Season 6 Episode 21

The Signs in the Silence

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM May 05, 2011 on FOX

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  • Where is the logic? or "You can't handle the tooth"

    They have to extract a tooth to analyze the isotopes to figure out where she came from. Um, how many reports of blond 15yo deaf girls kidnapped 12 years ago are there? Narrow it down by the syndrome Bones mentioned, and... Heck, how many people are registered who have that syndrome? Seems like this was unnecessary padding for a music montage pad. Episode was more accidentally funny than intentionally so. Not one of the best, but still good.
  • The Signs in the Silence...

    Before actually writing about the episode itself I'd like to take an opportunity to both commend and chastise Bones for the exact same thing. I very much appreciated the effort that the writers went to to push beyond their usual medium of rotting corpses and have an episode focus almost entirely on a living person in the hunt for truth about a killing. That being said, it doesn't make any sense. If there was some logical reason to bring this week's suspected killer to the Jeffersonian then I could get one hundred percent on board with the premise, but why on Earth would you bring a live and well human being to people that work exclusively with the dead instead of a crack team of CSI types? Anyway..."The Signs in the Silence" began with a beat cop coming across a young girl wielding a knife in an alleyway, covered in blood. Unable to interrogate the girl due to her being an uncooperative deaf-mute, Caroline (for some reason) brings her to the lab where the team proceeds to work against the clock - assuming that the person that the blood belongs to may still be alive. There's some struggled forensics as the girl fails to co-operate with the team and it seems to take about two hours before anyone decides that it might be a good idea to tell Sweets about the case. You'd think that people as intelligent as the Jeffersonian team would be able to assess when having a psychologist around might be of high importance, but nevertheless they get him there in the end. Sweets proceeds to suggest that the girl may be feeling victimized, having no logical reason to co-operate with a group of impersonal strangers, prompting Dr. Brennan to try and get to know the girl. After a bit of investigation involving sign language dialect (who knew?!) the team works out where their Jane Doe was raised and ultimately tracks down who they believe to be her parents. Not even remotely surprisingly, when we see that the girl doesn't want to see her parents, it is discovered that she has been physically abused for years. As they begin to uncover the reality of the situation there is some tension between Booth and the abusive couple, as the father in him comes out in the interrogation room, making for one of the stronger parts of the episode.

    Ultimately, after discovering the body belonging to the blood, the team discovers that their Jane Doe is the killer that they're looking for, however, she acted in self defense. When she ran away from her parents they sent a man to kidnap her so she could tell no one about the abuse and she killed him in fear and ran. After the investigation is wrapped there is a little more forensics involved when Brennan realizes that the girl's parents are not in fact related to her and that she was kidnapped as a young child. Naturally, they track down the true parents and a much more grown up Samantha (Jane Doe's real name) gets to go home.

    In amongst the investigation there is some baby business with Jack and Angela but it was essentially just false alarm stuff, more than likely preparing us for next week when she should be just about due. "The Signs in the Silence" wasn't bad TV but it was fairly illogical. It had humorous moments and the case was interesting enough but it wasn't really what Bones is all about. You don't really get to call a show Bones and then go and do what they did. It would be like calling The West Wing Battlestar Galactica. There are similar themes but the two shows just aren't the same. Ignoring that it was perfectly passable entertainment for forty or so minutes.
  • Made me remember why I fell in love with the show.....

    just watched it and i can't stop crying..i also just watched the latest episode of castle..i've read in so many place how castle is better than bones and how it is better story and etc. but this episode of bones proved that Bones is on a class of it's own..nothing can even compare to the brilliance of the show and especially acting of Emily Deschanel..she was so emotionally moving in this episode..through out the series we watched her become an amazing actress and today she proved why she's the best..the episode was so emotional and touching and will leave anyone in tears even the minority that hates the show..i'm not writer so i don't know how to express everything i have to say but i just wanna say that i fell in love with this show all over again and especially with Dr. Temperance Brennan..kudos to the writers and the Cast for making the Best Show ever....
  • Season 6, not that bad at all?

    Very emotionally intense episode of Bones.

    It looks like the best episodes are being saved for the last part of the season. "The Signs in the Silence" is another uniquely structured episode that keeps you guessing until the end. The young actress who played the "deaf and uncommunicative" kid does a good job and is believable in her role. The case made Brennan and even Booth revisit their past, and forms a deeper connection between them i suppose. The BIG question: is this the start of an emotional build-up, that leads to their getting together in the next episodes? Fingers crossed. The last scene where the girl's parents arrive is very touching. Overall, it's a very satisfying episode. Good direction, and good music, without the forced jokes and less screen time for a squintern (writers take note). Oh and how can we forget Caroline! The best of the season? Well, the season hasn't ended yet. Looks like the positive Bones momentum won't stop until the finale as the promo for the next episode suggests. And i have a feeling the finale won't disappoint this time. More fingers crossed.
  • Beautiful

    After two not so good epidoes, this one was amazing. The characters were wonderul, and the case somehow managed to appeal to almost everyone.

    My heart, went out to that girl. She is SO brave for being able to go through everything she did and still be able to live. I cried at the end, it was beautiful.

    Sweets and Brennan (Brennan espicially could relate to her becuase of their expiriances in the foster system. Sweets and Booth were also abused by their parents and could relate to her that way. Angela and Hodgins, about to have a baby of their own were scared for how their child coud turn out.

    Speaking of Angela and Hodgins... So funny. I think I am as almost as excited as they are for this baby. It will most definitly change the dynamics of the show.

    In short, this episode was one of the best in a long time. It reminded me greatly of the earlier seasons, with the exception of Zack and Aristoo. It was really great, one of the most touching episodes of the seasons.
  • An AWESOME episode ! ! !

    The show is definitely going on his good way back. This episode was one of the best of the season so far (with "the doctor in the photo one) . Really want to see the next one hoping that it will be as brilliant as this one (the promo is already AWESOME ! ! ! ) I really loved when Angela had her contractions and that Hodgins his looking everywhere for his keys (like I always do ! !). I also think that it was great to speak about the death-mute because I know one and that people think that she's idiot but when you know her you discover that she's very smart. All that to say that this episode was just awesome ! ! !
  • One of the best Bones episodes I've seen

    This is my first review for any TV episode (I normally read other reviews for spoilers), but I can honestly say it was one of the best episodes of Bones I have seen out of all the seasons. Emily played Bones wonderfully well. She was sincere in every way possible

    I won't give away any spoilers, but you can see why this episode is rated very highly already. Let's hope the season closes with an even better episode, but can they top this one, we'll have to wait and see :D

    Roll on the finale and a renewed season for next September