Season 5 Episode 19

The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2010 on FOX

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  • Ignore the case...

    concentrate on the character interaction.

    Booth being embarrassed by the sex talk between Cam and Bones; the awkwardness between B & B about their new dates; Cam and Michelle; Hodgins, Aristoo and baseball .

    There are lots of witty lines ( see below in quotes) so concentrate on them and forget about the inadequacies of the plot. Enjoy the guitar playing even if the Hot Blooded sequence is a little cringe worthy.
  • inaccurate & lame

    Booth's assumption that women only go to gynecologist was sexist and very uninformed. I was saddened that (for once!) they did not have Bones correct him on this point.

    I found it kind of odd that Cam would book a male gynocologist for her daughter, but maybe that's my own prejudice. I did like that subplot.

    oh and mistaking a testicle for an eyeball ... that did surprise a laugh out of me.

    Otherwise the episode was pretty lame. The murder itself was stupid. Who kills someone for "not being worthy (of paying to spend a few minutes with a star)? The clues they found were pretty random and by chance (only one girl at the camp had a piercing?? the one clue happens to be one of the few purple hairs). None of the characters were believable. Bones complete & total ignorance on ANY sports or popular culture continues to be annoying. Booth & Sweets act like morons.
  • As a huge music snob, this episode mostly annoyed me.

    The best thing about this episode was the side plot with Cam and her daughter. I love Cam, and it always makes me happy when they do a story about her. I hope things go well with her and the gyno, cause she totally deserves someone! :)

    I also enjoyed some of the baseball talk... I liked the line Angela said, something about "after the snow melts, white men hit things with sticks". :D I seriously want Angela and Jack to get back together... sooooooooo bad.

    The rest of the episode was really bad, though. Some of my top gripes:

    - Most of the science in the episode was wayyyyy too by-chance and "lucky". There are other things that would've cracked nickel besides chlorine... no way Jack would've known that upon first glance. What are the odds that a tiny little piece of purple hair was stuck in the guitar, when the killer only had a tiny portion of his hair dyed that color? Too much luck and over the top assumptions in this episode.

    - The killer was fairly obvious. I knew it was gonna be one of those two kids the moment they met them in line. I wasn't sure if it'd be the guy or the girl, but they made it pretty obvious it was one of them.

    - I think the most annoying thing was how Bones just happened to know how to play Hot Blooded, and instantly knew how to play a mean rock guitar solo. I know she's a genius, and I'd be willing to believe that she could pick up guitar in no time, but instant professional solo? Sorry, that's just too much.

    - I also really hate episodes like this, how they make Booth into this caveman type idiot. I didn't believe for a minute that he'd act like that around some electric guitars. And right, of COURSE he's obsessed with Led Zepplin and hates Toad the Wet Sprocket. Really? Is that the best the writers could do?

    - Finally, this "famous guitarist" who just spends all his time playing at some lame camp? If he was really as famous as Booth and everyone made him out to be, especially with an attitude as bad as his, he'd be making records and performing huge venues. Sorry my first review is so negative. I really love Bones, and most of the episodes are so great... but this one had so many short-comings and I just didn't really enjoy it at all.
  • Dreamcamp..

    This time.. it is all about dreams. I mean.. the person killed has been going those dream camps and so.. they have to go one too.. and Booth starts to be carried away by his own Rock'n Roll dream.. Ok.. I loved that singing on stage.. but other than that.. Booth and Sweets managed to act very childish. Maybe music like that makes people do that... maybe.. not..

    The weird thing was, that I quite liked Cam substoryline with her daughter.. Specially the end, when they switched rolls.

    And the case.. I mean.. the way the murderer said he is proud to done it.. Oh.. Maybe they were just too crazy to be understood.
  • Really good episode

    A funny episode with nice character development for Cam.

    It was nice to include someone for Cam, Paul character seems pretty compatible with her. He looks like someone likable to be around for a while.

    I liked so much how Bones seemed obsessed with Booth been with Catherine. She couldn´t keep he mouth shut Lol. At the beginning of the ep. she is like "oh the social contract" using her anthropological persona. But then out of the blue she tells Cam about Booth liking Catherine and how she didn´t like Hacker "not like Booth" likes people, Lol. So funny seen her like that.

