Season 3 Episode 9

The Santa in the Slush

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2007 on FOX

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  • Its about time too!!!

    Well we have all been waiting for Bones and Booth to kiss but tis way was even better, Bones had to do it and she let Booth in on it at the lat minute... But it was about time they actually did kiss and the awkwardness afterwards was funny too... You could tell they both liked it...

    As for the dead Santa, that was so funny, Booth saying that Santa is dead before Christmas even started and that he was already having a bad Christmas because he couldn't be with Parker this year.

    I think Bones and Booth are so cute togther even though they aren't a couple, he always sticks up for her and helps her family and is very protective of her. Parker was so cute when he told those police officers that he was lost and his Daddy works in the FBI. Clever thinking. And Captain Fantastic!! Oh how funny but it was cute how they got to spend Christmas together and they got a Christmas tree for Bones and her family. So sweet of Booth!

    I think they would be so weird as a couple because they work now as they are and they sometimes connect on things. But the arguing works for them. I hope we get to see what it would be like for Booth and Bones as a couple!!