Season 2 Episode 17

The Priest in the Churchyard

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on FOX

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  • Tensions all round


    Ignore the crime line concentrate on the personality clashes.

    This episode is more about the problems that Brennan and Booth are having in their relationship than about solving the murder.Because their beliefs are at variance they seem to be arguing all the time. Booth is such a religious person and Brennan is an agnostic - one who believes that we know nothing beyond material phenomena. She is forever sniping at his beliefs both in God and in the ways of his Roman Catholicchurch. This drives them to seeing Dr Wyatt together.

    Wyatt reckons that their difficulties lie not with believing that she didn't go with Sully because of Booth but in another direction. We know better, so does Angela.

    Angela and Hodgins also are having problems - except in the Egyptian storeroom at lunchtime!! Only Zack and Cam seem to be problem free.

    Oh, they also manage to track down the murderer!

  • "Can't you be satisfied that if I'm wrong about God I'll burn in Hell?"

    Obviously this exclamation of Bones doesn't satisfy Booth as he makes her go to see Dr.Wyatt with him.

    But back to the beginning. The new case leads Booth and Brennan to investigate a murder where the body was buried illegally in a sacred Churchyard. Since Bones does not believe in the "magic" and "wandwaving ways" of the Church she antagonizes not only the Priest but also Booth, who thinks they cannot work this way. So they go to see Dr.Wyatt who promises them to put their relationship in order again.

    This is a brilliant episode with a great storyline that puts Bones and Booth in square corners about their personal belief systems. The talks to the psychiatrist both in tandem and individually are great fun to watch as guest star Stephen Fry burns the screen with both leads.

    The best line comes from Angela, who brought it all to a simple conclusion : "Journeys end in lovers meeting, every wise man's son doth know."
  • Full of insights on the two main characters.

    I'll ignore the case plot line, as I was much more interested in the 'psychological' stuff going on. Also, since I'm posting this review a long time after the episode was aired, I guess a lot has been said already.

    Religion. Definitely an issue that Brennan and Booth will always disagree on ('she refers to God as my invisible friend', he says about her; 'Well, you talk to someone who isn't there!' she replies).

    You have to love Gordon Wyatt (having spent some time in the UK, I know Stephen Fry is a super-famous person there). It's funny how sometimes in US shows they use a British character to bring a note of sophistication to the show - and Wyatt is no exception. The guy's quotes Shakespeare (and William Blake) non stop, for God's sake!

    So here's to the main character development bit. Wyatt says 'What now is proved was once only imagined. The rat, the mouse, the fox, the rabbit, watch the roots; the lion, the tiger, the horse, the elephant, watch the fruits. The system contains, the fountain... overflows.'. To which we're thoroughly entitled to say 'uh?'. So I checked the quote out (it's from William Blake's Marriage of Heaven and Hell) and came up with this.

    It's a tribute to the writers' skill in this episode that they manage to say so much with one single quote. Of course, as Wyatt realises, Brennan and Booth's relationship is 'opposites attract' - reason versus emotion, science versus intuition. Which is exactly what Blake was obsessed with. Beautifully done (although I think it's meant so that the characters don't realise that yet). And, as Angela in Shakespearian mood puts it: 'journeys end in lovers' meeting, every wise man's son doth know'.

    Overall, a pretty romantic episode disguised as a therapy session.
  • Proof of how dangerous gossip can be.

    A very funny episode, Brennan's take on religion is always hilarious and makes her very cuttingly witty. Throw in tension with Booth and the interference by Wyatt and this is a fun episode.

    It's so cool that Brennan finally meets Wyatt, they'll get alone famously. Despite Brennan's dislike for psychiatry, he's an unusual psychiatrist. All this bickering and tension is coming from somewhere and Booth is extremely aggressive suddenly about the lab and Brennan. The core of contention is Sully but I think the shrink gave them the easy answer to ease the tension and not the real one, letting them figure it out for themselves.

