Season 8 Episode 24

The Secret in the Siege

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 29, 2013 on FOX

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  • Stupid episode

    I'm pretty sure that Booth could find a way of talking to Brennan in private, I really doubt their bathroom would be bugged, maybe he could have left a note for her in there? I'm also pretty sure that their house would have been swept for bugs anyway.
  • I actually loved it.

    YES- The episode did break my heart. But what do you expect? They need to leave us on a cliffhanger for Season 9. And, if you've been reading the spoilers, Pelant causes the show to have a lot of interesting storylines this season. So don't give up so soon. I haven't, and never will.
  • The worst episode ever.

    The episodes with Palant should be a reason of canceling this show. Waste of time. The worst episode ever.
  • What a Miss

    Delighted I missed this episode judging by the reviews. I put the box on to record this episode but something must have happened as it did not record. Don't think I would have been able to handle that ending. Love this program and the way Bones is so sure of herself.
  • Someone please just shoot Pelant in the head. With a shotgun. Multiple times.

    I can't agree more with the review by Ariella and some of the others below. The finale episode of this season should have been the end of Pelant, he's been dragged on FAR too long. After getting shot in the face by Booth and being able to drive away in a blood splattered car without any kind of detection earlier, his exploits are now beginning to make Tony Stark look like a teenage geek in a Halloween costume. I love this show, more then I love the original CSI, and that REALLY is saying something. As other reviews have said, the Pelant story line has just turned into something out of Supernatural written by a writer from Marvel!? This is not a comic book story! If it was I could except it. If they had used the final episode or two to have finally finished off Pelant (as I'm sure most of us would have wanted) I would have been very happy. However, the final 'twist' in Pelant surviving and screwing with Booth and Bones, I'm sorry, but whoever came up with that idea just took a steaming great dump on the entire history and all 8 seasons of Bones. I love the show and always will, but up until halfway through the final episode my happiness/enjoyment levels for the season were over a 9, but in the space of 20 minutes, purely on the way they handled Pelant and the utter ridiculousness of the "don't marry her", my face plummeted and I was left with just outright anger on how they screwed in up! The only way I see this being recovered is to finally catch and kill the bastard off in the first 2-3 episodes of next season! Having to sit through season 9 with a sour backdrop and tension of Bones resenting Booth over the 'rejection' will ruin what should otherwise been another undoubtably brilliant season.

    The episode as a whole deserved a 9 or 10, but due to the MONUMENTAL screw up in Pelant (or Tony Stark if he's already changed his name) sill being alive and the pathetic "you won't marry her", this episode can't receive more than a 2.
  • Noooo.

    Oh man I can't believe that pelaunt made booth take back brennan's proposal, that's so sad.

    But at least none of the main cast members were killed so far. I wonder what next season will be like. I hope they catch pelaunt soon and just kill the sh*t out of him lol.
  • Doctor Evil strikes back - has "Marvel" bought the show?

    I really - REALLY - loved that villains' arcs never streched for too long, OK, the Gormagon story -ending was really rushed and Grave Digger exposure was somehow anticlimatic, but the stories had an END and the bad guys were not omnipotent. Please somebody stop the writer who is so obsessed with Pelant. I start feeling I am watching "Supernatural". He is everywhere, sees everything, hears everything. Booth and Bones are at home - if Booth thinks Pelant can see and hear them there, he'd better check for bugs and secure the house instead of insulting Temperance in the best traditions of "Santa Barbara" or "Dynasty". Last two seasons - it is just not "Bones" anymore. I understand the show has to develop but it cannot totally turn into a fanfic. The only thing they have to do is to ask Tony Stark to join the Jeffersonian crew, it is on the edge of becoming believable!
  • To Soapy For Me - Fire whoever wrote this season ending episode.

