Season 3 Episode 4

The Secret in the Soil

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2007 on FOX
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Booth and Brennan examine a severely decomposed body found by some teenagers on hospital grounds. They identify the body as a man named Franklin Curtis, who was the founder of an organic supermarket chain, and discover that the body was either cooked or incinerated. Booth and Brennan go out to question people around Curtis' farm, while back at the lab it is discovered that the flesh of another victim was with Curtis'. Meanwhile, Booth and Brennan are assigned to a psychologist.moreless

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  • Sternum repeats

    There are two episodes where relatives are linked together through the finding of a rare disorder of the sternum. This anomaly is called: Congenital sternal foramens. The use of this is in the two episodes: "The secret in the soil" and "The woman in the garden" This is ridiculous considering: both show that a father and a daughter are proved to be related by this disorder, both involved bodies in the dirt, it also appears that they used the same prop of the sternum to make the links between the father and daughter, considering the rarity of this defect, and there were only 31 episodes between them. It's one thing to repeat characters, but plots???moreless
  • Not a terribly impressive episode.

    The story is okay but not great. The cheating father with the illegitimate daughter has been done a million times. The girl killing her half-sister was better.

    What is the FBI thinking, assigning a 22 year old boy to evaluate the partnership? Booth and Brennan have already dealt with their issues and moved on. Wasn't impressed by the whole thing, my feel is bad casting for Sweets, he just was completely wrong for the part. You can't replace Wyatt with someone like this.

    This episode did not really do anything for me, although the stuff about the organic farms was interesting.moreless
  • One of my favorites of season three. They brought in a new character, who I liked from the beginning of it all.

    Dr. Lance Sweets or "Sweets" when referred to by Agent Booth was brought into the series on this very episode. The counseling between Brennan and Booth was cute. The test, where Booth wanted to get answers from Brennan on a question, and she said "Is this how you got through school, Booth?" and he said "No! Well, maybe algebra." Was priceless. I love how she hid the test from him in every scene it was in. Cute.


    The case was interesting. Two murders, a father and a girl, who ends up being his daughter. *endspoiler* I loved how happy Hodgins was in this episode over the compost. Beautiful. It was priceless. There were so many funny scenes between the supporting cast, like the exotic beauty scene. Really, this episode is quite brilliant if you ask me.

    At the end, and during any scene with Sweets, it was adorable. The coffee conversation, the bickering and the entire "Compliment, Complement" was so sweet. Sweets is defiantly a shipper. No doubt about that.

    You need to watch this episode. John Francis Daley meshes together with the cast of Bones perfectly. He is no Gordon Gordon, but he does bring something to the table that was never there before.moreless
  • a good one, I missed the show.

    I liked this one, there's a new body, found in a very popular Saturday night area. He is so decomposed that Cam calls Brennan. The body is from the founder of an organic supermarket chain, Franklin Curtis. They discover that this guy wasn't that good and he used to hit on other married women. Analyzing the remains, they find out that there is another body. Two bodies killed by two different people. Without even knowing and wanting Kat kills her half-sister and Charlie kills Franklin. One accident ends up with another death...

    I can't describe the felling of knowing I killed my sister, even half-sister, killing someone by accident is terrible but family...

    Something I liked was that Lyndon Page guy, the bike he used to make the juice, cute.

    Oh and Brennan and Booth are visiting an psychiatrist, Dr. Sweets this is going to be interesting oh yeah.

    Another thing, Angela in the car with Booth and Bones, what I laugh! They are discussing and:

    Angela: Is it always like this when you two are together?

    (Booth and Brennan answer simultaneously)

    Brennan: Yes.

    Booth: No.

