Season 4 Episode 10

The Passenger in the Oven

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 19, 2008 on FOX

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  • Why is there never a horrible smell for all these dead bodies?

    I love the show, but the fact they do not seem realistically address the dead body smells bugs me.

    So you really think a women gets microwaved to death on an airplane and then they take the dead body apart, throw stuff in boiling water and no one is smelling this??

    That is a huge glaring mistake to me.

    They often ignore the smell factor on this show in scenes. I wonder why?
  • It was a very good episode, I actually loved the scenes in the very beginning of this epi (Booth between 2 oldies and escape to 1st class and Booth worried if Brennan is bored with him as a partner) more than the end scene with the champagne.

    Sweets was cool, loved the clothes and the psych-interview that he did with the black guy.

    Brennan's weird glasses and shaking hair scene was kinda... classic fantasy.. but I love it, Booth's face when saying that and Brennan's eyes magnified!

    And the scene reminded me on movie Tomcats when a character of a -female- librarian turns out to be a dominatrix... hilarious!

    Many of you do not approve the new couple - Angie and Roxie and I was sure from the first mention of R. in the spoilers: "This is going to be so ...wrong."

    I mean, wth.. She asks her to move in? ...almost yesterday, she couldn't move in with Jack and marry him and now... Now,a girl pops out of ..somewhere and Ange just magically lost her fear of commitment. Oh, ok.

    To conclude this review, B&B saved this episode.
  • Creative techniques and tools, then a hurried investigation sifting through the suspects

    Very inventive use of available materials to turn into forensic tools. The two old ladies, both mystery buffs, assisting in the investigation were very funny. It's probably the fastest they've ever solved a crime.

    I liked the varied suspects and how they were ruled out with the exception of the murderer – though the motive is there, it's not explained exactly how the death happened. Given what made the mark on the skull and the height of it, it only makes sense the victim was pushed or fell into the stove handle, but this is never confirmed.

    Angela and Roxy are a ridiculous couple. There's been no build-up at all, no indication of how serious the relationship is and Angela, who wouldn't even move in with the man she was going to marry, asks Roxy to move in with her?! Where did this come from?!

    Creative episode, filled with unusual techniques and an impressive investigation given the limits involved.
  • Brennan and Booth are on a plane to China when they discover a cooked body in the oven of the airplane. They try to solve the murder in a very unique way.

    I thought the idea was fantastic and the last time I saw a 20000 miles high crime as appealing as this one it was on Monk. The fact that Booth had a lot of help from an old lady with that much interest in Bones's work was quite amusing and the probe idea was brilliant.
    No one can forget this part: Now take off your glasses, take your hair down and say, "Mr.Booth. Do you know what the punishment is for an overdued book?" ( It may not be exact, but you get the idea).
    Moreover, the scene where Booth reads the murderer his rights and the clapping and etc was another great touch in the episode.
    Personally, I loved this part because the mystery aspect of it was well defined and well excecuted.
  • Booth and Bones must solve a murder on an international flight before it lands and Booth loses jurisdiction.

    Really enjoyed this one. Classic Booth Bones interaction, plus a well-thought plot, and the elderly ladies throwing in their comments was a nice touch. I particularly liked the part where Booth asked Bones to play the librarian in his "librarian/naughty borrower" scenario. It's that little bit of sexual edge that makes the relationship between these characters so much fun to watch. Also enjoyed the drama at the end, as there was indecision on the DA's part whether or not to sign the paperwork allowing booth to make an arrest. Enjoyable start to finish on this one, and there wasn't really much I didn't like.
  • A plane trip takes Bones back to her roots.

    This season has made me upset because Brennan is never in the lab. She isn't an FBI agent, yet this season she seems to have convinced herself that she is. This episode was nice because she was the one doing the messy work that she was known for in the first 3 seasons. She seemed more like a scientist, and I liked that. I thought that the episode had a fantastic ending, especially when the kids asks them if they are going to kiss or whatever. It definitely seems like they are building up for the Booth/Brennan relationship we all have been waiting for.
  • Even on an air plane there is a murder to solve....

