Season 8 Episode 15

The Shot in the Dark

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2013 on FOX

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  • Brennan shot!

    The team have to find a killer when a security guard is killed and Brennan is seriously shot, resulting in her flat lining in the OR. The problem is, no one can find the bullet in either victim.
  • Has someone hired one of the "LOST"-writers? Please don't let them all go to the light in the end!!!

    If I were Hodgins I'd think there is a conspiracy to turn a science-based show into "I want to believe" one. Please don't get me wrong - I enjoy shows about "the truth is out there" as much as I like the idea of somebody watching over us and that death is not the end, etc. I am human. But if I want to watch such a show I will. I loved that "Bones" was so balanced and never took sides but represented both points of view with respect as well as some humor (dialogues of Booth and Bones). Was a little bit alerted with ghost encounters Booth used to have - but that mystery was medically resolved. What I saw in this episode - Bones is just been stubborn, the story with the first gift is actually a proof she really talked to her mother. It is just speculating on emotions - and a bad one, 'cause first, has already being done in thousands of films, and second, is too disambiguos to be in this kind of show. Is is inappropriate now for a good normal not disturbed character NOT to believe? I thought tolerance should go both ways.
  • Writers betray the fans

    This show has built a fan base on the intrigue of science and anthropology and centred it around a atheistic and logical character. This seasons descent into religion and mysticism is a complete betrayal of both the character and the fans who have loyally followed the series. I honestly don't want to continue watching this show but will give it until the end f the season to cut out the nonsense before I abandon it. If I wanted to watch religious garbage I'd watch reruns of Touched by an Angel.
  • Hallucinations

    Booth has had hallucinations in the past, why not Brennan? So many reviewers have hated this episode unnecessarily in my opinion. This was a way of exploring Brennan's relationship with her mother, difficult to do withour lengthy because she 'saw' her mother and talked with her does not mean she has suddenly got religion !

    Don't know about the accuracy of the science here but I thought icons were small - not as big as this. And what are the failings Booth has to admit to, apart from having a sweet tooth and drinking beer in the bath ?
  • An episode divided

    I have very mixed emotions about this episode. Positive first: I thought the story was intriguing, and it reminded me of things that would have happened in some of the earlier seasons.

    Now for the negative: I absolutely cannot stand how many spiritual nuances and overtones have been inserted into the series. In previous seasons, the interplay between Booth's highly spiritual, religious nature, and Bones' skeptical atheism created some of the best dialogue in the show. The writers and producers treated each of these two radically different perspectives with equality and respect, and left it up to the viewer to draw their own conclusions.

    Now, it seems like the writers and producers have an agenda to insinuate that Brennen's position is wrong, Booth's is right, and that the only reason that Brennen is an atheist or skeptic is because she has taught herself to be cold, logical and rational- contrary to her natural inclinations.

    I felt similarly about the episode "the ghost in the machine," and though I felt this was a better episode from a storytelling aspect, I find the sudden spiritual agenda to be very, very off-putting.
  • Heaven or Hallucination? The answer is with the viewer.

    What I liked about this episode is that we never get to know if it was all Brennan's hallucination or if she really went beyond and returned. This is left to the viewer. At the end Bones remained skeptical, which is really cool considering her character. On the other hand, Booth believes she truly saw her mom (which is expected from his character). Boreanaz and Deschanel performances were remarkable; also Ryan O'Neal's. Max moved me when recalling his deceased wife and 'how happy they were as a Realy touching episode.
  • It's Only the Beginning....

    I knew it. "Ghost in the Machine" was just the beginning. Verifying that, in the Bones universe, ghosts are as factually real as the psychic powers used to sense them. I was hoping that episode was just a fluke, a failed attempt at something different. "Shot in the Dark" has confirmed that it was not.

    What the hell is going on with this show? This is supposed to be a show about scientists doing science, and Brennan's character being a believer in facts and evidence over faith in anything supernatural was central to this theme. This so-called epiphany goes against the very point of her character. More than that, as pointed out by other posters, it blatantly perpetrates the worst misconceptions about atheists: That not believing is the result of something 'being wrong' with the person; that atheists are cold, emotionless people who live unfulfilled lives devoid of any kind of warmth or happiness; that Brennan's non-belief has somehow limited her in her life, despite the fact that she's one of the most renowned and successful experts in her field, she's in a relationship with the man she loves, has a daughter, and is surrounded by friends of all different perspectives that do nothing but enrich her life experience.

