Season 5 Episode 18

The Predator in the Pool

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 22, 2010 on FOX

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  • Finally. Booth deserves someone nice.

    I thought this was a pretty good episode. Although I have always rooted for B&B to get together. After Bones refused to see the light and we saw how hard Booth took it. I'm glad he decided to move on. Although it's obviously started out as a way to try and make Bones jealous. But the lady doc seems really nice and funny and would be good for Booth. Normal. And I love the aquarium. Would love to have that as my screen saver! That would be awesome to just watch sometime. Definitely made me want to go to the aquarium soon.
  • Is it just me, or are the episodes getting better?

    It seems as though now that Booth's feelings have been put out there, the episodes are continuing to get better and better. I think that the 5th season was hitting a rough patch of episodes, and after the 100th, they've completely turned that around.

    I know some (including myself) were a bit shakey upon knowing that our favorite non-couple would be dating other people, but I think it worked really well. I'm still not too sure about Catharine, but I DO like Hacker (even though he's taking Brennan away from Booth). It's good that, despite their being some weirdness to their relationship, they can still work together. It's obvious they are still very-much in love.

    A great episode! 9.5
  • I hate when someone promises you something through word or deed for five years and then manages to eke out some more drama.

    Don't get me wrong I love Bones. Although, she is socially awkward to the point of needing a keeper. For some reason they seem to make her equate being good at parties as a good thing. I think that's just window dressing. I mean, so you're good at small talk. Big deal. Dig somebody out of the ground with your bare hands and then we'll talk. Booth has everything Brennan needs but thinks she doesn't want. He's steady, reliable, lots of fun to play around with, knows how to relax and have some down time(which she doesn't). Together, they're a yin-yang. Perfectly complete. As to the episode, it was good. I definitely don't like Rena Sofer at all. And that twit ex-boss of Booth's, ugh, talk about annoying. "I insisted that I go out with you. Interesting that she finally remembered about the don't date the FBI guys thing. The only person she consistently remembers that with is Booth. Otherwise, I mean, she dated Sully, even when she worked directly with him. Just get them together. They make a great couple and deserve a shot. Also, more action. Jeez, it's been a real snore this year except for breaking them up. Some people seem to think that there has been too much emphasis on them and not enough on the cases and I'd almost have to agree. But I think if they did get together there's no way Brennan would ever focus on anything but work when she's working. So that would make the show still concentrate on the cases but they've always added the human factor and they've teased for a long time, now it's time to deliver.
  • The remains of a human leg have been found in the stomach of a tiger shark. Dr Catherine Bryar, fish specialist comes to ask B&B's help. This beautiful scientist catches Booth's interest while Brennan has a new date with Hacker.

    A really nice episode. Interesting case situated in the aquarium which brings some really beautiful shots in front or even in the pools.

    If their eyes were guns it would have been a slaughter at the beginning of the episode especially in the aquarium and in the diner. A lot of poking & probing between B&B concerning their so-called new "love interests" but very subtle, only side-glances or pretending not to care (about the other dating someone else) but also sometimes they fail to hide their feelings. But it takes several re-watchings to determine which makes it a very depressing episode at first sight, especially the last scene at the "Founding Fathers" where they seem to really be "moving on". Very easily too ! (but only at first sight !)

    Once you've re-watched it you can catch all the looks and teasing and then you understand it's not that easy and you KNOW they're still so much in love, BOTH of them ! and even it might be Brennan the one who suffers the most from the situation though she doesn't want to show anything of course ! It's very obvious in the scene in front of the lift at the Hoover. She's so tense ! and so overwhelmed with emotions that she takes on her very logical side again and start talking of love interests in terms of ratio. Of course, Booth who is so good at reading people and who knows her so well should notice it and get that it's so hard for her. Maybe he does ...or maybe not ! When the lift door closes on Brennan he has this look (that makes me want to cry) saying "it's me you should be dating", then he looks down in deep thought supposedly as to what he should do and turn around and leave. So I'm not sure wether he really is trying to move on with this date or just poking and teasing Brennan to make her move (towards him) coz he understands she's in love with him and the fear of losing him could help her admit her feelings. One thing is sure though, he IS attracted to Dr Bryar she's very beautiful, she's smart, she's got a good sense of humour (not like Bones) and their "date" is nice (not like Bones & Hacker which seems awkward and a bit forced) she makes him laugh, she understands intuition (not like Bones). It's most certainly good for his ego to be hit by such a beautiful woman after 3 years of abstinence.

    Reasons of hope : They're still so much on eachother's mind that the first thing they say on arriving to their own date is something about their partner "now Booth can have sex with Dr Bryar" Bones says and "yeh, yeh I know, you're a scientist so that whole intuition thing is just a load of crap, right ?" Booth says making the confusion between Bones & Dr Bryar.

    In the last scene they seem comfortable with eachother again, at least not ready to fight like at the beginning, but still a bit awkward, a bit challenging maybe and hopefully just pretending they're OK with the whole "moving on" stuff.