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open this episode with Booth and Bones on a plane on their way to China, where Brennan is going to identify pre-historic remains. We also see that Bones is in first class, whilst Booth is in coach. Booth tries his best t stay in 1st class, but he is told he has to stay in coach. But soon he manages to slip back to 1st class, when they hear a woman scream. They race to help her and find the air steward downstairs with a fully cooked human body is discovered in the plane's industrial-sized microwave. They have 4 hours to solve the crime, before they land in China. And so everyone in the lab is called back to work, to help out on the case. Booth soon finds a passenger, who is a fan on Bones's and who helps with the times they need to try and work out what happened to the victim. Soon the victim is IDed as a missing passenger, who was also a writer. We son learn that her next piece was a controversial piece about airline pilots. Hodgins asks if it was Roxie that got between them, but she tells him no. We soon learn that the victim was having an affair with a married man, who also happens to be on the plane. Booth confronts him and he admits to the affair, but not to the murder. But soon time starts to run out, as within 20 minutes they will run out of fuel. Soon they find out who the killer is, and the warrant has to be signed by Caroline, so that they can arrest him. So with only seconds to spare, she signs the warrant and the killer is arrested. We then see Roxie and Angela together at a bar and Angela asks Roxie to move in with her. But Roxie says no, as it is too soon. We then see Bones and Booth having champagne on the plane, as they wait for the plane to be re-fuelled and for a new pilot so that they can take the killer back to the United States. And we end with Bones's question "Why do people always think that about us?" About them kissing and making out etc. Best part of this episode, the old ladies who love crime novels and seem to know a lot about solving crimes.
  • An exciting episode

    So.. you think they cannot surprise anymore.. they do - and they have amazing idea for this episode - Bones and Booth are on plain but it does not work out well - as they end up having body there and time pressing as they have to make the arrest before landing - so we have a great and humorous, much tension and weird way to examine bones as ofcourse there are not much tools available.. But in the end they solve the mystery but it does not come easy.

    I liked the tempo of this episode, the setting and the way they solved it.. it was great episode...
  • Over the years Bones, the show, has changed a lot. This year the show has been feeling a lot like season one, aka not a lot of focus on anyone but Booth and Bones but it hasn't quite been working for me until this episode.

    This season has felt a little bland to me, minus three or four really great episodes. Part of why I haven't been loving it is because they seem to have pushed the supporting cast out the window. Zach is gone, Cam (as always) has almost nothing to do, Hodgins and Angela are over which results in much less screen time for Hodgins and Angela is back to having just one story line about her that we get to here about now and again. I liked parts of season oen of Bones but the show got better for me when they started really integrating the other people in the main cast and started using them.

    But this episode reminded me of the good element of season one (and two in some ways), the episode that were solely focused on Booth and Brennan alone. Everyone else appears but the episode is just about them, their case, their relationship, their interactions and I loved it. David and Emily were as always fantastic with one another and their chemistry really seemed to be on in this episode. Two thumbs up for sure!
  • Booth and Brennan are on a flight to China when one of the stewardess finds a cooked human body in the planes microwave ( it's a big microwave trust me ).

    It's up to Booth and Brennan along with some help from the Jeffersonian team and a sweet old lady to identify the body and catch the killer before they touch down in Shanghai and lose all jurisdiction.

    The story it's self was brilliantly written, Booth and Bones on a plane thousands of miles above sea level with a body, the killer, and not a lot of forensic equipment to help them and time running out. Naturally as with all the episodes the viewer is thrown one red herring then another as to whom the killer or killers are then it turns out to be none of the above, some weeks we guess right other weeks we don't, then we add in the tense flirting between Seeley and Temperance, the all round humour especially from David Boreanaz, give it a dash of Angelas and Hodgins on/off romance, Sweets brilliant but sometimes naïve psychology, and keep it altogether with Cam's steady but sure feet on the ground approach, and each week the writers come up with an episode that is worth waiting the week for.
  • A very peaceful flight turns deadly!

    Our lovely twosome couple are on a plane trip. So that Bones can id some pre-historic bones. For a working vacation. But then, a really desparate situation as a body, comes out from a microwave. It turns out it was a writer. Who was very controversial of opinion on auto pilots. For airlines. And that it seems that the pilots on that plane, wanted the man dead. So Bones must rely on her wits, equipment, as well as the help of the passengers to solve the crime. Before they touch China. And lose jurisdiction. But leave it to both Bones and Booth to solve the crime. This show is only getting better and better. Didn't see much of the staff of the Jefferstonian. But they were great, with what little they were given.
  • Brennan and Booth race to solve a murder on a fast plane to China.

