Season 7 Episode 3

The Prince in the Plastic

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 2011 on FOX

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  • Playtime

    Lots of character stuff in this episode. Loved Booth having to take Daisy out as a squint - brave boy. 'I cop, you squint '.

    The dispute between Sweets and Booth over Sweets having a gun, and Brennan's logical reason for it.

    Best of all though was Angela, Hodgins and the Chinese toy assembly - I'm sure we've all been there with strangely translated instructions.
  • Third Time's The Charmington


    Case: Somehow, the best and most playful (pun, ha!) case of the season so far, save for another predictable killer. There are two victims this time: a woman and a Ken doll by the name of Prince Charmington. Funnily, i was more interested at Daisy's side of the investigation.

    Relationships: Thank goodness, no Brennan's lack of empathy storyline. It is replaced by her trying to understand the importance of toys or playing with her kid in the future. Does she really need to? I mean, even in foster care, she must have played with a toy or something close to a toy. Nevermind, because i LOL'd at her impression of Prince Charmington. Emily is talented like that. Kinda reminds me of the "dancing phalanges." However, sometimes Brennan says the stupidest things, like how children should not play with bears. Yeah - typical Brennan - but it's quite obvious they're talking about toys.

    Although unnecessary as well, i enjoyed Sweets' side of the episode. I just damn hope that he's going to use that gun in future episodes. Writers, give us some action already!

    I enjoy Daisy, but sometimes i can't see past the fact that she's the most cliche character on the show. Even most of her scenes with Sweets are a cliche. Well, it's still nice to see her once in a while. Like i said, i enjoyed her Prince Charmington examination.

    Angela and Hodgins are having a hard time assembling a toy made in China. I laughed so hard at those scenes, because i've been there - the loony instructions and all! Can't blame China though. Still, filler scenes.

    Side Comment/s: None.

    Bottom Line: A great episode. Probably the best of the first three episodes of the season, though not by much.

  • When they play together it's the best part.


    I got a real boot out of this episode.

    There are a lot of great mini moments: between Daisy and Hodges, Angela and the toy assembly, Angela and Bones and toy play, Bones and Booth at the end of the day at home.

    the VERY best part is the end where Bones and Booth play together - it made me laugh!