    I enjoyed this one, Brennan's hilarious irreverence about religion while not falling into easy pitfall of making one or more of the priests actually being bad, which would have disappointed me. So many shows make the priest the villain and as much as I dislike religion, it's tired. It was a nice touch to have the murder based on idle gossip which is so often more hurtful than truth.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show bones she and booth are called to a cemitary out side the church and they start to learn after looking at the graves a man was murderd. and buried there. and they start to go investgating but thing is bones and booth are having problems togeather working things out. and so they go and see a shrink. and they start to do more digging and come accross these gossip rumors of a old prist and a new one touching kids. but there just ing rumores and they start to do more digging and accuse the father of the church of posing them but thing is he was covering for a girl that was taken in by the church years ago. and she was accept that they were touching kids but the father said it was never proven and only rummors . and this was a good ep
  • Another great episode....

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a water main breaks, near a cemetery, coffins start coming out of the ground. So Bones and Zach are called into ID the bodies to put them back into the correct coffins. Soon they find a skull belonging to someone who was buried there just 5 years ago, although it is claimed no one has been buried there for over 50 years. Booth suggests to Bones that she go with him to see his therapist, Dr. Wyatt and she aggress. And so when Booth has to go back to the church, he takes Angela with him instead of Bones. During which Angela asks him if they have slept together. And soon it comes to light that the victim may in fact be a priest. Hodgins asks Angela to move in with him, but she is reluctant to say yes. When Booth and Bones question one of the men who worked in the church, we learn that the victim may have been a paedophile. They speak to who his victim may have been, but he claims that nothing happened. We also see that the tension between Booth and Bones is becoming worse. Soon Dr. Wyatt tells both of them that they both believe that Bones didn't go away with Sully, because of Booth. But that is apparently not why she didn't go. We learn that the victim was poisoned and that was how he died and the other priest is also currently being poisoned. Soon the Father of the church confesses to the crimes. But Booth doesn't believe him. We then learn that it was the admin woman for the church who poisoned both of the priests. She did it because she believed that both of them were abusing young boys, but there is no evidence to prove that either of them did anything wrong. Since Angela doesn't know what to do, Bones takes her to see Dr. Wyatt. After Bones leaves, Angela tells Wyatt that Bones stayed because of Booth, and no other reason.
  • ah, this episode did not dissapoint...

    Oh what a wonderul episode! It wasn't as love/angst-y as "The Boneless Bride In The River" was, but it still got some little B&B moments. It was really a good episode for Angela and Hodgins though. Angela said in an earlier episode that her relationship with Hodgins was "just sex and laughter" but in this episode, it proves to be much more. [cue the automatic "aaaaaaaaawwwwww"] I mean, in the last episode, it focused so much on the Booth/Brennan/Sully triangle that it sickened me. (just for the record, loved every minute of it. ;) ) Also in this episode we see more of Dr. Wyatt, whom I love.
    I liked the case too. I wasn't expecting it to be the girl. Well, kinda. It's one of those things where a character is introduced for no other point than to be the murderer. But I still liked the case. I really loved the ending scene. Angela and Dr.Wyatt talking with sly smiles on their faces, oblivious to the fact that Brennan is getting in the car with Booth, both with smiles on their faces like mischevious teenagers=priceless.
  • The writers have redeemed themselves for last week

    This was brilliant. I loved how Booth and Brennan were struggling in their working relationship. I loved that Booth suggested Dr. Wyatt too. It was amazing how Dr. Wyatt worked with the two of them and even more amazing was how he got to Brennan.

    I liked the whole religious edge that the episode had. It was great because of Brennan's religious viewpoints. The base of this episode gave Booth and Brennan something to argue about; something to relieve the tension that was building between them.

    I loved the entire thing with suspects. They kept going back and forth between suspects and weapons and then someone that you didn't suspect was the bad guy in the end. I liked how the Father got the confession out of the woman.

    This was so brilliant because of all the conflicts going on. Angela and Hodgins had their conflict and Booth and Brennan had their conflict as well. Not only did those two relationships have conflicts but there was also the priest conflict. Were these younger priests assaulting young boys? That was in the background the entire time.