    This was one of the best episodes so far this season. There was a really interesting case-yes it isn't the first murder on a plane, but the first one where the victim was nuked on the plane. They also had time constraints and had to solve the murder before they touched down in China or else Booth would lose jurisdiction and there is a good chance that the killer could disappear on foreign soil. Even though I managed to figure out who the killer was early on, I liked the journey that they took to get to him. The scene where they had to convince Caroline to sign the warrant literally seconds before they landed was intense. I thought the crime mystery fans were adorable when they were helping Macguyver forensic equipment so that Brennan could process the body and the scene. I enjoyed the banter between Booth and Brennan this episode. It was cute how she couldn't understand why people kept thinking that they were going to make out or that they had a sexual relationship. I loved the scene where Booth tried to get her to participate in his naughty librarian fantasy and only when he left did she do what he suggested. You could tell that she was curious, but didn't get what he meant. I also liked the whole "the spark is gone" conversation and how Booth seemed hurt that he thought that Brennan would rather work on old bones than with him. It was cute that she understood what he was feeling enough to reassure him at the end that she was where she wanted to be and that she had no regrets working with him. Good Episode. Hope they keep it up.
  • A very solid episode

    After last week's episode, I thought it was going to be hard to equal the excitement but this episode did it for me. No family issues, but the case was very interesting and there were many funny moments.
    Booth sneaking into first class was just because he can not be without Brennan. He needs to be talking and arguing with her.
    Brennan pulled a lot of "Macgyverisms" due to the lack of equipment. I wonder if they would work for real. At least they worked for her.
    There's something that will probably be in my mind for a while, until the inevitable happens: That flirty, sexy, hit-on-her comment from Booth to Brennan. Not only he used a very low, sexy voice, but he uses his own name in the "fantasy". Brennan's response was expected, but Booth was really enjoying the moment. What was unexpected was Brennan actually doing it to see what it was all about. But, sad for the shippers (and Booth), she didn't get it.
    Now, Angela. God, it irritates me. The writers need to be very careful not to make of her someone who doesn't know what she wants, it seems that she needs guidance. I was so sure that she was in love with Hodgins and now she tells him she wasn't? Where did that come from? It was good to see Caroline by the way.
    I like how Booth is thinking if his partnership with Brennan is in danger because of her real passion. First, Brennan doesn't correct Booth, but again, she has all the power to go back to what she loves. Booth keeps asking her about it, and in the last scene Brennan tells Booth about that "pact" they made almost 4 years ago. Booth just needs reassurance and he got it, thanks to that great quality Brennan has to make Booth feel good.
  • I can't say that I enjoyed this episode as much as some people seem to.

    I can't say that I enjoyed this episode as much as some people seem to. Don't get me wrong, I liked the episode, but it reminded me too much of the episode of House: Airborne. I think they tried to be creative and fresh, but it fell short a little bit, I think. However they put the focus on the mystery of the murder, which I am grateful for.

    The writing was a great as ever. I find myself laughing more and more with each new episode of the season. The sexy librarian scene was hilarious. And I always love when Patricia Belcher(Caroline Julian) is around, she always manages to steal the scene.

    Like I said, I like this episode, but not as much as some people do. I think it was on par with some of the better episodes of the series, but it didn't really stand out to me. Maybe I need to rewatch it, I may have missed something.
  • Bones just gets BETTER and BETTER

    This episode was another awesome episode in season 4. The only thing that was dissapointing was that there wasnt that much Bones and Booth flirting at the end like usually. As those parts are important, I still will and always will love this show and thought this was a very smart plotted episode. Can't wait for the next episode. Hope it has alot of flirting cause I hope Bones and Booth get together eventually. But not to soon cause I hope Bones last atleast 8 seasons but I guess we can just hope for the best! This is an awesome show!!!!!!!!
  • On their way to china, they have to try solve a murder before the plain lands, awesome!!!

    I have to tell you, the last four minutes of this episode hand me clinged on to my seat. Anyone could have been the murder and Bones and Booth had but a short time to find them because if the plain landed, the person would have been able to get away. Then i became on the edge of the seat when they figured out who did it and the seconds kept counting down as i waited for them to sign the warrant for his arrest. Lol as soon as it was down, i ended up applauding with the people hahahahah. Then i also realized it was because the plane landed.

    I really love this episode, would rate it as one of my favourites. Peace!!!
  • Best episode of the season.

    After last week's strong showing Bones topped themselves with another incredible episode this week. A perfectly written story that featured some great comedy mixed in with a very intriguing case. David Boreanaz is arguably doing the best work of his career with the Seely Booth character and Emily Deschanel is perfect as the super serious forensics agent. The supporting cast is not very entertaining but seeing Sweets dressed up as "a 16 year old" as Angela put it was good for a nice chuckle.

