Season 3 Episode 4

The Secret in the Soil

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 23, 2007 on FOX

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  • Sternum repeats

    There are two episodes where relatives are linked together through the finding of a rare disorder of the sternum. This anomaly is called: Congenital sternal foramens. The use of this is in the two episodes: "The secret in the soil" and "The woman in the garden" This is ridiculous considering: both show that a father and a daughter are proved to be related by this disorder, both involved bodies in the dirt, it also appears that they used the same prop of the sternum to make the links between the father and daughter, considering the rarity of this defect, and there were only 31 episodes between them. It's one thing to repeat characters, but plots???
  • Not a terribly impressive episode.

    The story is okay but not great. The cheating father with the illegitimate daughter has been done a million times. The girl killing her half-sister was better.

    What is the FBI thinking, assigning a 22 year old boy to evaluate the partnership? Booth and Brennan have already dealt with their issues and moved on. Wasn't impressed by the whole thing, my feel is bad casting for Sweets, he just was completely wrong for the part. You can't replace Wyatt with someone like this.

    This episode did not really do anything for me, although the stuff about the organic farms was interesting.
  • One of my favorites of season three. They brought in a new character, who I liked from the beginning of it all.

    Dr. Lance Sweets or "Sweets" when referred to by Agent Booth was brought into the series on this very episode. The counseling between Brennan and Booth was cute. The test, where Booth wanted to get answers from Brennan on a question, and she said "Is this how you got through school, Booth?" and he said "No! Well, maybe algebra." Was priceless. I love how she hid the test from him in every scene it was in. Cute.

    The case was interesting. Two murders, a father and a girl, who ends up being his daughter. *endspoiler* I loved how happy Hodgins was in this episode over the compost. Beautiful. It was priceless. There were so many funny scenes between the supporting cast, like the exotic beauty scene. Really, this episode is quite brilliant if you ask me.

    At the end, and during any scene with Sweets, it was adorable. The coffee conversation, the bickering and the entire "Compliment, Complement" was so sweet. Sweets is defiantly a shipper. No doubt about that.

    You need to watch this episode. John Francis Daley meshes together with the cast of Bones perfectly. He is no Gordon Gordon, but he does bring something to the table that was never there before.
  • a good one, I missed the show.

    I liked this one, there's a new body, found in a very popular Saturday night area. He is so decomposed that Cam calls Brennan. The body is from the founder of an organic supermarket chain, Franklin Curtis. They discover that this guy wasn't that good and he used to hit on other married women. Analyzing the remains, they find out that there is another body. Two bodies killed by two different people. Without even knowing and wanting Kat kills her half-sister and Charlie kills Franklin. One accident ends up with another death...

    I can't describe the felling of knowing I killed my sister, even half-sister, killing someone by accident is terrible but family...

    Something I liked was that Lyndon Page guy, the bike he used to make the juice, cute.

    Oh and Brennan and Booth are visiting an psychiatrist, Dr. Sweets this is going to be interesting oh yeah.

    Another thing, Angela in the car with Booth and Bones, what I laugh! They are discussing and:

    Angela: Is it always like this when you two are together?
    (Booth and Brennan answer simultaneously)
    Brennan: Yes.
    Booth: No.
    Angela: It's kinda hot. lol great!!
    can't wait for the next one
  • So far the best episode of season three

    Booth and Bones are sent to examine the remains of a body found at night on hospital grounds. Upon first examination of the body they discover that the body was extremely hot and most likely had been cooked. The body turns out to be the body of Franklin Curtis, the founder of an organic supermarket chain who has been bullying farmers to become organic and hitting on the farmers wives in the process. Meanwhile we learn that the body was "cooked" with another body which turns out to be a female. There are a number of possible suspects: Franklin's wife, one of the farmers Franklin was bullying, who sprayed him with pesticides, that were found on the remains of Franklins cloths, and the guy from the compost plant. In the end, after we discover that the women killed was related to Franklin, we find out that his daughter, Kat, accidentally killed her, during a fight, after following her to her fathers loft. She then called her boyfriend Charlie who tried to resuscitate her unsuccessfully. They buried her body in the compost plant but Charlie left behind the sunglasses in the loft, leading Franklin to him. Franklin attacked Charlie and Charlie defended himself and ended up killing him. When asked why they took Franklins body out of the compost, they admitted that it was the only way that Kats mother would be able to claim the insurance money as her husband not neglected to leave her the farm. I found the last sequence of Kats interrogation, when Kat finds out that it was her sister she had killed and not her father lovers, as she had thought all along, to be very sad. I extremely enjoyed the session with Booth and Bones psychiatrist, Dr. Sweets. I hope they keep on seeing him. However, it's a shame that they didn't continue seeing Dr. Gordon Wyatt (portrayed by Stephen Fry) as their psychiatrist, I found his interaction with Booth and with Bones to be much more funnier.

