Season 5 Episode 16

The Parts in the Sum of the Whole

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 2010 on FOX

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  • Wrong Wrong Wrong!

    The very first thing that I think is a big red flag is Sweets just now being informed that this was their first case. Since he is researching them for his book on THEM, he definitely would have known the Cleo case wasn't their first. Even without ever sharing his manuscript with Brennan and Booth, he would have asked them how they met and about their first case together, especially since he makes references to the Cleo case being their first. Also the first interactions between Booth and Brennan feel all wrong. Brennan is notoriously bad at reading people, yet she was the one that knew the judge was lying because he pinched the bridge of his nose? Really? Also, throughout the show's episodes, Brennan has feigned ignorance when people have commented to her how attractive Booth is and she always seemed more interested in her work and professionalism than trying to sleep with Booth, yet in this episode she basically throws caution to the wind and is very forward with him until the moment comes for them to cross that line. Also, there was a Christmas episode where Caroline makes Brennan kiss Booth and she seemed reluctant to do so and it was awkward at first. In the first few episodes there didn't appear to be a lot of sexual tension between the two characters and Booth seemed like he was in denial for some time about being attracted to none of this makes sense if they actually pawed at each like that when they first met. I also find it hard to believe that Cam was the one that introduced the two of them when they never mentioned this when she became Brennan's boss. I also don't believe this was the start of Hodgin's and Zak's seemed awkward and then by the first episode, it's like they are BFF's. Same with Angela and Brennan. There was also no fight in Booth concerning allowing Brennan go out in the field with him, something he resisted letting her do in the first episode. Also, I felt a lot of the things Brennan says in this episode are very out of character. I was very disappointed in this episode and the multitude of inconsistencies and was hoping throughout the entire episode that it was just a prank they were pulling on Sweets.
  • Conflicted

    It was a great way to show the past - But not a great way to move on to the future.

    I love bones - But this episode although a great case - it ruined my entire perspective on Bones and Booth moving forward - Booth just kissing her out of the blue and then making it up right on the spot - that never happens - It was a disgraceful ending to an otherwise great episode
  • Bones..

    It's just a wonderful serie!
  • bones 100th episode review

    I think the Bones 100th episode is apserlutely amazing and I would love it if you came to this website to sign in and get it
  • their point of view

    just watched this episode last night and loved it. so what if its not accurate or true to the characters its booth and brennan telling the story so its not going to be perfect. its how they felt about each other thats improtant and i thought the ending was so heart breaking even tho ive seen the later series.
  • Huh?

    I have been gushing about this series everyone I know . I'm a new watcher , having found it on Netflix just a few weeks ago. I love it so much , that I watch about 3 episodes a day. Its the only t.v I watch ( my DVR is full because of it !!). That being said , I did NOT like this episode . Probably more so than others, since the episodes are still fresh in my mind.

    No way cam introduced the two . When cam first appeared in season two, there was no mention of them knowing each other even in the slightest way. No way did they kiss before this episode. The feeling is ALL wrong !! The ending : horrible . Then they are able to just go on in episode 17, pretending to be married ? Just strange! Also, Angela and Temperance were always best friends, and this episode shows that they just met ??? Finally, her demeanor in the episode is ALL WRONG! She called him names and slapped him ?? Tears ..!??

    I hope this doesn't mean that all the rest of the episodes will not be good!!
  • For the 100th episode of Bones, Brennan and Seeley recap their first case together for Dr. Sweets.

    This was a terrible episode. I understand that it has gotten great reviews, but frankly, it just does not mesh up with the rest of the show. There are severe inconsistencies with the pilot episode, leading to plot holes and absurd details that had no place being in this episode. Frankly, if you're a Bones purist, then you probably will not like this episode. It has Cam in it, which makes no sense because she was never mentioned before the beginning of season two. It does not have Dr. Goodman. Angela and Brennan just happen to magically become friends during the flashback of this episode. These silly little details took away from the quality that I have come to expect from Bones.
  • Great episode, but, I gotta say, way too much stuff happened in 40 minutes!


