Season 3 Episode 9

The Santa in the Slush

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2007 on FOX

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  • Its about time too!!!

    Well we have all been waiting for Bones and Booth to kiss but tis way was even better, Bones had to do it and she let Booth in on it at the lat minute... But it was about time they actually did kiss and the awkwardness afterwards was funny too... You could tell they both liked it...

    As for the dead Santa, that was so funny, Booth saying that Santa is dead before Christmas even started and that he was already having a bad Christmas because he couldn't be with Parker this year.

    I think Bones and Booth are so cute togther even though they aren't a couple, he always sticks up for her and helps her family and is very protective of her. Parker was so cute when he told those police officers that he was lost and his Daddy works in the FBI. Clever thinking. And Captain Fantastic!! Oh how funny but it was cute how they got to spend Christmas together and they got a Christmas tree for Bones and her family. So sweet of Booth!

    I think they would be so weird as a couple because they work now as they are and they sometimes connect on things. But the arguing works for them. I hope we get to see what it would be like for Booth and Bones as a couple!!
  • This was a perfect Christmas episode! (may have spoilers!)

    I loved this episode it had everything I love in an episode. It had a murder, (obviously) it had B/B relationship and it even had family from both Booth and Bones. Over all it had the best holiday of the year, Christmas! I loved the mistletoe! I was waiting for that moment for such a long time! The ending was the best, when they all had their Christmas celebrations and Bones not going to Peru, even when Parker and Booth got them the Christmas tree! Over all they could not of come up with a better Christmas episode. Happy Holidays!
  • One look, One word, One Kiss! Finally!

    Like many other 'Bones' fanatics out there this episode was the crème de la crème, the storm before the calm, that sigh of relief! Finally, Bones and Brennan embrace in a passionate 5-sec kiss, (although in the special features they kiss for 12-secs!)
    I love Caroline's character, but this made her a favourite for me – she doesn't beat around the bush and she is certainly a woman who knows what she wants. I love that fact that this character can stand up to Brennan (and essentially 'put her in her place') without being hated by us viewers. I had hoped though that the next episode (The Man in the Mud) would follow through with this kiss and play on the obvious feelings between Bones and Brennan.
  • Very fun Christmas episode.

    Santa's apartment is great, from the sparkly lights to the train set. All the Santa related jokes in the lab as they processed the evidence and when they found out who the victim was, very funny. Hilarious when they confront the Santas to check the bells and the Santas sing at the killer!

    Parker is a very smart kid, finding the FBI. Creative way of giving the family a Christmas together, putting Russ in civilian clothes was a nice touch. Very sweet of Booth to get the Brennan family a tree. Brennan's trip to Peru certainly sounds fascinating, I love the South American pyramids.

    Blackmail is a beautiful thing – that was a pretty decent kiss.

    Fun, sweet episode.
  • Brilliant and funny

    What a great Christmas episode. OK there was a body but the overall feeling was of humour and sentiment. I particularly love the scene between Booth and his son Parker. Those two actors really gell. I think David Boreanaz is really great in all his scenes with the youngster.
    Those of you out there with the DVD set for this season can enjoy the extended kiss scene which shows just how Brennan's gum came to be in Booth's mouth. Mmmmm!
    Just a nit pick - French people do not kiss on the mouth when meeting in the street with friends. They kiss on the cheeks either side - two or more depending on the area. Where I live it is three kisses or bisous. Lovely to watch teenagers greeting each other. Caroline is a great character, whether she is bawling them out or feeling puckish.
  • Best episode in the series yet!

    The last Bones christmas episode was pure genious and i didnt think it could get any better than that. Witty script, great acting and accidents was just hilarious. But this new bone christmas episode really topped it off. Cleaver plot, beautiful scenes and cherished booth/brennan moments made this season end the year on a high. Booth is in a bad mood throughout the episode as he is unable to see his son Parker, the neverending gourgeous little kid. I wont spoil it for the people who have yet to see it but the ending is sentimental when Booth gives Brennan the ultimate gift and Brennan shows her pukkish side to see her family. Best episode yet!!!!
  • So Santa is Real???