    Also, the argument Booth and Bones had in the car while Angela sat in the backseat was very funny.
  • Great... A new character, a brilliant plot line.

    This episode had one of the series' most clever plotlines.... A body found at the bottom of a hill turned out to be the body of an organic farmer who didn't always use the best methods to convince others to do the same. That alone could catch almost anyone's attention. From using the legal system to gain control of farms and convert them to organic to flirting with the ladies, the man would do anything. His wife had tried to hide that side of his life from their daughter, but she already knew... Another body found was thought to be his lover, but turned out to be his daughter from another woman. This storyline invoked sympathy for the murderer.... The second death had been a complete accident caused by a misunderstanding... Then there was Sweets, the young psychiatrist, a character very different from any other in the show and the type one wants to laugh at the moment he walks in. My overall second favorite of the season.
  • Booth has put on gloves before????

    I do believe that booth has put on a glove before this episode. In the episode Mother and child in the bay ( season 2 episode 2 ) you can see booth put on one glove slighty, and bend down and pick something up , this is around the end of the episode when they find the suicase buried in the dirt. All though he didnt put it on completly and only put it on one hand, i still believe he put it on and used it. Does anybody agree with me or am i just going carzy and seeing things ???????
  • Best of there relationship.

    I loved this episode when they are in doing therapy they fight like normal with there different points of view but don't really mean to, but Dr. Sweet seems to think this is a problem. But that is how there have and always will be. It they way they work together. Dr. Sweet mentions that they may have deeper feelings then they do, and they try to hide it. The best bit is the end part about 'Catching up for coffee' if they didn't work together any more. Another funny part is when they are in the car and a comment is made 'Are you always like this' one answers no and the other yes. Its so funny.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show bones they are called to a scene to find a man that owns a big prduce of organic foods is dead. after invesgating more they learn that he was seeing more women. and is was not faith ful to his wife. but they soon realize that the boyfriend and his the dauter were the killers. but thing is the dauter did not know the girl he was with was not women he was sleeping with it was dauter of his. and she had just killed her half sister. and she broke down in tears .this was a good ep
  • Another good episode

    In this episode of Bones, the following happens. We open this episode seeing that Bones and Booth are now seeing a different therapist together, called Dr. Sweets. We learn that the FBI is considering terminating their partnership, as Booth arrested her father. When remains are discovered, that appear to have been cooked, Booth and Bones are called in.
    Sweets also gives them a questionnaire to complete before their next session, and that they can't share their answers with each other. Soon we learn the victim is named Franklin Curtis, who was the founder of an organic supermarket chain. We quickly learn that he had many enemies. Son it is learned where his body was stored, before it was dumped and once there, Bones finds another victim, a female.
    Soon the female victim is IDed as someone who is believed to have been dating Franklin. But when DNA is tested we learn that the female victim and Frank were actually father and daughter. They believe they know who the killer is, and when they arrest her they get a phone call from Cam. We learn that the killer is in fact female and that she is half sisters with the victim, thus proving the killer to be Frank's other daughter. As she confesses to the crime, Bones tells her that her father wasn't having an affair and that the female victim was in fact her half sister. We end the episode, with Bones and Booth back in the office with Dr. Sweets. He says they can keep working together, but they have a deep emotional attachment to each other.
  • Booth and Brennan get on hilarious therapy to avoid being separated at work. Decomposed bodies are found in a peculiar eco-community. The team works to find out what has happened to them and who, how, when and why they did it.

    The funniest episode so far. I loved the hilarious therapy (and the therapist). I hope they keep this part for a while. It could give very good situations, a good excuse to develop the character's relationship and dig on their feelings. Other way they would never move on in that field, as they spend all day rushing from one corpse to another. Hodgins's eagerness for dirt-digging was a good one too. The stalker was shockingly amazing, making remarks on the reflexions on the table, or on the 'cute' ears of the suspect he was describing; trying to catch a fly, calling 'dude' everyone, etc. I wonder what he was high on, he couldn't focus on anything for a second. Good character. I also found myself laughing when that guy offered Booth and Brennan a smoothie. I didn't expect him to start cycling to power the blender! Definitely a very good one. Congratulation to writer, director and actors. The next one seems promising. Let's see.
  • One more great episode

    It started right with therapy which surprised me a little and I didn't knew yet what to think of Gordon's replacement but I liked him, he's good and funny, his therapist's jargon was hilarious. I believe he has a lot to add to the show specially in the buried feelings area.
    The case was fine, lot of suspects and lab work. The stalker was quite funny too. Didn't figure out who did it.
    It was a very good episode, better than the pony play one. The one-liners, dark humor and bickering on this one was more refined.
    The whole organic/environmental life style discussion was nice too.
  • Well, there is only one thing more fun than therapy on a Saturday night... and that's a dead body... have you seen not a dead body?