    We've been waiting for a kiss (yeah, i know, the mistletoe... I meant a REAL kiss)for -literally- years, and without notice, we get two of them... and we missed even more action just for a few glasses of tequila.
    I gotta say this took me by surprise; the whole idea of the "real" first case was maybe not that accurate for purists, but still really fun, Sweets' frustration in this episode was priceless.
    Again, I really wasn't expecting Booth to move so fast, and it was sad seeing him lose his "bet". I'm really looking forward to see how the relationship between Bones & Booth evolves after this major event.

  • Extremely Disappointing

    I don't know how anyone can give a positive review of this episode. It feels like a slap in the face to loyal fans. For months they have been building up the 100th episode, and millions of us tuned in to see B & B take a step forward. Instead, they took a giant step back. The advertising was completely misleading, setting fans up for a huge heartbreak. B & B's relationship was progressing so much this season, from the episode when Gordon came back, to when Booth's grandfather came, to when Bones said in her toast that Booth taught her to believe in love. We've waited 5 years, I'm sick of the will they or won't they. I care about these characters and I want to see them happy. And yes, I know they will end up together eventually, but I don't want it to be two years from now on the series finale.

    Also, the flashbacks contained a lot of inconsistencies and holes, any true Bones fan would notice this. This episode is right up there with the finales of seasons 3 and 4 for over-promoted and under-performing, but this one takes the cake.
  • The Parts in the sum of the whole was the 100th episode of BONES. It explores the very first case of Brennan and Booth.

    I must say I was looking forward to this episode like hell. The flashback was awesome! But i was quite disappointed with the end. I expected Booth to declare his love for her. Instead he said that he was a gambler and talked about old couples who were in love !!! and brennan could have rejected him on more solid grounds (i liked when she said "i don't have your kind of open heart though) i expected too much i guess. and i also thought things would be awkward between them after booth declaring that he loves her! but they went on as though nothing serous had happened... It was nice, but could have been better!! Seriously... But i also liked how in the end of the episode, bones kind of leans into booth. it showed that even though they could not take the big risk, they still didnt want to lose each other. showed that they had a special bond between them that was purer than love!!! :)
  • Booth and Bones tell Dr. Sweets about the first case that they worked on together, to point out some errors that the doctor made in his soon-to-be published research.

    The 100th Episode of Bones seem to be offering up a nice, little, extended middle finger to fans everywhere. While it had been established, that the pilot episode was not the first case that Booth and Bones worked together on, this episode offers up a first case, which seems designed to frustrate and annoy fans as much as it does Dr. Sweets.

    The flashback episode wisely features Zack, but leaves out Dr. Goodman, who was an important player in the first season. Even if they could not get the actor to agree to a return, it would not have been hard to explain away his absence that day.

    Camille is given a role in this flash back, even through Bones does not seem to know who she is at the start of the second season.

    Prosecutor Caroline is also featured in the flash back, even through Booth did not seem to know her when she first appeared in the first season episode, 'The Man In The Morgue'.

    It would not have been to difficult to avoid these pitfalls. Frankly, in doing an episode such as this, it probably helps to be familiar with the first season.

    Yes, the return of Zack is great and the episode does try to recreate the look of the first season, but these obvious mistakes are not necessary and could have been easily avoided.

    Yes, the episode's murder-mystery itself was engaging to watch, although some of the plot points were hard to believe, but probably the result of time constraints.

    For example, Bones and Angela becoming best friends (almost) the moment that they meet, was a bit silly to watch. I do not consider myself to be a 'purist' but this was an important episode that made makes lots of mistakes, which could have been avoided.

