Season 4 Episode 15

The Princess and the Pear

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 2009 on FOX

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  • Another great one!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When Booth's back give him trouble again, he calls Bones for her help but she refuses to help. But he manages to talk her into it and so she does it, but manages to injure him further. And so Agent Payton Perotta is called in to help, whilst Booth is off. When a body is found in medieval princess dress, Bones investigates. Soon the victim is IDed and the team are lead to a sci-fi convention. After going undercover, Sweets and Bones drive back into town. During which a car drives into them and runs them off of the road. We then see the black knight going down to the car and taking back the sword. Bones of course wakes up and tries to stop him. She manages to get the sword back and the black knight runs off back to his car. When Booth hears about it, he wants to come back to work, which is amazing considering he can't walk and he is on very strong pain killers. He then talks to the agent and tells her that if anything happens to Bones he will not be happy. Soon we discover who ran Sweets and Bones off of the road and he is brought in for questioning. He claims to have loved the victim and that when she wanted to sell his prop, it all went wrong and he killed her. That night Bones goes round to see Booth and tells him all about the case. She looks at his x rays and sees that he has been misdiagnosed, and offers to solve his back problem for him.
    He tells her no and but she manages to talk him round. As she does it the other FBI agent comes by and so Bones leaves as does the other FBI agent, who was shocked to see Bones at Booth's apartment.
  • Summary

    I'll admit it, I don't like Perotta or whatever she's called, but what I love in this episode is that Booth is so high on painkillers that he says things that indicates he feels more for Bones then it seems. I've wanted from the beginning that Bones and Booth realize how perfect they are for each other, and somebody told me that they're filming a sex scene! I'm not perfectly sure that it's true but I sure hope so! The episode is funny, intelligent and different (in a good way)
    I love this freaking show! It's freaking fantastic ;)

    - Amanda .
  • A fantasy convention turns into an Arthurian tragedy.

    It starts out as a fantasy convention but takes a far more medieval turn where there are swords, knights in chainmail armour and swordfights.

    It was pretty stupid to just have Brennan and Sweets in the car with the sword. A woman has already been killed for it and they have no protection? Brennan did very well, thankfully the sword was only a prop so it was dull. Parada is a poor replacement for Booth, he never would have allowed this to happen.

    The murder weapon is the pear, one of the torture devices that has always made me nauseous when I read about it, it is designed to inflict unspeakable pain. I've never actually seen one before, now I've got an image to go with the stories. Whoever designed it made the Marquis de Sade look like a saint.

    The killer's poem is very beautiful. You can almost understand why he killed her – he gave her a chivalrous gesture of true love, his most prized possession, and the cow tried to sell it?!

    Very cool episode. Not only fun but interesting too.
  • One of the best shows on TV.

    Booth is out of commission for most of this episode with a bad back and Agent Perotta fills in for him.

    The body of a woman is found in sewer tunnel appearing to have had her face explode. Perotta finds an invisible stamp on her hand linking her to a festival of science fiction and medieval enthusiasts, where they quickly identify the body as Kindra Kim. After some investigating, they find that she was killed over a prop sword from a movie. They are let to a collector of medieval weapons named Valerie Daniels. Valerie claims she wanted the sword but did not kill Kindra. Using forensic science, Hodgins pinpoints the area that Kindra may have buried the sword. He and Angela go to the scene and use a metal detector to find the sword. They try and flush out the killer by holding a fixed auction where Sweets has no limit bidding. After winning the bid and no potential suspects flushed out, Sweets and Brennan leave. They get ran off the road by someone in a black knight outfit. The black knight gets the sword but Brennan gets out of the car and fights the knight and regains control of the sword. They go back to the scene the next day and Brennan finds what she is looking for some chain mail she had knocked of the black knight's costume. They find out the type of chain mail it was and who the buyer was. The evidence leads to a festival worker named Peter Kroon. Perotta and Brennan interrogate Kroon who confesses pretty quickly after Sweets has Brennan read something Kroon had written. It seems that Kroon was in love with Kindra and killed her because he could not have her.

    At the end of the episode Brennan is looking at Booth's X-ray of his back and lets him know that the doctor had diagnosed it wrong and she could fix it for him. As she is fixing it Perotta comes into the apartment with food for Booth. Her and Brennan awkwardly leave Booth's apartment leaving him standing there wondering if his back was fixed by Brennan.
  • ...

