Season 8 Episode 15

The Shot in the Dark

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2013 on FOX

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  • Episode February 11: Are the producers going to bury Bones?

    The episode of February 11 left me wondering if the producers of Bones are heading in a direction that will ultimately bury Bones. What has made the series work is Bones' unusual personality which views everything from a rational perspective, even when it is emotional. In this episode they "explained" her personality as a consequence of what her mother "told" her as a teenager (weird but OK) but then presented her out of body experience as a religious revelation that was "prooven" to her by the message from her dead mother to her living father. Religious transformation is hardly compatible with the personality they initially created. Had they not tried to "prove" her experience of death was "real", it would have worked and could have left everyone wondering. But to provide "proof" that her after-death-before-being-resurrected experiences were "real" sowed the seeds of the end of Bones -- or at least the end of the program that many of us fans have looked forward to and watched "religiously" (excuse the pun). Do they intend to bury the series? Or was this just a major miscalculation based on a misunderstanding of who their faithful fans have been?
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