    It is saved by the quality of the murder mystery, seeing Zack back in the lab and the romantic notion that Booth and Bones fell in love with each other at first sight.
  • what a brilliant idea

    Clever idea from the scriptwriters to go back to the days before they got together. In addition the direction by David Boreanaz was just brilliant.( I'm not the only one to think this - see the extras on the DVD re Boreanaz the director)Beautifully created sets that were different from present time and a change of emphasis on their clothing. Booth's tie is sober, until you look on the reverse!
    Personally I thought all the little touches were great: Hodgkins with his anger management elastic band: the squints problems with a corpse less than a hundred years old: not realizing that they needed to use gloves when handling remains: Caroline, bawling out Booth:Caroline suggesting that Booth is only after her office for the window:
    references to Booth the gambler, playing pool for money: that kiss in the rain:the sadness of the final scene in present time when she won't take up with him and he needs to find someone to love him for the rest of his life - aah, poor Booth.
  • Finally, the answer to THE QUESTION from "Mayhem on a Cross": Who did Gordon mean when he said "one of them is acutely aware of that attraction" and who did Sweets mean when he said "I think I just saw what [Gordon] saw."? Therefore ***SPOILERS AHEAD***

    Okay, first up, a refresher for those of you who don't have access to a re-watching of the episodes in question at your fingertips. I have transcribed a couple scenes, as well as included a few definitions/explanations of terms used in the conversations.
    (Disclaimer: Transcripts, definitions, thoughts, and interpretations are my own, but "Bones" belongs to Fox and Hart Hanson.)

    4x21 Mayhem on a Cross
    Sweets: Okay, what about the sexual component in their relationship?
    Dr. Gordon Gordon Wyatt: Ah!
    Sweets: Would you agree that they have both sublimated(1) their attraction to each other out of fear of endangering their working relationship because their working relationship is paramount(2) to both of them?
    Gordon Gordon: Alas, I'm afraid I wouldn't agree with that.
    Sweets: Wow. Which part?
    Gordon Gordon: Well, everything you just said. I'd guess one of them is acutely aware of that attraction, struggles with it daily as a matter of fact.
    Sweets: Wow. I'm sorry I keep saying that. Which one?
    Gordon Gordon: It's your book, Doctor Sweets. I would never tell you what to write.

    (1) sublimated – haven't thought about it actively; they are aware on some subconscious level but their minds refuse to admit it actively – they don't even know they know.
    (2) paramount – very important; the most important thing

    [At the request of Gordon Gordon, Brennan and Booth go to see Sweets and each share an emotionally scarring story from their childhood with him. Booth gives Brennan his handkerchief because she is crying and she wipes her face with it. She then replaces it in his coat pocket and they share a look, which Sweets observes. He gets a satisfied look on his face and nods.]
    Brennan: Why are you nodding?
    Sweets: Nothing, it's just, Wyatt made an observation about you two and I think I just saw what he saw.

    At the time, I had thought that he was talking about Booth because he obviously is in love with Brennan and knows it, even going so far as to admit it to Cam and Gordon Gordon in season 5. But that seemed like too simple an answer to me and the look that Brennan gave Booth in that scene seemed very significant. And it all made sense in this week's episode, when Booth finally declared to Brennan his feelings for her.

    5x16 The Parts in the Sum of the Whole

    Booth: Look, I want to give this a shot.
    Brennan: You mean us? No, the FBI won't let us work together as a couple --
    Booth: No, don't do that, that is no reason – [Booth kisses Brennan]
    Brennan: [pushing him away] No. No.
    Booth: Why?
    Brennan: You thought you were protecting me but you're the one who needs protecting.
    Booth: Protecting? From what?
    Brennan: From me. I don't have your kind of open heart.
    Booth: Let's just give it a chance. That's all I'm asking.
    Brennan: No, you said it yourself: 'the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome'.
    Booth: Well, then let's go for a different outcome, here. Alright, let's just, --. Hear me out here, alright. You know when you talk to older couples who, you know, have been in love for thirty or forty or fifty years, alright, it's always the guy who says 'I knew'. I knew. Right from the beginning.
    Brennan: Your evidence is anecdotal(1).
    Booth: I'm that guy. Bones, I'm that guy, I know.
    Brennan: I – I am not a gambler. I'm a scientist. I can't change. I don't know how. I don't know how. Please don't look so sad.
    Booth: You're right. You're right.
    Brennan: Can we still work together?
    Booth: Yeah.
    Brennan: Thank you.