    This show i great to start out with but when you add nerds and Imagicon this turns into a show made just for me. I am into the whole fantsy films and book so when i head this episode was about this i had to watch.(also because Sweets gets in a car accedent i dont want him to die.)On of the best things in this episode was the fact that they had that really hot guy play Breanans assistant. Im so mad that he is most likly not going to come back next episode but in glad he was in this one. When they were at the auction and the guy said "to the man from the future with the red lips" i was laughing so hard.This was on of the best episodes other then the one were Bones and Booth join the circus, and the one when they go to Vegas and join the fight club.
  • Perfect pear!

    Every episode of the television series "Bones" further ripens the experience for viewers. Boothe, Brennan, and Co. are in top form. What I liked about this episode in particular was Dr. Lance Sweets upgrade to sex-symbol and growing role in the cases.

    My favorite scene involved Sweets & Bones questioning a Sci-fi dominatrix in full Mortisia Addams garb. She poses to him "You are far more ripped under those school boy duds than one would think. Aren't you, Dr. Sweets?" to which he replies "Yes" and continues to probe her about what she knows about the murder in question. Love it
  • Booth gets hurt.

    I was disappointed to not see Booth out in the battlefield, so to speak, this episode, but the scenes with him at home were very funny, and Marisa Coughlan did a fine job filling in for him as Agent Perotta. This episode was unique in story, and was really good for the first half hour or so, but I thought the ending was a bit too common for my liking. One of the flaws of Bones is that the series often struggles to find a solid conclusion for its installments, but one thing they certainly do not lack in is humor. So many funny things from Sweets, Temperance and the aforementioned Booth to recall in this review.
  • Beam me Up Sweets.

    When a decomposed body is found by a bunch of sci-fi fantasy role-players the team (minus one ) are brought in to identify the body, Booth is absent from the investigation as he has put his back out so Agent Payton Perotta must help Brennan, Cam, Hodgins and Angela piece together what happened.

    This leads them to a sci-fi convention where they discover the murder victim had a medieval sci-fi prop sword that was worth a lot of money and people would kill for it. Naturally as with all episodes of Bones we are treated to the so called suspects until the eventual killer ( who has not been a suspect ) is captured. But this episode was funny on all levels, Booth with his back and being on painkillers, Fisher and his dry sense of wit, Sweet's as a sci-fi nerd in his Star Trek costume, brilliant when Brennan said 'love the costume, i wonder where he got it from, and Agent Perotta replied from his wardrobe, and when she was interviewing the black knights and they called her 'Ma' Lady'. All in all a god fun episode.
  • Bones keeps getting better and better

    Booth hurt his back so Bones has to team up with the blonde agent. I like their dinamic but like the other FBI agent who Bones feel in love with a couple of seasons ago.. I don't really see a future for recurring characters on the show..

    The geek fantasy party was hilarious and I enjoyed seing Both high on painkillers, going so far as saying a bunch of compliments about Brennan to Perotta (is that her name? lol).

    After the hockey episode, which I thought was very good, this particular one was good for laughs. Bones and Booth, damn.. get together already!! haha
  • When i saw the promos for this episode, i know it was going to be an awesome episode

    From the beginning of this episodes with Booth and his back, i knew there were gonna be quirky jokes that would make you laugh your pants off. I loved this episode to bits and there were moments that I did not expect and they were great. Favourite parts were: bones messing up booth's back, the three way mistaken call between Booth, Bones and Payton Perrota, Colin plugging in his headphones to avoid listening to Sweets oh and my favourite, Payton, Booth and Valerie in the interrogation room (or the "watchamacallit" (switchamacallit, switcheroo lololol) and Payton was hitting on Sweets hahahaha. All in all nice episode, but I'm upet i have to wait two weeks again...grrrr!!!
  • Sweet!

    Well I'm not a usual watcher of the show but from what I have watched I've liked very much so I'm trying to watch it on a weekly basis. man I loved all the sci-fi references in this episode, I feel so at home with them. Sci-Fi is my genre, along with murder mystery, of course. I will admit I was a little disappointed at how little Booth was in the episode. He's by far my favorite character, so sarcastic and has a good relationship with Bones. I did however like the fill-in for Booth, that woman, I forget her name but she and Bones had some great screen time. So all in all this episode rocked hard even if it didn't have Booth. Now it kinda sucks that there will be no new episode for 3 weeks. But after that it's 11 weeks of uninterrupted good quality television.
  • Smart, funny, and sexy as usual.

