Season 4 Episode 19

The Science in the Physicist

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 09, 2009 on FOX

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  • Sorry but this didn't work for me

    As a little light relief from the preceeding emotional episode I suppose it was OK but I thought it predictable and not particularly funny.However I loved the inner child of Hodgins coming out again and taking Nigel Murray with him. Nigel Murray must have had the Encyclopaedia Britannica with his cornflakes every morning he is such a fund of facts, though there were fewer in this episode.
    The bouncing chicken was predictable and my husband was saying 'Don't go in there the door will close' as B & B entered the chamber. The blind scientist hitting Booth in error - you could see that coming a mile off too.
    Brennan was singularly rude at the end to Booth. You just don't call anybody stupid - stupid Booth is not. His intelligence lies in a different direction to hers - more human for a start. In fact Brennan is beginning to annoy me.
  • I enjoyed this episode a lot. Vincent Nigel-Murray was the highlight for me. He makes a great team with Hodgins, and I think that Cam has a weak spot for him as well. The experiments in the lab were hilarious.

    I enjoyed this episode a lot.
    Vincent Nigel-Murray was the highlight of the episode for me. He makes a great team with Hodgins; I think that Cam has a weak spot for him as well. I wish he would appear in Bones more often. The experiments in the lab were hilarious.
    The scenes with Angela's dad and the scene with the three men (Hodgins, Sweets, Mr. Nigel-Murray) having a lunch together were interesting.

    The only downside for me was promoting the silly notion that being a scientist and a reasonable person equals being promiscuous. Well, that, and the scene with B&B screaming their heads off in the pressure chamber was rather ridiculous.
  • Another great installment.

    Our story starts with a photo shoot on a disused car lot when a 'pulped' body is found. After some investigation by our dynamic duo they are led to a physics research centre and so our story continues to find the murderer.

    Naturally all fingers point to the most likely suspect, then as with Bones we are thrown another curve ball and another suspect comes to the forefront until eventually the real murderer is caught.

    As with all shows we also have a sideline story, this involves Angela's dad seeking revenge on Hodgins for breaking his little girls heart and to me that was the funniest part of the whole episode especially the ending with Hodgins waking up in the desert somewhere with a tattoo of Angela's face on his shoulder/bicep.

    Another great episode but not enough of Sweets who is becoming my favourite character.
  • Science... all the way

    Considering the last 3 episodes, the show is getting better. There were funny moments and I think we got to see each character and enjoy their time on screen.
    Hodgins and Nigel-Murray make a good team and their dynamic is very interesting, but he's still not my favorite grad student. However, I like how Hodgins has accepted his trivia moments (and Cam too) and he's become more patient. Both experiments were hilarious. Apparently Angela is back to normal and it was nice to see her father back, only to scare Hodgins away. I still blame her for the break-up though. There were good B&B moments. It was nice to see Brennan worried about Booth and you have to love their conversations. Fortunately, the writers did not make Brennan look or sound like a total fool this time. I still don't like that she understimates Booth's intelligence, but she corrected her comment in the end by stating what she can't do sometimes. Cam is still growing on me, she's gone from dictator to coach. The case was interesting, believable and lead to fun moments.
  • Very interesting science and a original and bizarre way to kill someone.

    Wonderful to see John Pyper-Fergusen, I've always loved him. Using a meteorite for an engagement ring is awesome and given her field, incredibly thoughtful.

    Hodgins is corrupting Vincent now. The experiment was cool and so Hodgins to fire the cannon anyway. Loved that Cam forbade them to be in the same room together.

    Either I'm unreasonable or I don't know, if someone walks in on you having sex, particularly if that person is an FBI agent investigating a murder, you *stop* having sex. There is way too much sex going on in that building with multiple partners, how do they get any work done?!

    Angela's father is so cool and plays great guitar. Giving Hodgins the tattoo was hilarious.

    Very cool episode.
  • GREAT!!!

