Season 4 Episode 5

The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2008 on FOX

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  • Big improvement. Good moments between characters. Interesting story AND it looks like Booth is himself again (almost).

    I've watched the episode only once, so to review it properly I need to re watch it with pen and paper in hand. But I can say that I am happy with this episode and I hope it's pointing the way for many better episodes.
    Love Zach. It definitely was great to see him return if only for a short time.
    I hope they stick with one of the new interns for more than 1 or 2 episodes. I liked all of them except for the girl. She was ridiculous.
    The way Brennan and Booth pick on Sweets is hilarious. The living with mom dialog made me laugh out loud. I like this new relationship between the 3. It has helped Brennan relax her rational side a bit.
    Booth projects a lot more sincerity this time. In his own way, of course, but it can be felt. Even though his approach towards Brennan is a lot more direct (out of necessity I believe), he accomplished a good balance between direct and subtle which makes their interaction give off a vibe of true fond feelings between them.
    I'm happy with this episode because it's an improvement and it gives me hope for the rest of the season.
  • bring Zake back

    I love all of Bones. everyone just gets better. I wish they would leave all the cast the same. Let Hodgins and Angela back together and Let Bones and booth get together. Not have a child but let them try and it leave them together. It would be nice to have one show that lets couples be together. I have watch all of the shows three or more times and I see something different . It's just gets better everytime I watch. It has grown a lot from the first show. Zack needs to come back he was real good with the team and made watching it good. None of the replacements has been up to his standard
  • A visit from our favorite cannibalistic serial killer's apprentice.

    A very good episode and even better, we get a visit from Zack who even works on a case like old times.

    It's a surprise to see Zack again and what's disturbing is that he's still not upset he killed someone, just that he was taken in by faulty logic. Then he gets escapes. This answers some of the big questions about how Zack could have killed someone – the answer? He didn't. He's using that to keep himself in the psychiatric hospital otherwise he'll be sent to jail. Zack shouldn't have told Sweets because now he's burdened with it. It's wonderful to know that Zack is still our Zack.

    Wendell was perhaps a good choice for the new intern but he's perhaps a little too straight-laced to work in this lab. It's a very eccentric and requires an off-beat personality to fit in.

    Wonderful to have Zack back, even if it's temporary, means he'll probably be reintroduced to the show later on.
  • This was a great episode!

    I loved this episode! ZACK!!!! Everything is so much better with zack around. Nobody even cares that he killed somebody! They just run and hug him and smile! They are just happy to see him again. It turns out that he doesnt kill the person! Okay, now that we know he did not kill the person, let him come back! We miss him so much. Wendell does NOT cut it. He will not fit in. Nobody can fit the place of Zack, it is impossible. He is so different, he is to smart. Zack never makes mistakes. He was apart of the family. They all love him. Even Booth was a little happy to see him. I was so happy when he walked in. I was crying with happiness. Great episode, to make a better one, bring zack back permently.
  • Zack IS BACK for the episode!!!

    The epidoe was good, but I can only talk about Zack. It was so so so good to see him back and totally steal the spotlight at the end and solve the murder right under everyone else's noses. The scene where he breaks out of the looney bin to tell them where the head is, was great! Hodgins said he wished Zack was here, Booth contradicts him and says that Zack won't be back and what do you know, Zack is standing behind him.

    Wendel, the new intern: Ick. Ew. Ugh.
    He is ANNOYING! There is only ONE thing he did that I liked. Picking up on the whole sexual tension between Booth and Brennan. But I mean c'mon, ANYONE could do that. He still can't replace Zack. no one can.
  • Zack's Back!!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When pieces of a dismembered body are found lying in a purple pool of water, Bones and Booth are called in to investigate. We quickly learn that his head is missing. We then see Sweets talking to Zach about his crime. Soon the victim is IDed as Jared Addison, a science fiction writer who had OCD and a couple of other problems. We then see Hodgins as he goes to visit Zach and before he leaves, he leaves the case file with Zach to look over. Soon someone confesses to the murder of the victim and so he is taken into custody. But we quickly learn that the only thinks he killed him, because h didn't get to eat at the right time, and so believes, because of his OCD that the victim died. Soon Zach reappears in the lab, saying he knows where to find the victims head. Booth isn't happy to see him, but everyone else seems to be happy to see the murderer back in the lab. We soon learn that Zach escaped from the hospital. We soon learn that his mother killed him, because he had found love and was about to leave home. Because of which she suffered a psychotic break. Back at the house, they find the missing head, hidden in the backyard. When he learns that he was right and solved the case, Zach says that it is time for him to get back. We then see Booth handing Zach over to Sweets to go back to the hospital. And as he leaves, Booth tells him not to escape again. As they go back to the hospital, Zach admits that he didn't actually kill the victim; he just told the master where the victim lived. Sweets wants to tell the truth, but Zach tells him that he can't.
  • It was great to see Zack again on the show and to find out at the end that he did not kill anyone...There's no way they could replace Zack.