    In the end, this episode, like so many before it, but particularly "Ghost in the Machine," was nothing more than sloppy storytelling, lazy writing, and propaganda, plain and simple. And though I'm an atheist, I'm less offended by the (oh-so-common) prejudice against non-believers and more offended by the sheer absence of logical character behavior and progression. I'm all for the "humanization" of Brennan's character. There are already many avenues through which she can experience this, which I've already mentioned, that have nothing to do with believing in the supernatural, which in science, is so irrelevant as to be non-existent.

    Get the fricken fairy tales out of this science show
  • More Science Please, Less Fluffy Mysticism

    When I saw "Ghost in the Machine", I cringed. The beauty of this series is the science. To suddenly start throwing in supernatural heebie jeebies is insulting. If you want a show about spirit and heaven, go watch Shirley Maclaine. I enjoy Poe and Lovecraft and a good ghost story as much as anyone. But I know it's just fiction, not science. I watch this show for the science. If it becomes a supernatural series, it will have lost its beauty.

    After all this time the imbecile producers of Bones destroyed her character with a completely pathetic near death "religious" experience?

    You ALREADY had your catholic Booth to allow the show to not alienate the American religious nutters too much, but this makes no sense, debased her character, and goes completely against the evidence basis of the show.

    I am disgusted, appalled, and mostly saddened that you ruined one of my favourite shows. I will not ever be able to watch Bones with the same eyes again. You cheapened Temperance and she was one of the few reason based, logical and intelligent characters on television up until Season 8 Episode 15.

  • Is this the 'Jump the shark' moment for Bones?


    Ditch the religious mumbo-jumbo and get back to the SCIENCE.
  • Episode February 11: Are the producers going to bury Bones?

    The episode of February 11 left me wondering if the producers of Bones are heading in a direction that will ultimately bury Bones. What has made the series work is Bones' unusual personality which views everything from a rational perspective, even when it is emotional. In this episode they "explained" her personality as a consequence of what her mother "told" her as a teenager (weird but OK) but then presented her out of body experience as a religious revelation that was "prooven" to her by the message from her dead mother to her living father. Religious transformation is hardly compatible with the personality they initially created. Had they not tried to "prove" her experience of death was "real", it would have worked and could have left everyone wondering. But to provide "proof" that her after-death-before-being-resurrected experiences were "real" sowed the seeds of the end of Bones -- or at least the end of the program that many of us fans have looked forward to and watched "religiously" (excuse the pun). Do they intend to bury the series? Or was this just a major miscalculation based on a misunderstanding of who their faithful fans have been?
  • weird but sweet

    I have to admit that I liked this ep. The case was real science fiction with the blood bullet thing, kind of weird, but Hodgins was cool as always. And finally there was some real cuteness and love between Booth and Bones, one thing I have really missed since writers decided they should hook up.
  • Authors cave in to religious nonsense.

    Totally debasing the rational construction of the main character, the authors have Bones die (repeatedly!) and have a series of conversations with her dead mother. Although a few weak likes in defence of rationality are spoken by Bones, she soon capitulates to the "near-death" nonsense storyline and, in the end, she comes back with proof that the afterlife exists (the "first gift was stolen" line, and her fathers reaction). What a pity the writers could not leave the religious stuff to Booth, but resorted that old artifact, the deadbed conversion, to destroy Bones' rational view of the universe. The episode would have worked just fine with Booth being the one shot and having the "near-death experience".. What a shame the authors decided it was Bones who had to see the light!!
  • Annoying

    The amount of religious crap they are starting to put into this series is starting to put me off it. This episode is the worst of the bunch. If I want all this religious stuff force fed me, I'd watch reruns of 7th heaven.
  • Outside the Box

    I hate to be the one to break it to reviewers but Near-Death experiences do happen. People throughout time have experienced them in one way or another. We just don't know why. I like that the actual cause for Brennan's vision was left to interpretation. Max/Booth see it one way, Brennan sees it another and I really don't get where the whole "shoving religion down our throat" argument comes in.

    I thought David and Emily knocked it out of the park. Really the only thing I didn't like was Sweets/Sparling. A perfect example of why I still watch the show 8 years in
  • Bye bye respect...

    There went about half the respect I had for the series authors.

    What's next? Intelligent design? Creationism?
  • The O'Reilly Factor

    So now Billy O'Reilly also writes "Bones" series scripts?