Season 4 Episode 19

The Science in the Physicist

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 09, 2009 on FOX

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  • Science... all the way

    Considering the last 3 episodes, the show is getting better. There were funny moments and I think we got to see each character and enjoy their time on screen.
    Hodgins and Nigel-Murray make a good team and their dynamic is very interesting, but he's still not my favorite grad student. However, I like how Hodgins has accepted his trivia moments (and Cam too) and he's become more patient. Both experiments were hilarious. Apparently Angela is back to normal and it was nice to see her father back, only to scare Hodgins away. I still blame her for the break-up though. There were good B&B moments. It was nice to see Brennan worried about Booth and you have to love their conversations. Fortunately, the writers did not make Brennan look or sound like a total fool this time. I still don't like that she understimates Booth's intelligence, but she corrected her comment in the end by stating what she can't do sometimes. Cam is still growing on me, she's gone from dictator to coach. The case was interesting, believable and lead to fun moments.