Season 9 Episode 1

The Secrets in the Proposal

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 16, 2013 on FOX

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  • So stupid

    So stupid, I'm wondering if it's worth skipping a few episodes until the whole proposal storyline is over. Booth manages to tell his friend what's going on, but no one else, like he couldn't leave a note in the bathroom or something. Stupid..
  • disappointing

    The first episode just aired in the UK yesterday. I have been so egar to watch bones but I was very angry with the way God was disrespected. It is not okay in any way or form to call God's name in vain, much more insult Him. I will have to stop watching if the script writter does not have any regards and people are to idiotic and money hungry to care what comes out of their mouth.
  • last season for bones

    since this season started of so slow it is clear that this will be the last season for this series. The show is breaking it's own rules just to make another episode, the writers are losing their edge. From the start brennan is showed as logical and professional but to say that brennan can't put on a poker face when booth discreetly tells her the truth is the same as booth not hitting a target with a .50 cal sniper rifle.
  • I don't understand why everyone is so meh

    While I agree that the season got off to a not-very-fast-paced start, I am still definitely going to follow it and think it will be fun.
  • Confused

    I'm really not sure I understand what the writers are doing. Have they not read a single email or forum over the break? Pretty universally, fans have said they are over Pelant, they don't understand how the season finale could have had such a massive plothole, and they think the finale was out of character for Booth and Brennan. I'm beginning to think there's some sort of understanding that Bones will end after this season, and they're stringing out this whole thing so that the series finale contains the wedding. It's a bit disappointing, if so. The characters on this show have so much scope, and Booth and Brennan have great chemistry even after getting together. Watching them negotiate their disparate beliefs and unusual relationship is much more fun than these severely forced "psycho" storylines. I was really hoping this ridiculousness would end in episode one of this season. They're manipulating the reactions of the characters to suit an overall story arc instead of allowing the characterisation to dictate how the story developments. It's supremely irritating. And kind of insulting, given that the audience has already missed seeing any affection/discussion surrounding their transition from partners to lovers. Colleague dies, comfort sex off screen, no-one even admits it happened until the following episode when Bones says she's pregnant, there's no discussion of whether it was a one-off, whether they were together before she announced she was pregnant. It's like they had no idea how to write it. A waste of brilliant actors and extensive character potential.
  • Of, for the love of...

    So, the writers of this show had all summer to come up with a reasonable explanation to the ridiculous plot hole that was, "Why doesn't Booth just slip Bones a note telling her the truth?", and "no poker face" is the best they could come up with?!?!?

    Really? Brennan? Temperance Brennan? The woman who for 8 seasons has demonstrated time and time again that she's not dictated by emotion and her near Aspergers like demeanor would give away the fact that she knew the truth? C'mon!

    Normally, I don't question the absurdities of the case of the week, but just so I get this guy bikes over to a hotel to confront the victim whom he thinks is forcing his friend into an affair, hits him with a bike lock in some magical fashion as to fracture his skull on both sides and kill him. Sure, let's take that absurd forensics out of the equation. If he biked over, wouldn't his lock I to his bike? If he didn't bike, wouldn't he have left it back at the office. He just strolled through the hotel and up to the room randomly carrying a bike lock in his hands?

    Nice to see that my long term plan of seeing how ridiculous this show can get wasn't derailed by a summer of thinking.
  • Nice episode (spoilers)

    I can't say anything about the case because, for once, it was really secondary and it was the Bones & Booth relationship that was in the center of the episode plot.

    After last season finale with Booth breaking up his engagement with Bones and all the Pelant stories, I was wondering how he would regain Bones trust without telling her why he did what he did. i really like Angela in this episode because she acted like a true friend and protected Bones whatever happened. I liked how everybody meddled in the relationship and the story between booth and brennan. the barman/ex-priest was the intermediate they needed.

    I think that this season will focus on how they'll stop Pelant in order to get Bones and Booth married because we all know that is going to happen but how that is a mistery and it will be tricky!

  • Not Quite What I Expected *Beware of Spoliers*

    Given the way last season ended, I knew that the beginning of this season would not feature the lead characters doing a happy dance at any point. But three months of moping around and being either confused or angry has lead them down a path which does not seem very likely. A three month span of time unseen by viewers may have been too much. I would think that the mindset that a few characters were in during this episode, particularly Bones, would have been more plausible to occur after a few weeks not a few months.

    Now, what I can appreciate is that most of the interactions are pretty realistic. Angela, being Brennan's best friend, feels anger first and lets it show. When someone we love has been hurt, people can react in different ways. Some people lash out at those deemed responsible. (I myself have known a few people who have that tendency) It is not fair and it does not do anything to aid the situation, but it is something that occurs between people in real life. At least Angela is a believer of love trumping chemistry and tells Brennan that when she needs to hear it most.

    Other characters, Cam, Sweets and even Caroline, try to talk with Booth and/or Brennan to try to help them as best as they know how. But, without having the essential information, most of their attempts come off as pushy, which doesn't help either. The only exception is Cam's talk with Brennan about how Booth and Brennan are feeling miserable and that is evidence of love still existing between them.

    Kudos to Hodgins for being the only character to recognize that Booth is acting out of character and it has to be a result of something happening that the rest of them don't know about yet. Two big thumbs up from me to the King of the Lab.

    I personally really like Aldo, the former priest turned bartender/bar owner. I haven't seen Mather Zickel in anything before but he did a good job in his scenes with David and Emily. The talk towards the end of the episode with Aldo and Brennan was just what needed to happen. People who you know very well can tell you what they think should do until they're blue in the face. However, sometimes it is a person you don't know very well that gets you to see things in a new light and help you to make up your mind about where you should go from here. Strange, but true, it happened to me once before.

    The talk between Booth and Bones at the end gave viewers hope for the future of this beloved couple. The acting from David and Emily made that final scene all the better.

    Of course, not everything is set for Booth and Bones to change pace from being miserable to being happy right away. As if the viewers needed a reminder, the final couple of seconds of the episode was a silent indication of Pelant spying on the couple via his usual method. And we see 4:47 again. I don't buy that this time on a clock just has to do with Pelant like some have been telling me since it has been showing up in episodes long before Pelant's appearance and in situations that would be outside of his reach, such as Booth's coma dream. Pelant was a good villain for a time but that time has sailed and I will be glad when it's over.

    There is not much to say about the case. It got pushed to the backburner and was quite lackluster, especially for a premiere episode. I have grown to expect more on this show. The one bright spot was Freddie Prinze Jr. in the role of Danny Beck, a CIA agent and old friend from Booth's time in the army. It was great seeing him on screen again. His part was smaller than I would have liked, but rumor has it he'll be back on the show again.