    (1) anecdotal. An anecdote is a true story (ex." Suzy went/ran/biked to the mall yesterday at 3:00 and bought a beautiful/pale/red/orange sweater." As you can see, though based on factual events, there is room for interpretation of facts in an anecdote). Here, Brennan is pointing out that Booth's argument is anecdotal (based on stories) rather than factual (based on facts).

    And ta-da, there it is. They did answer the question for us. Brennan was exactly who Wyatt was talking about. If you go back and read what Sweets and Wyatt said in the first scene, it's exactly what Brennan says in this scene.
    It was obvious all along that Brennan was scared of Booth's feelings for her. And here we see that it's not only out of a fear of losing their working relationship, but a fear of not being good enough for him, of hurting him, the same way that, at the beginning of season 5, Booth was afraid of hurting her if their relationship didn't work out. They love each other too much. And I don't think that Brennan is giving herself enough credit. She's learned a lot just in the past five years. With the help of Angela and Booth, Brennan has come a long way as far as interacting with people and being there for them. She's always talking about how she's afraid of being a cold fish, and I think that admitting that means there's a lot of hope for her. Just by seeing those faults in herself, there is the opportunity to change and grow as a person, which she has. Immensely.
    Although many fans will probably be unhappy with his ending, I was satisfied with it. It wasn't the fairytale turn of events I was hoping for, but it did stay true to the characters and the story, which is really more important isn't it?
  • LOVE IT!!!

    I, too, must respectfully disagree with Dark Knight. I think that Booth's reaction to Brennan's response was because he knows her so well. He knows that if she has arrived at a conclusion using logic, there is no use in trying to change her mind using the heart and feelings. She says to him "I'm a scientist", I think that this is her way of saying, if Booth cannot prove to her, using logic and evidence that what they are both feeling is real and is going to work out, then she is not going to take the chance. I believe that she loves Booth, in her own dysfunctional way, and up til now, that has been enough for Booth. Him saying "I have to find someone ......" is his way of telling her that he needs something back from the woman that he loves and if Brennan is still not willing to give it, then he needs to move on. I have to admit, I was screaming at the TV when I first watched this episode, but after watching it again I can completely understand what the writers were trying to get to. I love this episode and I can't wait to see what happens next.
  • AMAZING! Kisses and Zack is back!

    In this episode of Bones the following happens. In this 100th episode of Bones, we take a look back the first case which Booth and Brennan worked together. We also see their kiss first and what happened to make Brennan hate Booth. This episode was just WOW. We got to see their first kiss and then we got to see them in the present and see Both tells Bones that he basically loves her and wants to be with her. She rejects him, but I don't think this is the end of their relationship, in fact I think it's just the beginning.
  • More Than The Sum Of The Parts Of The Whole

    Bones's 100th episode is emotionally intense. Booth and Brennan finally let their feelings all out. I was impressed by the two leads' performances. It was very sincere, subtle but moving. Kudos to the writers for handling the scenes very well, it was in very good taste. One thing that strikes me though, is that this should've happened long before and it would've been a perfect 4th season finale(instead of the dream sequence).

    The case was not really that interesting for their first, but that's not really the point of this episode, is it? It's nice to see how it all started with the squints. I know this has been said a gazillion times before, but Zack is just irreplaceable. He's got more character than any new intern, it would've been nice to see him grow, or have a girlfriend. Caroline is always a joy to watch, she should be on every episode. And they did a good job on Hodgins's hair :)


    The idea that Brennan and Booth already 'kissed'(well without mistletoes) in the past is genius. I think it's sort of a play on Bones's fans. They all go "when will they do it?", guess what, they already did, and it was totally "squee-inducing." Okay i admit, i smiled a little, and now i'm embarrassed. Hart, damn you!

    I hope this "really" turns the show around for good. Everybody's tired of waiting and there's plenty of room for another good story to tell.

    Lastly, David B. is a very good director. They should let him play with the camera more.
  • This is why I love Bones - Excellent writing, brilliant acting, and a perfect way to mark 100 episodes.

