Season 5 Episode 3

The Plain in the Prodigy

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2009 on FOX

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  • A very good episode..

    I've gotta say it.. it was nice to see an episode where the whole Booth and Bones thing isn't forced on the viewers, cause like I said in a previous review, it's getting really annoying the dancing around each other, quiet staring after a line. Not even teens do that anymore. The hesitation.. just get it over with..

    Anyways, the story was pretty simple. Amish kid left home for something I don't really remember the name, kinda to blow off some steem and getting to know a bit about the outside life before going back to his family and religion.

    At first, I thought it was gonna be the predictable family as suspects then the obvious twist to someone close. I was wrong.
    Just some random thief..
    Life is tragic sometimes...

    Sad episode. Very well written.

  • Remains of a teenage boy are found near the railroad which at first seem to belong to the 19th century and are later discovered to be of an Amish boy with a special gift whose untimely murder deprived the world of a prodigy.

    Even though many fans have not seen this part an a perfect ten, based on the story, the performances and not to mention the music, I say it deserves the full score.
    The plot unfolds beautifully as new information is brought to the attention of Bones and Booth and the simplicities of the Amish life which collided with with the dreams of a young and talented boy leave them wondering what could have been.
    Among all the subtle points of this episode, Booth's correct judgment to send the stones to Sweets instead of Hodgins might just have been the only clue to lead the investigation forward; it was also great to see Cam deal with Michelle's teenage life and Booth's effort to protect her.
    I can give more reasons why I liked this episode, but the simplest one is that I was touched with the music and it's amazing ability to penetrate through extremism.
  • Absolutely brilliant ending!

    I really loved this episode for two reasons but then again it wasn't the best Bones I have ever saw.

    The two reasons I loved it where simple. The ending blew my mind - it was completely anti-climatic in a brilliantly creative way - I mean the ending itself, some people could of gotten annoyed at but it was nice to see that all evidence sometimes leads in a direction but it turns out one small over-looked piece of information is the key to the whole thing. It's also nice to know that sometimes shows like this that always follow one lead can get it wrong - and I think the moral in that was that not always every time has got some detailed plot behind it - sometimes it's simple everyday crime.

    The second reason was the simply stunning piano pieces in it and the musical aspect.

    The reason why this episode didn't get ten in my books was that it really dragged in certain areas. I mean sometimes I was wishing for it to hurry up and I'm not normally like that in Bones.
  • Really good

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open with human remains being found, and they are son IDed as that of Levi Yoder, a member of an Amish community. The episode revolves around his gift for music and how he had to decide between going back to the Amish community or staying in the English world and following his love of music. As all of the suspects seem to have alibi's, we soon learn that he was killed by a petty robber who was stealing items from the building where he was staying. Also in this episode, Cam gets worried when she suspects that Michelle is either having sex already or is about to start.
  • loovely!!

    i just looved this episode. i just finished watching it, and i can't stop listening to that music that levi was playing. seriously, i'm truly amazed.
    another point that caught my attention on thins episode was the fact that the killer had nothing to do with the case. i don't think it ever happened before on the show. i thought it was a lil weird, because i spent the hole time thinking who had motives or would want him dead. and, in the end, i just got disappointed. other thing that i did not ike, was the fact that michelle is barely on the show, and sudenlly she's on a crises?? wtf?
    but, anyway, i thought the episode was awesome. the music just made it lovely.
  • Not that bad

    How sad, that a talent like this had to end this way, a stupid reason, but who knows, fate sometimes is that way.
    I see that Bones is gone back to be more careful when it comes to talk to a victim's family. It's something I missed from other seasons.
    Cam has a hard time and it's funny that even when she is the tough, professional, hard-working woman she can have a difficult time trying to raise a teenager. I still think she doesn't want to hurt that relationship that is very important to her and well, I'm glad everything worked out for her. Nice to see Angela and Hodgins give her advice.
    When I thought Angela and Hodgins's interaction was going to be hard after their break up, I don't feel it that way and I think the writers have done a good job with their characters.
    I liked Booth and Brennan's conversation in the car about sex, their banter was interesting and it ended well.
    The music played is worth to mention. Very beautiful.
  • Boothie.

    When bones are found near a railway Booth and Bones need to identify the remains, they discover they belong to an Amish teen Levi Yoder.

    As the investigation travels along the team discover the teen was an outstanding pianist and come to the conclusion his talent could have lead to his death, naturally as we've come to expect with an episode of Bones we are subjected to numurous suspects until the real culprit is discovered and arrested.

    As a sideline to the main story Cam becomes uneasy with Michelle ( her foster child ) when Michelle starts to show a rebelious side and Cam must get advice on how to deal/treat her.

    Another great episode, loved how Cam got Booth to put the frighteners on Michelles boyfriend to keep him in line, and nice to see Booth wearing his 'Cocky' belt buckle... very Boothie.
  • On the whole this was a good case with this Amish teenager murdered after having gone to DC to make a decision on continuing his music or going back to his faith where music is forbidden. Suspens was kept all along but 2 main reasons of disappointment

    I was a little disappointed with the end. I found it a bit weird as if the writers didn't know how to end it and after having pointed up several suspects that were quite credible they just provide us with a murderer that has nothing to do with the victim (he was just passing by !) and as if there was not enough time remaining it's only Booth (off voice ) who gives the last clues in a one minute scene. It's a pity since the rest of the story was quite interesting dealing with the Amish community and their costums and this young piano prodigy. The side story with the whole team giving their advice on wether Michelle (Cam stepdaughter) should have sex or not (aged 16 ) was nice too. Especially the scene between Booth and Bones in the car talking about their "1st time" was hilarious and the one with Booth intimidating the young boyfriend was very funny too.