    First, no one is that great of a hacker that he can't be caught, much less have access to so many systems and cameras, even in the middle of a park. Second, this show is getting just to soapy, Booth on his worse day would never allow the bad guy, any guy really, control what he does. The whole concept is just not believable. If booth and bones had previously agreed to mislead Pelant that would be one thing but for booth to so easily hurt bones so deeply knowing how sensitive she really is just doesn't cut it. The writers had better get this show back on track or I'll not continue to be a fan. A better ending would have been for Booth & Bones to stage her shooting him after he told her he didn't want to get married. Now that would have thrown 'Pelant" a real curve ball & setup them catching him the very first episode next fall when he comes to the funeral. Bones could have decked him again with another right hand, followed by some wise crack about how she's tired of seeing him have so many funerals.
  • Ok, so I have one question....

    the hell did they go from "he was stage in the crime scene, they wanted us to know" to "it's Pelant". It doesn't make any sence.
  • Invincible Super-Villain? Oh come on ...

    The great thing about "Bones" is the clever way it mixes serious with silly. Serious - the realistic body props, scientific plausibility and information; and Silly - humorous character interaction and dialogue in often odd situations. This is what makes Bones a far better show than over-the-top negative shows like "Criminal Minds" or "CSI" or "The Following".

    This super-villain story is just stupid. Not only is it totally implausible that this guy could pull off this stuff but the writers expect us to believe that police would just give up hunting for a cop-killer.
  • move to another villain

    Pelant lost his mojo and originality. He's not an intriguing character anymore. His story feels boring, annoying. Let's move to another villain. And I hope the next season Bones will return to its early glory. Last two seasons were not good enough.
  • it's elementary my dear watson

    Christopher Pelant is like Moriarty, very devious and very smart. But come on guys, this is getting boring unlike sherlock holmes or the show elementary( which is based on sherlock) we don't need to see a antagonist re-appearing... once or twice is ok but a 3rd time??? The show is copying Sherlock Holmes having an antagonist who is very smart but this is not Elementary this is bones. Very good cliffhanger if you don't have common sense. The thing Booth did on the last part is not very good. He could just write on a piece of paper and show the reason to bones. This show is really losing it's LOGIC
  • it's a cliffhanger people

    wow you people really hated this episode. He's not a comic book vilian. he's had months to hack into all of the systems. That's what he's been doing this whole time. If Booth told Brennan on a piece of paper she would still be happy and pilant would see that she is still happy.

    Although putting a tracker on those 5 innocent people and setting a trap for Pilant might be a good idea. You people are just mad because the writers put a cliffhanger to end the season on one of your favorite shows.
  • is this season finale?

    this episode didn't feel like a season finale. Also, why would booth do that at the end? doesn't make sense to me
  • boring

    they have got to kill pelant soon, it is not even suspenseful to watch anymore, it is just boring and incredibly unbelievable, everyone is sick of this villain so kill him off please!

    and if the writers don't fix this last part, as in Brennan was aware all this time, or they somehow put on a show for pelant and she is in on it i will stop watching the show altogether cause this is just too annoying for me to keep watching...

    i am not one who abandones a show after many seasons but here it seems time to, it is just not Bones anymore...

    this last season was awful, not many highlights and if the show doesn't pick itself up soon, i will abandon of the time i just have it on in the background while i do something else, it just doesn't catch my full attention like it used to...
  • A Terrible Episode

    I thought that this is a terrible episode. It simply cannot be that you have a villain who controls everything, everywhere. He seems to be somewhat like God himself. I agree, why couldn't Booth write about the wedding on a piece of paper?

    The show needs to recover it's energy. It is time to put Pelant to bed
  • Time for this show to go bye bye.

    I think it might be time for this show to go, too much with their baby and so much stuff that would not has turned into a marvel comic show with the bad guy showing up going after the cast way too often. It had a good running but its got predictable and so fake.
  • Disappointing

    I have been a die hard fan of this show from the beginning but feel like the Pelant storyline should have finished long ago. He's almost like a comic book villain with all the power he has and it's totally unrealistic. I also find it hard to believe that Booth has no way of informing Bones of what's going on. The writers seem to be getting very lazy if they cannot think of a better villain.