    I found this episode really well rounded. It had everything. A great and very complex case and a laugh track. I loved watching the scientists investigate the scientists. I thought it was a very creative idea. They gave you several suspects as well as differing angles for the murder. All the while you have Hodges jumping at the idea of Angela's dad coming to beat him up. Mr. Nigel Murray is definitely my favorite intern. He just seems to bring the happy go lucky Hodges out to play, kinda like kids and I've missed that. The final interview had it's own amusement.
  • A piece of a meteorite is found in the ear of a victim whose body seems to have been shattered into pieces. Angela's father also tries to take revenge on Hodgins for breaking her heart.

    I have been waiting a long time for an episode full of highly intelligent suspects on bones and boy does this episode deliver! aside being scientifically challenging, the case was really difficult to solve, especially for Brennan since it took so long to determine the way the victim was killed. The humor in this episode was taken to new levels and the experiments carried out by Hodgins and Mr.Nigel Murry and their interaction made this part look very real.
    Angela and Sweets's attempt to persuade Hodgins to leave town were touching and what Angela's father does in the end was the fuuniest and by far best part of this installment.
  • Bones and Booth investigate the murder of a woman found in pieces. The "squint" team attempt to find the murderer amongst a range of three unusually suspicious suspects. Angela's father returns and is looking for revenge. May contain spoilers.

    Let me first start out by saying that I did analyze this episode by the promo before it aired. Therefore I had two questions going into the episode. One being why did Booth throw Brennan into a wall, and the other was: What are they locked in? Now to avoid spoilers, I will say that those questions were answered due to the return of the witty dialogue. Finally! Bones is back! I felt this episode modeled the lovable episodes from Seasons 1 and 2. Although I am still somewhat disappointed with the Brennan's lines ( i feel they are trying to get laughs, and are out- of character), this episode did redeem faith for the series. I loved the little touches in this episode. Some being, the fast line that Sweets has when he rants about Angela's crazy father and how he "kinda had a thing for her". I, like many true Bones fans, was so thrilled that my prediction about him liking her was correct. Also, the part where Cam walks over to Hodgins and the intern after they fired a cannon indoors. She walks slowly and authoritatively almost like a mother or a principal who is getting after a bunch of rambunctious children. I feel that Booth and Bones characters are communicating very effectively without the dialogue. I'm not sure if this is the actors throwing little touches in themselves, or if it is written in the episodes, but they are quite effective. Two that come to mind is when they are in the chamber, and they start to pass out. Booth is shown holding Brennan's hand as he lays his head on her shoulder while he is beginning to pass out. Also, when Brennan asks if Booth is alright after he was accidentally punched she delicately touches his face. And after he says the line " you know, you're the only smart person I like" she touches his face again, smiles and says "thank you". I know these might seem like little things, but that is, what I feel, makes the show so great. Sure the story line was very creative and well written, but the interaction between all the characters was superb. I must say, the sub plot with Angela's father and Hodgins really surprised me. I was not expecting him to do something so permanent. I found myself saying, I hope my father would do the same for me under the circumstances. All in all, this episode was very entertaining and well written. Although I am still not content with some of the lines, I feel that the little touches make up for it. I can't wait for a "double" episode night next week. Keep up the good work Bones!
  • Another good one