    The fact that Bones wants to know what made them laugh is a proof that not only she cares but she's worried coz obviously humor is not her strengh and if Catherine is able to make Booth laugh it's a very good point for her and bad news for Bones. Booth not bothering to explain her has to be very painful so she skips to Hacker again.

    Also when Bones says "you deserve a good woman" Booth hastens to say "you too, Bones" but then chokes on his words to rectify "not ... a woman... know what I meant" but is actually unable to articulate the words "you deserve a good man" but giggles instead, thus showing how tense and uncomfortable he is. So I would say this was painful to watch at first (more than I thought it would !) but it ends up being a very good episode with an interesting case, very beautiful aquatic images and a more and more complex relationship between B&B. Both characters being parted between their actual feelings and moving on. I thought this was really well acted, very subtle, so subtle that you could easily miss it and get really depressed.
  • So, um this is Booth moving on...*laughs hysterically* Oh I am sorry, I mean h- no I can't lie. They are failing so badly. The case was good too.

    Yeah, so they went on dates Temperance with Andrew and Booth with Catherine. It was just plain weird and a little painful for me. Even though Seeley and Temperance will end up together it still wasn't fun. However, they were talking about the dates before and after. And you know that's an extremely normal thing for people who are moving on to do. *laughs again* Okay, I'll move on to the case.

    I liked that we got to go to an aquarium for this case. The Marilyn chick was a good guest character for the episode. That Russian dude was just a little creepy. There's potential to bring him back. Back to the relationship aspect of the show. The little Angela and Hodgins moment was cute. It'll be nice when they are finally back together. That's all I got.
  • Fish with digestive upset...

    ...the premise for the case was great, and all the little details in search of the answer, as always, were entertaining. Even the end result was surprising to me. Makes me rethink some of my own teachers...but I digress.

    The distressing thing is how I focused on the relationships. Key word: "focused". Whereas the creative team has historically managed to blend series point A with series point B, I personally find the whole relationship thing distracting right now.

    First of all I can not abide Rena Sofer. She bugged me in NCIS and now she's bugging me in Bones...only this time, she proved she can't act. There is no way this actress or this character are Booth-worthy! No way!

    Secondly, Hacker is an obsequious twit. And while both his character and Bones are impressed with themselves, Bones truly believes that the fact is; she's brilliant. Hacker is a mover and he makes no bones (pun intended) about the fact that he will take credit where it's not due. He is kind of entertaining though...

    I still love this how, and I'm sticking with it because they always come through with creative episodes in the end. But this side-line relationship course they're on right now feels like creative filler. I say they can get to next season by staying the original course and be the real "Bones" we all know and love.

    And they can begin right now, by having "Sweets" start drawing these two some pictures...!!!
  • Another good episode

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When the remains of a human body are found inside of a hammerhead shark, Booth and Bones are called in to investigate. Also in this episode we see both Booth and Bones agreeing to go on dates, although not with each other. Overall this was yet another really good episode, although not as good as I had hoped. Although it is nice to see Booth "moving on" in his dating life, it's hard to watch knowing that he wants to be with Bones and that he should be with her. Hopefully soon Bones will come to her senses.
  • Beautiful views

    Visually impressive episode. I mean, I really loved those aquarium views. Stunning. And that digital one Angela had.. and she nad Hodge watching it. Great moment. On the case.. Mm.. That was unexpected. I think lately I have been saying much that the "bad guys" are always so guessable but this time.. Oo no, that was surprise.

    Also I loved how that case had many twists. I mean.. there were other people who were not involved in the murder but had their own dealings and got into radar and the punch of people noone suspected to be important, they were.. Loved the thing with kids and photos.
  • This episode would be amazing if it wasn't for Catherine Bryer and Andrew Hacker... It was funny to see Booth and Brennan try and move on.

    leg and feet bones are found in a tiger shark that was realeased into the ocean by an aquarium. The murder, obviously took place at the aquarium and the episode goes from there. One of the best parts was when the tour guide lady said there was no fatal accidents and the grouper behind her spit out a skull. So funny! Sweets proves just how well he knows kids when they have to collect photos from the fourth grade class to see if the took a picture of the murder. He managed to somehow insult Parker too.

    Solving a murder isn' the only thing on the team's mind. Angela and Jack are filrting. But it's subtle, so we'll see how things go... Booth and Brennan attempted to make each other jealous by dating other people. Anyone else notice how similar Hacker is to Booth and Catherine is to Brennan? i think Hart hanson is trying to tell us something...
  • A good episode

    It was an enjoyable episode. It wasn´t quite ThaT funny or interesting as The Dead OTQB. But it had some really nice and interesting scenes.

    The case ended up with an unusual murderer, I mean that insane look she has was so off character, but who cares.

    I was particularly annoyed by the way the episode started, about the comment that Bones says about Hacker having a nice quality.
    And that look she gave to him, I mean, what the heck?. Anyway, I did like the way Booth felt attracted to Catherine.
    She was quite a nice character to add, first of all she was Normal, funny, beautiful, kind of charismatic. Really refreshing.