    The sweet part was the ending and Bones telling Booth how much their partnership means to her. I was like Awwww! And it seems like that´s what´s all about with Bones. She freaked out when Booth declare to her, because even when she knows how much she feels for Booth, she´s just afraid to loose Him and the partnership that is almost her whole life. And I think that why she told Booth the partnership line, to let him know how much he means to her.

    Anyway, a nice and funny episode.

    The Hot Blooded scene was great even when David and Emily can´t carry a tune.
  • Rock.....Roll....and a Murder

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When the remains of a human body are found in the laundry machine at a hotel, Booth and Bones are called in to investigate. They quickly manage to ID the victim, who was rich, and learn of his last known location, a fantasy Rock'n'Roll camp.
    Once there, they undercover a world, which Booth seems very at home in. As they ID the murder weapon as a guitar, they learn who their killer is and he is arrested. Overall a really good episode. I enjoyed the parts with Cam and Michelle and I especially loved the part with Booth and Bones singing.
  • I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun this episode was and that Booth managed to get Bones to relax and have a little fun while working on a case. That's why they make such a great couple. This would have been a 10 if they were together.

    I love the whole concept of this episode. The ball in the dryer thing was a lot of fun and Cam's reaction to the size and that it had been a long time was priceless.
    I like Cam's character a lot and this episode really made her stand out. The role reversal with Michelle was hysterical. What parent hasn't felt like that sometimes? I like her new guy too. He's kinda low key like she is but not a creepy jerk like Bones's current guy who, once again I have to reiterate, I can't stand. Booth and Brennan are trying to repair their relationship but their scenes together are awkward and painful to watch and that's why the writers shouldn't have tried this particular way to extend their partnership without putting them together which is what we all are waiting for!!! Arastoo is one of my favorites in the interns. He's more real and easier to relate to then some of the freak shows that are coming through there. It was nice to see him a little more playful and relaxed. I gotta give the writers a little bit of credit for writing a funny episode like they used to but they're still messing it up too much with Booth and Brennan. Get them together already!! They seem like good writers but the reason we all watch the show is the fun, sexy flirtation of Booth and Brennan! It's missing right now and they need to fix that or they're going to lose an audience. That's basically the whole premise of the show with a great case that they can solve while flirting covertly with each other. That's why everybody kept asking them if they were a couple. Right now they wouldn't even guess that they're friends.
  • Remains are found in a laundry machine at a hotel. B&B find out that the victim was last seen at a Rock&Roll fantasy camp where they go to investigate. Cam is looking for a gynecologist for Michelle...

    This was a very good episode, much lighter than the previous one (though I liked it as well) it sort of feels good to be relieved from the whole tension and to have a lot of fun again. And this one was really comical with so many hilarious lines, attitudes or funny faces in response to humor from almost every charcter, and three main recurrent themes of amusement eg: testicles (and gynecology) rock& roll and baseball. Very teenage/boy-ish as Hodgins would put it !!!

    Also the case was intersting taking place in R&R world which enlightened most characters (Sweets as a huge fan totally dropping his doctor status to become a mere adolescent groupie, Ange's quite thorough knowledge of this microcosm due to her dad and Booth - crazy about it - going back and forth between his FBI seriousness and his desire to let loose (very striking in the interrogation room just after his performence with Bones). The side story with Cam/ Michelle + a new love interest for Cam was nice too, bringing a funny swaping roles situation and some juicy lines between them. In my opinion the best scene is the opening one with B&B and Cam ; so many gags and comical expressions and attitudes in a 2mn scene, mostly from Booth but in interaction with the 2 women.

    A little poking about the tie to start with and we recognize our usual B&B "What d'you mean interesting ?" also I love his face when she "informs" him he has entered a "social contract" with Catherine. Then his embarrassement while they're talking about not even "lady parts" but merely the gynecologist "no,, no, no ... we're NOT discussing your daughter's sex life" Hilarious! Then the apotheosis ! the testicle falling at Booth's feet, he's begging for someone to remove the eye ball (which is not a eyeball !) and he's so embarrassed bet the 2 women when he finally understands and Brennan adding "would you have us go back talking about lady parts ?", so pleased with herself ! (we already know Bones finds him a bit "skittish when the subject of sex comes up" from ep 8 ) and he is indeed ! The second best scene of course is their performance on stage (not the actual performance since neither of them could hold the tune) but they're so cute letting loose and having fun together and even getting quite flirting when Bones the guitar player leans backward very close to Booth's body ! I mean how could he fail thinking "She's so HOT !!!" This was definitly a pay off for last week !