    The stuck on a plane needing to solve a murder scenario did seem kind of like Monk but Bones executed things in a much better way. The murderer was so obvious from the get-go but the intense final stand of Booth trying to convince the US government to arrest him was amazing. These are the kind of moments that surprisingly a light-hearted show like Bones excels at yet tough, hard CBS dramas fail to accomplish.
  • Booth and Brennan are en route to China when their flight is interrupted by a body found in the Oven. The dynamic duo have approximately 4 hours to find the murderer before the plane lands in China and FBI looses their jurisdiction.

    While I missed the regular dramedy at the Jeffersonian i thoroughly enjoyed the Booth - Brennan interchanges which were at an all time high. We found out that Booth has certain fantasies regarding his partner and we also found out why she became a forensic anthropologist. Other interesting characters that tonights episode had were two old ladies (mystery enthusiasts) who are sitting with Booth and help out with magnifying glasses, a prod, a measuring tape and tweezers. As in most episodes, we are slowly led into the motive behind the murder after a series of interviews. A few misdirections later we are onto the real killer however Caroline Julian wants an airtight case against the killer before she will allow Booth to make the arrest. Temperance came through here and while they made the arrest before landing, she lost out an opportunity to examine 40,000 yr old bones that we all know she would have loved to examine. This drew a parallel to last week's episode where Booth made a career boosting sacrifice in order for his brother to keep his job. Not understating Booth's sacrifice to Brennan's, this was still significant as Brennan does not usually give up on things dear to her.
  • Booth and Bones are en route to China when a body is found in the plane's gigantic microwave. It becomes a race against the clock to find the killer.

    I enjoyed this episode for a few reasons. Yes, there were elements that I could take or leave, but all in all I thought it was good. The case, while not particularly captivating, did keep me guessing right up to the very end. I felt awful for that kid who probably just wanted his dying mother to be happy. I found it very interesting how they spend a lot of the episode hunting around the plane for items that they needed for their investigation. I loved the Booth and Brennan moments. I loved the beginning when Booth kept trying to sneak into first class and the flight attendant told him that their sexual relationship was irrelevant, that he had to return to Coach and the two old women who were one of the best parts of the show. Booth's little Librarian fantasy that left Brennan totally confused was great as well. It was made all the more hilarious when she tried it out after he'd left. The end was great as well. I felt for Booth at the beginning when Brennan mentioned that her anthropological work was her first love, but I did appreciate it because it kept her true to her character. That made the ending all the more better when she reminded him that she wanted to be there with him, that it had been her to insist from the beginning that they work together. Cam was great in this episode. Sweets as well who was finally able to use his interrogating 'skills'. Caroline, as always, was a welcome addition to this weeks episode. One thing that is really growing on me is Cam and Hodgins friendship, it's becoming something I really appreciate Now, what I don't like, only one thing really and that is what they're doing to Angela's character. She's become too flighty, insensitive and frankly pretty inconsistent with what we've always known and loved about her. The whole lesbian storyline hold nothing for me, I don't like it and it's not because of my beliefs. They just don't have chemistry and I feel like they only put forward the plot for shock value. But, apart from the Angela/Roxie scenes that bored me, the rest of it was very amusing and entertaining. I'm frankly pretty sick of people who have been demanding intense character development form every episode and have sulked when the show put forward an amusing as opposed to poignant offering. I think they did a great job with this week's episode.
  • i had never seen someone fit into an oven before much like this storyline.

    I thought Booth was absolutely adorable, trying to sneak into first class, and the darn attendant kept trying to kick him out. i remember last time i flew, we were able to switch seats for the duration of the flight.. that was weird that they couldn't even chat on the flight which would have been sooo long. the woman sitting next to booth was soo cute. she wanted to help him so badly.

    bones.. is such a dork. the old librarian glasses joke.. went complately over her head. she is soo cute though and wasn't paying "attention" to hodges and angela? yeah right. and btw, didn't she get shot last week? way to follow reality writers!

    sweets is soo cute too.. he's on cam's speed dial.

    i want hodges and angela back together, i don't like roxie. and they are just soo perfect for each other.
  • Not one of my favorites.

    Although it had some funny moments. This wasn't one of my favorite episodes. I just look for more complex cases for my favorite team. I knew the kid was bad news from the second Seely took the booze from him. Within this episode they threw in some quirky motives and suspects, but I really didn't believe any of the possibilities. Although I did appreciate Seely's interaction with his row-mates and well as his desire for first class sitting. But overall, this episode I thought lacked in substance and believability. Frying a woman in a supersize microwave at 35,000 feet, I've heard and watched better.