the old team to rule out the presumed victim.

    Still I'm much more willing to suspend that disbelief with this show and its fun cast of characters, because, well...just because... I already know that I'm not going to appreciate Booth's new girlfriend. Instead, Mr Hart Hanson: this is the year to cut to the chase with Booth and Brennan. I mean, come on...even Road to Avonlea had to end sometime!!