    Angela: It's kinda hot. lol great!!

    can't wait for the next onemoreless
  • So far the best episode of season three

    Booth and Bones are sent to examine the remains of a body found at night on hospital grounds. Upon first examination of the body they discover that the body was extremely hot and most likely had been cooked. The body turns out to be the body of Franklin Curtis, the founder of an organic supermarket chain who has been bullying farmers to become organic and hitting on the farmers wives in the process. Meanwhile we learn that the body was "cooked" with another body which turns out to be a female. There are a number of possible suspects: Franklin's wife, one of the farmers Franklin was bullying, who sprayed him with pesticides, that were found on the remains of Franklins cloths, and the guy from the compost plant. In the end, after we discover that the women killed was related to Franklin, we find out that his daughter, Kat, accidentally killed her, during a fight, after following her to her fathers loft. She then called her boyfriend Charlie who tried to resuscitate her unsuccessfully. They buried her body in the compost plant but Charlie left behind the sunglasses in the loft, leading Franklin to him. Franklin attacked Charlie and Charlie defended himself and ended up killing him. When asked why they took Franklins body out of the compost, they admitted that it was the only way that Kats mother would be able to claim the insurance money as her husband not neglected to leave her the farm. I found the last sequence of Kats interrogation, when Kat finds out that it was her sister she had killed and not her father lovers, as she had thought all along, to be very sad. I extremely enjoyed the session with Booth and Bones psychiatrist, Dr. Sweets. I hope they keep on seeing him. However, it's a shame that they didn't continue seeing Dr. Gordon Wyatt (portrayed by Stephen Fry) as their psychiatrist, I found his interaction with Booth and with Bones to be much more funnier.

    Also, the argument Booth and Bones had in the car while Angela sat in the backseat was very funny.moreless
T.J. Thyne

T.J. Thyne

Dr. Jack Hodgins

David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz

Special Agent Seeley Booth

Eric Millegan

Eric Millegan

Zack Addy

Tamara Taylor

Tamara Taylor

Dr. Camille Saroyan

Michaela Conlin

Michaela Conlin

Angela Montenegro

Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel

Dr. Temperance Brennan

Robert Blesse

Robert Blesse

Charlie Rogan

Guest Star

Erin Chambers

Erin Chambers

Kat Curtis

Guest Star

Denise Crosby

Denise Crosby

Margie Curtis

Guest Star

John Francis Daley

John Francis Daley

Dr. Lance Sweets

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In this episode, Dr. Sweets states that he is 22 years old and has a doctorate in psychology. In "The Verdict in the Story" we learn that he actually has two doctorates and a master's degree. Assuming he worked on all three of his graduate degrees simultaneously and took no more than eight years to complete all four degrees, Sweets must have started college at age 14. This is not impossible, but it's a very impressive feat which would be worth far more notice than given by his colleagues.

    • Goof: Booth is dressed in a suit during the first therapy session (taking place on Saturday night). After the session, when Booth is driving, he is wearing a T-shirt and his fatigue jacket.

    • Though he's been present at various crime scenes throughout the first few seasons, Booth never actually put on a pair of gloves until this episode.

    • The victim in the episode has a rare condition called Sternal Foramen (a congenital oval defect at the lower third of the sternum). This is the second time this condition is featured in a Bones episode, the first episode being "The Woman in the Garden".

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Cam: I just got off the phone with Hodgins, he's knee deep in compost.
      Zack: He must be happy.
      Cam: Happy as a pig in ... (trying not to be unprofessional) what pigs like to be in.
      Zack: A sty?

    • Hodgins: I put solar panels on my house, compact fluorescents in every socket, and still feel guilty when I use a paper napkin.

    • (Brennan finishes a call with Cam)
      Booth: Big news from the nerd posse?

    • Booth: Just saying the guy had a point. If pesticides are so bad for us, then how come people live longer now than they did before they, used pesticides?
      Brennan: You're oversimplifying an enormously complex issue.
      Booth: (laughs) Meaning you don't have a good answer.

    • (Cam walks into the lab as Hodgins is peering at a sample):
      Hodgins: Well, hello, my exotic princess.
      Cam: What a charmingly inappropriate greeting, Dr. Hodgins.
      Zack: I think he's talking to a bug.
      Cam: Well now I feel a bit rejected.