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open this episode with the knowledge that once again, it is Christmas time in Bones land. Two elves go outside for a break, during which they discover a dead body. We then see that Bones has gone to visit her father and we learn that she is going to Peru for Christmas. She gets the phone call about the case, and so she leaves. When she is in the car with Booth she tells him that her father wants her and Russ to be together for Christmas which is impossible since both of them are in jail. But Booth tells her to do it, and we learn that he is not having Parker for Christmas, as Parker and his mother are going away for Christmas. Bones pulls some strings to get the family together for Christmas but when she tells Russ that she has invited Amy and the girls, he gets mad as the girls believe that he is working away, and so he tells her that it isn't going to happen. The victim is dressed in a Santa suit, and soon the evidence supports that he may actually be the Santa Claus. We soon learn that he changed his name to Kris Kringle. Bones and Booth soon learn that he lived above a toy store, and that when they enter his apartment it is all set up for Christmas, lights and everything. We soon learn that the victim's previous address was North Pole. Soon Booth and Bones come up with a plan tell the girls, so that Russ can see them this Christmas without them knowing that he is in jail. Caroline agrees to help Bones out, as long as she kisses Booth, on the lips (always knew I liked her) and it has to be under mistletoe. She tries to get out of it, but Caroline says it's the only way that she will help Bones out. We then see Parker and Booth together, with Bones sitting nearby at a different table. Parker tells his father that he doesn't want to go away for Christmas, and that he wants to spend it with his father. When Parker asks him if he will be alone for Christmas, he lies and tells him that Bones and all of their friends are going to Peru. We soon learn that the victim was a pick pocket, and that is how he had so much money hidden in his apartment. When Booth goes into Bones's office, we see her hanging mistletoe and she then explains the situation to him and about what Caroline said. Then they KISS and Bones ruins it by saying it was like kissing her brother. We then see Bones going to see her brother and explains it all to him, and he says that the meeting will be ok. But he is shocked when Bones tells him that she won't be her as it will be Christmas Eve and she has to be on her plane to Peru. We soon learn that another Santa killed the victim, and soon he is IDed. He is then arrested, and as this happens another Santa tells him that he is a disgrace to his uniform. We then see that it is Christmas Eve and we see Max going into the trailer. Soon Amy and the girls turn up. We see Bones and everyone at the office exchanging gifts, and taking a photo together. We then see Booth is in his office, and parker being escorted in by a police officer. Parker then runs into his father's arms. We then see Amy, the girls and Max decorating the trailer. We then see Bones trying to make her mind up about going to Peru and we see Booth phoning Rebecca to let her know that Parker is ok, and that he will get him back to her before Christmas. During which Parker says to her that he hates the place they are going to. We also learn that Parker went up to a police officer, said he was lost and that his father worked for the FBI and that is how he ended up in Booths office.
    Back at the trailer, we see Russ entering and the girls running up to him and hugging him. Then Bones turns up. As they all sit round opening presents, we see Bones and her father spending some time together. She then gets a phone call, off of Booth who is outside with Parker. We see that they have brought a Christmas tree and they light it up with the help of Booths car.
  • It's almost Christmas! Booth can't have Parker and Bones is (again) trying to escape Christmas. Plus the scene, we've all been waiting for....

    Well, I'd been waiting for this episode for AGES, mainly because I'd accidentally gotta a look at the whole Booth/Bones kiss on YouTube.... So was really looking forward to it.

    I guess for me the whole 'who done it' part of the episode wasn't really important (though the whole thing with the dead guy sounding a lot like the real Santa was cool), but the character side of it was.

    I loved seeing Booth and Bones get over their Christmas hang-ups (Booth not getting to have Parker, and then getting to have him), Bones not wanting to partake in Christmas with her family (and then, of course, she did).

    BUT the best part for me had to be the kiss, as well as the build-up. Bones just looked so awkward when she was given the ultimatum! And well, what I can I say, she really, really, really does like her brother! ;)
  • This was a very good episode of Bones. We had a lot of positives in it.

    This was a very good episode of Bones. We had a lot of positives in it.

    The murder investigation centered around a murdered Santa and ultimately it was found that a co-worker, another Santa killed him.

    But my favourite part of the episode was definitely the kiss between Booth and Bones under the mistletoe. I had been waiting for this since the first season, and now I realise that I was right in wanting them to be together, cos they have a lot of chemistry. Hopefully they will end up together soon.

    Bones spent Christmas with her father and her brother's family whilst Booth managed to spend the day with his son Parker.

    The final scene when Booth took a Christmas Tree to Bones was really touching.
  • Simply, the most squee-worthy episode in the history of Bones.

