Season 8 Episode 15

The Shot in the Dark

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2013 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When Angela comes into the lab to say that Brennan is awake. Cam says that Brennan "felt it was cold when she was shot." There's no way Cam knows this. Angela didn't mention it, and since she's announcing Brennan's return to consciousness, Booth hasn't made a call to the lab, either.

  • Quotes

    • Christine: The advice I gave you back then "Use your head. Be rational. Don't let your heart lead you. Use your brain." That allowed you to survive. And it held true, but I have another piece of advice for you. It's time for you to find some of that little girl that you locked away so deep inside yourself.
      Brennan: Why?
      Christine: Because it's not about surviving anymore. It's about flourishing. It's about living a full life.

    • Agent Sparling: You okay?
      Sweets: Look, I'm usually objective, but they all look guilty to me. Everyone does.
      Agent Sparling: Look, this case is personal for you. It's natural to lose perspective.
      Sweets: I'm the shrink, okay?
      Agent Sparling: I know. I'm just being a friend.

    • Brennan: I have to go back. I have a daughter.
      Christine: I know how you feel. Once I had to leave my daughter behind too. I'm pretty sure it killed me.
      Brennan: You had to leave us, mom. You did what you had to do for Russ and me. We understand.
      Christine: No, see, this is your one small problem, is that you think that you can understand things that are simply not understandable.

    • Brennan: (tries to get out of her alternate reality) I love them both very much. I have to get back to them.
      Christine: Oh, Tempe, I'm afraid it's not your decision.
      Brennan: Whose decision is it?
      Christine: You know what I'm going to say.
      Brennan: This is not real.
      Christine: You are still the most stubborn creature on God's green earth.
      Brennan: I do not believe in God! I have to get back!

    • Brennan: I understand what's happening.
      Christine: What's happening?
      Brennan: I'm hallucinating.
      Christine: Wow. Most people get shot and appear in another reality, they ask themselves if maybe they're in heaven.
      Brennan: I don't believe in heaven.
      Christine: And yet here you are, having a conversation with your dead mother.
      Brennan: I lost consciousness while my adrenal system was working overtime. My brain is struggling to make sense of what's happened.

    • Booth: (about renting a cabin) It's a family thing, all right? All of us will be together.
      Brennan: It's impractical, Booth.
      Booth: Sometimes it's good not to be practical. Sometimes it's good just to have fun, right? Create memories.
      Brennan: Christine wouldn't retain conscious access to a memory made at 14 months. The neural network—
      Booth: I'm sorry. What is it with you, huh?
      Brennan: Why are you angry?
      Booth: Why?! Because sometimes I would just like us to do something without you having to ask, you know, some scientist if it's okay.
      Brennan: I don't want to fight in front of Christine.
      Booth: Why? She won't be able to access her memory, huh?

  • Notes

    • Crew Clarifications: Jan DeWitt (Produced by), Kathy Reichs (Inspired by the Life of Forensic Anthropologist and Author), Rick Millikan (Casting by), Pamella Phillips (Make-Up Department Head), Bernie Gough (Hair Department Head), Katie Barnard (Insert Coordinator), Mike Grasso (Police Technical Advisor), Mark Marcum (Video Playback)

    • Special billing was given to Ryan O'Neal (Special Guest Star), Brooke Langton (with) and Danielle Panabaker (and) for this episode.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: February 11th, 2013 on Global

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