    It was great to see Zack again on the show and to find out at the end that he did not kill anyone. I missed seeing him even though he is the quite character of the show his absence is noticed. The story line in this episode was very well written. The end for me was unexpected and it was made even better with Zack breaking out of the "Looney Bin". When it shows Zack with some of the team through the window laughing and enjoying themselves it reminded me of the old times when Zack and Hodgins use to do their strange and exciting experiments. There's no way they could replace Zack.
  • Awesome episode, but seriously, I can only talk about Zack. He was just the best part of this episode.

    OMG!!! Zaaaaack!!! He made all the difference in this episode!! Seriously, before watching this one, I was just thinking how bad it would be without him assisting dr. Brennan, and then, they brought him back! I'm SO happy, that I'm almoust boucing here. lol. And Wendel?? OMG! He's SO cute!!! I hope he's the one who is going to be in zack's place. I mean, if they can't bring zack back, cuz everybody still thinks he is a killer…But, anyway, I hope brennan chooses him, cuz he has been the best and the cutest assistant that has been there since zack. Well, I think that's all.
  • Booth and Bones search for the murderer of Jared Addison who was suffering from OCD. His body was found dismembered in a pool of purple water without a head.

    What a well written and touching episode. The ending was very sad but interesting at the same time. I enjoyed the cougarific storyline very much. It was very weird that he might have been the step father of someone as old or older than him. Trippe!

    I don't like the fact that Hodgins and Angela broke up but I kind of think her and Wendell had a thing. It was uncomfortable to say the least when they were all together.

    Speaking of Wendell his reaction to Bones' comment about dating older women was hilarious to say the least. It was funny she didn't notice anything weird about the situation.

    I miss Zack! Wendell just didn't come close to filling the void. I found him mostly boring. He just didn't fit in with the group. I don't know how to say it but I just found him a little flat.
  • This is why people watch the show!

    Ah the writers have totally made up for the pain in the heart… Okay. Totally is the wrong word to use but still, they made a great start.

    This is the first episode that Zack has appeared in since "The pain in the heart" and I have to take my hat off to Eric Millegan for the opening scene. How can he say that many words so fast? The Hodgins/Zack interaction in this episode was great also, very best friends (Only if you put the words "Very Geeky" in front of best)

    Wendell is my favourite grad student so far. I think its sweet how he thinks of what his father would do and I love how Angela seems to be the one he turns to and he has a great working relationship with her. Brennan was very... well Brennanish. Asking poor Wendell about sexual relationships with older woman! I had to laugh at his face. And when Booth let her drive the argument when she took her eyes off of the road! Funny.

    Booth's reactions to Brennan throwing out her manuscript was priceless. "Woah woah woah woah!"

    Hodgins and Cam… wow. Looks to me that we now know who Hodgins blames for the break-up! Seriously, he was SO snappy with Cam, I still love him though ;)

    And then the ending… with Sweets and Zack that is. Oh god, if I didn't know that was happening I would have taken a heart attack!

    Best of season 4? I'd say just now it is tying with The finger in the nest but it was fantastic episode, 10 outta 10!!
  • Get Zack back for good.

    Brennan and Booth are set to investigate a dismembered body discovered in a purple waste water tank however the body is missing it's head and naturally it's up to our bone investigating duo to find both head and identification of dismembered body.

    They soon discover the I.D of the body ( still less head ) is an aspiring science fiction writer with OCD a mental problem, once again Bones and Booth call Sweet's in to help with the case but find it difficult to get any further upon an arrest so they call in Zack.

    Zack is in a mental hospital and is seen by Sweet's to help with his mental state but Hodges decides to give Zack the case file for help, Zack then breaks out of the hospital so he can help and discover the real killer.