    Let's cut to the chase here, who really cares about the case? It all starts with Max (Brennan's father) who is in jail along with Russ (Brennan's brother.) Max wants a family Christmas, just like old times, however, the problem is Brennan has planned to head to Peru for the holidays. Brennan approaches Caroline Julian about the possibilty of setting up a place for their family Christmas, and Caroline agrees, under one condition: Bones must kiss Booth, under misletoe, for at least five seconds. Later on Booth enters Brennan's office to find her putting up misletoe, when he asks what's up, Bones explains the whole situation, at this point Caroline walks in. Bones and Booth kiss under the misletoe and you can enter the squees of fangirls everywhere here. In the end, Brennan gets her family Christmas, however there is no tree allowed in the trailor. At this point Bones gets a surprising call from Booth telling her to look outside. Standing out in the falling snow are Booth, Parker and a lit up Christmas tree. The episode ends with Brennan saying "I love my gift Booth" and a "Merry Christmas Bones" and of course another lovestruck glance between the two. Is it fair to say they're in love? Yeah, probably.
  • it's all about the kiss! AND THERE'S MORE TO COME!

    the story was magnificant as always while adding a seasonal, although it might be a little unseasonal depending on where you live i suppose, and fan-demanded touch. By this i mean it was the perfect opportunity to see, though the circumstances were not as predicted, Brennon and Booth finally kiss even if it only lasted "five steamboats"!


    i can't wait for season 4 when the two lock lips for real! and angela's husband pops in for a visit and a few eps are to be filmed in the UK! At least one US tv show is aware of the world OUTSIDE the USA. Hopefully more shows will follow suit, we'll see...
  • A generally enjoyable piece of fluff.

    Obvious written to be shown around the Christmas holiday time this was an amusing episode.

    The lightweight plots about Kris Kringle's demise and the attempts by Temperance to arrange a Christmas get-together in jail for her father and brother weren't particularly demanding, but they did provide that warm feeling for the holiday season.

    Notwithstanding that the discovery of a dead Father Christmas isn't a federal matter and wouldn't in reality have involved the FBI the episode floated along in a jolly fashion.

    In the episode was really about the writers getting Brennan and Seeley to kiss. That in itself would guarantee that reviews by all the non-critical fans would give it a rating of 10 out of 10 (more if they could!).

    Hopefully the next episode will have some more substance. Ah well we can but hope!
  • Couldn't ask for a better Christmas gift or a more painful tease.

    I am so glad that I recorded this episode because it managed to get me through the writer's strike. This episode was a prime example of what's so great about this show. An amazing blend of science, detective work, comedy and the chemistry between well written characters, I couldn't watch it enough times, which - considering how long the strike lasted, is a good thing. I loved the banter between Booth and Brennan, and the way that they approached the magic of Christmas and the need to believe in a figure like Santa. It kept me in stitches how Cam, Angela, and Hodges played around with the idea that the victim could actually be the real thing.
    And then of course was THE KISS. I liked the fact that it wasn't part of some undercover ploy, or a drunken mistake. Instead, someone else who noticed that Brennan and Booth have more than just a simmering attraction between them decide to play around with them. I just about fell out of my seat when the ADA introduced the idea. And I have to applaud the way that Emily Deschanel played it. She was brilliant at trying to pretend that it was no big deal to her but somehow exhibiting that undercurrent of discomfort at the idea. She looked as if she was trying not to freak out when she was setting up her office for the event. And David Boreanaz was amazing. I loved the look of confusion and nervousness when he was told what was about to happen. Let me not forget to talk about the actual Kiss (not that I could) - it was, in a word WOW. A perfect display of affection between two characters whose chemistry is addictive. I appreciated that the awkwardness didn't last the entire episode and they didn't make painful attempts to talk about it after. There were funny little references to the kiss later, but at least it wasn't drawn out too much. The episode ended superbly with the beautiful gesture that Booth made, knowing how important this Christmas was to Brennan and how much she appreciated. The only negative thing I have to say about this episode was that it was so good I have been going frantic waiting for new episodes and wondering what the possible aftermath of the kiss could be.
    Will they become awkward enough around each other that the rest of the team will know that something must have happened between them?
    Will they ignore it completely (I hope not)?
    Will the chemistry between them get even hotter?
    I cannot wait until we get some fresh Bones.
  • It's Christmas time and Santa is dead, that's not cool...

    This is a special episode, I loved it really.

    Brennan tries to make her father's wish come true and give him a Christmas day as they used to have in kids. She asks Caroline to make a recommendation and Caroline has a condition, she has to kiss Booth on the lips lol
    The scene when she told Bones that was funny and the kiss scene lol Caroline's face was hilarious and that kiss... lol

    I love that scene!!! and the after part, when Caroline was there they were OK but after she left it got weird.
    This was the kiss everyone was expecting for a long time.