    I loved Cam here too. She was great just because every time Hodgins and Angela were having a moment she interrupted in an amusing sort of way.

    This episode was completely brilliant from start to finish. Next week's episode looks amazing too.
  • Great Episode!♥

    I love how this episode was written. It seemed a little less predictable then usual which of course is always good! I never expected it to be that woman but I guess you never know! I lovved how it also showed a more rude side to Bones(athiest thing), it was very humerous. Now one thing I loved about this episode is the psychiartrist(LOVED the accent). I think he actually agreed with Angela at the end but of course didn't admit it. But I don't think the relationship thing will ever work with Boothe and Bones just because that is what a lot of people want to see so they will give us a little bit of spark here and there to keep us coming back for more.

  • I love this show!

    This episode proves as another reason why I love this series so much. There is a *main* character that doesn't believe in 'god'. (And she is an intelligent, witty, charming, multi-deminsional character to boot!) Someone who is logical and speaking from a valid position. Just what the world needs! Being an atheist or any other type person who doesn't believe in the conventional god theory - doesn't make you a bad person. And Bones shows this in a perfect light. Sorry if I am going on a tangent about this, but you have no idea how long I've had to defend my position of beliefs against people telling me I'll burn in hell. If you dont believe there is a hell - its not really a threat! Anyways, I loved this episode. It was a brilliant example of why Bones is so wonderful. And anything that shows that some 'Christian' people are more crazy that 'non-christian's' is alright in my book! The dialogue was written beautifully, I especially loved the back and fourth between Brennan and Booth about religion. For once, it might show people there isn't a right or wrong choice on religion. Everyone should be allowed to believe what they believe! Plus, I love the usuage of the British therapist, he is a hoot and a half. And Angela and Jack. I just love them! And the sex scene in Cleopatra's bed was so great! And the case was very interesting as well, the whole cemetery being up-rooted by a water main break, with the discovery of grave-robbers and a murder victim. Very cool.

    This show just pulls so many elements together in such a wonderful way, I dont know why its not the #1 show on TV.
  • Ok but not great

    The parts with Angela and Hodgins were good. The shrink figuring everyone out was funny. Figured the killer had to be the mousy woman from the church. Loved the line "do we need to serve a warrant on God?". Nice to see a show without a bad priest preying on little boys.
  • We're back!

    What a great episode!
    Loved all the bickering between Bones and Booth!
    So much fun lines on this episode.
    My favorite characters on this episode were Angela and Gordon Gordon. She is so perceptive and never really gave up on matching those two and Gordon is so smart, he knew B&B couldn't handle the implications of the real reason she didn't leave with Sully at this point so he changed their focus to something else and now they are back on track!
    Liked the case as usual, couldn't see who was the murderer 'til the end but it wasn't difficult to guess, maybe I got distracted by all the B&B bickering and Hodgela :P
    Finally I finish an episode happy, the others with Sully I usually ended a little depressed but not this time!
    Can't wait for the next one with her father back!
  • Another good blend of case/character along with the humor we all love.

    Well, the fact that religion plays a strong part in this episode was great. Mostly because it allowed our favorite twosome to give us some comic relief. I mean, who did not laugh when Booth and Brennan were talking to Father Donlan with their hands trying to cover their voices? And who did not laugh when she called God Booth’s “invisible friend.” I did. The fact that Booth and Brennan are at opposite ends of the religious spectrum, and that they are in fact good friends, is just prime comedic genius. The case I felt was pretty dang good, if I say so. I think we’re finally back into the groove of that delicate balance of case plot/character plot. Not that I don’t love the character growth and the obvious tensions between B/B and also Brennan/Sully/Booth, I also love the procedural side of Bones. This episode wound the case very well into the whole B/B relationship and their insecurities of working together in the other’s “domain.”

    Okay, got to bring this up. The scene where Booth is with “Gordon Gordon”(yes, that’s who he will always be to me) in the lab, nearly knocked me off my seat. Booth’s changing posture and his inability to win because Gordon Gordon just tells him what he’s doing, especially the last motion of putting his hands in his pockets-“disdain”=perfection!