    As the bulk of this episode is effectively a prequel, I had wondered how the writers would create a story which added to the Bones story while maintaining the integrity of the characters and relationships established over the past 4½ seasons.

    The result is a stand-out episode which shows the quality of the writers, cast and crew of Bones.

    With the groundwork put in place as early as the Pilot episode (where reference is made to Brennan and Booth having worked together previously), 'The Parts in the Sum of the Whole' fits into the Bones storyling nicely and adds far more of the back story than just Brennan and Booth. At first viewing nothing significant seemed out of character or contradictory to more 'recent' character histories - even though B+B's initial relationship when they first meet bears little similarity to what we have become familiar with.

    The tale of B+B's first case provides back-history on the other cast regulars nicely - I particularly liked Hodgins' retro hair ;)

    The way the episode tackles B+B's more recent relationship is fantastic, finally confronting an issue which has been on the boil for quite a while, but doing so in a manner which leaves the future for Brennan and Booth still far from certain.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how the repercussions of events in 'The Parts in the Sum of the Whole' are handled in the next few episodes - even more to look forward to each week!

    Being pedantic there were some tiny issues which seemed slightly out of character, such as Brennan using colloquialisms such as 'shnoz' seemed somewhat atypical, but all in all 'The Parts..' is an excellent episode which still has me buzzing several hours after first watching it.
  • A really great milestone episode...

    A really great milestone episode, the recap was great managing not to bore and the new stuff was exceptional well written/acted. Avoiding spoiler details for those yet to see the episode:

    The ending stands out as one of those moments that captured the strength of such human complex emotions amazingly. Kudos to all involved!

    The opening up between Booth and Brennan really did have to come but I never expected it to be handled with such compassion. The squirming and frustration from Sweets was brilliant.

    Lastly it was a stroke of genius to cover Booth and Brennan's back story in this manner, giving the viewer a feeling of truly understanding the character slightly better.
  • Such a waste of an 100th episode. This was the worst episode in the series,


    This episode appears to have been written around the executive producers' statement last fall that the upcoming season would finally show the two main characters kiss. They would have done better to just make the script into a dream sequence or an alternate reality like everyone else on their 100th episode (NO that is not what I like!). Who knows maybe it is so bad because it was suppose to be one of those options originally. It certainly would explain character flaws and story continuity issues.

    The episode story was very weak, mediocre at best. To me it felt like this script was just cheap window dressing for the "KISS". The writers felt that they had to explain how just about everyone got involved in the show. These attempts made the script weaker than it already was. There was a dislike between Zak and Hodgins, did not care for it but probably the most believable. Angela and Temperance were not long time friends, but had met once before the episode, which goes against how the characters were written back in Season 1. Zacks insults to Booth calling him stupid made him out to be a child, not the socially inept genius that the character was. Having Dr. Saroyan appear in the episode was not necessary nor was having her be the one to tell Booth to use Dr. Brennan. It would have been more likely that the suggestion was to come from a supervisor.

    The writers went too far with their desire to explain too much by having insinuations of Dr. Brennan being the cause or spark that cause the future events. After a talk Dr. Brennan and Booth have about conformity Booth changes his tie and implies that she is why he has the belt buckle and boots that he wears. Also it is insinuated that Dr. Brennan started Hodgins on his love of "experiments" after instructing him and Zack to perform one for impact analysis.

    What really caused this episode to drop from a 6.0 to a 4.0 for me was that the writers had Dr. Sweets go into a lecture about them still needing to have a romance. The character having the credentials and experiences he has would not have done this to Booth. If he did, I'm betting he would not have a job with the FBI. Remember Booth had trouble during the first part of the season because of the relationship he thought they had from his coma dreams. You are taking a person who is still recovering from brain damage that is probably still is dealing with the emotional aftermath. With the push from Sweets it would not be surprising that Booth would try to jump into a relationship with Dr. Brennan, nor was it surprising that she rejected him. But I do not buy that after this emotionally charged relationship denial that they would walk away arm in arm, with her head on his shoulder. Give me a break this flew off into fantasy land.