    Another great episode and it was good to see Zack however not being in law or law enforcement I would doubt you'd be able to bring in a murder case file to a mental patient. Personally I hope they bring Zack back because though some are fun it's starting to get a little tiresome seeing a different character each episode knowing you'll never see them again, get Zack off on a technicality and bring him back to fight for 'King of the Lab'.
  • And I was already giving up.. but this episode changed my mind...

    Wow.. I most say I did not liked last season much and this one was not starting too well either but this episode and the previous one too are changing my mind - they are getting more and more back to the track I like.

    I think this episodes major plus was Zack back and the way everyone was so happy to see him around and the way he was explaining things - he and Sweets in the end when he says to Sweets that in fact he did not killed that man. Maybe there is still change for him because I would like to have him back.

    But this episode and the case - I loved how it all affected Bones - there was author involved and the end when she was destroying her own script.. it was very symbolic and and how Booth talked sense to her..

    Anyway, it was lovely episode with exciting case, good char interaction and with Zack.
  • An OCD "toddler" is murdered.

    Bones had another great episode here. We saw an interesting story with an OCD patient and got some funny comedy in the process. The man at the coffee shop calling them "OCDCs" was great and Booth was on his game as usual. The conclusion was also well-done something Bones often does not do. I was a little upset with how the preview for this episode entailed Brennan possibly having an affair with Wendall, but that ended up not being the case.

    This was still a really good episode and Bones has arguably become one of the most consistent programs on television today.
  • Zack Addy returns to the lab to assist his team with uncovering the murderer of a crime involving a victim who was suffering from severe OCD.

    The Purple Pieces in the Purple Pond, in my mind, deserves a place in the top ten Bones episodes of all time. On my top ten chart, this episode is number 5 for some very obvious reasons.

    1. I am a die-hard Zack fan. Trying to deny that isn't going to help me. I have been...more than devestated with the outcome of the season 3 finale, though upon watching it several times it has earned a place in my top 20 chart with it's heart wrenching emotional prospects. This episode, in contrast, had a bit of a lighter mood and was a great return of one of our favorite socially awkward geniuses.

    2. This episode caught me in a fit of laughter with some great lines such as. Sweets: "But my card's right here."

    Zack: "I peeled off the magnetic strip using my loony bin library card."

    There were a lot more like Booth's sexy FBI agent line and Zack's King of the Looney Bin line. I just love how he actually refers to the mental institute as that. Zack, of all people. xD

    3. We finally get to see a slight Booth and bones inuendo. Could it be that our cuddly FBI agent is no longer so hesitant to have conversations of sexual topics with his partner?

    ...Probably not, but it was a step in the right direction. xD

    There are some negative things that I have to say about this episode too, though. For example, why is Sweets Zack's psychologist? Wouldn't their past of working together prevent such a thing from going on?

    Also, why did Zack choose to tell Sweets of what really happened? I would think that Zack, being very logical and always thinking his actions through would have kept that tidbit of information under wraps. Even though, I am secretly glad that this did happen. Knowing that he isn't actually a murderer sooths me immensely.

    But finally, I am proud of Hart Hanson and the work that he has done in this episode to try and piece back together the broken shards of the lab. And its workers.

    Very good, Hart. You have finally learned that causing turmoil in the lives of our characters needs mending that can take up at least an episode. [i]These[/i] are things that give the viewers happiness. Not making their favorite socially awkward genius a murderer and apprentice to a cannibal and breaking up the only real couple of the show in one two hour episode. He is actually trying to make amends for his actions. 8D
  • They missed quite a few things, to make this episode more believable...Like, with Zack and Hodgins, Hodgins leaving him the case file and discussing the case file with him and Zack escaping the Looney bin

    (I always wanna say Looney mistake ),
    and taking Zack to the restaurant... I mean, as much as they still love him they can't do that and can get in trouble cuz of that.
    Also... Booth was kinda pushing it...with the whole 'I wanna protect you,don't want anybody to insult you' thing...
    Though, in the end, when he didn't allow her to throw her books, he was kinda sweet... Sweets was again, funny!
    I was rofl when he was pretending to ...what he said..umm... entering OC guys mind and when he was scared to be alone with Zack!Damn, that one cracked me up...
    The new guy was ok, hope he will stay for more episodes.
  • Fun episode to watch with the return of "King of the Looney Bin"

    A standard Bones plot with the dismembered (and headless) body of an author suffering from OCD turning up in a purple pond.
    At the lab they test out yet another intern, cut between chats in the secure mental facility with Zack.
    Hodgins is still prickly especially to his boss, Cam, although she does managed to come across as dense with her questions (odd for such a qualified scientist). And, is it just me or is her attire just a tad inappropriate for the boss of a facility of that size (must be for the ratings...)
    The scenes with Zack are magic and show what a loss he is to the dynamic of the team. None of the interns to date have begun to fill the gap.
    The case is solved and Bones and Booth reinforce that partners should support each other in a nice little scene. Standard, enjoyable episode. Looking forward to the next one.
  • This episode features the much anticipated return of Zack.

