Season 5 Episode 12

The Proof in the Pudding

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 21, 2010 on FOX

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  • this episode keeps you on your toes

    I thought it was really a great episode in which you will become completely engrossed in all the details in the scramble to find cause of death (and identity). I liked that there was more Angela and Hodges interaction this episode, it really opens the doors for them to be together again because of just how much he loves her and was willing to do to help. I loved that there was more character development in Brennan's part. You notice that in this season particularly that she has become more in tune with other peoples feelings and is showing more warmth and understanding. In this episode, for the first time, she lied to Booth to protect his feelings. It is so touching that she would do that because normally if she knows something she will spout out the facts and not really think about how it would affect the way a person feels. This time, she could not let Booth hate himself for being a sniper in the past and could not let him think that he is a cold-blooded killer for the government. She showed yet again, how much she cares.

    btw, Booth kicks butt in this episode. It is hilarious how his boss kind of resents him because of how wonderful he is overall making it hard to impress Brennan:3

  • Was it JFK or not??!

    Great but was it JFK or not?? Its driving me mad!
  • Writing a summary would be easier if the episode had a solid plot to begin's basically Booth running around trying to look impressive and sullen at the same time, while they all bicker and debate over the mystery-remains' identity: JFK, or not?

    This was without a doubt my least favorite Bones episode...ever. Memo to writers: The NaNoWriMo motto of "No plot? No problem!" does not apply to television. Really, what was the point of the whole case? Even the Men-In-Blacks' head honcho, Mr. White, had to shake his head and say, "I don't know," when asked what the point was in basically holding them hostage to identify cause of death. Despite the fact that the whole plot of the episode was unstable, it did have its merits. Cam really shone - I think that even though this is my least favorite overall episode, it's my favorite episode in regards to only Cam. She went mama-bear for her daughter and her team. Nut...even though the pregnancy test really kind of ties into that, I'm still unhappy with that part, too. Firstly, what is this, Friends now? Secondly, it appears that the only reason for having that subplot was to tease us some more with the prospect of an Angela/Hodgins get-together. Just another notch in the stick of Romantic Disappointments On Bones That Drag On Forever.

    Speaking of said dragging-on-forever romantic disappointments, we had another visit from Hacker. Now, I don't hate all of Brennan's love interests - I did rather like Sully. But this guy is just a jerk looking for some booty call. I really hope we don't see any more of him. (Booth making him looking like the idiot he is was a plus; Brennan still impressed by him anyway was not.)

    I'm still trying to understand how Booth violated National Security (according to the men in black, anyway) on no less than two separate occasions and didn't even get a slap on the wrist. It only adds to the level of disblief. Not that watching him single-handedly taking out the men in black wasn't hot or enjoyable - just, not entirely believable in the long run.

    Booth struck me as over-sensitive, narrow-minded, and in denial for much of the episode. The government covering up the truth of JFK's murder is really not the worst thing in the world - ever hear of Watergate? Manifest Destiny (AKA we'll steal everyone's land 'cos we want to)? Relocating and killing Native Americans? Slavery? Jim Crow Laws? Booth did go to high school, right?

    The ending was wimpy. The official conclusion is that the remains were not JFK, but the unofficial reality is that it could, yet again, go either way. (Way to stick to the fence on the conspiracy-theory front. Clever - but yeah, wimpy.)

    Overall, a somewhat-entertaining, though rather ridiculous episode. Not every episode can be the show's best ever, but this one fell below-par for me. I guess it's to be expected every once in a while.
  • Government agents force the Jeffersonian team to identify a body, which could be JFK. Camille fears that her teenage daughter may be pregnant, but the pregnancy test actually belongs to Angela.

    An average episode, which could have been much better.

    OK, so the Jeffersonian team is help prisoner at the lab and forced [by a secret government agency] to figure out how a mysterious body died, under very strict rules and regulations. This sounds pretty clandestine, but it quickly becomes a running joke with Sweets needlessly whispering into his cell phone or, at the end, where Booth's inept FBI boss rushes into save the day. Yes, it is all initially funny, but becomes tedious because their is not much of a story beyond a series of gags and jokes.

    Yes, this is where we learn that Angela might be pregnant and it recycles Cam's fears that her teenager daughter is sexually active. However, this alone does not make for a great episode. The fact that episode is mostly set in the lab, does not have to be a bad thing. Some of the best episodes have had the characters stuck in the lab. But this time around it is just simply average.

    It does not take long before the team suspects that this is the remains of JFK, which means that the team gets to hash out old, Oliver Stone-inspired conspiracy theories along side the silly notion that if the government was somehow involved in the murder of JFK, Booth would lose all faith in the United States of America. It is implied that this was all test, in the event that Congress orders a new investigation into the death of JFK. Well, I am not entirely sure why the government would feel the need to run such a test, much less doing so in secret.

