Season 8 Episode 22

The Party in the Pants

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 15, 2013 on FOX

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  • Basically the same story we have seen time and time again

    Basically the same story we have seen time and time again when a male stripper is murdered. Booths mother makes a visit.
  • The "Soap" of Bones

    Long-lost Mom? Seriously? Don't we have enough prodigal parents for one show? By the way, she's got TWO sons, why didn't she want to "share her moment of happiness" with Jared? The women who leaves her children with abusive father is not a person I wanna sympathize with. I understand the creators want to make the show more emotionally charged since Bones' life has undergone such changes, but they should balance it - the last season is like some soap with elements of "Ghostwhsperer" for crying out loud!
  • What happened to the show I use to watch?

    One of the most wasteful episodes of Bones ever. I completely and totally missed the point of creating Booth's mom. I tried to care. I didn't. I tried to figure out why she'd show up after all this time and he'd just accept it - I couldn't. It got to the point where I simply fast forwarded the scenes because it annoyed me so much. I just could not (and still can't) figure out what the point was and seriously wished they'd just have let it be that she left. Too much re-creation as it is - just stick to the back story and move ahead. I would have preferred seeing bones and booth in a classic driving scene chatting about life and just shooting the breeze than to have this woman suddenly appear for no reason at all.

    And what's up with a bunch of stupid women yanking off Booth's pants.. and Brennan just laughs.. ha ha ha.. so it matches the title of the episode. I'm not looking for a realistic tv show - not in the least - but I am looking for some tiny bit of character consistency - or even a tiny bit of intelligence rather than something that just makes the characters, WRITERS and the SHOW look totally stupid.

    Please bring the regular classic BONES back.

  • Bones the heart of the matter


    Great acting of Booth, Brennan and Booth's mother. Booth is a very nice person. I would not have forgiven my mother easily. The case was well and there are always funny moments.

    Hopefully the show will last for long time
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