Season 8 Episode 6

The Patriot in Purgatory

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2012 on FOX



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    • (Finn begins examining the body before Brennan arrives.)
      Fisher: What are you doing?
      Finn: Well, I reckon we were all called here to work, okay? Now, my grandaddy said, "Idle talk is like a mama bear whose cubs have long since gone in search of another teat."
      Clark: (under his breath) Wow.
      Arastoo: What the hell does that mean?
      Clark: It's some crazy ass White thing.

    • Booth: (at the cemetery) For years, Tim Murphy was homeless, and he was forgotten. He was one of those people on the streets that we try not to look at, because the sight of them is just too painful. But we're all cut from the same cloth. Tim knew that. He knew how connected all of us are. He knew that if it wasn't for his three buddies, that Tim wouldn't be alive on September 11 to save the lives of Diane, Warren, and James. And we wouldn't be able to tell Tim's son that his dad didn't die a broken man living on the streets, Sean. But he was as brave and noble as the best of us. We lay him to rest today a hero.

    • Fisher: Okay, if I can gather the team here quickly. I feel having spent some time in a loony bin, I have a leg up here.
      Arastoo: Not now, Fisher.
      Fisher: There is an elephant in this room, and it's standing between us and the remains. And until we move the pachyderm out of the way, we're not gonna be able to think clearly.
      Clark: I'm sorry, were you locked in a loony bin or a zoo?

    • Arastoo: Is it too difficult for you to work with Dr. Edison?
      Finn: Um … excuse me?
      Arastoo: You share the same religion with men who cherry-picked the Bible to justify slavery.
      Finn: I'm sorry. I didn't mean nothing.
      Arastoo: But still your words have meaning, don't they, Mr. Abernathy? Those assumptions you made, those quick generalizations. What about the vengeance and the bloodshed in the Old Testament?
      Clark: Okay. He's just a kid, Arastoo.
      Arastoo: If he's not old enough to know, he's certainly old enough to learn. The Crusades, the Inquisition, are these events guided by a religion of peace? No, they were guided by self-important men who think they know more than the God they claim to worship. This was not the work of religion. It was arrogance. It was hypocrisy. It was hate. Those horrible men who hijacked those planes hijacked my religion that day, too. They insulted my God. So, no, this isn't too difficult. It's a privilege to be able to serve this victim, to show him the care and love that was so absent that day.

    • Brennan: I'm trying to put you in the game, Booth. If you'd prefer not to play, just say so.
      Booth: Bones, all I'm saying is that sometimes during the game you just have to realize that you just can't win.
      Brennan: So you're a quitter?
      Booth: What? No.
      Brennan: That's what I heard. I'd trade you if I wasn't in the middle of the season.
      Booth: I can't believe this.
      Brennan: This game isn't over until I say it is. So are you in or are you out?
      Booth: I'm in, Bones.

    • (Sweets is impressed that 18 bodies have been identified.)
      Booth: Good, I'm so glad you feel that way because it is your responsibility to notify all the surviving relatives.
      Sweets: What, me?
      Booth: Criminal victims, missing persons all comes under the FBI.
      Sweets: Well, what about you?
      Booth: Me? Ha, I'm a special agent. I beat up bad guys and I leap over things.
      Sweets: You're describing Superman.
      Booth: Exactly, well, did you ever hear of Superman picking up the telephone?

    • Booth: Bones, watching basketball should be fun. You know, you don't have to memorize Kobe Bryant's, you know, three-point shooting percentage in order to enjoy the game.
      Brennan: Career average, Mr. Bryant shoots 336, but with a little more arc in his shot, he could be over 450. It's just basic geometry.
      Booth: How'd I leave myself open for that?
      Brennan: Poor defense.

    • Cam: Dr. Brennan just left me a note saying that you should meet here and wait for her.
      Fisher: And she didn't say why we were all called together?
      Cam: Sorry.
      Clark: You're the head of the lab. Shouldn't you know?
      Cam: Yes. Yes, I should, but with Dr. Brennan, all the conventional rules of the universe become obsolete.

  • Notes

    • Additional Crew Credits: Jan DeWitt (Produced by), Kathy Reichs (Inspired by the Life of Forensic Anthropologist and Author), Rick Millikan (Casting by), Pamella Phillips (Make-Up Department Head), Bernie Gough (Hair Department Head), Katie Barnard (Insert Coordinator), Mike Grasso (Police Technical Advisor), Mark Marcum (Video Playback).

    • Featured Music:
      "The Light from One" by Ane Brun (during the funeral scene)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: November 12th, 2012 on Global
      Slovakia: March 27th, 2013 on JOJ

    • This is the second of the four "bonus" episodes filmed last season to air.

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