    I also do not buy the argument that Booth would be unable to handle "the truth". It suggests that he believes that the American government is unable to make mistakes and that if it does, it is best to cover them up. One can almost hear Jack Nicholas shouting to the audience, "The Truth? You cant handle the truth!"
  • I can't believe people enjoyed this episode.

    This was by far the worst Bones episode EVER! The whole storyline was beyond unrealistic and would have never happened in real life. Booth's behavior would have gotten him fired. The subplot with Angela's suspected pregnancy was LAME, especially since it ended up being a false positive. The whole JFK conspiracy theory plot seemed hackneyed. I love this show because of Booth and Bones, and I'm usually willing to suspend my disbelief, even when the story lines are a bit of a stretch. But this one was just too much! I can only figure that there are many rabid Bones fans out there who give every episode a 10, because there's no way this episode deserves this high of a rating.
  • The Jeffersonian is locked down and the team is forced to investigate the cause of death of a man whose identification is classified as priority zero and Booth tries to break in and save the day. In the sideline, Cam finds a pregnancy test and panics.

    Ladies and gentlemen, Bones is back. This episode in my opinion, was the best in the season and included the drama, mystery and sweetness the show needed to get back on track. Although it may seem a little farfetched to have the remains of present Kennedy on the examination table, the anticipation of discovering something new about the beloved president's mysterious assassination kept us attentive the whole time. The most important and sentimental part of the story was the fact that no one wanted to put Booth through the agony of thinking he was just a cold blooded killer for the government. I mean my government (in Iran) lies shamelessly all the time and I'm guessing it's not highly unlikely for that to have happened in the US, but Brennan's gesture was selfless, out of the ordinary for her character and certainly showed her car for Booth.

    The other significant fact in this episode was Hodgins's unconditional support for Angela specially with offering to help her with the pregnancy (watch if you don't know if she's pregnant or not) and opens many doors for their future relationship.

    Honestly, it was a great part and for those who were unkind to it, I want to say anything lower than a 7 for this episode is merely unfair. Enjoy.
  • WOW!

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. The Jeffersonian is put on lockdown by a group of government agents. The team are told that they have to identify how the victim died, but they are not to try and find out who the victim actually is. And so we have an episode filled with love, conspiracy theory and just pure craziness. Angela has a pregnancy scare, and Hodgins says that he will support her, and even marry her even though the baby is not his. That was just so sweet. Bones brings up some family history for Booth, which doesn't go down well. As the episode ends, we learn that the victim was not in fact JFK, and we end seeing Angela and Hodgins walking off to together, and Booth and Bones walking off together. Overall a very interesting episode, and was also an episode filled with love.
  • One of my favs.... It would appear by DB's face that this was filmed during the time he was really sick and they had to suspend production, but besides that he did not miss a step.....

    Wow!!! Brennan is slowly coming around and being a true friend to Booth. She is slowly letting go of the logic out of every equations. I love her jibber jabber, I could not stop laughing.

    Did Mr. White and his men really think that they could keep Booth away from his people? I mean, who ever did research on Booth needs to be fired, cause they did not do a really good job of it...

    It would not surprise me that the wedding coming up soon is that of Ang and Hodgins...It would not be to far off.

    Finaly, Andrew what's his name has to go...First I find him annoying, however, he is good for the Brennan/Booth personal relationship, as he shows Brennan what a truly good all around man Seely Booth is...even with that being said he still has to go..
  • Surprisingly good!(SPOILERS)

    As much as I love this show, I have to admit that this season has been a little rocky. There are good episodes, and then there are not as good episodes. Luckily, with The Proof in the Pudding, we were given one that didn't disappoint.

    The mystery behind Kennedy was intriguing, and having the team trapped in the lab added to the appeal. I loved the return of Hacker, even if it was brief. Him talking to Brennan near the end had me laughing :)

    The ending was great, especially when Booth was attacking all of the men while Brennan was going to examine the bones was awesome.

    Another great episode to add to my list of favorites.
  • Bones takes on the JFK conspiracy, the Jeffersonian gos on goverment lock-down, and Booth breaks in, kicks a**, and gets to use his handcuffs.