    Talk about tension! I can’t leave out the diner scene with Booth, Brennan, and Gordon Gordon. Did you see how they couldn’t even look at each other when Gordon announced their own unsaid thoughts about Bones staying because of her feelings for a certain FBI man? Priceless. And then, the utter relief and astonishment(but did I also sense disappointment?) when Gordon Gordon tells them that Brennan didn’t leave because of Booth, but because she basically doesn’t want “purposelessness.” And then the ultimate high five at the end of the scene after they each exclaim, “We’re back!” with that eagerness and relief that only our dynamic twosome could feel.

    The woman was the one who killed that other Priest! I didn’t see that coming. The writers did an awesome job of keeping me on my toes and throwing that small twist in there. Father Donlan, while not held in high esteem by me from the moment he opened his mouth, certainly went up a few notches at the end. Hodgins and Angela are on their way, er, to an Egyptian bed that is. So he asked her to move in, and she hesitates and says no. I kind of got that, but I kind of didn’t. I mean, they have sex written on their forehead basically, but how much further does it go? I’ll admit it now. I’m not completely sold on “Hodgela” because I think there’s something holding Angela back, but I could be totally pulling nuggets out my eyes. So, anyways. Angela is pretty great though and gets her answer from Gordon Gordon, but in the end, also gets an answer about Brennan and Booth. Apparently, our little shrink said what needed to be said to get Booth back to work and not necessarily the aboslute truth. So, what does that mean? I think it means what we’ve always known. Booth needs Brennan as much as she needs him-and everyone knows that.
  • "Therefore never flout at me for what I have said against it; for man is a giddy thing, and this is my conclusion." ~Shakespeare. Perhaps not just man but an agent named Booth and a squint named Bones- psychology & Shakespeare & religion mee

    Oh how I loved this episode---let me count the ways... I am a devout psychology major, minister and lover of Shakespeare (Oh yes, Hodgela and Boones and Booth supporters...) and I found this episode well-written without being offensive and character driven without taking away the allure of mystery and mayhem. I do not miss Sully. (He was cute enough.) I do not miss multiple allusions to Cam and Booth's past. (I like Cam well.) I do wish for more episodes of Mr. Fry, Booth and Bones progressing in their "relationship," and more of the fluff-love between Ang and Hodgins!
  • "Aaaah .. What !?" - Booth

    Fantastic Episode!! Booth and Bones investigate on the murder of a priest! I loved the tension between them! They know there’s a “thing” between them, they just don’t want to admit it (which sucks, cause I wanna see some action between these two). Thankfully, “Monty Python” and Angela see it too, so hopefully something WILL eventually happen!! ( I cannot wait for that moment!) Meanwhile, we got to see some Hodgins-Angelina fluff today! (FINALLY) They’re just so cuuuuute together! Love them!! And I think Angela will be the one to move in, which will happen eventually :D I just watched next week’s promo!! Looks exciting (Booth kidnapped and Bones’ dad is back!!) CANT WAIT !! :D
  • Hopefully we will see Bones & Booth get back together.

    There are coffins everywhere as Brennan is called into investigate what is happening as bodies are being dumped all over. On a personal note, Booth tries to bring Brennan to seeing his shrink as their relationship has gone cold. It was pretty funny to see. Meanwhile, Angela & Hodgkins relationship grows more deepened. I am loving this show so much.
  • This is one of my least favorite episodes. I enjoy B/B banter as much as the next fan but I felt like at times it was bordering on nasty. It wasn’t a total lose for me though, there were some really great scenes which I thought made up for it….

    1.)Booth’s face at the diner when he says “We’re back” and then B/B high-fiving…where did that come from? That was hilarious.

    2.)Angela telling Dr.Wyatt that everything he says sounds smart because of his accent (that’s good for little British me then!lol)

    3.)Angela and Wyatt discussing him being full of it because of his theory on B/B! Lol! Loved that. We all know that’s true don’t we? :) I live in hope anyways.

