Season 2 Episode 17

The Priest in the Churchyard

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 28, 2007 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In the first season episode "The Man in the Fallout Shelter" the characters may have been exposed to coccidiomycosis (Valley Fever) and had to be quarantined for 3 days. In this episode, when they may have been exposed to the same fungal spores, they are not quarantined.

  • Quotes

    • Angela: Hey, have you noticed anything going on between Brennan and Booth?
      Hodgins: This sounds good.
      Angela: There is tension ... ever since Brennan let Sully sail off into the sunset without her.
      Hodgins: No I didn't notice. But then again I didn't notice you didn't want to live with me either.
      Angela: Hodgins.
      Hodgins: If you are getting cold feet ...
      Angela: You are the only one that would feel them.

    • Booth: Yeah, you know, I got no problem with this place. It's where Bones and the squints get their answers. See?
      Gordon: Thumbs in the belt. That's a very aggressive stance ... very male.
      (Booth crosses his arms)
      Gordon: Crossed arms. Defensive.
      (Booth shoves his hands into his pockets)
      Gordon: Disdain. But let's not worry about what you do with your hands.

    • Gordon: What now is proved was once only imagined. The rat, the mouse, the fox, the rabbit, want the roots; the lion, the tiger, the horse, the elephant, watch the fruits. The system contains, the fountain ... overflows.
      Booth: What?
      Gordon: Oh come now, surely you get the reference.
      Brennan: William Blake.
      Gordon: Yes. Blake is telling us that we're all at the mercy of our fundamental natures. Nonsense of course, but when we understand our natures, we understand the resulting conflicts.
      Booth: What?
      Brennan: I hate psychology.
      Gordon: As do I. It applies a patina of science over what is essentially a dark and complex set of roiling unknowables.
      Booth: You see ... what?

    • Angela: All right, listen up, Monty Python. You got it right with Hodgins and I, that's fine. But we both know that you are full of it on the other thing.
      Gordon: (faking surprise) I have no idea to what you refer.
      Angela: Brennan didn't run off with Sully because she cannot live a life without focus. She stayed because of Booth.
      Gordon: Ah, now you're projecting Miss Montenegro. Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan are not you and Dr. Hodgins. I stand by my diagnosis.
      Angela: You stand by the FBI. Your first priority is to get agents back into the field. Solving murders.
      Gordon: (amused and guilty) Your romanticism is endearing, but as the bard says, "Lovers and madmen have such seething brains, such shaping fantasies, that apprehend more than cool reason ever comprehends."
      Angela: He also says, "Journeys end in lovers' meeting, Every wise man's son doth know."

    • Angela: So, things are all right?
      Brennan: According to the psychiatrist we were both concerned that Booth was the real reason that I didn't run off with Sully.
      Angela: (incredulously) It wasn't?
      Brennan: No. It's because I'm currently unable to live a life without tangible focus, so, you know, sailing around paradise with a man I adore.
      Angela: (even more incredulously) Well, you believe that?

    • Gordon: (to Booth and Brennan) You're both afraid that the reason Dr. Brennan didn't sail off into the sunset with her boyfriend Sully might have been because of her ties to Agent Booth. You are both quite wrong. (Booth and Brennan look surprised)
      Brennan: Why didn't I go with Sully?
      Booth: How's he supposed to know?
      Brennan: Sully is perfect. We communicated well, the sex was incredible. He invited me to sail around the South Seas in a beautiful yacht for a year. I mean, why would anyone turn that down?
      Gordon: In my opinion, you are unable to lead a purposeless life at this stage of your psycho-social development, which by the way is an issue you should address, because a certain amount of purposelessness is necessary to lead a full life.
      Brennan: I hate psychology.
      Booth: You don't like it because he's saying that all this tension between me and you is your fault.
      Gordon: On the contrary. If anything, yours is more pronounced given that your behavior has been affected by what turns out to be a quite irrational fear of being responsible for somebody else's destiny.
      Brennan: That makes sense.
      Booth: Oh, now you like psychology.
      Gordon: I think you'll both be able to work together just fine.

    • Brennan: I have no intuition.
      Booth: None. Zilch.
      Brennan: You have no analytical skills. You're all about emotion and feeling. They say that means you have a well developed feminine side.
      Booth: Who says that?
      Brennan: Psychologists. What? You're the one who believes in them.
      Booth: Let's just stick to the case.