    Let me first say that I liked the episode and I loved seeing Zack with the team again. The looks on everyones faces when he showed up at the lab was great, and that Booth let him help out and spend some time with the team because he knew how important it was to everyone, especially Brennan was amazing. I liked how they had Zack show some ironic humor rather than being the robotic analyst that he was starting to become in the end of the third season. And the writers finally acknowledging that they had made a mistake by having Zack kill someone on Gorgomon's behalf and correcting it had me cheering and anticipating his return to the lab. That bit where Sweets was afraid to be alone with Zack was pretty funny. The bizarre case was also interesting.
    As much as I loved seeing Zack, he got out a little too easily. Unless the Jeffersonian happens to be walking distance of the mental facility housing him, how did he get to the lab? Did he hitchhike? Take a cab? If he did, does he have access to money to pay for it? Did no one at the facility notice his absence? Were there no guards at the Jeffersonian that evening? Even before that, I have issues with Hodgins handing a file on an ongoing investigation to someone not authorized to look at it. Pictures, maybe if he had some specialization regarding what might be in the pics, but the entire file and he left it there? I did like the fact that Hodgins is still dealing with the anger over his breakup with Angela and what happened to Zack, but what about Angela's reaction to it. She did briefly attempt to blame Sweets, and that was it. Also, is it me or did she flirt with the new guy?
    As for the new intern Wendell, I liked him. I thought that he was good, and I liked that he didn't try too hard. He was doing his job and appreciated the opportunity that he was given without the constant butt kissing. I thought it was hilarious when he believed that Brennan was coming on to him and he was afraid of losing his job, and Angela thought that he was mobbed up. The story he gave in the end was touching, as was the look on his face when he saw the reception that Zack received and when he was leaving the lab did tug at my heart. I hope that he stays on for a little while at least. Those issues didn't detract from the joy of seeing Zack again. Great episode, and it's great to have Bones back.
  • Shocking confession

    This exactly why I watch Bones. This is why I fell in love with this show.
    The chemistry that everybody shares is pretty amazing. Beginning with Booth and Brennan and all the scenes they had in this episode. Booth defending Brennan, letting her drive, shows another side of their relationship. Hodgins. The only way he can heal what's hurting him is facing it and he goes to see Zack and acts all normal. You could see it was hard for him being there. And how well he knows his friend that he confides the case file to him even when he's in this psychiatric hospital. And he also faced Cam. He won't do it.
    Angela needs to start thinking what lead to the break up with Hodgins and she needs to stop blaming people. It was very nice of her talking to the new grad student (who by the way, was very cute, very sweet and I wish he could stay longer) and advising him, making feel welcome.
    The case was very good. OCD is fascinating and at the same time is a terrible condition. Amazing how mind works. And only the mind of the great Zack could help find out the missing pieces. I didn't think it was out of line that Zack help. It was circumstantial. Hodgins just wanted things back to normal.
    Booth and Brennan. They're amazing. Booth was basically yelling at Brennan to heal his back, but he's so careful and considerate that Brennan had to dare do it for him. A relationship is based, among other things, of compliments and these two are getting better at them. And Brennan is getting used to hearing them from Booth.
    Last but not least, shocking moment! Zack didn't do it. I wonder how they will manage this confession through out the rest of the season.
    That and the last scene are my favorite moments.
  • We're getting our Bones back!!!

    Okay yes I can admit that I'm only giving this one a ten because I can't give it a 9.9 lol and because Zack was in it and I love Zack and I needed Zack and he made it seem so much better than it really was!!!

    I loved that new guy thinking that Brennan was hitting on him! Angela was so funny trying to tell him that Brennan wouldn't do that and I loved that she thought he owed the mob!! That was all very entertaining! I loved seeing Sweets trying to talk to Zack about everything that happened and I loved seeing Hodgins visiting him and talking to him it was really nice to see that and Zack's escape was perfect and nothing short of that!!

