Season 7 Episode 1

The Memories in the Shallow Grave

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2011 on FOX

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    Bones had me worried in the first half of season 6--it seemed to be moving away from the things that I love about it. Bones has always been very character-driven, but the great characters who had been doing the driving were being given a backseat. The Booth-Bones relationship is really the heart of the show, with the whole opposites attract, we argue and bicker and banter all the time but we would die for each other, dynamic. I always loved seeing them come at an issue from two completely opposite directions. I also loved all the other characters, and how they interacted, and all the crazy "King of the Lab" stuff. The Hannah story arc disrupted all of that: it created a very serious story line away from Brennan, the squints, the lab and all the fun dynamics.

    The second half of Bones returned to all the things I loved, the characters and relationships and dark humour, then when they pulled the surprise pregnancy in the last five seconds of the finale, I was afraid it would all go away again. (I have since learned it was precipitated by Emily Deschanels' real-life pregnancy.)

    I was very happy to see in this episode that it hasn't. The Booth-Brennan relationship is the same as it always was, the baby and commitment just provides new things for them to be all Booth and Brennan about. I was also relieved they are treating it with the edge of humour that is part of what sets this show apart from other police procedurals.

    And as for the police procedural part, 7 seasons in, they are still finding interesting crimes with interesting twists and ways to keep us guessing until the end. My only note is that we never find out how the victim got the beating that made her lose her memory and go into a fugue state in the first place. We can assume it was her husband, but then that is never proven and he gets off scott-free.