    • Brennan: (about Booth) Yes, he's good at questioning people, he can tell when they're lying.
      Gordon: Can you?
      Brennan: I've learned a lot from him about people.
      Gordon: But.
      Brennan: It's not that Booth has a sixth sense. There is demonstrably no sixth sense to have. Obviously he reads minutiae of body language, pupil dilation.
      Gordon: Yes, you don't sound very satisfied with your own argument there.
      Brennan: Booth likes to say that "There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Bones, than are dreamt of in your science". That's a bastardization of a writer named Shakespeare from a play called Hamlet.
      Gordon: Yes, yes, I was, I was aware of that. So, if you're so uncomfortable here why come?
      Brennan: Because something goes on in here. He does something.
      Gordon: And you wanna find out what it is. Dissect it so that you can do it yourself.
      Brennan: Yes.
      Gordon: So that you can do it without Booth. So that you won't need him anymore.
      Brennan: No!
      Gordon: No?
      Brennan: No. I just want to observe.
      Gordon: Surely if you want to observe you can do that on the other side of the mirror there instead of insisting on being in this room, with him, out of your element.
      Brennan: Observation isn't just seeing Dr. Wyatt, it's experiencing. Ideally, I'd prefer being inside Booth's head. Seeing and feeling things the way he does. Then maybe I'd understand.
      Gordon: Be one with him.
      Brennan: In a scientific sense.

    • Hodgins: The shovel was found a few feet from where the water main burst, buried in a colony of worms.
      Cam: Man, they say Christmas comes only once a year!

    • Angela: Hodgins asked me to move in with him. But I'm not sure. I mean, what's the problem? Hodgins is perfect, I'm nuts about him.
      Brennan: (Pauses) I'll call the doctor.

    • Booth: Ha! Ha!
      Brennan: What?
      Booth: We're back!
      Brennan: We're back!
      (They give each other a high five with huge grins on their faces)

    • Hodgins: We can't keep our hands off each other. I think about you all the time. Moving in is the next logical step.
      Angela: I have a lease.
      Hodgins: I have an estate. I'll buy out your lease.

    • Angela: (getting in bed with Hodgins) So is this really Cleopatra's bed?
      Hodgins: Perfect replica, part of the new exhibit. We're just making it a little more authentic.

    • Gordon: What you must do is recognize your negative feelings for what is, after all, Dr. Brennan's domain and verbalize them.
      Booth: Huh, verbalize them ... Wha? Now?
      (Gordon nods in the affirmative)
      Booth: This place is too uhh, it's too shiny ... bright ... it's clean.
      Gordon: And clean is bad?
      Booth: Death isn't clean, especially murder. Which is our business. Ahh, this place is completely fake. It's bogus.
      Gordon: You'd like to destroy it, the entire end of it.
      Booth: I'd like to rip the whole lot of this with my bare hands and I'd set it on fire! Except, you know, there's nothing in this place to burn. All the plastic and the metal and the flashing lights, you know, and the arithmetic. And where is a guy, a normal guy, that believes in intuition and of the soul and good and evil -
      Gordon: And God.
      Booth: Yes! And God too. Where's a guy that doesn't believe in all this arithmetic supposed to stand?
      Gordon: So your problem with Dr. Brennan is that you don't know what will or will not catch fire or where you stand.
      Booth: (Nods in agreement, then gets confused) What?

    • (Angela shows Cam and Hodgins her sketch of the victim.)
      Hodgins: He has kind eyes. How'd you know he had kind eyes?
      Angela: I had to make a choice. So I chose kind.
      Hodgins: And you wonder why I love you. (To Cam) Is she not fantastic?

    • Hodgins: Someone was digging in the cemetery, broke the water main,
      resurrecting the dead.
      Cam: And why was someone digging up the cemetery at three o'clock in the morning?
      Hodgins: Maybe he came back to dig up the victim?
      Cam: Move them to another location.
      Angela: Yeah, or bury someone else.
      Hodgins: Dark.
      Angela: Yeah and this place is always so sunny.

    • Zack: I'm Dr. Addy. Are you one of those priests who smacks school children with rulers?
      Father Donlan: (Gives Zack a dirty scowl) That's not allowed anymore.

    • (Cam finds Angela and Hodgins kissing in the lab)
      Cam: (clearing her throat loudly) Do I have to throw cold water on you two?
      Angela: We were, uh, just...
      Cam: Yeah, I know, just try to keep it off the Internet, okay? So, I have bad news. We've all been exposed to Coccidioidomycosis - a fungal infection from the graveyard dirt we've been breathing. Symptoms include nausea, weakness, fever...
      Hodgins: I feel fine.
      Angela: Yeah, me too.
      Cam: Decreased libido...
      Hodgins: I'm listening.
      Cam: (laughs) We're all gonna get shots.
      Angela: Yeah, that... that sounds good.
      Hodgins: Very good.
      Cam: Thought so.