    Angela and Hodgins, that scene was also special, they are really happy (the husband situation didn't came up again...), they are a family and that's great, I'm happy for them

    And the one with Dr. Sweets at the diner was great, he was amazing lol very convincing even to Bones.

    Booth gets to spend the eve with Parker, the kid runs away to him lol.

    And again I saw how much Booth likes Brennan, he knew she would go to jail and took a tree, it was sweet, he and Parker outside with a tree linked to the car...

    This whole episode was special with great moments, important moments...

    I've just found out about the extended version of the kiss, that should had been on the air, it was much more intense lol
  • Fantastic episode. Watched 3 times as yet- that should really mean something ^^

    Case: A man dressed as Santa found dead in the sewer. Later they found evidence that was unbelievable and jolly-good discovery: he has custom made suit, smoke a clay pipe, was kicked by a reindeer and lived above a toystore. Then the discover the murder weapon to be a brass-bell; hence he was murdered by a fellow Santa.

    Personal comments: The case was simple and pretty easy to discern the culprit once 'he' appeared on screen. But to nail the guy, Booth and Brennan resorted to less forensic means: they have to smell the behind of all the santa-ses for birds' nest soup :)

    Character: Tempe's father requested for a family gathering at Christmas despite the fact that he and Russ are in jail. Temperance with Booth's persuasion need to get a special room, get Russ in civilian's clothes to meet Amy and the girls. But she needed a fellow prosecutor (US Attorney) to put in a good word. In exchange for this, Miss Caroline who was in a puckish mood requested for ahem *something

    Personal comments: I think the writer out did themselves; a very clever maneuver to bring us Booth & Brennan's kiss under the mistletoe. I particularly enjoy seeing little Carter's smart way to spend Christmas with his father and the christmas gift Booth prepared for Brennan. Talk about sweet, the man's one of a kind ^^
  • In this episode it's christmas time and we get to see Brennan actually taking part in the holiday,spending it with her family instead of going on a trip and working.Even more important the Booth and Brennan kiss finally happend.

    I loved ths episode so much because the kiss it's been building since the first episode and finally it's happend.I also love the way it came to be as a bargain,it gave everyone what they wanted but in a really fun way it was great.I really hope that they continue to build up the relationship between Brennan and Booth to the point that they're together as an actual couple not just partners that flirt with the idea of being together.Another thing i liked about this episode is that we got to see Brennan outside of work on a holiday getting to know her family again.An awesome episode just like all the others before it i can't wait to see what happens next.
  • In this episode it's around Christmas time and things are starting to heat up between Brennan and Boothe they actually kiss on the lips in this episode!

    I loved this episode because Brennan and Boothe actually kissed on the lips! I can't wait till next season! If they don't keep up the romance I will die and scream! They need to make their relationship more noticeable and kick it up a notch! They really do love each other. I simply cannot tell you how much I loved this episode it made me feel good that they are actually showing some signs of having a relationship. If they bring anyone else in it won't be good, it'll wreck everything they have together! Keep the show suspenseful and good and you will keep on getting reviewers.
  • The day has come... and it was good

    HO HO HO! Merry Christmas! Those are the wishes of the producers of Bones to us fans. The strike is on but they couldn't let us go without a little treat. The very expected kiss.
    Liked how they prepared this kiss, it was cute and sweet and fun but doesn't change their status at least for now since it was a "mistle toe kiss". Now we're missing the undercover and dream sequence kiss :P They bought more time here until the real thing. Nice way to go on break... a BIG BIG one.
    As I write this review it's been 3 months of strike already :(
    The case was nice, all the discussions whether the man was or not Santa were fun.
    So Brennan loved her present... that's the least Booth could do to even the present she gave him... the kiss!
    I need new eps!!
  • it's christmas and even booth is feeling down b/c he doesnt get to see his son..brennan is going to spend the holidays like normal studying bones but her dad has different plans