    4.)Booth smiling at Brennan as she gets in the car at the end (so sweet) I’m not a big fan of Angela/Hodgins. Not that I’m against it but it seems like they don’t want to give us romantics anything between B/B too soon so they make up for it with a second couple. This seems to appear on every TV show with one leading couple. I read that David Boreanaz sees Bones as a big romantic comedy *sigh*.

    I’m eagerly awaiting next week’s episode! Yay! Only 5 days to go ;-)
  • B&B are the perfect no-dating couple...

    We all know that Angela is right. No matter what Mr. Monty, therapist says, we know that Bones didn’t sail off into the sunset with Sully because of Booth. The two bicker like an old married couple and that’s why they are perfect for each other. I also thought the “over lunch at the Egyptian place” was the cutest, funniest line recently. I really hope Ang gives in and moves in with Hodges. I loved how Bones kept making little comments about the priest and religion. I relate so much to her in that way. Can’t wait to see what’s up next…
  • Oh YES!!!! That’s more like it.

    An who dun-it of a murdered priest, Booth and Brennan try to sort out their partner/relationship with the help of Dr Gordon Gordon Wyatt who is played by the brilliant English actor Stephen Fry, and Hodgins committing himself to Angelia. This episode beats last weeks episode hands down.... why? Because Sully has gone, Brennan and Booth are partners again and if I’m being honest it couldn’t have come any sooner, the writers have seen the light got rid of a problem and made Bones superb again, I know some viewers liked Sully but I’m an old romantic and the ‘will they wont they relationship’ between Booth and Brennan is what makes this show superb.

    Add to this Angela & Hodgins passionate but quirky relationship, throw in the comic but naïve persona of Zack, some serious overtones of Cam and finish it all off with a who dun-it edge of the seat storyline and you have one great show that cannot be topped.
  • This story is so clear one of the three people from church is the killer, they are hidding something, but between Bone and Booth have problem with the God, good thing is end of this case, they solve both problems.

    First, why this case so interested, because it happened in church. A lot regional story will be limit to telll. Second, clearly, the old man is hadding something, but Booth don't want believer this at first time. Thrid, Bones believer the old man is the killer, but she only say it because the evidence, when she had new evidence, she will put it to someone else. The story is good, but just how Booth and Bones relationship change haven't tell clearly. Bones still has feeling with Booth, but just have show any this eposide.
  • The Priest in the Churchyard

    It seems Like every show that I watch has the same church pedophile thing and it just seem so done I mean I’m not saying that It’s not an awful horrible tragedy I just wish they’d stop putting it in the storylines of shoes I watch. I did like the whole bones and booth both go to therapy bit since I love Stephen Fry and he could just sit there and read the phone book and I’d be riveted and rate the episode a must see! Plus I totally got the vibe just like Angela that he was just telling them what they needed to hear so that they could work well together again. Also when are the getting rid of Cam she was not supposed to be a series regular and yet here it is april and she’s still here! I do love the whole Angela and Hodge thing I think they should get married and since he’s loaded they could have some huge kick butt wedding , if only to see all the men all in tuxs and the the lovely ladies in evening gowns you know like prom!
  • loved all the tension in this episode.

    I knew just from the title that this episode would be one that was really entertaining. being an athiest, Brennan obviously wasnt going to work well with booth in this one, so they go and see dr gordon gorgon wyatt together. i love when wyatt said that they both thought brennan didnt go with sully becuase of Booth. they knows thats right, even if he says its wrong. Angela was so like "okay, smart guy" at the end. totally loved her attitude. she was right, though. Wyatt's job is to get fbi agents back working and on the feild. how do we know that half the things he said to Booth werent just hurrying him along? especially with that last thing. it was really funny how the preist guy was like "this is not that kind of confession". how can soemone ask forgiveness for murder like that? and how was she not t least a little but suspicios that she had to come to the fbi building into the interrogation room to confess? she was not that smart of a killer.
  • Marvellous

    This episode was so good! I loved it!

    Let's get the plot out of the way: a cemetery was flooded and Brennan was identifying the bones for reburial but instead came across a skeleton that didn't belong there. It was the bones of a priest who had been murdered.