    I loved that Zack came through and realized the bizarre set of 12 thing! It was great to have Zack back and to have the whole group reunion type thing and I loved Brennan squeezing his arm real tight and all it was really adorable!!

    This was an excellent episode and I hope it's setting a trend for future episodes!!
  • "Zack is Back Oh ya!!!!"

    Well lets see what can I say about this episode except for the fact that it was awesome! I don't think it could of gotten any better. Zack broke out of the mental hospital which is awesome cause i missed that guy a lot he is a great actor and an amazing character on the show. This show has an awesome cast and it really sucks when someone leaves (Zack) or when retarded losers get added (Sweets and the knew intern(forget his name cause its not important)). But i guess at least he will be better than some of the others. But man I really hope ZACK comes back soon!!!!!!!!
  • Zack!

    Well, this episode was fine. I guess we can all agree that it was more about Zack than about the case. Don't get me wrong, the case was good. Nice twist at the end and some funny moments like the coffee guy.
    But seeing Zack again was the main part. Maybe the writers are planning on bringing him back for a few episodes every now and again, or even all together! It would be about time, the surrogate nerds they install every week are not very good. Altough this one was funny, with all the inappropriate allusions and all...

    I hope the next episodes follow this one and let us forget the weak last ones.
  • Well, maybe this season isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The writers decide to do a re-re-rewind and erase the errors of their past. Glorious purple ponds, a promising new intern and a return to form on this week's episode of Bones

    The pieces of a dismembered body are found lying in a purple pool of water (12 pieces!), except the head is missing. The team finds that the body belongs to Jared Addison, a science fiction writer who had suffered for a long time with OCD until he was recently cured.He was turning his life around, found love only to be found dead by some enamored (read: horny) teens.
    This season was looking quite average for the past four episodes. Sure the chemistry between the cast was still there, sure the stories of the week were interesting enough, but I was still pissed at them, the poor conclusion to the gormagon story took Zach away, not only that, they replaced him this season with intern after intern, some more promising than others, and some far too annoying. However, this episode was definitely a return to form. The story of the week was above average, and actually didn't see the twist of who the murderer was coming. The new intern is actually pretty good, I hope he sticks around!
    Finally…most importantly…Zach returns! They way he returns is also not contrived, the writers did some good work here, by having Sweets treat him, continuing Hodgin's horrible mood, and then the slow build to Zach's eventual break out and the awesome reveal at the end (okay fine that part was completely the writer back tracking). I'm glad they did backtrack! Having Zach around again reminded me what he brought to the show, although Sweets is a welcome and refreshing addition, Zach was important. We get how much so through the characters interactions with him in the episode. I'm glad Zach didn't kill the guy, and I'm also interested to see what this will mean for Zach in terms of his eventual integration back into the show.

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  • Well this episode changes the way I feel about the season finale. Not much, but still a little bit.

    Well this episode changes the way I feel about the season finale. Not much, but still a little bit. The reveal at the end of the episode with Dr. Addy and Dr. Sweets actually made me yell "No Way!" And now, having a chance to think about the reveal, I realize that it opens up a huge story line involving Dr. Addy. Huge and exciting.

    I really liked Dr. Brennan's assistant Wendell(Michael Grant Terry). I really hope he sticks around. They sure gave him more character development than the others that have come through the lab. Well, deeper and more interesting development anyway.

    Looking back at the whole episode there were a few holes, I thought. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the magnetic strip on the back of ID cards (or any other card that has a magnetic strip) don't come off so easy. Also, even if Dr. Addy had gotten out of his room how did he escaped the entire building with out being caught, that's no so easy to do either. AND even if he got all the way out of the building, HE'S A CONVICTED MURDERER. Where is the high alert? Where are the police showing up at the lab, knowing he is likely to show up there? Booth saw him, if anyone at the FBI finds out that Booth saw him and didn't take him straight back to the institution, he is in some seriously hot water. Most fans are going to over look all of that because, well, we got Dr. Addy back.

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  • It was great to see Zach in this episode. Tonight he escaped with the help from the lovely Sweets. Alough he didn't realize that he helped Zach to escape. As for tonights plot it wasn't the greatest. If you ask me it seemed a bit boring.