    this was the absolute best ep ever...i loved it and i was on the edge of my seat the whole time...i mean i got mad at some parts but ill get 2 that in a min..max wanted every1 together for the holidays and brennan was doing everything she could to get that done..she asked caroline, max's attorney for a favor but it came w/ a huge price...a price that all the bb fans have been waiting for since the series started...i was mad that caroline had 2 make them kiss under the mistletoe..but when it finally happened it was so magical..its like during that commercial break i was grumbling like why do they have 2 be forced to kiss and then when they came back and kissed i was glued to the tv but since my parents were in the room i didnt squeal like i wanted 2 lol...and then brennan and booth had an awkward moment that was so awesome and my fav line was heres ur gum or whatever it like o yea sure ud kiss ur brother w/ some tongue..uhhuh..o yea the case...sry the bb moment was so big i had 2 talk about that first...anyways they were trying to figure out who kissed...oops i mean killed i got the kiss on my mind...who killed santa claus and it was amazing how much this guy did sound like santa claus and it made it hilarious..i loved the case...but the kiss and then the christmas tree booth gets 4 them outside the jail (no christmas trees in the prison since the incident) was so sweet and booth got parker 4 awhile 2..booth is so sweet 2 brennan...the best ep ever and i can not wait any longer for them 2 bring back the series
  • Bones and Booth have an "exchange" of the special kind.

    This episode will probably go down in the Bones community as the most anticipated one to date. I admit, I have been drawn into the hysteria before it aired ;o), so my expectations were higher than usual.
    And all of them have been met very nicely and were even surpassed.

    Bones and Booth are both not looking forward to the Holiday season, Bones because she never does and Booth, usually a merry person, is grumbling because he can't spend time with Parker.

    Even though Bones is planning a trip to Peru, she wants to arrange Christmas for her family, which outs her into a tight corner because she needs a letter of recommendation from the prosecutor Caroline Julian for Max. Of course, as Booth predicted, Caroline (bless her) wants something in return from Brennan. As she is feeling "puckish", much to Bones' dismay, she wants Bones to kiss Booth under the mistletoe.

    Okay, The Kiss. An event which a lot of fans have been screaming for a long time now. I was not sure if they could pull it off without damaging the show at this point.
    But I have been proven wrong and I am so HAPPY about it.
    The mistletoe set-up was a brilliant idea to give us viewers soemthing we longed for without hurting the integrity of the characters along the way.
    The conversation between B/B where she is "telling him only out of professional courtesy" before she literally jumps him - great! The beauty of this episode is that everybody gets his or her wish, Bones spending finally a Christmas with her family and Booth with his son.

    Brilliant, romantic and touching episode which will have an eternal place among the top episodes.

    Oh, yeah, there was a case they had to investigate as well *lol*.
  • wow finally the kiss comes!!!! although not in the way you would imagine!!

    wow! finally the kiss! although not how i expected it, it still gave my butterflies and made me squeal!! good episode all in all, moving/emotional christmas scence with all the squints in the end, and that christmas tree and the looks on brennan and booths face, priceless!(nearly made me cry)! little parker also features!! so adorable! just have to wait another 3 MONTHS to see what happens next!!! will the kiss affect them in anyway? their relationship their partner ship who knows, we will just have to wait and see!!
    Next episode baby the the bough, weve had the kiss now lets see the baby!!
  • Finally, Finally, Finally, wow. They kissed. Just give me a minute to absorb this... WOW

    In this episode Brennan and Booth investigate the death of a Santa. Things get very odd when they start investigated into the victims life, showing a very close resemblence to Santa Claus himself. Also Bones tries to give her father the Christmas he's always dreamed of. She wants Caroline to approve of renting a trailer for her father, brother and her brother's family for Christmas. Thing is, Caroline asks for something in return. Caroline wants Booth to kiss Brennan (on the lips, I might add) under a misseltoe for 5 steamboats. Booth comes to terms with not spending the holiday with Parker, but in the end he does. Great episode in my opinion. One of the best I have ever seen. They finally kissed!!!!
  • WOW!

    WOW! I can't believe that it finally happened! This is a SPOILER! So don't read this if you havent watched the 9th episode in Season 3 of Bones! Not only is this a really good episode e.g. bad santa, emotional conflicts between Brennan and Booth and Booth and his son, Parker; but the storyline is also good!

    Although we havent seen it yet in Australia, I have watched it and i find it amusing that they had a christmas episode on at christmas time (US xmas time) which also added to the appeal of this episode! However the pivotal point had to be the kiss.

    Many episodes before have been leading up to this and it, although was not as hot and steamy as i would have liked, was perfect for Booth and Brennan. I just hope that they do not go back to their original 'lots of sexual tension no acting upon it' behaviour!
  • ooh. the kiss.

    this is the ammazing episode where bones and booth kiss. so groundbreaking and cool. yepp, they kissed for a long time. it was obvous of their great chemistry and it showed in their kiss. ok enough kiss talk, the plot of this episode was actually pretty clever. a santa is found dead, and all the evidence makes it seem like he is the real thing. his house has toys, and all his clothes are santa themed. it was soo funny. every new clue lead them to santa. and bones has christmas with her brother and father. booth makes it special with trees. it just shows how much he cares about bones. how cute. well, this was a really grear episode, kiss aside. =]
  • Wow! After all this time, it's finally happened.

