Season 6 Episode 6

The Shallow in the Deep

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 2010 on FOX

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  • The theme of ageing!


    Poor Booth - yeah I know how it feels first thing in the morning. At leastmy joints don't crack they just don't work very well! (How did Boreanaz turn his toes under like that?)

    Two themes here -getting older and slavery - oh and there was a murder case to solve as well. Everyone seemed to be pointing out that Booth was getting on age wise. Loved his remark about going to bed as Han Solo and waking up as Obi Wan Kenobi.

    The cougars were also concerned with age -looking for young studs to make them feel young again - sad.

    And then the slavery and the slave ship. Cam's connection with her greatgrandmother was very moving.

    Sound episode.

  • Many lessons this episode...

    1) Camille has a history, and a rarely seen heart and soul to go with it. Kudos.

    2) I will never look at canolli the same way again.

    3) I will never look at Daisy and Sweets the same way again.

    4) I'm guessing Booth and Brennan will never look at Daisy and Sweets the same way again either! Do they look shorter lying down...?? :o|

    5) Only Hodgins could get excited about "discovering" the pink snot flower worm thingie ...even if in the end he didn't...quite...

    6) Only Hodgins would think it great to name what turns out to be the pink snot flower worm thingie after his wife... :o{

    7) Angela is a kind soul with a good heart and the precious gift of restoring faces to names, and life to forgotten souls. More kudos.

    8) "Bones" might be getting old but it still has all the goods, all the heart and all the soul of a wizened, respected elder...anthropologically speaking of course!
  • Coral and cougars and cheese, Oh my!

    The Jeffersonian is back to working on stuff that don't have to do with murder victims, how nice. This was a lot more evident in the first season espspecially, they do do history as well, let's not forget.

    Couger cruise. Of course. A bit weird, but it just goes to show how most of the murder victims completely fly off the deep end. But that guy flirting with Brennan and Booth getting all annoyed.... (Please break up with Hannah, please break up with Hannah)

    Sweets and Daisy like old tv shows. Go figure. Cam gets all emotional, now THAT was sweet, we don't usually see a lot of that. Like at all. The Hodgins/Angela scene "Your acting like a mom". Yeah she is, and that's agood thing.

    As for the case... O.o
    Really? The identity theft thing tying in with affairs and a reminder that all of this really has to do with getting old. Really.
  • An old slavery ship is found, but one body was just recently there. *spoilers*

    I think this was the best yet of the season. It was very funny at times, but sad at others. I liked that Sweets and Daisy were analyzing their relationship throughout the episode. Hodgins' obsession with the pink fuzzy snot flower was great, especially how he planned to name it after Angela. Other than that, I didn't really care about the pink skeleton as much as the other skeletons. I found it very sweet when Angela decided to draw every one of the slaves' skeletons, and how Cam was related to one of them. The press conference at the end was great. I loved how Angela's drawings lit up one by one when the names were called. It was very personal and touching.