Season 4 Episode 10

The Passenger in the Oven

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 2008 on FOX
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Brennan and Booth's peaceful flight to China, where Brennan was going to identify pre-historic remains, gets interrupted when a fully cooked human body is discovered in the plane's industrial-sized microwave. Booth and Brennan use Brennan's high-tech equipment to send evidence to the Jeffersonian for processing. They discover that the victim was a writer who was writing a controversial piece about airline pilots, and must race to solve the case before the plane lands and they lose jurisdiction.moreless

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  • Why is there never a horrible smell for all these dead bodies?

    I love the show, but the fact they do not seem realistically address the dead body smells bugs me.

    So you really think a women gets microwaved to death on an airplane and then they take the dead body apart, throw stuff in boiling water and no one is smelling this??

    That is a huge glaring mistake to me.

    They often ignore the smell factor on this show in scenes. I wonder why?moreless
  • It was a very good episode, I actually loved the scenes in the very beginning of this epi (Booth between 2 oldies and escape to 1st class and Booth worried if Brennan is bored with him as a partner) more than the end scene with the champagne.moreless

    Sweets was cool, loved the clothes and the psych-interview that he did with the black guy.

    Brennan's weird glasses and shaking hair scene was kinda... classic fantasy.. but I love it, Booth's face when saying that and Brennan's eyes magnified!

    And the scene reminded me on movie Tomcats when a character of a -female- librarian turns out to be a dominatrix... hilarious!

    Many of you do not approve the new couple - Angie and Roxie and I was sure from the first mention of R. in the spoilers: "This is going to be so ...wrong."

    I mean, wth.. She asks her to move in? ...almost yesterday, she couldn't move in with Jack and marry him and now... Now,a girl pops out of ..somewhere and Ange just magically lost her fear of commitment. Oh, ok.

    To conclude this review, B&B saved this episode.moreless
  • Creative techniques and tools, then a hurried investigation sifting through the suspects

    Very inventive use of available materials to turn into forensic tools. The two old ladies, both mystery buffs, assisting in the investigation were very funny. It's probably the fastest they've ever solved a crime.

    I liked the varied suspects and how they were ruled out with the exception of the murderer – though the motive is there, it's not explained exactly how the death happened. Given what made the mark on the skull and the height of it, it only makes sense the victim was pushed or fell into the stove handle, but this is never confirmed.

    Angela and Roxy are a ridiculous couple. There's been no build-up at all, no indication of how serious the relationship is and Angela, who wouldn't even move in with the man she was going to marry, asks Roxy to move in with her?! Where did this come from?!

    Creative episode, filled with unusual techniques and an impressive investigation given the limits involved.moreless
  • Brennan and Booth are on a plane to China when they discover a cooked body in the oven of the airplane. They try to solve the murder in a very unique way.moreless

    I thought the idea was fantastic and the last time I saw a 20000 miles high crime as appealing as this one it was on Monk. The fact that Booth had a lot of help from an old lady with that much interest in Bones's work was quite amusing and the probe idea was brilliant.

    No one can forget this part: Now take off your glasses, take your hair down and say, "Mr.Booth. Do you know what the punishment is for an overdued book?" ( It may not be exact, but you get the idea).

    Moreover, the scene where Booth reads the murderer his rights and the clapping and etc was another great touch in the episode.

    Personally, I loved this part because the mystery aspect of it was well defined and well excecuted.moreless
  • Booth and Bones must solve a murder on an international flight before it lands and Booth loses jurisdiction.

    Really enjoyed this one. Classic Booth Bones interaction, plus a well-thought plot, and the elderly ladies throwing in their comments was a nice touch. I particularly liked the part where Booth asked Bones to play the librarian in his "librarian/naughty borrower" scenario. It's that little bit of sexual edge that makes the relationship between these characters so much fun to watch. Also enjoyed the drama at the end, as there was indecision on the DA's part whether or not to sign the paperwork allowing booth to make an arrest. Enjoyable start to finish on this one, and there wasn't really much I didn't like.moreless
Michaela Conlin

Michaela Conlin

Angela Montenegro

T.J. Thyne

T.J. Thyne

Dr. Jack Hodgins

Tamara Taylor

Tamara Taylor

Dr. Camille Saroyan

John Francis Daley

John Francis Daley

Dr. Lance Sweets

David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz

Special Agent Seeley Booth

Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel

Dr. Temperance Brennan

Nichole Hiltz

Nichole Hiltz

Roxie Lyon

Guest Star

Peggy Miley

Peggy Miley

Charlotte Hanover

Guest Star

Dona Hardy

Dona Hardy

Nadine Spring

Guest Star

Patricia Belcher

Patricia Belcher

Assistant U.S. Attorney Caroline Julian

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Captain Blake: We passed the point of no return fuel-wise 23 minutes ago.
      Bones: The polar route takes us over Greenland. Can we land there to refuel?

      Greenland is much closer to the U.S. than to Shanghai, and if the plane hasn't even passed Greenland yet, there's no way that it could already be past the point of no return fuel-wise as the Captain states. Also, while the polar route would indeed take the plane somewhat near Greenland, the plane would not be over Greenland, since the country is east of the U.S. and the plane is heading west towards Shanghai. Bones should have said "near" instead of "over".

    • This is the second time Sweets says he's going to sing "Lime in the Coconut" at a karaoke bar. The first time was in the episode "The Wannabe in the Weeds" (from season 3) when the whole gang gathered to listen to Bones sing "Girls Just Want to Have Fun."

