Season 7 Episode 13

The Past in the Present

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 14, 2012 on FOX

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  • Totally Awesome!

    The cliffhanger of every season is just amazing. You can see how Booth gets mad and frustrated when his family is endangered.
  • This show has jumped the shark and missed the landing ramp.

    Well, this whole season was pretty awful, but this story line is just horrid. Computers are magic boxes that can do anything because "He's a The pregnancy/child birth/new mom storyline dominates the season. All saccharine and emoting, at the expense of good writing and story telling. No wonder this was a 1/2 season. Characters are stupid and breaking procedure because obvious alternatives that would have thwarted the super-genius villain might break the angst. After watching this season, I have no interest in watching the next. This season killed my interest in the show. The murdered corpse of what this show was is lying on an autopsy table: the subject received fatal blows to plots, character development, and quality storytelling.
  • Just awesome

    Wow. Such a superb episode all round. Great plot, full of twists, creepy villain, good fight scene.

    Outstanding directing as usual by Boreanaz. Loved the end shot - poor Booth.

    Another tearjerker.
  • Awesome ending.. can't wait for season 8!!

    I agree with "probably th best BONES season finales ever!! Was actually crying by the end of this episode!! Fall 2012 can't come fast enough!!!!! can't wait for Season 8!! "

    Some people can not believe that Bones just left like, I can, as a mother you do everthing and anything to protcet your child! Loved this episode.

  • Loved it!

    I love when tv shows leave a cliff hanger at the end of the season. It was awesome. I can't wait for next season, what will booth do to find her and why was the season shortened?
  • I just love love love Bones!

    Why are so many people talking about "Season Finale"??? The 7th season only has 13 episodes. Other seasons had 20+ episodes! Just look on the web and see: At least 4 more episodes this season. So when will they be aired?!

    I really love Bones and I can't wait until episode 14 will be aired. This was a great episode and yes, the evidence is definitely too obvious. Hopefully Bones can return soon to her two loves, and her job of course!

    @Amy1986 Pelant looked strait at the camera in the nursery, he wanted to be caught on tape. Don't know where that will be going...

    @bedhb51 A pity you missed it, but... There's always watching online, isn't there?!

  • Melody

    When dose season 8 start
  • Incredible and sad ending- and now a rant

    Such a sad ending, hope next season Pelant's ass/ head/ and other limbs gets shot off.

    Now the rant-

    Everyone who knows Bones/ Tempe, knows she would not kill with a premediated murder! Self-defense sure, defending/ protecting family definitely, but she would not kill someone and have all the clues pointing at herself- 1) she would make sure that the victim was not found,

    2) She would not have killed someone with poison (gunshot is more her style, quite frankly),

    3) she would have made sure that the victim could not be so easily traced to herself- i.e. she would wait a few months to kill him/ her

    So why didn't Sweets mention all of this is his report to the new agent on the case? Why didn't anyone else bring it up- that the evidence is too thick against her- that it was obviously planted against her? Everyone knows that even first time killers don't have that much evidence piled against them unless they WANT to get caught or like in Max's case- he WANTED to WARN someone to back away from his kids.

    Okay done with first rant-

    Here's how I bet some of the case against Pelant works- one of the library books Pelant checked out was an anatomy book (please please please) and Angela finds away to show her theory to the new Prosecutor (*spoiller*)- cause Caroline was removed from the case- see episode for why.

    Someone finally says- hey there is too much evidence against Brennan,

    and oh yeah, pelant blows up Booth/ Bones' house (hopefully when it is empty) - because I know and you (the other fans) know that clock was not just an alarm clock, and he made the mistake of letting himself get caught on camera in Christine's nursery- that's at the very least breaking and entering which could hold him long enough for the rest of the evidence to be gathered. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let the houst blow up with Booth, Max, Parker or anyone else in the house--- let them get out safely, or Booth/ Parker (cause he's a smart kid) see something wrong with the alarm clock and get it out so that house stays nice.

    Also I hope Brennan has enough cash to see herself through the (hopefully only) few weeks/ months on the run. Okay I am done. Whew! most I have ever said in a review.
  • missed all but the end. wish could see it all

    I missed all but the church/baby thing. I wish I hadn't of missed it. I was waiting but as all moms got caught up in something I had to do. What I saw I can't wait to see BONES again. IT was so SHORT of a season. CAN"T believe its over ... WISH they'd have a rerun of this Monday.
  • Holy Mother of all Good Season Finales!

    this is probably one of the best BONES season finales ever!! Was actually crying by the end of this episode!! Fall 2012 can't come fast enough!!!!! can't wait for Season 8!!

