Season 4 Episode 17

The Salt in the Wounds

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 2009 on FOX

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  • Okay episode, nice to see Angela and Hodgins together.

    When a high school girl is found murdered and buried under the pile of street salt Brennan and Booth must catch her killer, whilst Cam, Hodgins Sweets and Angela use there magic to discover how and why Booth discovers a high school pact between the victim and her fellow high school volleyball team to become pregnant and all live together for a large sum of money.

    Back at the Jeffersonian Angela get's some bad news when her 'Girlfriend' Roxie makes a choice to leave her and Hodgins is there for a shoulder to cry on.

    Good episode but not the best, it was similar to Player Under Pressure (however that was a better episode ) I think it was just similar as they were both centred at a High school and a schoolgirl, but probably it's the romantic in me but was glad to see Hodgins and Angela back if only for a 'wink' 'wink'.. rendezvous..
  • Not a bad episode but defiantly not one of their best.

    There were a few things that annoyed me about this episode though.
    Namely that the kids all had kids and were not only having unprotected sex but they were almost flaunting the fact that they were pregnant.
    Then at the end of the episode where Booth takes the kid to the side to tell him the kids were his responsibility. Sod that! What about the girls responsibility's to him? They were really just using him to get pregnant. If a girl is not using protection or lying about using contraceptives then how is that the kids fault?
    Sometimes like this Booth comes off as a bit of a self righteous ass.

    But otherwise it was a good episode.
  • Though it's an unusual case, the downside: it has a message that says it's okay for teenage girls to deliberately get themselves pregnant – and the network let this air?

    Ashley's mother is a shrew, she can't get uppity because she doesn't like the questions. Her daughter was murdered, instead of grief there's attitude.

    Angela's flaky girlfriend finally leaves. It was an unbelievable storyline from day one. Then she jumps into bed with Hodgins, which really isn't fair to him. Angela does feel the need to tell everyone who she's sleeping with, hasn't she heard of discretion. I agree with Sweets on this, Angela's sexuality seems to dictate all of her relationship decisions and none of those relationships have worked out. Maybe she should do what he said – take sex out of the equation.

    A new intern, Iranian this time. Guy's impressive, that thing with the x-rays was great. He's also a sweetie, the CD was really a nice thing to do.

    This pregnancy pact is understandable for adult women but these are teenage girls, not even graduated, and they lose everything including their scholarships?! What kind of parents do these girls have?! It's disgraceful and I'm not terribly happy with an episode that actually makes arguments for teenage girls getting pregnant to be alright.
  • Not a horrible episode, just a little too far fetched with the whole pregnancy pact and the chiropracter being the murderer...other than that not too bad.

    Not a horrible episode, just a little too far fetched with the whole pregnancy pact and the chiropracter being the murderer...other than that not too bad. Good acting, decent characters, and some general plot/character development. I love Bones as a show generally, as it has great characters, a good combination of smart humor, drama, and a scientific edge to the show which makes it one of the better shows on tv right now. Definitely leading the show is David Boreanez, whose performance is always stellar (has been since Buffy the Vampire Slayer), plays his character as a federal agent perfectly.
  • Saved by the ending!

    I thought the plot line of a pregnancy pact between a group of high school volleyball players was different. In one sense, it was good because I know from friends in high school that this sort of things happens and it's quite sad that our society has come to this.

    I can't say that I enjoyed the show that much until the end when Seely took an immature boy aside and gave him a Dutch Uncle talking to that he desperately needed. He told him that he was saying these things because he needed to hear them and you could really see where this could very well be the wake-up call that the boy needed and that could turn his life around.

    I think that far too often these days, men are portrayed a soft wimpy types who only seem interested in beer, sports and women and that is sad. I've always thought that Seely Booth is an excellent role model for a strong yet compassionate man and in the closing scene it shone through beautifully.