    • The aircraft shown landing in Shanghai was a Boeing 737-100/200 series - a short to medium range narrow-bodied aircraft. Maximum range for this aircraft is approximately 2,000 miles. The distance between Washington, D.C. and Shanghai is approximately 7,500 miles, therefore the plane could not have been used to take them to Shanghai.

    • After Sweets refers to Bones as "the cat" Cam corrects him by telling him that she in fact is the cat. Oddly enough, Cam has a cat brooch pinned to her shirt in that scene.

    • Booth says that Brennan is going to help the Chinese government identify remains and that, "I must protect the proprietary American technology Dr. Brennan will be using."

      While this is not explicitly stating that Booth is on official business, assuming that he is, government employees traveling on official business are allowed to fly business class on international flights. If business class is not available, then they are allowed to fly first class. Therefore, Booth probably should have been in first class with Brennan for the entire flight.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Booth: (to Theresa) You? Were you a spy or a smuggler?
      Kate McNutt: No. She's in love, Agent Booth. And her boyfriend works for this airline at the Shanghai airport.
      Captain Blake: That's against the rules!
      Theresa Ming: (to the Captain) So is having sex with passengers in the bathroom!
      Captain Blake: ... Okay. I think we are all under a lot of stress here.

    • Cam: We're looking at the margins of the burned flesh around the rectus abdominis.
      Brennan: I dislike the occlusive nature of tissue.
      Cam: Look, just think of it as bone wrapping.

    • Sweets: So, the cat's away and it's TGIF, huh?
      Cam: I'm right here. I'm the cat.
      Sweets: Well, in this case, I think Dr. Brennan is the cat.
      Cam: I'm the cat ... who's giving the mice the rest of the day off.

    • Booth: (grossed out by the skull) I am definitely not a squint.
      Brennan: Well, I've always known that. You have no training in the field of forensic science.
      Booth: I really don't want any.

    • Hodgins: This thing with Roxie ...
      Angela: It's real, yeah.
      Hodgins: No I get that, I see that. Is that what got between us?
      Angela: I'd love to say yes to that, because I think it would ... make you feel better.
      Hodgins: But you can fall in love with a man?
      Angela: I'm sorry but, yes.

    • Sweets: Do you know Nick Devito?
      Kendell: I had lunch once with Danny DeVito.

    • Charlotte: (upon learning that a murder has taken place on the plane) I didn't hear a gunshot. So it must have been a knifing. I saw Dr. Temperance Brennan, the mystery writer, in first class; I bet she's doin the autopsy. Listen - I was awake the whole time, and anyone who went that way (points down the aisle), they came back again. So if the victim is a passenger, he or she is in first class. Probably she, because most murder victims are women.
      Booth: Wow, you really are into murder, aren't you. (she hands him the measuring tape and tweezers he asked for) Thanks.
      Charlotte: Wait! (pulls a knitting needle out of her purse) Dr. Brennan will need this!
      Booth: What's that for?
      Charlotte: It's a probe! (Booth takes the knitting needle) This is the best flight I've ever been on!

    • Booth: Excuse me.
      Charlotte: What's goin' on?
      Booth: Listen, would you happen to have a measuring tape and tweezers?
      Charlotte: (gasps excitedly) There's been a murder! (to her sleeping friend) Nadine!
      Booth: Shh!
      Charlotte: Nadine! They need tweezers for an autopsy! Code Red! Code Red!

    • Booth: You wanna get off the plane. To see those old Chinese bones. (Brennan looks at him with a smile) I'm sorry.
      Brennan: It's not your fault.
      Booth: Yeah it is. Cause I'm the one who dragged you out of pure science and ... pulled you into murder solving.
      Brennan: That's not how I remember it.
      Booth: Really?
      Brennan: Yes. Well as I recall I had to force you to take me into the field.
      Booth: Really?
      Brennan: Yes. You didn't want to, remember? This is all my fault. (Booth smiles warmly and stares at Brennan)
      Eli: Hey, are you two gonna make out?
      Booth: Hey, quiet. You lost your right to talk.
      Brennan: Why do people always think we're gonna make out?

    • Booth: (slipping into the seat next to Brennan in first class) Bones. Bones.
      Brennan: (taking off the shade covering her eyes) Huh? You're gonna get in trouble.
      Booth: She's downstairs. You didn't answer me before. You're tired of working with me?
      Brennan: No it's not that. But, the identification and analysis of ancient remains that's, why I became a forensic anthropologist.
      Booth: You're bored, the spark is gone.
      Brennan: I'm a scientist first.
      Booth: Right. Yeah, scientist first. I, I get it. I understand.

    • Flight Attendant: Sir. You need to return to coach.
      Booth: See, we're uh, we're partners. We like being together.
      Flight Attendant: Your sexual relationship's not relevant, sir. This is first class.
      Bones: Why does everyone else think we have a sexual relationship when we barely ever touch each other?

    • Booth: (seeing Brennan wearing big glasses) All right. What I want you to do is take off your glasses, shake out your hair, and say, "Mr. Booth, do you know what the penalty is for an overdue book?"
      Bones: Why?
      Booth: Nevermind.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Air Dates:
      Sweden: February 8th, 2009 on TV3
      Spain: April 17th, 2009 on FOX
      Australia: May 10th, 2009 on Channel 7
      Finland: May 22nd, 2009 on Sub
      Norway: June 18th, 2009 on TV3
      Germany: October 1st, 2009 on RTL
      Slovakia: November 4th, 2009 on JOJ
      Czech Republic: October 18th, 2010 on Prima

    • Featured Music:
      "Godspeed" by Jenny Lewis (at the bar at the end, when Angela and Roxie meet up)