    This scene was a sort of swaping roles again from "the Death of QB" where Booth agreed to have the slow dance to please Bones coz it was her reunion, this time it's up to her to please Booth singing "their song" though obviously in both case they both have a lot of pleasure doing so.

    In the last scene they're spending some time together in their favorite bar rather than with their dates. Booth realizes she's really proccupied with Catherine entering his life as she brings her up again, he himself is a bit ennoyed when she mentions her potential "social contract" with Hacker but she promptly re-asserts his importance to her (as a partner of course !) and hopefully his guts tell him not only as a partner so that they end up talking with their eyes and claiming their willingness to die for each other. Followed by a good old bickering about Led Zepplin. So...Lets have some hope !
  • A body is found in a washing machine and the victem was last seen at a rock-and-roll fantasy camp. Meanwhile, Cam gets a boyfriend.

    This episode was really funny, starting with Cam. She starts going out with Michelles's gynecoligist. Now, that's pretty innapropriate. I loved how brennan and Angela kept giving out hints to Cam about it being a while, that was pretty good.

    The baseball talk between Hodgins and Arstoo was funny at first, but then it got pretty annoying. Yes. We get it. You're into baseball.He struck out in the humor department.

    There was also a lot of talk about Catherine Bryer and Andrew Hacker. I still wish Booth and Brennan would dump then and date each other... But when Brennan tells Booth that their partership is so important to her was really sweet. So there's still hope. Angela got all gooey on the guitars as well. And Hodgins found that pretty attractive. Sparks are flying between them for sure. In all, it was a very good episode filled with a lot of funny cracks.
  • THIS is the reason why I still watch Bones.

    Absolutely fantastic episode.

    The case was amazingly intruiging. Everything about this episode was all-around fun. After a long string of disappointments and half-disappointments with this show, I think we were just about due for a really fun episode.

    Cam and Michelle were priceless. Cam was already on her way to becoming my favorite Bones character but now she's pretty much taken the cake. She's protective and loving and oh-so humorously awkward as a parent - and she's learning. Michelle's learning, too, as evidenced by their little role-swapping near the end of the episode.

    Cam's new beau is also getting high points in my book. Although it often feels like Bones is turning into a soap opera concerning these relationships, I really liked this guy. And if Brennan has to be going out with that loser Hacker, then it's only fair to us, the audience, that one of the three TV women we so love is going out with a guy that does NOT seem/act/look/speak like a total creep.

    The Hot Blooded scene was by far the best scene of the entire episode. It was lots of fun revisiting that old season one memory. Plus, for all their skill and talent, neither Booth nor Brennan could carry a tune, and that made them very relatable to me (who also cannot carry a tune xD).

    Arastoo is one of the best interns - not my favorite, but still really great - and it was nice having him in this episode. I'm not a baseball fan but it was funny listening to all the baseball banter - and the guitar/rock music banter, too, for that matter.

    And lastly, who didn't love the arrest scene? How many times have we had the killer jump off the stage, hold out his hands and say, "Take me, it was worth it!!"? Never! How funny! (And slightly disturbing, but that's good, too.)

    All in all, an episode that Bones fans can really enjoy and be proud of.
  • Crime solving AND laundry tips! One-stop shopping on Bones!

    I have been known to use a tennis ball in my dryer to fluff heavy blankets or sleeping bags and the like, but this particular Bones induced laundry day application, might constitute off-label use! A little difficult to check with the manufacturer on that one though!

    And I'm "story happy" again after a few off-weeks. It was a good story and a well written one, and even the relationship references, until the very end, were dealt with in the usual ongoing Booth-Bones banter. The whole rocker thing was interesting too because of the character details it brought out in most of the lab and FBI staff: Bones and Booth are typical fans; waaaayyy less talent than they think they have! Sweets' alter ego showed itself again in that little boy excitement he gets when he steps out of his Doctor persona. Angela's background via her Dad came in handy with solving this one. And almost as priceless as Sweets was Arastoo; normally quite low key he showed he has some hidden rocker in him too!

    The real culprit was a little anti-climactic, but then I guess that's the way it works some times.

    Right back on track again. I do admit that the weird segues have been kind of scaring me this year though...