    For me tonight's episode of Bones wasn't one of my favorites. I was ecstatic when Zach showed up in the lab. He looked so lost when he started to leave the lab. When they were in the dinner and after Cam got off the phone with who ever she was talking to. Towards the end of the episode, I went from crying because Zach said it was time for him to go back to wanting to throw something at the television when Zach told Sweets that he wasn't the one who killed the guy last season in like 5 minutes.
  • Have I mentioned I love this show!

    The script for this episode was really creative. The links to OCD was really different and mindblowing. The extremes that where showed, touching the mudd, the mom's garden, really thought provoking. As always the team interaction was why I watch. From Hodges confrontation with Cam to Brennan and Boothe you always get different extremes. Especially when they are welcoming back a friend, Zack. I was so excited to see him. I liked the excitement they showed upon his return and his revelation that he didn't kill anyone is going to be interesting to follow. Sweets knows, I think it's just a matter of time before we get Zack back, permanently.
  • Zach! Zach! Zach! Does anyone else feel so happy that they could puke!?!?!?!

    Oh my god, I knew Zach wasn't a murderer. I knew it, I mean yes he made a mistake and yes he did tell Gormogon where to find someone who Gormogon then killed but I knew it wasn't by Zach's own hand. I just knew it couldn't be true. Hearing him, seeing him in this episode just cemented that but it still just felt so so good to hear it. To finally know that though Zach made a major mistake, fell victim to Gormogon, and is indirectly responsible for a murder he didn't murder anyone. I can't tell you how relieved I feel, knowing that Zach is still Zach. All through out the episode I kept thinking to myself I can't think of Zach as a murderer. I know he confessed but I just can't see him that. I just couldn't. I'm sure I don't have to tell you guys how inexplicable happy I feel, I'm not afraid to say I totally broke down into tears at the end there when Zach made his true confession to Sweets.

    So much makes sense now too! His beginning scene with Sweets, where he expressed remorse for falling victim to Gormogon and not the actual murder itself. I knew there was something there and as Sweets so correctly pointed out last season Zach was not and is not mentally unstable so if he had killed someone he would have been sorry. You could also see in those lasts scenes when he was talking to Sweets that he was sorry for his part even though he didn't say it in those exact words. He knew he made a wrong choice, followed the wrong logic and he was sorry. Most times murderers aren't sorry in that way, they're more sorry for getting caught. And I mean Zach, though acting very distant and with a little less personality then usual last season, wasn't acting like a murderer. I realize there is no set way all murderes act but he was still Zach and it's just so good to know he is still Zach.

    It was so good to see him in this episode. His visit with Hodgins at the "looney bin" was so cute, felt just like old a way. Zach is still the king of the...that part made me tear a little too. And just the way he replied, 'I'm king of the looney big' made me so long for Zach to be part of the show like the old days. I miss him so much. I loved the scene between Zach, Hodgins, Angela and Cam in the diner. It was like all that stuff about Hodgins and Ang breaking up, everything that seperated Zach from them forgotten and it was just has it had always been. Another very telling moment is that when the case was solved Zach got up directly and said time to go, he didn't try and delay or even pause. It's just such a relief to know that though Zach made a mistake he didn't murder anyone directly. I think we all knew in our hearts, even if we couldn't come up with an explination that there was a piece missing from all of this and I am thrilled that we finally got it. Good for Bones for sticking with Zach even though he's not a part of the main cast anymore. Let's hope that they keep it up (I think they might because even though they are trying out all new grad students and will eventually pick one even if it takes the season Hodgins isn't moving into Zach's space and I kind of took that as saying they'll save a space for Zach even if he never returns to the main cast), even if he can't be in every episode I'd take that over nothing. I can't say it enough I just feel this immense relief, this heart acheing utterly amazing relief to know that Zach didn't actually murder anyone. Even if we never saw him again I am so greatful that they gave us that.
  • Bones and Booth need Zach's help (even though he is behind bars) to solve the mystery of a dead OCD sci-fi writer.

    Well, I've been screaming "Bring Back Zach" for weeks, so I guess I can't complain. Zach is back to help the team with the gruesome murder of a sci-fi writer who suffers (well, suffered) from OCD. Just the bit of chemistry he added to the mix was definately much appreciated by this Bones die-hard. And I would also like to point out that Dr. Sweets is becoming more and more of a prominent figure, and I enjoy that, especially since he doesn't really come between Booth and Bones. As for the plot, this one was interesting and a bit fresher than most; definately not the same old decaying body. All in all, a step up.