    For awhile... when i was almost feeling like they have lost much in this serie, this episode proved I was wrong - cleverly plotted case with really unexpected outcome. Maybe still not the most moving case but really exciting. I adore the arguments, the friendly "conversations" between Booth and Bones. They really made this episode + that therapy side story. Maybe it is me, but things seemed to be settled down, everyone in their usual action and place, Zack did not do all the work from Hodgens... and he got his moments in compost. They had super humor here. And I loved that there was the arguments about environment... hidden little propaganda of educating people.

    And the therapy... the way they both acted there... the way they first argued and then started to protect each other and then... those two are just amazing.
  • Booth and Bones are in therapy to iron out some problems. In the middle of that, two bodies pop up in a compost facility.

    Bones and Booth in therapy is hysterical. Booth's dislike for the counselor is not only palpable, it leads to some great one liners. Though this episode wasn't necessarily unique, it had a lot of the chemistry that makes me watch this show in the first place, and therefore I really enjoyed it. The case was interesting, the team worked with their usual nerdiness, wit, and good humor, and the sexual tension between Bones and Booth was there in full form. Overall, entertaining, amusing, and worth watching. Let's hope that things continue in this vein, and that the writers don't get bored and through a curve all our way.
  • In my opinion, one of the best episodes of season 3, so far.

    The episode starts with a session with the new shrink, which surprised me but pleased me. All moments with Dr Sweet were priceless, with a lot of good quotes. Booth and Brennan are really mean with him and he's very patient, poor boy, he's kinda cute! I love this actor and as much as I miss Dr Wyatt, I already consider Dr Sweet as a recurrent character (and I know that's what he's gonna be). I loved the end, of course, with the "would we have taken a coffee" conversation. It's another episode in which Booth's reactions proves again that he's feeling something for his partner. As for the case, it was interesting, at first I truly believed there was a link with the Widow's Son case. I loved the stalker guy, he made me laugh a lot.

    I'm eager to watch episode 5 now!
  • Another fun night in Bones land with a typically bizarre case. This time a burnt body that turned out to be two and as to the group. We had Breenan and Booth off to counseling and various

    Another fun night in Bones land with a typically bizarre case. This time a burnt body that turned out to be two and as to the group. We had Breenan and Booth off to counseling and various funny quips from the rest of the group. Booth constantly tortured the Dr. by calling him twelve and sugar. The whole exchange was hilarious although I want the doc from last season back. Angela didn't do much but when she was there she made and impact. After an annoying Paris Hiltoesque that's hot comment. She threatened a pot head with death and much hilarity. Zack is so dead pan and serious gotta love him and how the team reacts to him. Another Tuesday another good episode what else can be said.
  • It was another good episode of this amazing show

    I have to admit that I wasn't all that excited about this episode...
    I wasn't really looking forward for it as I was in other episodes from a lot of tv shows.
    But of course I watched it anyway, it's my favorite tv show!
    Why would I miss an episode?! LOL
    But as I finished watching it I thought "Wow... that was better than I was expecting..."
    And the whole therapy thing... I love Sweets!! (I still miss Gordon Gordon, but Sweets is cool too)
    I loved when he said "Dude, you arrested her father!" LOL
    Also loved the scene with Brennan, Booth and Angela in the car... It was hilarious!!
    The ending scene? I think that Sweets knows what's going on there.
    I believe that he might help them figuring it out.
  • The best episode to date for season 3.

    Hilarious and exciting episode with our duo finding a decomposed body which had only been dead a week, Brennan and Booth need to find how and why this person had been killed, when a further body is found it's a matter of time and investigation work by the team before the real killer is caught.

    On a side note Brennan and Booth are sent to a psychiatrist to determine if they are still suitable to work together considering Booth arrested and has to testify against Bones father.

    Bones just gets better and better with each passing episode, I've said it once and I'll say it again that Bones is the best program on our TV's today and yes it's even better than some of my other favourites.
  • Love ths episode. So funny.

    Love this show. So fabulous characters. Seeley and Tempe. The best partners! Love them. Their humour. I could watch this show everyday, every time..... Oh my god. I think they could be together... Grr I want them to be together. Hurryyyy uppppp please. They're so cute together. Their relationship is very handsome. David is so hot and Emily is the most beautiful woman i've ever seen. Her grey eyes... So wonderful actress like David. Love this couple so much. Hey I'm French. My English is not so good sorry. I know a lot of people who wants B&B together. They're so happy of the season 3.
  • The best episode of the season so far

    This episode is a classic. So Booth and Brennan are in therapy and their psychologist is young and doesn´t seem to get through to the couple. Dr. Sweets is a good addition to the show. He looked amused watching B&B arguing and refusing therapy.
    Brennan really knows how to keep Booth quiet. Why do men care so much about that? The whole odor scene with B&B (perfectly performed by ED & DB), Sweets´ zone of truth, Hodgins being all excited about the compost and his "king of the lab" were fantastic.
    I liked how they addressed the problem that´s affecting our world: the pesticides, the cutting trees, wasting too much energy... It makes you think about it.
    The last scene was wonderful. Yes, they´re partners but the emotional bound is there. They can´t deny it. Booth looked hurt with the coffee comment, but Brennan immediately corrected it. They´re more comfortable around each other. They fit perfectly. Hope the writers continue with these kind of episodes makes this show so unique.