    • Hodgins: Move in with me.
      Angela: (laughs) What?
      Hodgins: We already live together, just move in.
      Angela: No we don't.
      Hodgins: You've taken over my closet. It's over half full. And over half is the common law definition of living together.

    • Booth: We're definitely not working well together.
      Brennan: Because you are bossy and judgmental.
      Booth: Problems between people are never just one person's fault.
      Brennan: What about Hitler? He did pretty well on his own.

    • (Booth and Angela in church during mass)
      Angela: Shouldn't Brennan be here with you? Instead of me?
      Booth: (whispering) We're dealing with a few work issues.
      Angela: Trouble in paradise?
      Booth: We're just spending some time apart. Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to pray. Thank you.
      Angela: Did you two sleep together?
      Booth: Do you see where we are? You don't talk like that in church. (Angela is about to speak) Shh. What does that lab do to you people?
      Angela: It's just, this feels like a couple's thing. And now that Sully is gone ...

    • Booth: She refers to God as my invisible friend.
      Brennan: You're talking to somebody that isn't there. I'm sure the doctor questions your little fantasy.

    • Booth: He's an old-school priest, Bones.
      Brennan: What? So I'm supposed to walk on egg shells because someone believes that a plot of earth has supernatural properties because somebody waved a wand over it?
      Booth: There's no wand. The church doesn't use wands.
      Brennan: Fine. Fine - magic water.
      Booth: Magic ... Holy water.
      Brennan: The terminology makes it real?

    • Cam: (to Father Sands) The good news is we know how to make you feel a lot better.
      Hodgins: The bad news is someone's trying to kill you.

    • Father Donlan: The hell you say!
      Brennan: Is he allowed to say that?

    • Brennan: (referring to the church's chalice) Can we take this with us or do we need to serve a warrant on God?

    • Booth: I'm not working a whole case with you attacking my beliefs. You should have just sailed off with your boyfriend.
      Brennan: Funny. A man who believes in an invisible super-being wants to run my personal life.
      Zack: (examining a skull) Death would have followed quickly, caused by cranial cerebral trauma.
      Booth: By the way, 90% of the world believes in God.
      Brennan: And at one time most people were certain that the sun revolved around the earth.
      Booth: (to Zack) You see what I mean? (back to Brennan) I don't think that this is about religion at all. We obviously have issues, okay? They're affecting our working relationship and you're afraid to deal with them so you just lash out at my religion.
      Brennan: Can't you just be satisfied that if I'm wrong about God, I'll burn in Hell?
      Booth: That's tempting.

  • Notes

    • David Burke (Father Matthew Sands) also played a priest on various episodes of Joan of Arcadia (as Father Ken Mallory).

    • Soren Fulton was nominated for the 2008 Young Artist Award for "Best Performance in a TV Series - Guest Starring Young Actor" for playing "James Levay" in this episode.

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: Tuesday May 1st, 2007 on TV3
      Spain: Friday June 1st, 2007
      Portugal: Wednesday August 29th, 2007
      Belgium: Friday December 14th, 2007 on RTL-TVI
      Germany: Thursday December 27th, 2007
      France: Friday March 21st, 2008 on M6
      Australia: Thursday, June 12th, 2008 on Network 7
      Finland: Friday, August 29th, 2008 on Sub

    • Featured Music:
      "The Time Comes" by Nina Gordon
      "Slow Dance" by John Legend

    • Stephen Fry is listed as a Special Guest Star.

  • Allusions

    • The quote of William Blake's that Gordon Wyatt says to Brennan and Booth while they're sitting at the Diner is from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, which was written from 1790-93.

      "What is now proved was once only imagin'd.
      The rat, the mouse, the fox, the rabbet; watch the roots; the lion, the tyger, the horse, the elephant, watch the fruits.
      The cistern contains: the fountain overflows."

    • Angela: All right, listen up, Monty Python.

      Monty Python is the name of a British comedy troupe that was popular in the late 1960s and 1970s for its irreverent, fast-paced television series. One of the most distinctive actors is John Cleese, who has a particular English accent, which is probably what Angela is referring to.

    • Angela: He also says, "Journeys end in lovers meeting, every wise man's son doth know."

      This is from William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, or, What You Will, Act II, Scene III.

    • Gordon: Lovers and madmen have such seething brains.

      This is a line from A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare, Act V, Scene I.