    I was so exited to see this ep. I think we all had heard the rumors and some of us even saw "THE pic" – the firs image of the KISS! Yes, the kiss! Finally! I can't believe it finally happened. I love Caroline right now. The story line was great and I really loved all the scenes with Booth and Parker. I only wish they had used the uncut version of the BB kiss. It definitely would have explained how her gum ended up in his mouth ;-)

    Sweets is a great new character. I love his personality and the scene with him in the hat with the big ears saying "I'm all ears" was just too funny! So was the "was there tongue?" thing. Lol.

    If you haven't watched this ep yet, DO IT! It's amazing!
  • I love this episode with all of its holiday magic. The only thing that is missing is the Angela/Brennan girl talk session after the mistletoe kiss.

    This is the episode that we've all been waiting for because it involves...the kiss! This is why I love this show. They can go three years without even giving up a kiss, but still keep the spark alive between the two lead charectors. :) I also loved the Parker and Booth scenes at the FBI when they call Rebecca about Vermont. It's about time Booth Spends some time with Parker..I almost forgot about that little guy. Also, what happened to Angela and Brennan being best friends? they hardly talk anymore. I am still loving the Jack/Angela storyline though! Now all we need is to find Zack a girl and Cam someone other than Booth.
  • Emily & David finally get a chance at it, and they are so cool, having been partnering for the last two-and-a-half seasons. Time to unload some pressure! (Warning: primary kiss analysis ahead :P )

    Just saw the extended kiss scene. These two have so much chemistry going on, that THE KISS scene looked a lot more than it did. They are so cute together that it's really shown (that's why they call it EXTENDED...).

    And as an injoke, what Emily said to David after the "thanks for the.. um.. gum" totally blew me off :XD Finally we get a proper scene that REALLY unloads the tension that has been swelling up their anthropological asses since mid-season 2 (give or take), and unlike other series that builds up that kind of sexual tension for like... EVER, these guys just pulled it off, let off the steamboat, and on with the awkwardness, showing us what a great team they are.

    Oh, and the episode was nice too. Tranditional Santa myth story with a sniff-a-butt twist :P
  • In this episode there is a kiss :) a dead Santa :( and a beautiful final.

    I love every single moment of it!!!

    I can't believe that they finally kiss!!... To bad it was a forced kiss.. Thinking it better it wasn't completely forced.. I think that Bones really wanted it.

    What I love the most it's the end... The way that they were staring at each other it was so special.

    The case was so sad!! I liked it but the whole idea of a dead Santa is so depressing... Anyway the way they solve the case... it was so funny, especially when Bones started to give everyone orders and Booth said that it was his job to do it....

    This is one of my favourites episodies ever!!
  • I really enjoy this one.

    With the holidays coming I liked the fact that this wasn't your tradition Santa episode. Santa actually is the victim in this, I liked this twist. The fact that Booth and Bones where having the ongoing arguement about the reality of Santa was amusing and interesting. Booth from the prespective of a parent, Bones from her realist prespective. But both being or trying to be supportive in regards to their challenges with the holiday. Again the Brennan dynamic being worked into the episode, celebrating a traditional holiday together in a nontraditional way. I love the fact the gang discussed their holiday plans, subtly. Caroline blackmailing Bones and Booth the kiss was amusing. Maybe they'll start seeing things differetly especially after Booth's Christmas present to Booth, maybe, maybe not, we'll have to see.
  • The death of Santa and That Kiss....

    Keeping with the festive theme Brennan and Booth have to investigate the death of a shopping mall Santa who ironically is called Kris Kingle and lives above a toy shop, as the investigation moves on clues all point to the fact this Santa could be the real Santa, but who would kill the jolly fat man in the red suit and destroy Christmas for us all.

    But Brennan as her own problems when she tells her father she's off to Peru for Christmas, he wish's himself, Tempy, and her brother to be together for Christmas, so after some suggestions by Booth they arrange to use one of the congeal prison places and make it look as if Brennan's brother is not in prison for his girlfriends little daughters, even Bones decides to turn up after all. And there's joy for Booth who get's for Christmas.

    This episode had the usual good feel episode types we get this time of the year, but what made it all the more special and what everyone is taking about is 'THAT' kiss…………… how many steamboats.
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