    First, I'm impressed that they were able to so an episode on the whole JFK controversy without being overblown or tacky. Usually, whenever a show tries to use anything like this it seems unrealistic, over-dramatic and angers several thousand people, all of which make their opinions heard quite LOUD and clear the next day. Bones was able to pull it off in a way that's actually plausible. Good job!
    A lot of character development, too. Angela's doubts about Wendell, Hodgins' sweet little offer to Angela, and possibly the most important one of all: Bones decided that the truth is not as important as Booth's feelings. Awwwww! This one of the first times that she's considered what someone wants and needs to hear above revealing the truth. It feels like a huge step forward. Also, though the directors had mentioned it before, this the first time that anyone mentioned Booth's relation John Wilkes Booth on the show itself (just in case anyone wants put that down as trivia or something. hint, hint.)
    Overall, this episode was funny, sweet, and action-y and was really just a great example of Bones is my personal favorite show. Keep 'em coming!
  • Overly perfect.

    Cam finds a pregnancy test at the lab's bathroom and hopes it isn't her daughters. Actually it turns out to be Angela's. Everyone is locked in the lab except for Booth, in order to solve the death of a mysterious corpse. After pressure is put over the squints, they find out that the bones belong to John F. Kennedy. Booth breaks into the lab. In the end, everyone believes they were being tested by the government, except Bones and Booth know it was the real John F. Kennedy.

    Thursday 8:00pm
    Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Tamara Taylor, TJ Thyne, Michaela Conlin and John Francis Daley
  • Exciting

    A good example how to make a brilliant episode. I mean.. the way this episode started.. the way it developed. It had so many different things than usual episodes, but it was stunning. It had excitement, it had question, paranoia, puzzles, char moments and great story.. The situation itself - having the lockdown, mysterious remains, noone coming and going and Booth. I mean.. the whole thing with him getting in.. then going to that weapon.. shooting and that personal thing with the case.. it just added so much. And the little "personal" storyline with Angela and Hodgins was not bad at all.

    So.. it was really a strong one
  • Conspiracy theory anyone?

    Well, I think this was a very interesting case and to be honest it just kept me thinking about JFK's assassination, since it's all a mystery nowadays. Very X-filish I dare say. More than last week's episode.

    Well, first, the pregnancy thing. Poor Cam, she was suffering with the idea, it just didn't leave her alone. But when it turned out to be Angela's, I knew it wasn't going beyond that, but Hodgins supporting her all the way was really nice, even when Angela doesn't deserve him. She doesn't. He is way to good for someone who doesn't really know what she wants.

    I love Booth's passion. And I love that fact that when Brennan screws up, she was determined to find convincing proof to cheer him up even when she knew there was a slight possibility that it could've been JFK.

    If I had doubst about this show last season, they have faded away in these first 12 episodes.
  • This is why i loved the show.

    Okay, first ep review. Keepin it short.

    I was really fond of the show's mystery, action, science, comedy, drama all rolled into one. This is why i loved Bones, especially in it's early years. That said, i think this is the best episode of Season 5 so far. It has the right amount of everything. But why did it take so long for Bones to get back in this form? I've been waiting since the Hero in the Hold for something exciting to happen! I really missed these kinds of episodes. I really hope we see more episodes structured like this. Peace out :]
  • Bones, Camille, Angela, Sweets, and Jack find themselves prisoners in their own lab when a group of Government Services agents roll a bunch of bones in and request that the group figure out how the individual died. Booth breaks in and also gets stuck.

    Another really good episode of Bones. It seems they are coming one after another even after the hiatus is over. We have a few stories this week. The pregnancy test and who it belongs too, and the mystery bones and who they belong too.

    A great JFK conspiracy story if I have ever seen one. Jack cannot be involved in a case like this without a little paranoia coming out so this was perfect. I love the little pieces that each of the characters brought to the case. Also Booth breaking in and disrupting the agents to the point of distraction. Very cool sequence near the end!

    The pregnancy piece was really well done. First Michelle, then Angela, then whoops? With the stories surfacing that we are expecting a wedding at the end of the season it seems they are flaming the fires soon after they returned from their break. I'm sure we'll have running stories like this. It was pretty cool of Jack though. The way he reacted and all.

    A nice clear cut story with a little bit of final mystery, but not really. Very enjoyable and a good cast ensemble show. Thanks for reading...
  • I'm with Hodgins and the news headline at the end on this one.

    What an imaginative tale the writers wove this evening, and entertaining too, because we all KNOW our governments don't lie...don't we?

    Poor Booth. I can't believe he operates on that premise given what he does for a living with the FBI, never mind his past career. But he does, and since "knowing" isn't going to change the world at this point, it was good of Brennan to go against the grain and quash her doubts when around Booth.

    But I'm with Hodgins on this one. Wrong show for support, but as "Gibbs" would say, 'there is no such thing as a coincidence'. I'm not certain how the Secret Service would feel at being portrayed as that easily duped as they were by Booth, but it was an entertaining ruse. And Sweets was hilarious in his adrenalin intoxication!

    One of the best...