Season 8 Episode 15

The Shot in the Dark

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2013 on FOX

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  • An episode divided

    I have very mixed emotions about this episode. Positive first: I thought the story was intriguing, and it reminded me of things that would have happened in some of the earlier seasons.

    Now for the negative: I absolutely cannot stand how many spiritual nuances and overtones have been inserted into the series. In previous seasons, the interplay between Booth's highly spiritual, religious nature, and Bones' skeptical atheism created some of the best dialogue in the show. The writers and producers treated each of these two radically different perspectives with equality and respect, and left it up to the viewer to draw their own conclusions.

    Now, it seems like the writers and producers have an agenda to insinuate that Brennen's position is wrong, Booth's is right, and that the only reason that Brennen is an atheist or skeptic is because she has taught herself to be cold, logical and rational- contrary to her natural inclinations.

    I felt similarly about the episode "the ghost in the machine," and though I felt this was a better episode from a storytelling aspect, I find the sudden spiritual agenda to be very, very off-putting.
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