    Hopefully everyone involved with this episode forget about it and never reference or try to use pieces of it again. They had an opportunity to make the best episode in the series, but instead made the worst. For that I give them the wagging finger of shame…
  • I disagree with Darknight07

    I must find that I must semi-respectfully disagree with Darknight. This was quite possibly the best episode in the series. Certainly the best episode of the season. I found no inconsistencies in show continuity - save maybe for Brennan meeting Caroline - but that's easily explained as Caroline deliberately not wanting to know Brennan's name. In general the episode payed great homage to Season 1 especially with Brennan punching out the judge. I thought Zack's return was great and I thought that it was absolutely hilarious how he ended up insulting Booth which explains Booth's general attitude towards Zack through out the series (ie. how he tricks Zack into thinking that ignoring him is his way of acknowledging his presence).

    I thought the ending was VERY well acted and sad at the same time. It'll be interesting to see where this show goes from here.
  • The 100th episode of Bones, was it worth watching.

    Bones has been on the air for 100 episodes now, a mile-mark for any show to be sure. Did Bones' 100th episode live up to the show's potential. The answer is yes. This episode gave us the first ever case that Booth and Bones worked together on, and it gave us a much welcomed, much wanted insight the the two of them. It showed their budding relationship when they both started working together, and how that fell apart. It showed the slow transition of the Jeffersonian from a boring lab that looked at people who were long dead, to a crime solving machine. It also gave us the moment that fans of the show have been waiting for, the moment that Booth would tell Bones how he feels. It was like talking a breath of air after being underwater too long. Very satisfying. I can't wait to see where they take the relationship after this.
  • Intense and Bittersweet - a landmark episode that changes everything

    I am still quite in shock after having watched The Parts in the Sum of the Whole.
    Sweets's book and particularly its conclusion - that Booth and Brennan are in love - have always been a consolation to matter what, or how long, I thought that those two would have to come to the same conclusion...eventually and together. Booth already knows that he's in love with her...even though to me it never felt like a clear "i love her" because of all the bitter after-coma-your-mind-is-playing-a-trick-on-you taste. But, we all know he loves her - Gordon Gordon and Sweets have discussed it countless times. And well, Sweets book had to make an impact on Brennan, I naively thought, because Sweets is a genius in relation to the human psyche and so is his reasoning.

    But - how could there have been no "but" - there is a fault in his reasoning, in the whole premise of his book: Booth's and Brennan's first case was not the one we saw in the pilot. Their actual first case took place a year before the pilot. And finding out about the details of said case didn't just leave Sweets hanging in the air - I am quite in the air myself. Don't get me wrong, it was so much fun to see these two meeting for the first time - no baggage whatsoever, feeling and seeing their free unbridled mutual attraction.
    But so many painful questions were raised that I can't find satisfying anserws to: Why didn't Brennan sleep with Booth? Was it really the tequila or did she "feel" that Booth was so much more than just a one night stand? Is Sweets right, did they miss their moment?

    That last question is the most haunting of all, especially in light of Booth's brave gamble in that episode's final and most important scene of all. Because gamble he did...he put his heart out there - he didn't actually confess that he loved her, but he told her that he wanted to give them a chance - he told her that he was "that guy", that he knew from the very beginning that they should be together, that in 30, or 40 or 50 years from now when they'd be one of those couples to be interviewed he would be the guy to say that he knew from the very first time they met - and while I was so thrilled and overly surprised that he actually took that chance and told her, the scene had "heartbreaking disaster" written all over it. Not just because we're still in the 5th season and there are still quite a few to go, but because he was talking to Bones...and as much as we love her, and as far as she has come in the past 5 years, even accepting that love could be something real and transcendent and not just a chemical reaction in our brains, she is not ready. She isn't ready to open her heart the way he needs her to and the way she needs herself to to even consider being with Booth - and after tonight's episode I don't know if she ever will be. Seeing them both so devastatingly sad, him after realizing that she won't give them a chance and her after realizing that she can't - it literally broke my heart to pieces. Because that was it - Booth, the one who was most likely to recognize his true feelings for her and act upon them, spoke up: he asked her and she said no. And Booth is a man of his word - he WILL move on. At least he'll try, and knowing our white knight he will to some extent succeed...he will still put Temperance first, protecting her and helping her open up her heart, but he's done hoping. And that loss of his hope had me crying into my couch pillow. This climatic scene came so unexpected, and played out so disastrously, it still has me tripping. Booth gambled and he lost. Now, it is up to her...if there is ever going to be a real chance for our most beloved non-couple then Dr. Temperance Brennan will have to be the one to initiate it. The ball is in her court and somehow it feels like it's going to be a long, excruciating wait before a play will be made.
  • I liked it... Except the very last dialog.

