Season 7 Episode 13

The Past in the Present

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 14, 2012 on FOX



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    • Booth: Where are they going?

      Max: Well, if you know, you'd be an accomplice.

      Booth: Accomplice? That's my family, you understand? I should be with them.

      Max: You want to hit me. I know, I know. I understand. Go ahead. I know how to be a fugitive a lot better than you.

      Booth: What am I supposed to do?

      Max: You stay in the system. You stay alive. I'll make sure Tempe stays out of the system.

      Booth: I'm going to get my family back. You tell Bones that.

      Max: Then you get that bastard. You'll bring your family home. I'll keep her safe.

    • Angela: I hope Cam is happy. If she had just kept things to herself, we wouldn't be in this position.

      Caroline: Angela, you listen to me on this subject. All of us did what Pelant expected, except for Cam. Because of her, you squints are all still in this, which Pelant fears above all else. As long as the Jeffersonian stays in the game, the good guys live to fight another day. My opinion, Cam Saroyan is the hero of this story so far.

    • Brennan: Angela? I just want to say … thank you for believing in me.

      Angela: You don't have to thank somebody who loves you for believing in you, honey.

      Brennan: I love you, too.

    • Max: You gotta make a run for it, honey, now.

      Booth: Slow down, Max.

      Max: You've been thinking about this for days!

      Brennan: What, me being a fugitive?

      Booth: Look, I have been thinking about it, all right? Only problem is, that's gonna make us look more guilty.

      Max: You want to work inside the system.

      Booth: I am the system, Max.

      Max: No, computers are the system. And this son of a bitch runs computers. And the minute they have Tempe in custody, she is part of the system. Your only chance is to get off the grid!

    • Caroline: I'm not supposed to be here.

      Booth: This doesn't sound good.

      Caroline: It's not good, cher. There's too much evidence piling up.

      Booth: Oh, come on. You know she didn't do it. Otherwise, you wouldn't have put that wrong address on the search warrant.

      Caroline: I don't know what you're talking about, cher.

      Brennan: She doesn't have a choice, Booth. It doesn't matter what she believes.

      Caroline: I'm sorry. I'm sure this will work out, but for now, I've got to get an arrest warrant.

      Booth: This is a nightmare.

      Caroline: It'll take me a few hours, if I drag my heels right, so you'll have time to get your affairs in order and say good-bye.

      Brennan: Thank you.

      Booth: Now you're thanking her?

    • Angela: The evidence is piling up against Brennan. She's on the video, and-and he threatened her kid, and the poison is from a plant that she borrowed from Hodgins.

      Booth: She didn't do it!

      Angela: I know, but … the evidence is going another way.

      Booth: I'm the one who decides where the evidence goes and when.

    • Brennan: I don't want Pelant to change our lives. That would be the worst.

      Booth: Then, you know what? Let's not change. Look, you don't have to come. Religion's my thing.

      Brennan: You're really okay with that?

      Booth: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. I appreciate you asking. You know, let's just not change our lives for this guy. All right? Look, I love you the way you are, Bones. Okay?

    • Angela: Hey, hey … I think I got something here. Look at this.

      Booth: What is it?

      Angela: I hacked into his credit card bill, his phone bill and his library card.

      Booth: Okay, you're hacking the hacker?

      Angela: Yeah … there's something kind of poetic about it, right?

    • Wendell: Look, I-I know we don't want to go there, but …

      Angela: Stop! Brennan didn't do this.

      Sweets: Yeah, I've studied Dr. Brennan for years. Her cold and logical demeanor is a carefully constructed facade designed to protect a very sensitive psyche.

      Wendell: Someone threatened her kid. We can't just ignore that.

      Angela: Why are you even bringing that up?

      Cam: Dr. Brennan trained him that way.

      Wendell: Don't be subjective, don't make assumptions, question everything.

      Cam: We do have to be objective, Angela. And thorough, and we have to do everything by the book, because if Dr. Brennan does end up being a suspect, our work has to be above reproach.

      Angela: It was Pelant.

      Hodgins: That doesn't mean we stop doing our job, Angie.

      Angela: Seriously? This is crazy. We all know it was Pelant!

    • Booth: I don't think you did it. You know that, right?

      Brennan: I wouldn't blame you. It's a reasonable assumption.
      Booth: Can you stop being like that? Okay? It's not reasonable. Not for me.

    • Angela: Sweetie, this-this is time-stamped.

      Brennan: Pelant must have hacked into the institute's security system.

      Angela: I don't know how he could've altered this footage. Look, I'm gonna break this thing down to the pixels to figure it out. But, in the meantime, you're gonna need an alibi for this night.

      Brennan: I don't have one.

      Angela: Yeah, you do. You were at the Founding Fathers drinking a Bitter Canadian with me. We were talking about Christine's christening.

      Brennan: You're trying to help me.

      Angela: Yeah. I mean, you wouldn't kill anybody.

      Brennan: I believe under certain circumstances I most certainly would kill.

      Angela: Like someone thinking your daughter is a demon, and threatening to kill her?

      Brennan: Oh, my God.

    • Booth: We're all set for Christine's baptism on the 19th. You're still okay if I do that?

      Brennan: Absolutely. Sprinkling water on her forehead seems like an excellent way to counteract the sins she apparently committed prior to birth.

  • Notes

    • Featured Music:

      "Moral Panic" by Y La Bamba

      "Marie's Delight" by Red Garland

      "From The Ground Up" by Sleeping at Last

    • With this episode, writers Michael Peterson and Dean Lopata were promoted from co-producers to producers.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: May 14th, 2012 on Global
      United Kingdom: June 6th, 2012 on Sky LIVING/Sky LIVING HD
      Slovakia: December 12th, 2012 on JOJ
      Czech Republic: January 22nd, 2013 on Prima family

    • Working Title: "The Bite in the Beast"
      Spoiler sites had leaked this title for months prior to broadcast, and TVLine's Michael Ausiello appeared to confirm it with his own scoop on March 13, 2012. However, a week later, Ausiello had to rescoop himself when his sources told him of a title change that he released on March 20, 2012.

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