    All though, in the episode Bones repeatedly talks about how exited she is (or pretends to be) with Hacker´s date, even to the point of saying "Hi" to Hacker while Booth is talking to him, she seems pretty annoyed and maybe even hurt when Booth mentions his date with Catherine. I mean, in the coffee scene she absolutely changes the subject when Booth names Catherine as a date (so funny how he tries to annoy Brennan). In the elevator, she compares her beauty with Catherine´s (as an standard, way to cover it LOL), looking like "ups". And in the last scene, she answer joyful to Booth about her date with the annoying Hacker, but seems automatically jealous when she ask about his date. And when she ask "what did you laugh about?", she kind of seems curious and hurt about Booth laughing with someone else, and also by not quite following what Booth is talking so happy about.

    I really liked all of her reactions, they were so real, expected in a person who is just afraid to commit with someone who knows is perfect for her.

    Anyway. A nice episode.
  • What is happening to my favorite show?

    This episode was another huge disappointment. Post 100th episode, the sexual chemistry and tension between Booth and Bones is gone. They're interactions feel forced and awkward. Bones' character has completely regressed, and comes across as cold, uncaring, and unsympathetic. She used to be my favorite character, but the last couple episodes I have found her unlikeable. She acts like she never cared about Booth at all. And what's with her getting all giddy over that idiot Hacker? Totally out of character. What are the writers doing to this show?

    Also, the crime story lines have gone downhill as well. When was the last time there was a truly fascinating, suspenseful case? I plan on watching through the season finale, but if things haven't changed I'm not going to watch in the fall.
  • The team finds skeletal evidence in an aquarium pool, as a comparison to the dating pool, where a new aquatic scientist sets up a date with Booth, while still waters run deep as both Hodgins & Angela and Bones & Andrew renew their romantic paths.

    This was a typical in-between episode most great shows employ, between their great kickoff and finale shows. Romances and plotlines continue, and conclusions suspended - but this one was very awkward in spots and painful to watch. The dialogues by Booth and Bones stumbled over each other, while the whole romantic angle of beginning new paths apart was strained and not well acted I felt. Bones worrying over dating code words was childish and sophomoric, although it was cute how she relied on Angela who comes across as very comfortable in the dating scene. Her interactions with Hodgins were relaxed and very well done, promoting the anticipation of their reuniting. But it seems Bones and Booth were almost trying to make the other jealous with their impending liasons to others, and that was not well scripted or played.
    And finally, their meetings with their interests were strange, and unusual, with forced flirting that cames across as unnatural. The murder plotline was more interesting, with beautiful aquatic environments, a clever simulation by Angela, and actual diving for remains by Hodgins and Bones! It was more interesting by far, than the romantic segways, easier to watch, and better acted. These plotlines make the show watchable, and without them, the show becomes a lousy soap opera. I hope the relationships evolve with more depth and better deliveries, to begin to equal the clever casework parts of this still really good show. We need to see more episodes like "Aliens In A Spaceship", which wow viewers and keep them looking forward to Thursdays!
  • and the dating pool begins.

    episode was pretty good. The case had alot of suspects to juggle around. the russian guy was kinda creepy and maybe by the looks he gave booth, maybe he will show back up again after booth told him he didnt owe him anything who knows. You could see and hear alot of jealousy in this episode which i figured there would be. funny seeing booth alittle off his game with the Dr. in the begining and i think hacker was thinking now he finally has an opening for bones. They both did alot of poking in on where they were going with their dates and what they talked about. I thought it was interesting on how bones asked hacker how he could see her and not booth and hacker basically said he was the boss and he could do what he wanted. I thought forsure she would get alittle upset about that or something. I think it was bones who was more upset than booth. When they talked about what they did on their dates was funny and booth explaining his date, but when he said she made him laugh i think that bothered bones alittle bit, especially when he said he was seeing her again. you could see the look in her eyes. Good episode and next week looks like its going to be a fun one.
  • They might as well called the episode "Pretending to move on and all the fun that comes with it". And Fun it is. And a wee bit sentimental

    The episode revolves in an interesting environment, the aquarium. The case itself isn't mind shattering but it leaves plenty of space for our favorite segment of the show- interpersonal interactions of characters. Booth and Brennan are moving on and handling it. This episode accented Dr. Brennan's eccentric way of processing feelings (via ratio), and it gave her a contrast in the character portrayed by Rena Sofer, whose Dr. Bryar does not frown upon intuition and isn't socially maladjusted. Dr. Jack Hodgins showed a bit of his romantic side and spouted off some of the most interesting facts regarding the sea flora.
  • Good one..

    Another fine installment of the series.
    I knew this would come. Booth is done with trying to get through Bones so he's moved on.. and here we have the beautiful Rena Sofer coming along for a guest appearance.

    I know, you know, we all know that romantic interest doesn't last long in this show, even if it comes from the regulars. So we can expect Bones being a bit jealous but after a couple of episodes, she's out..

    The case was interesting. Somebody ended up dead in a shark tank and it's time to go fishing, boys! hah..

    As usual, full of twists and quirks that make you watch the whole episode and not noticing how long it lasted!

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