    I believe it's why those of use that are older should make an effort to be involved in the life of our youth because we have experiences and truth that we can share which can change their lives for the better. That was certainly my experience growing up and I loved the example of it here.
  • A really interesting episode

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a 16-year-old pregnant girl is found buried in a pile of street salt, Booth and Bones are called in to investigate. Soon the victim is IDed and soon we learn that her parents had no idea that she was pregnant. We also see Roxie and Angela as they decide to get a dog together. But when they get closer to getting one, Roxie breaks up with Angela. As Roxie leaves you can see that Angela is very upset. Booth calls in one of the victim's friends for questioning and is shocked to see that she is also pregnant. On hearing about their relationship ending, Hodgins takes Angela for a cup of coffee. We then see that Angela and Hodgins are in the exhibits vault, in bed together. They then talk about Roxie and what happened. While investigating at the school, Bones and Booth learn of a "pregnancy pact" which is going on in the school with the volleyball team. They soon learn that one guy got 4 girls, including the victim, pregnant. But let's just say, he isn't the average stud you would expect to get 4 girls pregnant. Soon they get a suspect and so Sweets and Angela go undercover to investigate, since the suspect has already seen Booth and Bones. Angela and Sweets discuss what is going on with her and her relationship and so he suggests that she removes sex from her relationships for at least 6 months. To which Angela is horrified. Soon they find that he still has the murder weapon and so he is arrested.
    We learn that she threatened to sue him, and claim that he was the father of the baby, which lead to him killing her. As the episode ends, we see Booth meeting up with the young guy from the high school who got 4 of the girls pregnant. He talks to him about the situation and the impact it will have on the rest of his life. He soon seems to understand what he has really done, and evens starts to cry. We then see Bones watching this from the street corner outside of the Diner.
  • The episode is about Booth and Brenan and the rest of the gang investigating the murder of a teenage pregnant woman who was allegedly part of a pregnancy pact in her school. Te side stories revolve around an Iranian assistant, Anjela's lifestyle and...

    I thought the final scene was quite moving. The way Booth talked to the boy was very convincing and real. The new assistant was also very interesting to observe since he was representing my country although sometimes a bit wrongly but all the same intriguing. I also liked Sweet's analysis on Angela and found it really accurate and who ever came up with at idea deserves a pat on the back. On the other hand, I think Emily's role in this episode was too small considering she never got to examine the body like she usually does. On the hole I can say I really liked this episode.
  • Not so surprising....

    Some surprises but pretty interesting. I was kinda taken back by Bones almost immediate dismissal of the new intern from what seemed to be impatience, she's smarter than that but I honestly thought she was plan cranky throughout the entire epsiode. I appreciated the twist that mum and dad kept secrets from each other and didn't know their daughter as well as they thought, which in this day and age is scary. Unfortunately the idea of the pregnany pact was taken from the headlines, but I loved and appreciated Boothe's conversation with Clinton about his responsibility in the entire situation. Although I picked the chiropracter off the bat, I loved learning about the motive behind it. I love seeing Cam wearing her boss hat within this epsiode It was a nice change. Angela's situation is an ongoing one, she seems so intent on living in the moment she has no idea what she could be missing. I've always know that Hodgins still loved her and hasn't given up, as she said, he's the marrying kind. Even if he has to wait.... this development could be an interesting twist....Especially if, despite his feelings for her, he puts a stop to Angela's "booty" calls and insists on some real and permanent.
  • Booth and Brennon investigate the murder of a high school vollyeball player and discover a teenage pregnancy pact.

    I used to watch Bones regularly but have not really kept up the last two seasons. If this episode is a sign of things to come, I'll never watch again. The worst episode of Bones ever.

    The plot was ok. It takes cue from what's currently news-worthy. My biggest complaint is Bones herself. What is her problem? Does she really think that because she's the one of the most brilliant minds in the world that she has the right to be rude and ignorant? Yeah, I get it, she never had a normal childhood and has no idea how to be social. But any intelligent person wouldn't say what she did.

    Religion---yeah, she an atheist. But again, she's an intelligent person. She should at least have a clue by now that many, many, many people believe in a higher power, whether they call him God, Allah, and so on. What gives her the right to be a complete s**hole. Her new intern, he was really smart and he has the right to practice his religion.

    Chiropractic medicine----yeah, a lot of md's pooh-pooh on chiropractors, but they go to school and are experts in human anatomy. I myself believe whole-heartedly in the science. Angela---C'mon now. Why in the world would Angela take dating advice from Bones? Again, clueless in the social department. And she thinks it's ok to just sleep around and hurt the ones who care about her.

    The "pregnancy pact"---The worst of all! In this day and age, saying it's ok for teenage girls to go out and have babies is completely irresponsible of the writers! Yeah, it's fiction, but kids are impressionable and look up to fictional characters. SHAME, SHAME! The best part was the end scene when Booth was having a man to man talk with Clinton, the boy who fathered four of the girls' babies. Booth told him that what will define him as a man will be how he takes responsibility for his children. The kid thought that just because the girls told him they didn't want his help that he got off scott-free. This was a nice moment and Booth was telling the kid exactly how he took responsibility for his own son.
  • Weird case..