    Never would have expected Bones to do what she did!

    It is also nice to see how far Cam and Bones's relationship has come from season 2!

    Angela is the greatest BFF ever!

    Booth..... :'(
  • Oh please!

    This was one in their right mind would believe she would just take off, leaving Booth frantic. I love this show but this episode is awful!
  • Shock & sadness

    I cannot BUHLIEEEEVE Pelant is actually still fucking free ! Jesus Christ, isn't there any freaking justice in this world ? This episode had me on edge from the moment they said that the evidence pointed to Brennan. It broke my heart to see that even the team couldn't bear the thought of everything that was happening and that they couldn't really do anything about it until Cam and Hodgins found the message in Ethan's room. It sucks that this season only had 13 episodes, but I don't think they could've done much anyway cause they would just be dragging it and that wouldn't be fair to the actors. Anyhow, I cried at the end of it and can't WAIT for season 8. I think Booth's gonna break down eventually and it'll be sad cause all this is affecting the routine he used to have and how he thought he could keep his family safe... Season 8 will be a rollercoaster of emotions and how the team shacks up with one another. Great series, great acting - just wish there were more murder-solving in this season, but whatever, we'll see !
  • Shock...


    The whole episode had me on edge... I knew bones was going to run from the moment max said it. Season 8 is going to be a long wait. Hart Hanson really knows how to do a finale, what a cliffhanger! And what was Pelant planting in their home? I doubt Booth and Bones' relationship will change too much, this time she wasnt running from them, she was running for them... can only hope Booth will be quick to understand. But somehow i some level I think he knew, why would he tell Bones to wait there while he got the car when it was only a short walk away? Cant wait for next season to see what they do

  • lame writing

    I mean come on this is the third time! Doesn't anyone remember New Orleans or the trial. Not appreciating season ending like this.
  • Change of Pace

    Definitely one of the better season finales bones has done. This season was definitely showing the decline in writer quality with more emphasis on the comedy than the bones. However i over the new direction they are taking us in season 8. for those who think bones has slipped into her season 1 robotic nature she hasn't. Her growth can be seen in her ability to "see the bigger picture" as she says in the church. christening Christine, professing her love to booth and making a life altering decision for the happiness and safety of her and her family. She is embracing emotions that she ran away from in season 1. mind blowing ending with potential for discovering new avenues bones has never ventured upon before. Palent is deffs more on the intellectual side as a villain but that doesnt mean i don't want to see booth bring him down the old fashioned "simple guy" way. LOVED the scene where he beat the crap outta him ;) overall a very intriguing, intense episode EXCITED for season 8
  • Big manly tears

    An absolutely wonderful episode. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, and the ending had me close to tears. Can't wait for season 8
  • The devolution of the bones

    Seriously, how is it possible that after a few seasons of slowly developing a level of functioning social behaviour, Bones has gotten this obtuse?

    Other than hiding a real life pregnancy, I thought the whole quickie baby thing was a vehicle for Bones to continue her evolution into being a normal person, emotional connections and not the robot she was in the pilot...guess not

    I was inches from giving up on this show in last year's absurd finale...this might just be the tipping point. Seven seasons of investment is hard to walk away from, but clearly there's zero personal growth of the title character...but this episode could easily have fallen within season one and fit in fine
  • Absolutely amazing and heartbreaking

    ***some spoilers***

    I have never seen an episode of anything that blew my mind as much as this episode. That's alot coming from me. I love TV. I watch multiple shows from most major networks, What a way to wrap this season. The season had some highs, lows, and a little bit of wandering, but they ended with a bang. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and now can't wait for next season. It had a theme of the system failing and what happens as result. What choices do we make as individuals? The cast did an amazing and kudos to the creative/writing team of bones for this episode. We have had many heartbreakers from this show: epps, gravedigger, the sniper, and so on. This criminal has only had two episodes, but he takes the cake. I am so heartbroken and stunned that I signed for this website to post a review. I encourage everyone to watch this episode, but with a caveat. It is tearjerker worthy. I am so sad for booth, but fear for someones life next season.