    • Hodgins: Has it occurred to either of you that this might be another victim in the Widow's Son case?
      Zack: Based on what?
      Hodgins: Because the victim was cooked, like an entree, same as that guy in Germany.
      Brennan: There's no evidence here to suggest cannibalism, no bite marks...
      Hodgins: No condiments...

    • Angela: Everybody should be missed.
      Hodgins: (to Angela) You are such an angel. (goes to kiss her)
      Cam: I will get a bucket of cold water I swear.

    • Booth: We used to use the local golf course. I remember taking Maryann Milano to the ninth hole sandtrap. She had long hair, all the way back to uh...
      Cam: (interrupts him) You are so going to regret telling this story.

    • Cam: These two were on a romantic encounter under the stars and literally tripped over the remains.
      Booth: (amused) Hah I'm guessing that killed the mood!

    • Brennan: Look at all the cars. I thought the VA hospital was closed.
      Booth: Well it is Bones, but I mean c'mon, it's the weekend, alright? An abandoned building surrounded by acres of, secluded land, huh? Use your imagination.
      Brennan: (looks confused)
      Booth: Teenagers, hormones...
      Brennan: You're saying they're here to fornicate.
      Booth: That's... nice image. Very uh, biblical.

    • Dr. Sweets: Like it or not Agent Booth, I'm the therapist in charge of this case, so I suggest we work in cooperation, rather than conflict.
      Brennan: I can cooperate.
      Dr. Sweets: Good. Agent Booth?
      Booth: I'm still gonna call you Sweets.

    • Booth: Let's boogie, Bones!

    • Brennan: (to Dr. Sweets) You don't know Booth, you don't know me. You have a limited view of us based on superficial data you've accumulated on a standardized questionnaire and a subjective analysis from talking to us that is not at all scientific, so back off!
      Dr. Sweets: Just trying to help.
      Brennan: What? By questioning his humanity?
      Booth: Ok, Bones, now you're going a little bit overboard. He's just a kid. Right? I mean the worst thing that's probably ever happened to him was he lost in Mortal Kombat.
      Dr. Sweets: Are you normally this protective of him, Dr. Brennan?
      Brennan: Well, we are partners. Our lives depend on being protective of each other.
      Dr. Sweets: And you feel the same way, Agent Booth?
      Booth: Sweets, I can only hope that one day you'll know what a real partnership is.

    • Dr. Sweets: You two are very close. That was evident in your superficial, standardized questionnaire and my unscientific observations.
      Booth: Yeah?
      Dr. Sweets: You complement each other.
      Booth: Huh, no. She never compliments me. Did you compliment me in the questionnaire?
      Brennan: Compl-e-ment. Not compl-i-ment, ple. He means that we complete each other. As a team.
      Booth: (slightly perplexed and embarrassed) Yah, right.
      Dr. Sweets: Now, we got a lot to work on, over the next few months.
      Brennan: Meaning we get to stay together?
      Dr. Sweets: Yes.
      Booth: (to Brennan) I'm sensing a but.
      Dr. Sweets: However...
      Brennan: (to Booth) The same as but.

    • Dr. Sweets: There is clearly a very deep emotional attachment between you two.
      Booth: We're just partners.
      Dr. Sweets: And why do you think I would have thought otherwise?
      Booth: Cause, you're 12.
      Brennan: Don't read into anything that Booth said. We're professionals, there's a line, that doesn't even need to be there.
      Booth: Not at all. I mean, if, uh, if there were no more murders I (hesitating) would probably not even see her.
      Brennan: Very true.
      Booth: (to Brennan) We might have coffee.
      Brennan: Probably not.
      Booth: (hurt) What?
      Brennan: (she turns to look at him) What?
      Booth: You wouldn't even have coffee with me?
      Brennan: Well, in your scenario we wouldn't even know each other because there are no murders.
      Booth: Were. I said no more murders.
      Brennan: Then, fine. We could have a coffee. So, that's clear, then. I mean, we'd have coffee. That's our relationship? Coffee?
      Booth: Yeah. (looking uncomfortable, to Dr. Sweets) Let's move on.