    This episode is well written and full of many different puns. It starts with the Sweets forces Brennan and Booth to take a therapy test to test their teamwork. Meanwhile a body is found on a composting site. The episode has many plot twists that leave on the edge on your seat. The only let-down is there's no dramatic ending. Throughout the episode, Bones and Booth stumble and struggle to pass the therapeutic test leading to Bones snapping on Sweets. The humor is fantastic. Bones started in 2005 and is still airing in the US and the UK, glad to see that it's still going strong.
  • Okay; this one was definitely different. They hardly showed the actual killer. And even though the male victim was a womanizer I was so glad that wasn't why he was killed. After all, that story line has been done to death.LOL

    And I also find it very ironic that a man, who wants to save the earth, would treat women as a piece of meat. But to be honest I thought that maybe it was the wife but most definitely the crazy, high stalker dude. After all, during his first stay with Booth and Brennan you could definitely tell that he was high as a kite, and the fact that he measured the distance from her house to his apartment was classic. After all only someone who has stalked or someone who has been stalked could come up with that detail.
    I sure didn't guess that the daughter was the killer (even if by accident) and that the boyfriend killed the original killers father. Confusing HUH? LOL
  • Booth and Bones are thrown into the "Zone of Truth".

    The episode starts with Bones and Booth being engrossed in a therapy session with the new FBI shrink Dr.Lance Sweets (played by John Francis Daley). Booth is not amused and whiny while Bones just wants to get it over with.
    However, Sweets tells our dynamic duo that they do have to cooperate with him otherwise the FBI is considering to sever their partnership because Booth arrested Brennan's father, something that is considered to interfere with their relationship.

    Meanwhile their new case deals with a guy who seemed to have been cooked. Since this person was an unfaithful husband and a sneaky business man, there are plenty of suspects around. The actual murderer turns out to be a surprise, but maybe that's just me, I am not an investigator after all.

    Once again the case investigated and the personal relationships are moving together nicely.
    Introducing the new psychiatrist Dr.Sweets was a daring move since most fans got so attached to Dr.Wyatt last season, but I think they did really well. JFD shares great onscreen chemistry with both David and Emily. He fits perfectly with the already existing set of characters.

    Next to all the scenes with therapy in session I loved the scene in the hothouse when Booth smelled something bad - I was laughing so heard, that was so hilariously played by both actors.

    Another highlight of Season 3.
  • Bones & Booth at their best!

    Bones & Booth are investigating a body in which someone was burned to the ground. As the person they identified is the owner of a food chain of organic foods as they felt that rivalry may have been the caused of the murder. While they try to solve the case, investigating those that would want to try to hurt this owner. Meanwhile, the feds ordered both of them to go see a shrink. Which they are reluctant to do. Because it may open the can of worms of how they feel about each other. Not just on a professional basis. But more likely a personal one. Really good episode that shows the two at it's best. That is why the show is made based on these two!
  • Clever, witty and entertaining. . . another great episode.

    This is the show I love. The by play between the characters. The interesting 'guest' characters and the whole nutty atmosphere surrounding the investigations. The opening scene was fantastic - I adored Sweets. The whole running therapy plotline was fantastic . . . I really liked that way it was handled . . . especially in the end . . . the way the therapists was watching them. Very nice.

    The case wasn't too difficult to figure out. I guessed what the "weapon" was that killed the guy long before Zach and everyone else did. But poor Zach - I know it's fun for him and all, but who get's excited about figuring out the make and model of a *****???

    Anyway, nice enjoyable episode. Looking forward to next week!
  • Exactly why I watch this series, I never thought that would be my classification for a show....But the show Bones, does deserve it.

    Exactly why I watch this series, I never thought that would be my classification for a show....But the show Bones, does deserve it. I already discussed the episode with my siste and we both agreed on that the best part was the therapy session, Plus the mystery. Although they have had others, this mystery really drew them more together probably because in fear they may not work together again, and because of this whole therapy thing. I love how the show ends with booth saying that if murders would stop they would still have coffee together Bones agreeing.
    Although this is a short review it's just right to the point mostly of one of the reasons why I watch this series. :P