    I didn't really like that much B&B going back to the parents to make them hear their son's music. OK, it comes from a good intention but it's a bit like saying "we're going to give you a lesson on the beauty of music" when they reject music for religious reasons and are not very likely to change their mind.

    But what I regret most is that there is nothing left of the complicty and magic we had in the 2 previous episodes between Booth & Bones. It's becoming a bit boring (these ups & downs). The writers should decide once for good if B&B are going to end up together and make it happen pretty soon and stick to it coz it's 2 seasons it's been going on and as I said it's starting to get on my nerves (I might not be the only one?) Especially since end of previous episode seemed to indicate they were pretty close to it. I 'd like to see a progression or even a rupture but … please ...don't let this go for the next 20 episodes !!! Don't get me wrong ! Of course I've been hoping they will make it but please...make a decision !
  • good story about an amish kid playing music even if its not allowed in his religion. Not much B&B moments in this one but a few decent ones.

    Story opens up with parts scattered all over train tracks. bones points out booth has his favorite belt buckle on, so its seems he is slowly getting back some old habbits.(i think booth wont ever be the same booth after the surgery but thats just me). clark is the intern in this episode and gets the job of going out in the field to find the rest of the parts to his displeasure. Side story is cam tring to keep michelle from having sex with her boyfriend was very funny and her struggling being a new mom so to speak was good.Booth giving the kid a pep talk and the end was funny as well, telling him he is fbi and trained sniper. The case was interesting with the twist and turns of a possible killer, which in this case the killer was one that came out of the blue. Booth and bones talking about michelle and the sex issue was good for a few laughs. Ending was nice touch with the parents seeing their son playing the piano and hearing how nice it was. good episode and season 5 is staying on track with good episodes and hope they keep it up.
  • Great

    Like always a great episode. A very good episode that was emotionell. A Amish boy that had a talant to play piano, but was not allowed to have anything to do with music cause the traditional. The writer of this show really does a good work. Still I want Bones and Booth to share a kiss someday ;) But like I wrote it's a really good show that I have watched from almost begining. I hope that they will do more episodes that shows us this side we saw. I also hope that this show will have many more seasons that is good.
  • Love for music..

    I most say, this episode surprised me. I did not expected so much depth to the story. Usually they have a story but it is more about the chars and for sure, it had char focus too, specially on Cam being a mother and the role she has had since adopting Michelle. But most of all, it was about the story: about the boy of different believes and different way of life. And falling in love with music what is not allowed for him. I mean. The way they just put focused so much for the boy's love for music, that video he sended, the same video playing for his parents. There was so much heart and so my emotion in this episode. There was story what really caught me and moved me.
  • Terrible.

    Man, what has happened to Bones this season? After four good years the show has just turned into utter garbage and is barely watchable anymore. This was once described as a "dark comedy" but there was not a single funny line here, and only a few genuine attempts at comedy.

    If I wanted to watch a generic procedural I'd watch something on CBS as the acting is infinitely superior to that on FOX, especially this show. The one redeeming quality of this show was its light-hearted nature, but if that is going to be thrown out the window what is the reason for even tuning in?
  • A body of a young man is found in pieces by the rails and after intitial confusion the team determines that it is the body of an amish boy...

    This case had one of the best case premises in a while and the case was very interesting since you could never imagine who killed Levi at the end. The episode was very emotional and sad and i should be giving it a 10 but i can't because it lacked the good b&b interactions that i love about the show. They were probably trying to cool it down a bit after the last scene in The Bond in the boot, but still there was nothing there except a very cute scene with B&B in the car talking about sex.

    The subplot of this episode with Cam's daughter Michelle wanting to have sex with her bf Perry was very funny. Booth acting all fatherly and talking to Perry was hilarious. (I'm an FBI agent and trained army sniper!)

    What makes this episode a good episode though is the last scene when Brennan gives Levi's parents a video of their son playing piano (music is forbidden for the Amish) and the last frame with Levi smiling for the camera will be one of the all time best Bones moments for me.
  • A body is found obliterated in many pieces along a railroad track. The story leads Bones and Booth to a young Amish boy who is a musical prodigy. Cam is facing Michelle's coming of age and is having trouble dealing with the consequences as her guardian.

    I was a little disappointed with the ending. I won't give it away why as that would be a major spoiler, but if you saw the episode you should know what I am talking about.

    This was a very entertaining story about the Amish and their rite of Rumspringa. This is where a young man leaves the fold to experience the wild things of the world so when they return they can be satisfied they are not missing out on anything. Surprisingly 85% of all who take part return to their faith. In this case we have a young man who is a musical prodigy. Any kind of instruments are forbidden. He plays the piano like a virtuoso. It is his body that is found in small pieces next to the railroad tracks. We discover a wide array of people who could be responsible and Bones, Booth, and the team do their thing in tracking down the killer.

    Michelle the girl that Cam is Guardian of is sixteen now and she wants to spend the night out playing with a very close male friend. Cam doesn't really know how to react and there is the standard parent/teenager fight. In the end between Cam, Booth, and everyone else I think the kids will do the right thing. Maybe! There is a classic Booth intimidation scene. I'm with the FBI. Professional sniper. I'm like her Uncle. I want you to be good or else! Etc. with the boyfriend.

    A very entertaining episode with a disappointing ending but otherwise classic Bones. Next week looks like another good one. Thanks for reading...