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. When a human ear is found at a photo shoot, Booth and Bones are called in to investigate. Soon discovered by the ear are 2 bags filled with what seems to be human remains. Angela finds out that her father has come into town and so she warnings Hodgins and tells him its best if he gets out of town. As her father blames him for their relationship ending. Soon the evidence points to the victim being frozen and then being hit by a media. Soon Hodgins and the new intern do an experiment to prove this, but of course it goes wrong. The lab is quickly put into lock down but Booth and Bones manage to get out of the lab, just before. Because of their experiment, Hodgins and the intern are not allowed in the same room together, without supervision.
    Soon the victim is IDed and we learn that she worked for a well-known physics research centre Soon an experiment has to be performed by Hodgins and the intern, and so they do so in front of everyone at the lab, including Cam. But of course, it also goes wrong and as they drop the frozen chicken it bounces and hits Angela in the face. And then when we see the chicken, we see that it is still in one piece.
    We soon learn that the victim had a full medical 2 weeks ago and she was given the all clear and now she appears to have had leukaemia when she died. Soon Hodgins sees Angela's father and starts to get worried. So believing that the radiation she suffered came from her work, Booth and Bones head there. It is tested but comes out ok. That is until Bones discovers how she got radiation and tests it out on Booth without him knowing. When he does find out, he is angry and leaves the room after she "tests the cancer chair" on him.
    Sweets later umps into Angela's father and offers to help him out with Hodgins, in the form of talking about the situation. To which Angela's father tells him no and that he has his own way of dealing with Hodgins. We soon learn that the victim wad frozen and then her body was vibrated which made it break into thousands of pieces. Sweets then goes to warn Hodgins about Angela's father and he also tells him to get out of town. Soon Booth and Bones go back to the centre to try and find out who worked with the type of experiment that may have killed the victim. Soon they find it and as they enter the room, someone closes the door and they are locked inside. Someone also turns on the wave length, that causes them both to collapse, and could, as Bones puts it turn their brain to pudding, Soon Booth wakes up outside of the room with Bones shouting at him to make sure that he is ok. But luckily we see that both of them are ok. We then see Angela with her father in the diner discussing Hodgins. She talks to him and manages to convince him not to hurt Hodgins. Soon they learn who killed the victim and so he is arrested. As this happens her fiancé, who is blind, "accidently" punches Booth for killing his fiancé, and then of course, punches the correct person. Before leaving the room he then asks Bones out and she tells him no. Booth then tells Bones that she is the only smart person that he really likes. As the episode ends, we see Angela asking where Hodgins is. We then see Hodgins waking up in the desert, with a tattoo of Angela on his arm.
  • Peculiar episode.

    Bones is always a fun show. There is never an episode that is so boring that you cannot finish, but the problem is that lately there have not been too many that make you really go, "Wow!" either.

    This episode seemed to fly by, but there were points where I was just asking myself why this was happening. The scene with Booth and Brennan yelling to "counteract the sound waves" was more outrageous than anything else, and left me scratching my head instead of uttering that this was classic sci-fi TV.

    Bones is still a fun show, but lately there has been a noticeable slip in quality.
  • Funny

    Mm.. I think episode what really had most of the time concentrating on fun and comedy - that's not bad, a totally different from last week but.. I do not know. I prefer the harder topics to that kind of jokes.. some of them where good and I liked the ending with Hodge - that was great turn.. and the frozen chicken.. not bad either.. but some jokes.. they were too much for me.

    I liked the story as it was, some really great char reactions and that is what we all expect most, I think.. so really good one.. with exciting case.
  • Possibly one of the funniest episodes in the entire show with hysterical combacks, situations and how the characters interacted with each other made me disappointed the episode ended so soon.

    Possibly one of the funniest episodes in the entire show with hysterical combacks, situations and how the characters interacted with each other made me disappointed the episode ended so soon. Good case, great science and the character being themselves with splashes of humor makes this series stand out among all other forenzics or detective shows. The writing this season has been all over the place however, this episode made it all worth while with little tastes of B&B goodies for the fans and Angela/Hodgens support for fans. As well as good storyline and a good guest spot of ZZ's tops's lead man tips it as more than an average episode. I hope there are more episodes like this but with a bit more action in it.
  • BB in a resonance chamber, Angela's dad seeking revenge, VNM coming back, how could they make it better?

    This seemed to be the return of the fabulous writing and acting from seasons 1 and 2. The ST is even back a little bit. Bones is so eager to impress Booth, not even with just science, but feelings as well. When she made him feel bad with her "stupid" comment, she tried to make amends to the situations. And how strong Booth was to endure the chamber for long enough to shoot! Bones waking Booth up seemed like deja vu for WitW again! I loved the whole B-Plot with Angela's dad and his revenge of Hodgins. And the tattoo! Priceless. Also, I liked that Sweets finally came out that he liked Angela! It's been so obvious in the previous episodes. I think, unfortunately, this may break up Hodgela for good.
  • Science, Intelligence and then some....