    Once again my brother was playing guess the killer. Only now he claps three times at everybody, once again getting the killer by sheer probability.

    My favourite bits of the episode:
    *Stephen Fry. The man is a legend. He was so amusing in this episode.
    *Brennan and Booth. It was really funy to see them get counselling and them high fiving each other was great.
    *Hodgin's and Angela. God, could they be any cuter.

    Ten out of ten
  • Religion... Always hard to talk about

    I knew there was going to be trouble as soon as I realized the case was involving religion. The case itself was good, and this is the second episode where the killer is a woman.

    Angela and Hodgings... I don´t like it when they´re kissing in the lab all the time. Cam caught them, if they were my staff I would´ve been very angry. It´s too much. They should be more discreet. But anyway, I like how Hodgins is so in love with Angela. I would´ve liked to see Booth and Brennan in an office talking about their "problem", there the tension would´ve been bigger and it would´ve forced them to say more things, things they feel and need to be said. Talking to Wyatt at the diner and other places seemed casual and not serious... Or well, maybe that was the idea, to not force them into anything. The only meeting I liked was the one with Brennan in the interrogation room. Her saying she wants to know how Booth does it so she can do it too but at the same time she needs him was great. I disagree with her, I dont hate psychology. And yes, she didnt go with Sullivan because of Booth. Excellent reason.

    Favorite moment: It has to be the look Booth gives Brennan at the diner when Wyatt is telling them why she didnt go with Sullivan... Care? Love? You name it.

  • Yet another solid episode of Bones. We see a murder of a priest being investigated.

    Yet another solid episode of Bones. We see a murder of a priest being investigated. In the end it comes out that the priest was murdered by the woman in charge of the convent cos of the thought that the priest was abusing a young boy.

    The main item on the episode was the relationship between Booth and Bones. Following Bones refusal to take the 1yr sabbatical, the relationship between the two wasn't the same. After Booth convinces Bones to go to see his shrink, their relationship gets back to normal. Thus this means that there is still hope that the two will get together :)
  • Booth & Brennan couples counseling! Wonderful!

    Though this isn't my favorite episode (That'd be Alien in a Spaceship), this is definitely one of the better ones! Not only was the storyline good (The case was wonderfully played out and George Coe was amazing as Father Donlan), but there was tons of Booth and Brennan arguing in this episode. The only thing I like better than Booth and Brennan arguing is a jealous Booth. My favorite scenes were the counseling scenes. Seeing how both Booth and Brennan would like to understand the other better was very touching. But when Angela and Gordon discussed why Brennan didn't go with Sully? Perfection. Me? I happen to agree with Angela. Brennan stayed for Booth!
  • Well, it's about time! FINALLY we get an episode with lots of Booth and Bones interaction plus a good plot and new new annoying characters!

    I've been griping for weeks about how the new episodes were going downhill. The introduction of Sully still infuriates me, but now that he is gone, things appear to be back to normal. This episode, in addition to being interesting and having lots of twists and turns, featured plenty of Booth and Bones interaction, which is exactly what sets this show apart from others in the first place. I love listening to them argue, and laughed out loud at several of the one liners here. Overall, a great episode, worth watching. And the British shrink is just over-the-top enough to be funny.
  • Many different angles of a few characters in this one.

    I liked the different aspects of the characters personalities in this one. Brennan has always been logical, basically show it to her and she'll believe. But one of the things she's been working on are the non-tangiable personal things like feelings. But I always credited her with being open-minded enough to allow others their feelings and opinions, though she tries to change them if she doesn't agree. The surpise to me in this one was the Brennan is a smart woman, but to me she was almost disrespectful and hostile. That being said - I really enjoyed the episode, even though the crime didn't seem to be the focus. Relationships were - from Angela and Jack, Brennan and Booth, Brennan and Gordan Father Donlan & Father Sands, Father Donlan & Lorraine even the murder victim & the alter boy. It was nice to see how everyone can be affect by the people in their lives.