Season 5 Episode 3

The Plain in the Prodigy

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 2009 on FOX

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  • Remains of a teenage boy are found near the railroad which at first seem to belong to the 19th century and are later discovered to be of an Amish boy with a special gift whose untimely murder deprived the world of a prodigy.

    Even though many fans have not seen this part an a perfect ten, based on the story, the performances and not to mention the music, I say it deserves the full score.
    The plot unfolds beautifully as new information is brought to the attention of Bones and Booth and the simplicities of the Amish life which collided with with the dreams of a young and talented boy leave them wondering what could have been.
    Among all the subtle points of this episode, Booth's correct judgment to send the stones to Sweets instead of Hodgins might just have been the only clue to lead the investigation forward; it was also great to see Cam deal with Michelle's teenage life and Booth's effort to protect her.
    I can give more reasons why I liked this episode, but the simplest one is that I was touched with the music and it's amazing ability to penetrate through extremism.