Season 7 Episode 1

The Memories in the Shallow Grave

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 2011 on FOX

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  • When all others cower, Hart Hanson and crew soldier forward and move their main characters to the next level.


    I will admit to being so nervous about the season premiere that I actually did not enjoy it on my first viewing. So worried was I that people would hate it that I literally sat there thinking absolutely everything about the show felt unnatural. Then I caught my breath and I watched it again, nerves in check and that made all the difference in the world.

    First off, the Moonlighting curse is nothing but an excuse used to drag out teased relationships far longer than should ever be done. Many many shows have killed themselves by trying to avoid the Moonlighting curse. And as for the Moonlighting curse, please don't throw that around if you're too young to have ever seen Moonlighting. Moonlighting didn't fail because David and Maddie slept together, Moonlighting failed because the show got really really bad really really fast. Like so fast, you almost need anti-depressants to watch it. They made the characters that everyone had fallen in love with completely miserable. Who wants to watch that?

    What they've done here with Bones is so simple it's brilliant. They've allowed them the natural progression of having a relationship and taking a shot at being happy. The premiere makes it clear that this resolution of unersolved sexual tension has not in any way changed the personalities of the characters. They are the same two people finding their own ways to move through a new chapter in their lives. The episode isn't forced in that way, there is nothing unnatural about the way they interact. They are just Bones and Booth now with baby on the way. That suits me just fine. They both survived horrible childhoods and they are both insecure about the future but at least we get the feeling that there's hope they could find happiness together finally.

    I see a few people griping online about feeling "Cheated" out of that missing 6 months or so and I have to say I don't share that feeling one little bit. This was the big risk they took, the time jump, but it might also be the best thing they did. Hiding a baby bump can be done but the show almost always suffers for it. It changes the feel of the show, the way it's shot and inevitably the character being hidden is sent off into some strange circumstance where it's nothing but reasonable that we would only see her from the shoulders up, and then hardly at all. Hiding, no, that would be a bad option with this show. Dr. Temperance Brennan would not ever sit on her butt in the lab without good excuse. And in this episode it did feel like she was absent more than she usually is but at least by not hiding the bump, the character has a justifiable reason and it doesn't have to be covered with weekly excuses that just don't feel right at all.

    The episode itself was by necessity about the relationship moreso than it was about the case. The case actually was far more simple than what they usually deal with and they solved it a great deal slower than they normally would have to emphasize that yes, Dr. Temperance Brennan is human and even her thought processes can be derailed by the all-mighty hormone and the vulnerability she has opened herself up to in finally allowing herself to be in love.

    Very much, this was a satisfying 43 minutes of television. In essence it was a here's where they are after the summer establishing episode. Actually, it's not unlike last season's opener where it seemed everyone was more pre-occupied with Booth's new girlfriend than they were about the case. And again, that episode followed a big time leap so even that is not so new a thing for this season. If the formula holds true, next week they will be back to the lab and more invested in crime solving, with drinks at Founding Father's skipped and swapped for kisses and sweet nothings for obvious reasons.

    This viewer is very happy that one of her favorite shows finally was brave enough to take this route. I hope it succeeds and the Moonlighting curse vanishes in favor of the Bones Miracle.