    I must say that this episode is one of my favorites. I really liked the difference between past Brennan vs present Brennan.

    The episode was quite like the first three seasons which where so much fun to watch. Until all changed and the writers started to make whatever the heck the wanted with the show.

    Now, the thing I really disliked was the awful way Booth declare to Brennan. Don´t get me wrong, I did like the whole crying and rejecting thing. But, The WAY he did it and the words he used were so wrong. I mean, where was the "I love you" or "I´m in love with you" that he was suppose to say instead of "why why?".
    And the whole "I gotta move on", what the heck was that?.

    So he says out of the blue "I want to give us a chance" and five seconds later he gives up saying "gotta find someone who´s gonna love me 30 40 50 years"?. It sounded like an ultimatum.

    So what, he was in love with Brennan because he NEEDS someone who loves him back for eternity? THAT was totally unnecessary.
    He could have said "I gotta move on... I can´t wait for you forever" And Even THAT would have been better.

    The scene should have ended when he says yes to the whole working together thing and it would have been perfect. And the next episodes could have been all about the awkwardness and/or nervousness of them being close to each other (in a good way obviously) after their little declaration of love. Anyway, the episode was great leaving aside the above scene.

    PS: The scene were they kiss outside the bar was absolutely superb, filled with natural sexual attraction and sexiness. Also, I loved the way Brennan goes to work all nauseated and feeling like crap after drinking to much tequila I LOL at that.
  • The 100th episode lives up to hype. Bones and Booth's first case and the first signs of their attraction - and whether it can still happen.

    What better way to mark 100 episodes of the most offbeat procedural currently on television - a flashback to Bones and Booth's first case taking down a judge who's killed a young musician. Along the way we see the return of Zack, Hodgins' afro (!) and the reason why, despite their initial attraction, Bones and Booth didn't pursue a relationship.

    So it seems Bones and Booth "missed their moment" - but of course, what if they hadn't? What if they hooked up, then had the same argument the next day and never started working together? Would it have been worth it for one night of passion? No, I think Bones made the right choice in heading home alone that drunken night. Because now they've gotten to know each other personally and understand each other so well. It was great to see Booth so actively (and without pretense) attempt to persuade Bones to be with him at the end of the episode. Shows that go for too long with URST without addressing the issues (I'm looking at you, Smallville) end up losing our interest.

    The one thing I object to was with Booth's resolution to "move on". This will likely be impossible given they're still working together. I know the writers want to avoid the Moonlighting curse, but shows that have thrown together their central couple have survived before (Frasier, Alias, Gilmore Girls). I'm not interested in Bones and Booth consummating their relationship - that's just a natural progression. Bones and Booth making each other happy as a couple - that's what I'm interested in.
  • When Sweets is about to publish his book on their partnership, Booth and Brennan set him straight on an error in his assumptions on their first case.

    The episode opens with Booth and Brennan discussing the errors of Sweets' book, so they head off to Sweets' office to tell him. As the story unfolds, we see the beginnings of their relationship. The details of the relationship between them are slowly revealed and tugs and divides the audience (and Sweets). Bones' mixed up metaphors keep the humour flowing, along with Sweets' comic expressions of disbelief as Booth and Bones retell their story. The hype around this episode is definitely NOT exaggerated, and ever after watching it over and over again doesn't lessen its impact. Definitely one of the best, if not the best episode of this entire show.
  • Absolutly brilliant. And finally one of those episodes, i mean, Zack, old looks, etc. Love it, to beacome an absolute classic of the serie.