    Every time Temperance opens up her heart it get's ripped to shreds. I wouldn't blame her for going back to the way she was in the beginning at this point. Not reallly bothered about season 9 anymore .Shame really.
  • Hmmmm

    I think most of us watch this show coz mostly there is an inherent logic the way the murders are solved. But moment Pelant gets in the picture the whole fabric of logic breaks down and all brains are thrown out the window. You know someone can be smart very he still cant walk through solid just plain stupid. Being smart can let you do very difficult things but not the impossible .....
  • for show that has done things differently or shown some effort in to the same old plot lines this was an epic fail.

    boy meets girl, girl meets boy they tiptoe around for ages finally get together suddenly the stupid drama starts to keep them apart at the closest moment...

    gtfo writers... 8 seasons of a fairly natural relationship if a bit soppy/sickening and stupid at then get the tv worlds worst villian to spit his dummy out and say you can't marry her cos i'll kill people if you do it i swear ! i really mean it oh and if you tell her i'll know and hurt you more... etc

    seriously sounds pathetic doesn't it ?

    wow i suppose some villains are lame o's but for one to through a hissy fit like this ? real mature..

    other wise good episode imo.. just the end 5 minutes sucked balls..

    what should of girl shoots sweets, he seems to bleed alot, booth shoots girl as she aims in for the 'killshot' tearfull moment of bones trying to ave him and booth saying you'll be ok.. fade out...

    then in the premier of the 'last season' theres a funeral it ain't sweets it's a jeffersonian vip.. and after most of the cast is shown sweets is at the end in a wheel fine but taking it easy.. maybe even with one of those hawt chicks he' lives ' that fbi agent..

    but no.. we get a possible lead to bones kicking booth to the curb and the family dynamic ruined... bones will have her 'armor' back on and any and all effort booth tries to get back on ehr good side will be met with a swift rebuff or a 'fake' display..

    cue some more stupid emotional crap no one likes and pelant returns to add to the torment.. before some random fool shoots him dead in one shot or he gets hit by a car as he crosses the street after yet another 'threat'...
  • Disappointing ending.

    To be honest I expected a lot more from this episode. Supposedly it was to be the 'biggest' episode of Bones according to cast and crew, but I've seen far better episodes than this finale. The cliffhanger wasn't that major either. Even Episode 3x15 (Which wasn't even a season finale) where Booth got shot by his stalker and was shown to be bleeding out at the end was far more of a cliffhanger than this one.

    All in all, bit disappointing. Expected far more.

    Really hope they finish the whole Pelant arc soon too. Getting a bit repetitive and ridiculous now. And they aren't making Pelant that much of a badass to last 3 seasons long. The only time I ever saw this work out correctly in a show like this was 'Profiler', where a guy labeled as Jack-of-all-trades was a stalker of the team and also a serialkiller. This arc continued on for several seasons before it was finally shown what he even looked like.
  • Major eye rolling

    Get rid of this Palent dude. I hate this character. Having him know everything and control of lights, and cameras in Washington . had my eyes another season ending with this guy. Kill him off already.....
  • Clever title?

    I feel like the writers just wanted to take us on an emotional roller coaster ride I really, really don't like Pelant - and I know that's the point and all, but ARGH haha.

    I think it would've been good if they could have at least moved toward catching Pelant, instead of seeming just as far from him at the end (if not farther) than at the beginning. While there needs to be drama to move the series forward, I'm getting a bit frustrated that they just keep resurrecting the same old villain; it seems to lack creativity. I get that they want to leave a cliffhanger, but this one was particularly unsatisfying to me.

    *steps back and reminds self that THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE*
  • The secret in the siege...

    Bones is my favorite show.. Glad Brennan finally ask Booth to

    marry are great actor and actress.. I like all of the actors on Bones...