    This week's corpse is, or was, a "booth babe" at a sci-fi/fantasy convention. At the heart of the mystery of her death is a prop sword from the film, Le Morte de Arthur. Some of the geek stereotypes are pretty over the top, but as always, the interactions among regular characters drive the show. Expecially funny in this episode are the three-way phone shots among Booth, Brennan, and Agent Pradda, a la Pillow Talk. Booth's back goes out, giving the brilliant David Boreanaz to be extra goofy on pain-killers. Sexual tension abounds, as usual. And this week's intern-of-the-week is funny as a self-consciously depressed walking tragedy who is only cheered up by his kind of silver lining ... one that's depressing. Overall, a fine entry.
  • Great episode for sure..

    I did like this one.. first the whole sword thing and those weird acting people.. like when that FBI agent walked in with 4 black knights in room and they all acted like they did. It was funny but also beautiful.

    I liked the whole dynamic of the episode - weird but I did. It had excitement, humor and tension. I liked how the story was built and what was the reason the victim was killed - because she did not understand true love.. and that he gave the sword and she sold it.. and the auction.. the way Sweets really started to worry..

    Overall - I like it.. all 40 minutes..
  • With Agent Booth laid up with a bad back Bones must rely on some members of her team to back her up in a more active way. Agent Perrota is back to team with Bones again and seems to be getting the hang of working with her and her team.

    I was a little wary of this episode at first as Booth was obviously laid up for one reason or another. Actually it was quite enjoyable to see the team all do their thing and fill in the gaps created by the big guys absence. I especially enjoyed how Dr. Sweets and Hodgins get excited about the field work.

    This is one of the best ensemble casts ever put together on television. One of the things I think that is amazing is how the writers play with the chemistry constantly and seem to come up with a winning formula. Marisa Coughlin returns for another appearance as Agent Perrota and she teams with Bones to find another killer. I like their dynamic and she works well with Bones and Booth.

    I especially like the fact that she is obviously attracted to Booth while we have seen a number of relationships Bones has had over the shows history and the discomfort Booth has had with them. We'll see if this dynamic comes up with this character. I like the Perrota character and hope to see more of her.

    Overall a great set of performances by the whole cast and what I have come to expect from this show in general. From the coming attractions we will see all of the the last eleven episodes from this season without any more interruptions from week to week. That will be a nice change.
  • Bones and Prada (Booth is out with a back injury) investigate the death of a fantasy princess, killed by a mysterious device. And the crazy dark intern has sex with a goth weapons collector.

    This makes three good ones in a row! Yet another interesting story line finds our heroes working a murder at "Imagicon" (a comic book fantasy convention). When the episode started with a back injury to Booth, I figured that it would be sort of dull with him on the sidelines, but bless the writers' hearts they figured out a way to keep him engaged in the story line. And Agent Prada is not a bad add to the mix. Unlike Sully, who was annoying, Prada adds to the sexual tension without threatening the relationship between Booth and Bones. There is also a great fight scene between Bones and the "Dark Knight." I wish it had been better lit so we could better follow her Zena-esque moves, but it was still fun to watch. All in all, I'm really happy with season four, and am looking forward to 11 weeks of non-stop Bones, starting in March.
  • Great episode! Loved it all from the very well plotted events to the awesome scifi references!

    Booth is off the case to get high on some Vicodin while Tempie and the squints solve a sci-fi convention murder.

    I just loved how solid all the relationships are now to the point we get great dialog scenes effortlessly. Even though Booth was not on the case it didnt fall flat on the episode and his scenes didnt seem forced at all! It actually seemed like a treat from the writers.

    Agent Parana's [?] observations regarding the Booth/Brennan relationship just made me the episode. I felt kinda bad for her, but the last scene was just great and it's sweetly annoying how neither Booth nor Brennan have ANY idea of what is going on between them. From glances exchanged between Angie and Sororyan, to little comments from the others, EVERYONE knows what's going on and, better, they seem to be having some fun with the situation.

    My Jossie heart skipped a bit with the Buffy reference and I couldnt help but think how the assistent feel about solving murderer cases with Angel. :)

    Also loved how Sweets is SO a team member now. His presence is consolidated and actually needed. I liked his working chemestry with agent Parana, they'd make a good partnership. I kinda like her. Hope she's back for a few more episodes.

    Car accidents, great references, funny lines, Booth/Brennan scenes and Bones kicking some ass! What else could I ask for?!