    What can i say?
    I have to congratulate de writers, they totally jump that obstacule that was getting ridiculously big. I kind of hate them now, but still have the hope that not everything is said, even thought they are gonna make us sufer very much from now on with this "i got to move on" thing.

    The idea of the "glimp to the past" was brilliant, they even got all the caracters to look like in the beggining, to act like in the beggining, to speak like in the beggining, i totally love it. Hodgins was remarkable, and zack! oh zack! so want zack back...

    I kind of got the felling of "the wannabe in the weeds" or "aliens in a speaceship", to become a classic for sure.


    2nd part of the review, sorry heve to do it after seeing the ep. for a 2nd time.
    It just that it seems to me that this ep. was planed from the beggining, because this made everything fit, from the start. Ej. i always thought that the way that Brennan treats all the other male posible sex partners that she likes, was very different from the booth treatment, from de word 0. I always took it like a character error, but now it is not. Because the way that Brennan comes on to booth is the way she comes on to everybody else. So it makes sense.

    But that means one of two posibilities, one the writers always planed it like this or two they make this ep. in a so brilliant way that made them possible to cover up all wearness of the series. If it is the second one this is absolutly unique in a serie as long as this, because other series (an movies) that have done this kind of raconto (not sure it is a word in english), have make a mess of the whole story, including George Lucas, but this writers didn`t... that is something isn't it?
  • Booth/Brennan beginning... and the end?

    On this 100th episode of Bones, Brennan and Booth comment on Sweets' manuscript for his upcoming novel. They reveal that it is not entirely true what he says about Bones/Booth. They both explain how they first met and the romantic relation they once had six years ago. A case is given to the FBI and they are pathed to the Jeffersonian Institute by Cam. Angela, a street artist, is hired by the Jeffersonian to draw corpses, the Hodgins/Zack war sees its beginning, Booth deals with his gambling and has a thing with Bones. Plus, you get to see Bones have a hangover!

    This episode is a not-to-miss classic of the series. Don't miss it, April 8th, 2010, at 8/7c on FOX. If you haven't watched the series, it's a great episode for beginners.
  • Outstanding!

    Oh my God, I actually cried at this episode! Absolutely superb writing, great direction from David Boreanz, and amazing acting from the characters. I was holding my breath in the final scenes, and could not believe how it ended! *SPOILER* How can anybody say no to the love of their life when he confesses his love so defiantly? You could really feel for Bones and Brennan in this episode - both hearts broken!
    It does make me wonder where the writers are going to take the show next - if the sexual tension is gone, then a big chunk of the show is gone!

    All the questions are answered! And our hearts are broken. This episode was...brilliant. The acting was soooo convincing and the writing was outstanding. Seriously, by the middle I was hyperventilating and by the end, I was full out bawling. The plot was amazingly twisted and beautifully worked out. Even though the case was mediocre (not the most exciting) the chemistry made up for all of it and more. The characterization of everyone was spot on. Especially Hodgins, being angry like that. I could see the beginning of something beautiful in this episode and it was really great to see how the characters first interacted. Like Zach and Hodgins and Bones and Booth. It was really unexpected the turnout...totally unpredictable. Like WOW. I would never expect that to happen and it was...HOT....yet sweet and nice at the same time. Poor old Booth, how can Bones do that!?!?! Anyway, best episode I've seen in a while...from any show. :)
  • Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

    This is Bones at it's best. The flashbacks of Brennan and Booth are an absolute joy to watch not only for BB shippers but the other characters also, its light hearted (drunks, flirting, elastic band snapping!) but the final 10 minutes strike an insanely intense climax. Deschanel's and Boreanez's acting never fails to amaze. It's raw, building up from anger, to desperation, to tears ,(the latter myself indulging in!) Just when you think Hanson is going to deny us fans of our long awaited BB moment... BAM, there it is in a heart wrenching two minutes of overwhelming emotional intensity. Brilliant.
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