    This is one of the best episodes of the season. We had some very interesting Angela / Hodgins action, we ventured into Brennan's intelligent world only to confirm what we have felt all along the series and what her partner thinks..'she is special'. With a strong dose of science where we meet only rational and 'so called' intelligent people at the Collar institute to solve a murder we embark on another episode of Bones. Dr. Diane Sidman, a physicist is found shattered in garbage bags. At the Collar institute where Booth and Brennan end up after a piece of meteorite is found on her body, we meet a number of suspects. Except that as this place is full of extremely rational and higher beings, a motive such as jealousy or rage will....well not work. Booth and Brennan have their work cut out for them as they try and figure out who killed the doctor for a 'reason'. On the side we have two failed experiments in the lab courtesy of Hodgins and Dr. Brennan's british grad student. One experiment has Angela in the crossfire and we find out how serious her dad was when he threatened Hodgins against hurting Angela at the end of Season 2. There are some great Booth/Brennan moments yet sadly, Cam had limited screen time. However, she brought on her A game everytime she was on screen. The ending was better than a series classic. It would have to be one of the best episode enders in a long time.
  • The team investigates the death of a renowned scientist.

    Booth and Brennan investigate a pile of remains that turns out to be a well known scientist that worked for an institution that Brennan once applied to work for. Their suspect pool consists of scientists with genius IQ's. Even though Booth isn't an ivy league educated scientist, he surprisingly holds his own and manages to impress Brennan with his comprehension of the work that the scientists were involved in. It was kind of funny that the scientist were all sleeping with each other and were able to detach sex from romance with logic and still work together while Brennan and Booth skirt around that particular issue. Loved the scene where Booth throws Brennan against a wall and protectively covers her with his body when he heard an explosion. As a matter of fact there were plenty of moments in this episode. There was the cannon experiment and Cam walking up to Nigel and Hodgins and told them they were grounded, Angela's dad going after Hodgins and Sweets attempting to help out with that, the Turkey incident, the suspects in the interrogation room, and Brennan's backhanded compliments.
    It was a good episode, interesting case, interesting suspects, and some good laughs. Can't wait until the next one.
  • A body is found in small pieces in a few garbage bags in a random field. Bones and Booth have to investigate a Physics Research Center to find the murderer. At the same time Angela's Dad Billy Gibbon's from ZZ Top shows up to take care of Hodgins!

    Bouncing Turkeys, Cannon's Exploding indoors, weird candy bar facts, and Club Med Mensa. This is why we watch Bones!

    When a well known physicist is found literally broken into little pieces in a few garbage bags the team must piece together how she was murdered, why, and the motive. They visit a group of scientists so rational that they are totally devoid of morals, conscious, and propriety. This sort of creates a little rift between Bones and Booth in that she has a tendency to be like these people, but she has evolved beyond that and understands the dangers of pure intellect without any emotional content. In the end Bones explains to Booth that she appreciates his use of intelligence which in a way is a backwards compliment, but coming from Bones actually quite a compliment. It's his understanding of Bones that really makes their relationship work.

    There are some memorable lines in this episode. Booth's comment "Club Med Mensa" when discussing the rutting scientists and Vincent's comment "There are eight insect legs in the average candy bar" sort of keep the fun moving along thru the serious content involved in figuring out the murder.

    Referencing Angela's Dad and that secondary plot, the scene where Vincent, Hodgins, and Sweets are eating at the Royal Dinner and Vincent says. "Blues Musicians sell their souls so there is no consequences to their actions because they will spend eternity in hell" was great insight. Maybe Hodgins should have listened as at the end of the episode he wakes in the middle of the desert with a beautiful tattoo of Angela forever on his left arm. It's ok, they belong together long term anyways.

    Another entertaining episode for this great series. Next week we get two more episodes so it should be a great week. Looking forward to it.

    Thanks for reading...
  • WOW! This is why I watch this show!

    That was a great episode. Funny, cute, interesting, and entertaining. I love this show!
    All the cute Booth and Bones moments! I loved when he pushed Bones up against the wall! Foreshadowing?! I think so. lol It was great watching them yell at each other and have the scientist say "I don't want to be blind and deaf". And I so loved the part when Booth and Bones were talking about how stupid he was…wait that came out wrong...I mean how he uses his. haha So cute!
    And oh my god, I couldn't stop laughing about all the great stuff with Hodgins and Angela's dad. Or with Sweets and her dad, I thought he was going to wet his pants when he touched her dad's shoulder. lol I loved the end though, that was the best part. What is Ang going to say when Hodgins finally comes back? Haha
    I can't wait for the two episodes we get next week! Woo hoo