Season 7 Episode 13

The Past in the Present

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 14, 2012 on FOX

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  • Incredible and sad ending- and now a rant

    Such a sad ending, hope next season Pelant's ass/ head/ and other limbs gets shot off.

    Now the rant-

    Everyone who knows Bones/ Tempe, knows she would not kill with a premediated murder! Self-defense sure, defending/ protecting family definitely, but she would not kill someone and have all the clues pointing at herself- 1) she would make sure that the victim was not found,

    2) She would not have killed someone with poison (gunshot is more her style, quite frankly),

    3) she would have made sure that the victim could not be so easily traced to herself- i.e. she would wait a few months to kill him/ her

    So why didn't Sweets mention all of this is his report to the new agent on the case? Why didn't anyone else bring it up- that the evidence is too thick against her- that it was obviously planted against her? Everyone knows that even first time killers don't have that much evidence piled against them unless they WANT to get caught or like in Max's case- he WANTED to WARN someone to back away from his kids.

    Okay done with first rant-

    Here's how I bet some of the case against Pelant works- one of the library books Pelant checked out was an anatomy book (please please please) and Angela finds away to show her theory to the new Prosecutor (*spoiller*)- cause Caroline was removed from the case- see episode for why.

    Someone finally says- hey there is too much evidence against Brennan,

    and oh yeah, pelant blows up Booth/ Bones' house (hopefully when it is empty) - because I know and you (the other fans) know that clock was not just an alarm clock, and he made the mistake of letting himself get caught on camera in Christine's nursery- that's at the very least breaking and entering which could hold him long enough for the rest of the evidence to be gathered. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let the houst blow up with Booth, Max, Parker or anyone else in the house--- let them get out safely, or Booth/ Parker (cause he's a smart kid) see something wrong with the alarm clock and get it out so that house stays nice.

    Also I hope Brennan has enough cash to see herself through the (hopefully only) few weeks/ months on the run. Okay I am done. Whew! most I have ever said in a review.