    Mm.. some way I liked this episode as there was much focus on chars - I liked the whole thing with Angela. She has been out of focus for while and now she got it back and maybe it is just to get our hopes up before season ending, but it was nice change.

    I also liked the new help guy they had. Another change, another good one. I like that they are rotating people on that position as I am still not over what they did with Zack.

    I think that with all the char interactions mentioned above plus Bones vs Cam there was just not enough time to focus on case and as Cam said: "It's easy murder. Solves itself" and this is somehow how it felt. Not much focus and story was maybe little weird.. not the story so much but the process of finding out what happened.. And I liked the talk what Booth gave to that boy in the end.. So not bad at all..
  • Silly girls

    What a group of stupid girls. Honestly, they ruined their lives for a silly pact, they thought they had it easy.
    I did not like Brennan in this episode. What is wrong with the writers? She's a brilliant anthropologist and yet she doesn't even know what BFF means. When it looks like she's taken a step forward she takes two steps back. She was evolving fine but lately something is off. Her Clinton comment? Right, as far-fetched as a million dollar bill. However, I have to admit that I like the last scene with Booth.
    Angela... she gets advice from Brennan? The blind leading the blind. Amazing how a woman her age doesn't know what she wants. I'm glad Hodgins gave her the whole moment speech. And Sweets' advice to Angela was good and true. Hope she listens. Cam was great and new grad student... I still like Wendell.
    Booth's last scene was excellent. I wish there were more Booths around, to give that kind of advice to kids. There could be a difference.
  • wow god they were really trying hard to make me hate this ep

    ok first the muslim thing was annoying. why is he even there is the most important question i have. As for the bones vs chyropractor sp? that was pretty stupid considering she was right that he isn't a medical doctor but that doesn't mean she had to say it like that. although that doesn't make him any less of an a$$ by repeating it back. it was also stupid that they even went there in the first place. why did they need to go there when there when they could easily take xrays at the jeffersonian? roxie was useless and i don't see why they made her in the first place. i also hate how angela just randomly had sex with the guy she broke up with months ago. the prego volley ball girls after a prom was no surprise to me though. its like the stupid tradition for girls to retardly get prego after a prom. it felt like brennens character took like 70 steps back this ep. also cam trying to rehydrate the body was kinda lame since the only good it would do would be for finger prints which they don't need. and the guy in the yellow shirt was possibly the most annoying character ever.
  • Dr. Soroyan, Dr. Hodgins, and Bones new assistant Vaziri solve the puzzle of a 16 year old pregnant girls death while Booth and Bones try to figure out who did it and the motive. Angela breaks up with Roxie and some interesting incidents occur.

    Really a 9+ on this episode? I really love Bones and I don't think I have ever rated an episode below an 8.5 before, but I have to really say I think this was a weaker episode when it comes to this show in general. So here goes why.

    A young pregnant girl is found in some road salt decomposing. Because of the state of the body Dr. Soroyan takes over the forensics of the case and overrules Bones. That is just what she should have done and it was very interesting how she and the team solved the murder. By the way I really liked the Vaziri character as it shows a positive person of faith and a good example for everyone. Also he was a nice counterpoint to Dr. Soroyan without being too annoying.

    In the meantime Angela and Roxie break up over Angela's live in the moment type lifestyle. In a way it was the same problem she had with Hodgins. She rebounds with Hodgins and they are very smart in their conclusion about why that happened. In the end Sweets ends up speaking with Angela, but this is a very open ended situation that will not get solved over one episode.

    In a way Booth and Bones were ancillary characters in this episode. Yes we saw some interaction with the suspects but we saw very little of the banter that drives the show. There was not a lot of chemistry. It was great that Booth spoke to the kid at the end and we saw Bones staring at him from the street, but for the most part this was definitely filler for the season. It may have been a story just to further the Angela storyline for all I know.

    There were a few good lines when the chiropractor (who did it/to stop blackmail) says that Bones isn't a real doctor either to her "you're not a real doctor" line. I felt the storyline otherwise was weak and they made the "brilliant" students look like idiots as well. I guess I didn't find the story that shocking or provocative just pretty stupid.

    I am giving this episode a 7.5 for being an interesting murder case and because of some of the character development we saw, but overall it was nothing but a little good television and for Bones not that good.

    Thanks for reading...