    • Dr. Sweets: Let's talk about conflict. When you guys argue how do you come to a resolution?
      Brennan: We don't argue.
      Dr. Sweets: Come on! Remember? (indicating his office) Zone of truth. Right here.
      Booth: Fine. We might, bicker a little bit, but that's not arguing.
      Brennan: Bicker? I don't bicker.
      Booth: No? What about the whole environmentalism thing?
      Brennan: That was a discussion.
      Booth: You pretty much told me my penis was gonna shrink if I didn't eat organic food.
      Brennan: That's not bickering, that's being a good friend.
      Booth: My penis is just fine, thank you.

    • Booth: I bet Sweets was picked on all through school.
      Brennan: And that's relevant now why?
      Booth: You're kidding me, right? Scrawny kid like that sees me coming, a former jock and he's thinking to himself "Time for a little payback," you know? Make him fill out all this stupid forms, threatens to take my partner away from me.

    • Booth: Hey, is that the test from Dr. Sweets?
      Brennan: Yes.
      Booth: Well what did you put for number seven? Because I put twelve to fifteen times a day and now I'm thinkin', I really misunderstood the question.
      Brennan: (hiding the test from him) We're not supposed to discuss our answers.
      Booth: Come on, Bones. Teacher's not in the room, let me see.
      Brennan: Is this how you got through school, Booth?
      Booth: No! Well, maybe algebra.

    • Booth: (to Brennan) Well, there's only one thing more fun than uh, therapy on a Saturday night...and that's a dead body.

    • (Booth and Brennan in his car with Angela in the backseat)
      Brennan: You're grasping at straws, Booth. We should wait for more information.
      Booth: Has to be somebody in the composting facility. Ah, they have pitch forks to turn the heaps, don't they?
      Brennan: Pitch forks are used on every farm in the area.
      Booth: But not bio-diesel, okay? The owner, Gavin, said he just replaces a fuel pump in his truck when he switched to bio-diesel.
      Brennan: One of the other farmers also said that he just switched and he has a key. He could have dumped the body in the middle of the night.
      Booth: I'm sorry, but whose side are you on here? (he raises his finger to stop her from answering) Ah, don't say the facts, because that just annoys me. (Angela is chuckling in the back)
      Brennan: You want us to base our actions on your gut, again?
      Booth: Yes. You have your shiny machines, I have my gut.
      Angela: Is it always like this when you two are together?
      (Booth and Brennan answer simultaneously)
      Brennan: Yes.
      Booth: No.
      Angela: It's kinda hot.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Scoot McNairy, who plays Noel Liftin in both this episode and the season four episode "Man in the Outhouse," co-starred with David Boreanaz in the 2006 romantic comedy Mr. Fix It.

    • International Air Dates:
      Denmark: November 27th, 2007 on TV3
      United Kingdom: November 29th, 2007 on Sky1
      The Netherlands: December 5th, 2007 on RTL 4
      Norway: January 10th, 2008 on TV3
      Spain: January 31st, 2008 on La Sexta
      Australia: August 25th, 2008 on Channel 7
      Belgium: September 22th, 2008 on 2BE
      Finland: December 26th, 2008 on Sub
      Slovakia: May 13th, 2009 on JOJ
      Czech Republic: September 30th, 2009 on Prima


    • Zack: What guy in Germany?
      Hodgins: He ran a computer ad online, said he was looking for someone to eat.

      Hodgins is alluding to a real situation. A man named Armin Meiwes posted ads in online chatrooms, stating that he was looking for "men to slaughter." In March of 2001, a man named Bernd Brandes responded to the ads and was willingly killed and eaten by Meiwes. Meiwes is now serving a life sentence in jail for his crime.